Guest Artist: Rina Krupsky with Pop Up Floral Card

Hello! I am so incredibly excited to share with you a guest artist video today from Rina Krupsky! Rina’s young energy, humor, and talent are bringing such wonderful life to our industry. She has a fun flower pop up card to share… and it requires no special dies!

[All supplies are linked in the text below and in the thumbnails at the end of this post. I paid Rina for this video – thank you Rina! Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.]

Our industry is one of the best out there. It is filled with encouragement, talent, hard workers, and kindness. However, lately there has been a problem with counterfeit products. I am not going to go into it here, but it is killing our industry. Hurting everyone. This scares me… hurts me… worries me.

But there are also great things happening that will fight the negative! And one big one? Young crafters. And Rina Krupsky is the perfect example. Rina is hilarious, real, and beautiful inside and out. I find her energy, excitement and honesty to be very inspiring! Rina’s mom is one of my best friends – Gina Krupsky of Gina K Designs.

I am so very thankful Rina is here today to share an awesome card with a floral surprise inside! All of the supplies are linked in the thumbnails below.

Look how awesome the inside is – no special dies needed!

Thank you Rina for being here. Can’t wait to hug you in real life! xo


Want to find the products used? I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Thank you! Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. Click on the icons below each product picture to go to a favorite store.

Gina K Layered Daisies Stamps & Dies
[ GNK ]
Gina K Rounded Swirl Stencil
[ GNK ]
Gina K Black Onyx Cardstock
[ GNK ]
Gina K Black and White Gingham Ribbon
[ GNK ]
Gina K Black Amalgam Ink
[ GNK ]
Gina K 2018 Add-On Ink Cubes
[ GNK ]
Jumbo Round Sponge Dauber
[ GNK ]
Copy Paper
Scor-Pal Scoring Board
[ SSS ]
Rina K Designs YouTube
[ YTB ]

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70 thoughts on “Guest Artist: Rina Krupsky with Pop Up Floral Card”

  1. Oh my gosh!!! “You can use your teeth if you need too!!!” I LOVE IT! I agree… she is a hoot and I’ve been following her since her first video!

  2. Hahahaa, I am still smiling. Hilarious tutorial and so lovely at the end. And I love the card, definitely going to give the pop-up flower a try. I am also going to search for the foil Rina showed in the beginning with the hair through it, it looked amazing!

  3. Jennifer and Rina..once again you totally made my day! I’m still recovering from my shoulder surgery and it’s gonna be a long haul. Won’t be able to stamp for quite a while yet but watching your video, Rina, totally made me giggle out loud. I’ve been quite down and feeling very sorry for myself! YOU BOTH MADE MY DAY! Rina, you are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise crazy world. Jennifer, you’re such a blessing to all and I so look forward to your sweet and refreshing ways. Love you both….Your mom’s reaction was absolutely priceless! BTW: I almost forgot…LOVED the card! Awesome idea and will give it a go when I’m able to craft again. I’m bow challenged too! LOL TFS to you both!!

  4. What a great video! I laughed out loud when she was making that bow, the struggle is real for so many and I totally understand the frustration. I’ll go subscribe to her channel right away. So fun. Thanks for sharing this with us, Jennifer!

  5. I am right there with you Rina! Great tutorial though and laughter is always good. Great job surprising your mom- I loved how it took a second for her to realize it was you! It’s so hard for us moms when our babies are growing up and she will get to tell anyone who didn’t see the video what a sweet thing her child did for her! Homerun on the card and on being a great daughter!

  6. I had soooo much fun watching this video!! I loved seeing her mom’s reaction to seeing her baby!! I am going to teach my students how to make this card! I love the pop-up effect! The kids will love this. Rina….you’re fabulous!! Yes, your bow is a hot mess…..but that makes the card that much sweeter!! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Jennifer is my card making goddess too!!

  7. Thank you so much for introducing Rina! She is adorable and so fun to watch! I love when you suggest other artists to follow!
    Happy New Year!

  8. After obsessively watching Jennifer McGuire, Kristina Werner & more, this is just what I needed! It’s re-living my own experiences but knowing it’s going to be ok since I can take comfort in Rina learning from these amazing experts! I feel like part of the right club now. Thanks to all of you, I am learning more and feeling less inadequacy!

  9. THAT was SUCH a fun video, and a beautiful card! I cannot wait to make it! I was literally laughing as I watched her attempt the bow and get frustrated. We have all been there…I have a dozens of rolls of ribbon that I rarely use because I cannot for the life of me make a darn bow! So, when I say that I will be making this card….it will be with an embellishment that is not a bow. Loved it!

  10. I just had a chance to read this post and watch the video. The video is great, and I loved the card! However, the comments in the post about counterfeit products threw me a little, as there was no more information given. Jennifer, could you please follow up so we know more about what’s going on?

  11. Oh Jennifer I’m so super glad you introduced me to Rina. She’s a total breath of fresh air, adore her. Off to subscribe to her channel , thank you again.x

  12. Jennifer: THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing us to Rina K! She is everything you promised and more – love her humor and willingness to share boo-boos, etc. I am hooked and will be signing up to see whatever she is willing to
    pass on. This card was a delight in all ways…

  13. The flowers inside were more than I expected. I saw this post in the middle of a long drive from Idaho back to Texas after the holidays…. Rina’s videos sure helped pass the time. She has a great sense of humor! I have been thinking of videoing my crafting for some time and while I am sure she had a lot of professional help getting ready it is something that I want to do and tells me I just need to do it. Jennifer, thank you for all your inspiration!!

  14. That’s a lot of steps, but the turnout is really nice! I definitely want to try a pop up card like this, but maybe i’ll stick to one or two flowers. I laughed when she keyed the “Kenny Rogers” tune.

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