Layton’s Legacy Blog Hop – Card Drive and Fundraiser

I am here today to give you a heads up on a very important blog hop and fundraiser. I pray you can spend some time today being a part of this!

Today is the Layton’s Legacy Card Drive & Fundraiser blog hop. This hop was put together by the incredibly kind and talented Lea Lawson who lost her sweet little boy Layton on November 17, 2016.

You can read Lea’s whole story HERE.

I cannot imagine the heartbreak and feel is important for us to support these mommas! And today we can do that.

Today, Lea is hosting a huge Card Drive blog hop going on in Layton’s honor, with tons of amazing inspiration! The is also a fundraising effort, where every $5 donated gets you an entry into the prize drawing. There are over $2000 in prizes, sponsored by some of the most amazing stamping & papercrafting companies in the industry! I am honored to be one.

Visit the fundraising site HERE to make your donation.

And check out all of these sponsors and prizes:

As you hop along, you will see beautiful cards created with a very special theme. Lea created this mood board when they started planning Layton’s nursery. And the mood board is the inspiration for the hop’s projects.

I will be spending some time today creating cards for this cause!

Remember to head HERE to find more info! #laytonslegacy

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26 thoughts on “Layton’s Legacy Blog Hop – Card Drive and Fundraiser”

  1. This is a very generous cause ! Layton’s mum is as strong as he’s been during his short life.

  2. A great idea and cause….. a simple act of kindness at a profound and life-changing time for a parent. Made my small donation and hope many others do too.

  3. I was a NICU parent here in Florida at All Children’s hospital.I can’t tell you the comfort I was given every single day my heart was there.Thank you for this amazing opportunity to be involved.

  4. This is such a wonderful cause! As a Perinatal Nurse for over 20 years, I am most familiar with the challenges of the NICU babies and their parents! Thank you for being part of the hop, Jennifer…you are always so generous and thoughtful when it counts!!!

  5. I worked with students who were once NICU babies. I know that their parents would have appreciated receiving a card/gift card during their time at the NICU. Thanks for supporting such a worthy cause. 😀

  6. As a NICU parent 35 yrs ago, I cannot tell you how much this would have meant to us! Our NICU was an hour and a half from home, my husband was out of work, we had no car and we got to that hospital nearly every day for 2 months. I called every one we knew each night to see who was traveling to the city the next day so we could get there to be with our baby girl. Luckily we had a great out come, however, I will NEVER forget the kindness if the NICU staff. This is such a wonderful way for Lea to honour her son and turn her grief into positive action. She is my hero!

  7. Wonderful idea for passing forward a kindness. Admire Layton’s Mom for her courage and wanting to make a difference!

  8. This is a very great cause, no child should die earlier than his parents. And no parent deserves to be seriously concerned about the health of their child. Thanks Jennifer for pointing out this good cause!

  9. This is a wonderful gesture of kindness. I can’t wait to create some cards for this drive. My aunt has been a NICU nurse for 41 years, and was recently honored by Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA for her caring and dedication to the children and parents that she cares for every day. I’m So proud of her.

  10. Such an amazing thing you are doing! Without your blog and email, I would have never known about it. It is a great cause to bring awareness and support to. Thanks for being you!

  11. Thank you Jennifer for raising awareness of this much needed cause hop and I know you are amazingly busy but thank you for supporting Lea, her family and so many parents who need a few kind words and a hug just to say we are thinking of you. X

  12. I won the GENEROUS Hello Bluebird prize through donating to this cause. Thanks for the reminder, Jennifer.

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