Stamping for Autism Awareness Blog Hop

Hello! I wanted to let you know about a really important blog hop that is happening today. It is worth checking out!

My friend, Veronica, is hosting a blog hop to bring awareness to autism. I have many friends who have children with autism. They are all remarkable kiddos! I feel autism is often very misunderstood, so today’s efforts are important.

I was unable to participate in today’s hop due to my travels, but I am sponsoring it with a big prize.

To learn more, head HERE.

If you are looking to help out, check out The Art of Autism (wow!) and the Autism Society.

Enjoy the hop!


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138 thoughts on “Stamping for Autism Awareness Blog Hop”

  1. I have been on the “odyssey” that is Autism with my son for many years – he is doing amazing things thanks to the support of SO many wonderful people and organizations. Thanks for your generous support – it does make a difference!

  2. You have a big heart Jennifer. Autism hits home with me as I have a nephew who is on the spectrum. I was the one who had to hint it out to my sister and her husband who were otherwise oblivious. My sister always has a smile on her face despite the trials that come her way with her son. I’m grateful for all the caregivers around her child.

  3. I have a 23-year old non-verbal, autistic niece who I take care of three days a week to help my brother-in-law since my sister passed away two years ago. She’s got her own personality, likes, dislikes and opinions…yet she struggles to communicate them on such a low level of function. It’s a frustration only known to those who love someone with this type of condition. There are many types and levels of autism and each person is unique and worthy of respect and compassion. Thank you for promoting such a worthwhile event!

  4. Although you can’t participate in this great hop, I think it is very great of you that you do sponsor this great cause. Thank you so much.
    I see that you took back your blog, I loved the top with Lila’s name on it LOL.

  5. You are so wonderful to support this blog hop, autism awareness is definitely a worthy cause! Thank you

  6. Thanks for your generosity. Anything we can do to bring awareness. May we support these wonderful families.

  7. I would have liked to see what you came up with for this challenge. You always amaze me! But, hey, everyone deserves some time off!

  8. Thank you for supporting this wonderful cause. It is so important that ,the paper crafting community is promoting autism awareness. This blog hop and the special stamp setts used in so many cards really can make a difference to nso many people. Thanks again.

  9. Not surprised you are sponsoring this awesome cause! I only know of one coworker that has an autistic nephew but know from talking to her it is a most challenging job for her brother & sister-law to raise him!! They have done a fantastic job so far, but he is into his teens now & it has become more challenging & they are truly worried about his future as an adult!!

  10. Thank you for helping to bring more awareness and understanding to the topic of Autism. More and more children are diagnosed as being on the spectrum all the time and families need the encouragement that comes when others try to understand their situation instead of judge it.

  11. I’m so excited to see that Taylored expressions has autism products now! I can’t wait to get them. Thank You for participating. I have 2 kids who are autistic and another who is being evaluated.

  12. I was glad to see this blog being advertised-I honestly do not know anyone with an autistic child; but have friends with a child who has never been able to be diagnosed at all. They are doing an excellent job raising him but I do know it is tough on them at times. Thank you for contributing and helping to make us all more aware. Welcome back from vacation!

  13. Thank you for supporting this wonderful cause!!! You’re always very generous! Thanks also for being a Sponsor!!!

  14. Thank you for your generosity. As a parent of a child with autism, I appreciate this cause and amazing hop to bring an awareness to autism.

  15. As a Kindness spokesperson, you ROCK! You are very much appreciated in supporting such a worthy cause. I have several friends with children who have autism and have seen first hand the struggles they have endured so this cause touches my heart. Thank you for sponsoring it!

  16. My 7yo is on the autism spectrum. He has what one would call a hidden disability. I strongly value the word acceptance over awareness. I hope autism blog hops continue and not just in April. Thanks for sharing! Your cards and videos are always a joy.

  17. Thank you for your support to Autism. Like so many others I have famy member on the spectrum. He is one of the most caring and brightest kids I know. With acceptance and his courage he will go far. Love all your messages of kindness and your cards and videos!

  18. The prize you are offering is huge! Thank you so much! Your work always inspires!!! I love watching your videos while I am on the elliptical! Since a recent auto accident my BP has skyrocketed so I need to get on the elliptical every day, it is so fun to catch up on videos I have missed! This is such a special cause! I am an autism mom of 21 years. Our son is high functioning and doing well but there were days that an encouragement card would have meant the world!

  19. Your kindness to bring awareness about autism is fantastic! These families appreciate the support, and we appreciate the opportunity to win a prize.

  20. You are awesome for supporting this awesome cause. There are so many families affected by this & I’m glad to see the paper crafting community helping bring awareness to this cause.

  21. I love the Oxide & Distress Ink cards you make. I really love your creativity and everything you create. You are one busy person that is for sure! you introduced me to Altenew products and I would love to be a winner of the Anniversary contest

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