Did You See?!? And Will I See You?!?

I am so excited! I wanted to share about some exciting new products and find out if I will see any of you at Creativation this weekend.


Tim Holtz just announced his newest products. And there are many great ones!

You can see of the newest releases HERE at Simon Says Stamp. They will be one of the first places to get them all, and you can pre-order them now! (That’s what I am doing tonight. I don’t wanna miss these!)

You can also learn more on Tim’s blog. He is great at presenting products.

I promise I will be doing lots of videos. Want to see what I am most excited about? Check out these…


I will be at the Creativation craft show in Phoenix this weekend. I am not working in a booth but rather walking the show and visiting with some of my favorite people in this world. Will you be there? I am hoping to share videos on Instagram. What would you like to see? Who would you like to see?

I hope you all have a great week.


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50 thoughts on “Did You See?!? And Will I See You?!?”

  1. I LOVE Kristina Werner. I’d love to see her. I also love Lisa Addesa…do you know her? I don’t know if she is going to this, but if you see her….please encourage her to make videos. I LOVE her cards. I love seeing new products that are out there. I just bought the Gemini Jr and it came yesterday…I’m in love!! I hope you have a great time!!!

  2. Lucky you, Jennifer! No, you won’t see me, but whatever videos you decide to share will be big hits. Thanks for keeping us aware of the latest and greatest…especially your favorites! Have fun!

  3. Very exciting! I have been using a piece of glass over my mat for a while but it’s big and heavy, his looks like a better solution. Love the Distress blending brushes, new alcohol ink and mixatives, ok, everything! I would love to see Lydia Fiedler, Laura Bassen, of course YOU!

  4. Awesome new products! Have fun at Creativation! I hope I’ll be able to go sometime in the future years! I want to see everything! All exciting new products! Thanks for sharing the videos! I look forward to them. HAve a great time.

  5. I will be there walking the floor looking for YOU and all the other Papercrafting ROCK STARS! Loved your acetate cards video today. See you there, Jan in Tucson

  6. One of these years, I will be there too! I’d love to know if a Ranger will offer mini cubes of Distress Oxides. Want them so bad, all of them!

  7. I want to see ALL the new goodies!! From the goodies you’ve shared above (I’ve been searching for a glass mat and those new Oxides? SWOON!!) to your beautiful face and Kristina too….toss in some Kathy Racoosin and the 3 musketeers are sure to share some awesomeness! Oh…and if there are any new goodies from Iliana and My Sweet Petunia that would be fun too! AND…Altenew and my favorite aMAYzing May Park….AND maybe Paulina and PPP…the list goes on and on. Most of all, have a BLAST!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us and one day I’d LOVE to attend!! Travel safe and enjoy! ~HUGS~
    #kindnessmatters (It really does!)

  8. Have a great time Jennifer. Not all of us do Istagram and Facebook so are hoping you post some of your videos on your blog! Would like to “meet” some of the Altenew designers, and Vicky Papioannou.

  9. Hope, no, I KNOW you will have heaps of FUN 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing what techniques & treasures you find along the way!

  10. Awesome new Tim holtz stuff!! I’m excited about the new oxide inks. Have a blast and enjoy yourself at the show 😍

  11. Not this year…recuperating from a pesky little leg operation, but I will definitely will go again next year! 😊
    In the meantime I’ll be following you, Kristina and my other favorite designer friends at Creativation 2018!
    Have Fun in Phoenix!

  12. Yes I’ve been watching the release videos over here in Oz – and starting to dream of being at a Creativation one year… (25 hours on a plane might be a deterrent). Loved the new storage for alcohol inks – it did feel like they were being left behind… but not anymore. And of course – more Oxides. What great news that the whole collection will be available this year. My pre-order for them has already gone in..
    Have an amazing time…

  13. Hi there, I just discovered Justine Hovey’s blog! Now I have another favorite. So….if you see her…..have her say hi to us. Enjoy!!

  14. Please please please with a cherry on top visit Gina K’s booth!!! I love her to pieces and can’t wait to see the beautiful amazing new things she has in store for us!!! I’m so jelly though, I want to go to Creativation sooooo badly!!! Hey….theres an idea for a GRAND PRIZE for next year!!! Allowing one of us to go with you to Creativation!! What a dream come true that would be!!! Anyway!!! Wishing you safe travels and loads of fun!! Big Hugs!!

  15. Oh yeh, I saw Tim live on Facebook yesterday with his gorgeous new product, what I have been watching him for 5 days in a row, love that man and his products.
    I wish I could met you in Phoenix, but unfortunately I live in the Netherlands and that’s a little to far away to pop over. But I love to see you all, you, Kristina, Kathy, Gina, Tim en every lovely ones who made craft so gorgeous!
    See you on Instagram!

  16. Just share as much as you can for those of us who will never be able to experience Creativation. Thank you!

  17. I think most of us want to be at Creativation. It would be so much fun to just hang out and go booth to booth and see all the new crafting supplies and some of the people that make the magic happen.

  18. Jennifer, I think anything your impressed with I will be too. I look forward to seeing the videos that you generate from attending this event. I wonder what will make 2018 Crafty things list from it. Most of all enjoy your friends and enjoy yourself!

  19. I wish I was going, but I thought it was for only vendors….so I am excited to see what you post. Loved watching all the sneak peeks from Tim Holtz. Lots of must haves. Will watch through your eyes Jennifer. Have a great time!

  20. I live in the Phoenix area, but alas am not in the industry so cannot attend. I’m in the healthcare industry and even prescribe coloring to some of my clients. I met Kathy in Mesa at October her coloring event, she’s a lovely person. Please greet her and if the two of you need my help for anything, please let me know! I’m looking forward to your video’s, am especially interested in many of Tim’s new products, from his glass craft mat, new distress oxides and storage ink tins. I hope you are feeling well enough to attend. I saw that Lila had you well “tucked in” as you posted on instagram.

  21. Tim Holtz new stuff looks amazing. Can’t wait… if you run into Wanda Guess say hello. I hope you all have loads of fun catching up and swooning over all the great new products.

  22. Have GREAT time! Creativation is so inspiring and I will love seeing all that you show. It would be good to see Shari Carroll! You mentioned the glass cutting mat. I have the Tonic 13 x 13 glass mat, which is perfect for my desk. While it’s not Tim’s, nor is it black (LOL), it’s perfect for me and I love using it. I always have a clean surface on which to work, and no worry about heat or cutting damage. I would highly recommend the glass mat as a work surface.

  23. Wow, I hope you have so much fun and return with lots of great ideas! I have been interested in mixed media art over a dozen of years, just, dabbling here and there. This past year, working on projects in earnest. The product I am most interested in is the Tim Holtz resist spray. Haven’t a clue what I could do with it, but, I am willing to learn. Just getting the internet for the first time this past year, has really expanded my knowledge.
    Please share, looking forward to your posts!!
    Mischelle Smith

  24. Have a great time. I watched all of Tim’s sneaks already. I’d love to see what some of the other manufacturers have, too, like Concord and 9th and Hero Arts!

  25. I was sad today to read that Kristina will not be going, so you have to work double, Jennifer, because I know I can’t get enough of products from Creativation. I have already told my local scrapbook store (she’s going to be there) to “steal” the new Oxide colors and the glass mat from Tim Holtz. I’m excited for you. I always want everything! Have a great, safe trip.

  26. I’ve never been to the US and I’m not sure I ever will, but I will no doubt see plenty of pictures of all of my crafting heroes published on the Internet. Be sure to pass by Catherine Pooler’s booth (#737) to check out her inks. They are truly amazing. I am struggling to get solid impressions with most inks, including your much loved HA inks, but not so with Catherine’s inks. Go try them! They are also perfect for generational stamping, which is what I did on this card .

  27. Have a great time! I’ll be watching my Instagram a lot this weekend to see all the fun stuff at Creativation! I am not a blogger nor a member of Creativation so I will not be to attend this event. I do hope you have a lovely time and get to meet lots of other crafty people ^__^

  28. Jennifer,
    I’m so excited about the new 12 colors from Tim Holtz. These Oxides are a must have. I also wish you a fabulous time at this convention and I know I’ll be seeing more Gina K products on your videos….

  29. I hope you really enjoy yourself
    But wish to have your input on Catherine Pooler inks and also the new foils and products

  30. I so wish I were going to be there, but we’re in the process of moving. So my craft room is in boxes. 🙁 Looking forward to seeing any videos you share!

  31. Yaaaay, new Oxide colours!!!! Who doesn’t want a stamp of a pint of beer I ask you?? 🙂 The alcohol ink tin looks cool too, would be good for the enamel accents too I am assuming? Hope you have a great time.

  32. I love seeing all of your posts from the show! THANK YOU for giving a glimpse to those of us still at home! Hope to make it there someday!!

  33. I have been seeing the Tim Holtz Tonic Glass Media Mat and I really want to know what your opinion will be of it.

  34. Also interested in Tim’s new media mat. I wish it had a magnetic area also like the new spellbinders mat. Please suggest to Tim. Those tiny dies (and he makes these also) can be difficult to keep handy. I know you use a magnetic bowl, but I like the convenience of having a magnetic area right on the mat. Also, I still use a foil covered board when heat embossing. Does the glass hold and reflect heat to make embossing easier? If not, maybe he could do a small sheet for that white space that would be shiny and help with heat embossing? Love all your tips!

  35. How bout some Lawn Fawn new stamps & products? Any new creative storage ideas & products! Have bunches of fun!!

  36. I like to see everything! Although I sell Stampin Up I am not a one brand kinda person! I love products from all different companies and I also love to mix them together. Using all of one company’s product on my creations limits what I can do. So please show me the latest and greatest from everyone! :o)

  37. I feel so full of angst after watching all the video uploads from Creativation 2018! I once did a Bible study on ANXIOUSLY waiting versus PATIENTLY waiting…HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WAIT FOR THESE FABULOUS NEW PRODUCTS???? My glitter glands alone are putting out “gimme” hormones all over the place! Jeez, and Tim Holtz, a GLASS work place and new colors??? Rotten tease!
    I know that the days go by 24 hours at a time, just like always, but I simply cannot STAND it!!! I’m running for congress, and MAKING A LAW: When you show something pretty and new at CREATIVATION, You MUST be ready to ship at the close of the show. and therefore and furthermore, henceforth, et cetera. Watch out RANGER!!!!

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