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Hello! I just wanted to let you know of a few opportunities to give back with your crafting! I love that our stamping community is full of kindness.

Here is info on a special blog hop, sale, and more to support Coffee Oasis – an organization helping in-need youth:

Kat Scrappiness is having a blog hop to help  Coffee Oasis – a coffee shop/organization located in Washington State that provides help to youth including programs for drug abuse, homelessness, violence and poverty. (You can read more about their programs here: Kat Scrappiness has pledged to donate 15% of all sales proceeds to Coffee Oasis and our other sponsors have all donated prizes to give away to blog and youtube hoppers! So please visit them and show some support. You can also donate directly to Coffee Oasis here: Even if you can only donate $1 or $5, it doesn’t matter. Every little bit will help a kid in need. I donated and hope you will, too.

To participate in the blog hop (with HUGE prizes including a 100 stamping package from me!) and to see how you can save 15% at Kat Scrappiness, head HERE. Kat will also be donating 15% to Coffee Oasis… a big win-win!

Head HERE.

Here is the info about a way to send cards to children who lost their homes due to the fires in California:

My name is Christina Brashears and I live in Chico, California and have a family childcare business in my home. I live 8 miles from Paradise where the devastating Camp Fire has destroyed homes and businesses–most of the town on November 8, 2018. Over 18000 structures have been destroyed, most of them homes. I have family, friends, and even one of my childcare families have lost their home.  Everyone in Chico knows multiple families who have been affected by this fire. A total of eighty-eight people have lost their lives and there are still some missing not accounted for. I am sure you have heard about it in the news. There are also many other homes in the surrounding areas, whole communities who have lost everything. Stories that are on Facebook just tear us apart especially when it is so devastating and so personal to all of us and our loved ones.
My idea is to ask you as a stamping community if you will make interactive cards for the children that lost their homes. I have chosen interactive cards because children LOVE them and these children need very special and fun cards.  I have a first grade teacher (formally a childcare parent of mine) that was teaching in Paradise at the time of this fire. Between the two of us, we will make sure every K-5 child gets a card. After talking with this teacher there are over 1,200 kids enrolled just in Paradise Unified School District K-5 schools.  If there are extra cards sent, the teachers could give them out to the children when they are sad or feeling overwhelmed with everything they have gone through. Many of these children took the long road from Paradise to Chico leaving their town with fire on both sides of the them knowing they have lost their homes, school and town to this fire.  The terror in their little lives they felt that day will stay with them for their whole life. If they just had something to look at to know that someone else cared to make them a special card will make a big difference. Getting cards from you from different states or even countries will bring smiles to their faces.
Specifications for interactive cards:
* Interactive cards: shakers, sliders, pop ups, spinner, swing, open to a box or whatever other card that is an interactive concept.
* Teacher suggested: enchanted, fairies, mermaids, cars, animals, sports, dinosaurs, fish, pirates, ocean life, children, bugs, fun monsters, glitter/sequins, colorful or any other K-5th grade appropriate themes.
* No larger than 5 x 7
* No orange skies
* Preferably no pine trees but depends on the card theme: evening blue/dark sky with trees and moon (perfect)
* No holiday cards  (Will be delivered after Christmas and Valentines day)
* PLEASE NO: Sorry for your loss, etc…
* Please sign your card and include what city, state and country card is from.  Children LOVE getting something from someplace far away.  They can look up the address on a map and see how far away it came from and that people everywhere care about them and what they went through.
* Designate Boy or Girl by writing a B or G on back bottom Right corner. If it can be for either one then write both B/G
* Deadline date is January 31st.
* Please put cards in their own individual unsealed envelopes.  Mail in a separate outer envelope if one card or if sending more than one card please send together in another larger outer envelope or box of your choice.  These cards will be going home from school in backpacks and I would hate them to get ruined before they make it home to show their family, so enclosed in an envelope is important.  Thank you
* Mail to:  Cards for Camp Fire Children
             252 East Ave. Suite D
             Chico, CA 95926

If there are any questions you can email me at: [email protected]I will try to return your questions ASAP. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart and from all the children that you will touch with your beautiful, caring and thoughtful cards. *** Also a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Jennifer McGuire from, Maymay from and Amber for their support and help to promote this activity.  And Cathy Zielske for the logo! I could not have done this without their help.* **

You can also donate to help with the recovery efforts in California… and get a handmade card in return!

Seeka over at SkyPaperScissors is offering to send handmade cards to folks who make a donation to United Way of Northern California. The handmade card will come from a few different designers, including me! For all the details, head HERE.

Thanks for giving!

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21 thoughts on “Crafting For A Cause”

  1. Thank you for once again promoting crafting for a cause. You are definately a beacon of kindness for the crafting community.

  2. How very wonderful, I love the kindness and caring in this community! Thank you for sharing these opportunities to help brighten other’s Holidays.

  3. Thank you, Jennifer. You and the others are so kind to “craft for THIS cause! I live only 4 miles from the scene of the shooting that killed many college students at “The Borderline” and then , a couple days later, was surrounded by fires here in Ventura County . Many of us here locally have undertaken means to support the families and make donations for those who have lost so much. I only wish I could extend many, many more dollars all over the state for everyone who is broken with losses. It takes many to accomplish a share and care attitude in the heart and poscketbook. You are helping to affect that end by those who might not know where to go and what to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. I love crafting for a cause! These cards will definitely smiles on their little faces! You inspire me so much Jennifer, and I’m blessed to learn from you!

  5. I always love you for your techniques tutorials, and the fact that you support all kind of organizations for charities, make me love you more!

  6. Snowbound today. Will send my time ” paying it forward”.

    Will put a kid friendly joke inside. My granddaughter will write it. She is learning the value of random acts of kindness.

  7. Living in a similar urban-wilderness area, the Campfire wildfire 250 miles away truly shook me to the core. There but for the Grace…
    Their lives are forever changed, sometimes horrifically, but with continuing media coverage just a trickle, the people of the Campfire area are gone from the thoughts and prayers of most the nation.
    I’m grateful to you for spreading the word about the Cards for Campfire Children drive! No doubt, your fans will help exceed the 1200 cards goal.

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