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Crafty Sales

Hello! There are several fun sales to check out today…

Be sure to visit the websites for any fine print, restrictions, etc. Please let me know if you see any errors in the sale info! I will update this post as I learn of more deals. Affiliate links may be used at no cost to you. Thank you for your support! Please know I only support legitimate companies and small businesses with original designs and good people. xo. I will be donating a portion of my affiliate sales from this post to the Dreaming Zebra Foundation.

MY FAVORITE THINGS — Save 20% off animals and pets products at My Favorite Things! Use the code “WILD” now through 1/26/19. Shop HERE.

SIMON SAYS STAMPSimon Says Stamp has lots of incredible Steals and Deals happening! Keep in mind – these are clearance and sell out quick. There are several of my favorites on BIG time sale. This is the best selection I have ever seen! Shop HERE.

Here are just a few of the deals…

STAMPING VILLAGE — I am SO excited about this stamp set! I have always wanted to see many companies come together to create a stamp set and we made it happen! This set includes an envelope stamp from 9 companies… and me! SO excited. And 100% of the profits goes to the Dreaming Zebra Foundation! (They help kids with art education, etc.) Find it HERE.

ALTENEW – Altenew has a GREAT new release HERE. And… Altenew has many ways to save…

  • Get up to 45% off the items in Sale Collection through 1/27/19– no code needed. Shop HERE.
  • Get FREE US shipping on orders over $100 with the code “USFREE”
  • Get $7 off international shipping on orders over $100 with code “SHIP70FF”

Just an update…

I have decided not to do additional My Favorite Crafty Things 2018 videos. Due to family stuff, I didn’t get them done before the new year. I only had a couple of topics left but the favorites happen to be the same as last year’s! (You can find those HERE.) So to save us both time, I am just going to move on to regular crafty videos. Let me know if you have questions!

Thank you – have a good weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Crafty Sales”

  1. I saw the bottom line of this stamp set when Julie Ebersole was doing an Instagram story at Creativation. How incredible it is to seeing the whole thing! Already on reserve – it’s going to be a popular one!

  2. Good for you Jennifer. I’m taking your action to heart, as sometimes I do forget that it’s not always right to move forward just for the sake of moving forward. While I enjoy your Favorite series, I respect your decision to change it up even more. Enjoy today and everyday. ~Lee

  3. I too enjoy your Favorite Series, but when there hasn’t been much change, it takes up more of your time than ours, for you to repeat everything you’ve already done. A total unnecessary thing to do! I am pleased with your choices, for you & for us! ENJOY your free spent time! 😉 I’m SURE you’ll still be creating, as will we! See you soon! 😉

  4. Way to go on your decision with the favorite thing videos… know in your heart that we all love them….but I think it is fabulous that you let your heart guide you to let it go….my motto – family first and let your heart guide you! As always, thanks for your inspiration…time…. and endless support you give to the crafting industry!

  5. Although I love your My Favorite Craft Things video;s if almost nothing has changed then you can better spent time on your family and yourself. Thanks for all the great MFCT video’s you made this time.
    Question: do you know if you can use the creative corners from the Misty in the Stamping Platform by Tim Holz?

  6. So excited about the collaborative stamp set! The papercrafting industry is the best!
    Looking forward to reserving my set.
    Totally understand about the MFCT videos. Will look forward to watching last years for those few categories and making sure my wishlist is up to date for those things I didn’t buy last year. LOL!
    Thank you again for all you put into creating these blog posts and video tutorials for us.

  7. Thank you, I love having the chance to keep up with sales and new developments without all of the clutter in my inbox! I am glad you are doing what is best for you and your family, the favorites from last year are still relevant, so why reinvent the wheel? Take care, I am so inspired by your videos.

  8. I’m disappointed you won’t be doing more Favorite Things videos; I look forward to them so much and I’ve already seen them all, but I certainly understand! I know they must be time-consuming to make. I hope you’re feeling better.

  9. Love your MFCT videos, love your craft videos and my heart goes out to you whenever life gives you lemons. I’m sure that I speak for many of your faithful video watchers when saying that people always come before things and that includes you and your loved ones; after all any video is on the “things side” of life. You made the right decision. And no matter how you look at it you are providing a service to the crafting community and have the right to decide which videos to create and post. Very best wishes to you and yours!
    Congratulations on that beautiful stamping village stamp — and for a great cause no less. Mine is already preordered and I will cherish it for many years, I’m sure. Take care and keep on crafting.

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