The Perfect Glue & Black Ink

Hello! Today I am sharing a video that I hope answers a ton of questions I have been getting about two products I use in all of my videos – the Gina K Connect Glue and Amalgam Black Ink.

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Multiple stores are also linked in the parentheses following the product name. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.]

This two products sell out very quickly, and Gina always has lots more on order! At the time I put up this post, they were available here:

Please know that I purchased these goodies (multiples of each, in fact! lol) and was not asked or sponsored to do this post. I am just sharing info on products that I have found to be awesome! Hope this is helpful.


Want to find the products I featured? I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Thank you! Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased except those with an asterisk. As always, this post was NOT paid for or sponsored.) Click on the icons below each product picture to go to a favorite store.

Gina K Connect Glue
[ GNK | SSS ]
Gina K Jet Black Amalgam Ink
[ GNK | SSS ]
Gina K Jet Black Amalgam Ink Cube
[ GNK | SSS ]
Gina K Amalgam Reinker
[ GNK ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ SSS ]
MISTI Creative Corners
[ SSS ]
Tombow Sand Eraser
[ SSS ]
Tim Holtz Trimmer
[ SSS ]
Jewel Picker
[ SSS ]
*Gina K Tropical Tidings Stamp Set
[ GNK | SSS ]
*Simon Says Stamp Simple Sentiments 1…
[ SSS ]
Lucys Cards Razzle Dazzle Mix
[ SSS ]
3M Foam Tape
Sketch Copic Markers
[ SSS ]
Arteza Water Brush Set
[ SSS ]
Neenah Classic Crest 110lb Cardstock

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42 thoughts on “The Perfect Glue & Black Ink”

  1. Jennifer! Thank you so much for this video. As soon as I saw the products you were going to talk about, I thought to myself, “I do SO hope she has found a black ink that doesn’t bleed with Copic Markers. And I am so sick of struggling with my liquid glues – maybe she has found something better.” I would have been happy if just one of those concerns had been met. But you found answers for both! I have already placed my order. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I’ve been using the Connect Glue for awhile now. It is absolutely the best!! I am glad to hear that the Amalgam Ink is Copic, watercolor and Gamsol friendly! I’ve been looking for something like it and now, thanks to you, I’ve found it. Definitely going to order it! Thanks!

  3. I have been using both these products and love them. Always hated using glues but this one is excellent. And bought the Amalgam because it is so versatile …..used it with both Copics and Water coloring. Glad to see your endorsement.

  4. Thank you for all these precious and useful informations. I always hesitate to use liquid glue to fix my “decorated card” to the card base as usually I get something much too stiff to my taste. I’ve tried to put less and less glue and also to spread it out to avoid this problem, but never got the same result as with some adhesive tape. But I will try this glue, and if it still does get too rigid, I always need a liquid glue for the embellishments and it’s true that it’s really very discreet on your exemple.
    Thank again for all the work behind every video !

  5. I love Gina K Designs. I just got her newest wreath builder set and can’t wait to start my card making. Haven’t used the glue yet, (just got that as well) but I use the amalgam ink a lot when I use embossing powder. It stamps crisp clear images and works wonderfully when using embossing powders. <3 <3

  6. I love Gina K Designs. Have both of these products and have been using them since they came on the market. They truly do what they say and I am so happy.
    Thank you Jennifer for all the cards, ideas and endorsements that you provide for us.

  7. I love the glue and many other Gina K products, but the smell from the Amalgam ink was surprisingly strong.. I’m not usually sensitive to ink/product smells, but unfortunately had to stop using it. I was kind of waiting/wondering if that would be mentioned in the video.

  8. When it comes to cardstock there are so many of then out there. Can you give me a quick rundown on the different weights and which one would work best with projects

  9. You are a Genius! Amazing tip on putting the connect Glue on the back of foam tape! These little ideas make me so happy!!!!

  10. I always appreciate your input on the products out there. Thank you! I have a plethora of black inks and different glues right now, but when it’s time to replace them, I know where I’ll look!

  11. I was waiting for your to do this video! I bought the Amalgam ink as soon as it was first released and tested it out with watercolor on watercolor paper, Neenah Solar White for Copics and I actually use Gina’s Artist Choice card stock for Copics, colored pencils and nothing bled. I don’t use Gamsol so did not test that. Gina is so detail oriented that it doesn’t surprise me that she made sure to get us the perfect black ink!!
    I was just able to get my hands on the Connect Glue last month in between when Gina got it in, it sold out in hours, etc. I have only tried it a few times and I like it. For one thing, I have bad thumbs from old injuries and my right thumb is worse. This Connect glue saves my thumb!
    I also like the Tidy Towel. I use Ranger’s Cleans It All Purpose Stamp Cleaner and I put a bit of that on the Tidy Towel and it gets the Amalgam ink off completely! Sometimes with my repeated stamping an outline image, the black gets into the crevices, etc. and not all of it comes out. But it works with the Ranger Cleans It with the Tidy Towel. I am very sensitive to strong scents, etc. and this is one stamp cleaner that does not bother me. Thank you again for your video!

    1. Kathy thank you sooo much for your comment about the scent. I too have a sensitive nose & have problems with some products that I love (like the formaldehyde smell of Altenew stamps) so I’m really looking forward to trying the cleaner.

      1. Hi Jane: I love the Tidy Towel with with the Ranger Cleans It. I apply a little of the Ranger Cleans It on the edge of the Tidy Towel and wipe my clear stamp. Then I use another part of the Tidy Towel that is clean to wipe over that and that is when I notice the black ink comes off and out of those crevices of outline inks. The Cleans It has a light scent, but nothing that lingers. I recall Tm Holtz making a comment in a video some years ago that he does not like a lot of cleaners out there that are VERY oily and/or are very fragrant. This Ranger Cleans It is not oily. Feels and smells clean.

  12. Thank you for the helpful tips. I just purchased the Amalgam ink cube last week to try. I love it especially because it doesn’t stain on my stamps. I LOVE other GinaK inks, too!!

  13. Well just watched your video and the glue is out of stock! The inks are in stock but I want to place Zone order since it’s coming to Canada and shipping costs are so high. 😥

  14. Thanks, Jennifer! I always learn something new from you. (I will have to quit watching before I go to bed, though, because then I’m all excited)

    I must be doing something wrong with the GK glue. Mine clogs while I’m working on my projects and I have to keep stopping to unclog. Any ideas, sugestions etc?!

    Thanks again, Jennifer! You’re my “go to” before I buy most things.

  15. Jennifer, you are such a pro, your connect glue probably does not ooze onto surrounding paper much, but my experience is that every time mine oozes anywhere on the paper it is not supposed to be, this glue dries SHINY, not MAT. And because it is typically oozing adjacent to a card element, I can’t get an erasure near it without ruining that area of the card. So here is my shout out to GINA K.: I love your glue and the container, it is almost PERFECT, but please develop a MAT version. I will love you forever!

  16. Terrific video. I am going to try both of these products. One question I have is what glue do you use with vellum or how do you adhere it without any glue being noticeable. Since Connect dries clear I’m wondering if it will work.
    Thanks for all the knowledge you share with us.
    Kindest Regards. Jane S.

    1. I use the Gina K glue, but not on vellum anywhere it would be visible. I haven’t found any glue or other type of adhesive that’s not visible when used on vellum (but would love to know if anyone else has!). When I use vellum, I try to find a way to adhere it without adhesive, such as using ribbon or brads. If I need to use adhesive on a small piece, I use tiny drops of glue and hide them with tiny embellishments. If I need to adhere a larger piece, I cut it’s extra long so I can fold the ends around the front layer of my card and glue them to the back. That way, when I attach the layer to the card base, the glued ends of the vellum are hidden.

  17. Thank you for your review of the connect glue and ink. I’ve tried the glue and really like it. I’ll have to give the ink a try now that it’s back in stock. Thank you for all you do for the card making community. I LOVE your videos and learn so much from them.

  18. I love that this ink is so black and crisp and is perfect for any medium, that is important for what we use it for. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  19. Thank you so much for this Jennifer, good black ink is a must aswell as good and easy to use glue.
    Perhaps you also can show us a good white ink, that’s always a problem for me.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Have you tried Hero Arts Unicorn White? I bought it after seeing it recommended in a number of videos by cardmakers. (Jennifer might have been among the people recommending it; I can’t remember.) It’s a very nice, bright white. You might be able to do a search of YouTube videos and find ones where it’s being recommended – if not, just do a Google search for reviews of Hero Arts Unicorn White ink and see what you think based on reviews by people who’ve bought it.

  20. Jennifer,
    Thanks for doing a tutorial on Gina’s Amalgam ink. I purchased it as soon as it came out and I love the detailed results. I was happy to hear it works well with colored pencils and gamsol. I purchased the connect glue after watching you use it on a lot of your tutorials and it does work great. Thanks again for all your wonderful tips too.

  21. I purchased both products as soon as they came out. I’m a HUGE fan of Gina K’s products–especially her inks!! Your reviews were spot on! I’ve had the same happy results!!! I also agree with you about Gina being one of the nicest human beings out there! I had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband in their bricks & mortar store and she is a joy!!!

    Thanks for your review!

  22. I love both these products and also buy a lot of Gina K items. She is an awesome teacher and has lovely stamps. Best of all the customer service is probably one of the best out there. I’ve spoken to her on the phone and found her to be quite special and what she did for me when I lost a stamp out of a newly purchased set, left me speechless. I’ve been using something similar to Connect glue for years as I’ve always found it easier for adding layers to my cards and keeping things straight. It allows you time to move a piece without tearing anything, so when the Connect glue came out I was delighted as I can now purchase in one place instead of having to go to a different on line store to get the other type I was using.

  23. Thank you so much for the review. I know when I try a technique or product you love I am going to have success.

  24. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the information on the connect glue unfortunately it is back out of stock. I never seem to find it in stock. So what is your second favorite glue? I will have to look for the black ink. Thanks for all your helpful videos.

  25. Hi Jennifer! I’m new to card making and one thing I have stuggled with is using liquid glue. I have used a couple different ones and they all leave the same “puckering” once they have dried. This is especially true when attaching a larger piece to the front as you did in this video. I use no more than you did (actually less) but the inside will end up with those tell-tale wavy marks. One of my mistakes was not using heavy enough card stock, which I have corrected. Does this glue help with this problem, or do you have any advise for me? So grateful for your videos, I’m learning so much!

  26. I have been using simon says stamp intense black ink for the fact that it works with alcohol inks water color AND gamsol. Is there any significant difference (in terms of functionality) between it and the Gina K amalgam ink?

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