Adding Stitched Details to Stamping

Hi there! Today I am sharing how to add simple stitched details to your stamped images. It is a great way to add unique touches and a bit of texture.

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A few weeks ago I shared a video where I did some over-the-top stitching on my handmade cards. (You can see it HERE.) Well today I share how to add tiny stitched details… saving time but adding that lovely bit of interest. You could make this technique work with just about any stamps you have.

All you need to stitch is a needle and string. I used DMC Pearl Cotton Size 5 floss for today’s examples because that was what I had with me when I made these at a crafty retreat. However, I do think using 3-ply of typical floss would be even better.

My first example shows adding stitched detail to a card I made with Pinkfresh Studio Say It With Florals Stamps (SSS | PNK) and Say It with Florals Die (SSS | PNK). With the simple and clean style of this card, I feel the little stitches and french knots add so much! I also added a white heat embossed sentiment from the same stamp set and shimmer with my Wink of Stella Clear Shimmer Marker.

I really how these stamps and die match up together to create a fabulous design.

I liked this design so much I did another in peach…

I also added lots of details to this card made with the Pinkfresh Studio Merry and Bright Stamps (SSS | PNK) and Merry and Bright Die (SSS | PNK). In addition to french knots, I used Silver Lining Nuvo Drops for shine.

The sentiment was created with the Birch Press Just Because Stamps and Dies. I have been using these a lot lately.

Oh my sweetness! I can’t get over how cute the Pinkfresh Studio Playful Animals 2 Stamp Set (SSS | PNK) is. I used a few of the images for a very simple card but added lots of interest with a few french knots and a little bow. I really like the sweetness of this card and will be making many more!

Here is another fairly simple card that comes alive with a bit of colorful stitching. I simply stamped and colored the fantastic Pinkfresh Studio Unicorn Dreams Stamp Set (SSS | PNK) and added stitched details. Swoon!

I also added a sentiment from the Pinkfresh Studio Playful Animals 2 Stamp Set (SSS | PNK) and lots of Wink of Stella Clear Shimmer Marker.

Next, I wanted to show how you can add stitching to a stamped background. I stamped and colored the Pinkfresh Studio Floral Background Stamp (SSS | PNK)… and added lots of Wink of Stella Clear Shimmer Marker. I originally was going to add french knots to the centers of the flowers but decided to add them in the white space between the flowers. The texture is more noticeable in real life. I instead used Tonic Ebony Black Nuvo Drops for the flower centers… and added a sentiment from the Pinkfresh Studio Simply Succulents Stamp Set (SSS | PNK).

This background stamp is gorgeous… and the sentiment is even better.

This next card doesn’t have any stitching but rather has a tiny string bow. This just adds more to the homemade feel of the card. I used the Pinkfresh Studio Forest Friends Stamps (SSS | PNK) and Forest Friends Die (SSS | PNK)… along with a sentiment from the Pinkfresh Studio Playful Animals 2 Stamp Set (SSS | PNK).

Last but not least, I have a sweet wreath made with the Reverse Confetti Fall For You Stamp Set and a few red french knots. The sentiment is from the same stamp set. I love it!


A couple weeks ago, Amanda Korotkova over at Little Crafty Pill hosted a Card Making Therapy Blog Hop. The purpose of this hop was to share how card making can be therapeutic to folks who are battling a variety of battles.

I had planned to be a part of the hop, but due to a death in a family, I had to back out of the hop. However, I still want to share a link to it as I feel it is an important topic. I spoke about my struggles a bit in my video above. Please head HERE to start the hop and see what others have to share. After all, we are not alone!

Have a great day!


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Pinkfresh Studio Say It With Florals…
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Say It with Florals Die
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Merry and Bright Stamps
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Merry and Bright Die
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Let’s Celebrate Stamps
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Let’s Celebrate Die
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Forest Friends Stamps
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Forest Friends Die
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Unicorn Dreams Stamps
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Playful Animals 2…
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Floral Background…
[ SSS | PNK ]
Pinkfresh Studio Simply Succulents…
[ SSS | PNK ]
Reverse Confetti Fall For You Stamps
[ SSS | ELH ]
Reverse Confetti Fall For You Dies
[ ELH | SSS ]
Birch Press Just Because Stamps
[ SSS ]
Birch Press Just Because Dies
[ SSS ]
DMC Pearl Cotton Size 5
[ ETS ]
Alternative Floss
[ SSS ]
Neenah Class Crest 110lb Cardstock
[ SSS ]
Neenah Class Crest 110lb Cardstock
Hero Arts Intense Black Ink
[ SSS ]
VersaMark Ink
[ SSS ]
Gina K Designs Ink
[ SSS | GNK ]
Hero Arts White Embossing Powder
[ SSS ]
Silver Lining Nuvo Drops
[ SSS ]
Tonic Ebony Black Nuvo Drops
[ SSS ]
Tonic Red Gloss Nuvo Drops
[ SSS ]
Wink of Stella Clear Shimmer Marker
[ SSS ]
Sketch Copic Markers
[ SSS ]
Be Creative Tape
[ SSS ]

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72 thoughts on “Adding Stitched Details to Stamping”

  1. So sorry about the death in your family. Prayers for you all!
    I’m wondering if you can tell us the colors of inks for the peach floral card and also the colors/brands of the cardstocks for the floral cards. I appreciate each of your videos so much! I’m new to card making but enjoying myself immensely. You are right! It’s very therapeutic as I too battle with depression and anxiety. Card making/crafting takes me somewhere else and the worries are quickly put aside for a time. People who have never experienced these issues often are unable to understand. I consider myself to be a happy & content person but when these things hit me I can’t explain how I can have them so often yet be an overall happy person. The struggle is real. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Fabulous cards! The stitching adds so much texture and dimension, just makes you want to run your fingers over the card. I agree that crafting is therapeutic! Keeps your hands and mind busy on something easy yet productive with the added bonus of the wonderful friendships and community of crafters. LOVE Lila! I too was a crafter at an early age and just love that she is able to share this passion with you.

  3. Love your cards and the stitching and thanks for sharing your story! I’ve been sick for 23 years now and it takes a mental toll after a while, also had family drama going on as my health was declining 3 years ago which didn’t help my mental state. There were many dark times for me, but I reached out and there were people there to help me, especially my awesome husband. I’ve been seeing a counselor now and that has really helped me and we separated ourselves from the family drama and are in a really better place now. Lately I like to say I’ve filled the dark spaces with light and I really have. We actually moved to get away from things and are in a new home now and that really helped me since I could no longer do stairs because of my health issues as well so we built a rancher and now I can get into my Studio most days which it’s been years since I could create everyday. Being able to be creative on an almost daily basis has been extremely important to my healing. My physical and mental health has improved so much since we moved the end of March. This new house and being creative all ties together for me. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!!

  4. Thank you, Jennifer, not only for sharing your amazing talents with all of us, but for continuing the important conversation about depression and anxiety. As I struggle with progressive Multiple Sclerosis and two parents, both in their mid-90’s and who both have advanced Alzheimer’s disease, I find the time in my little studio making cards the best therapy in the world. Now, thanks to you, I can also bring back another long ago craft I always enjoyed…stitching! Your cards are lovely and very inspiring!

  5. Thank you, Lila, for wishing me a good day. I hope that you had one too. Jennifer, not only are you extremely talented, but so open and honest. It’s so great that people can now reach out and not feel so alone. As you said, we all have things that we struggle with. While it’s not quite true that a burden shared is a burden halved, it certainly does help to be able to talk with someone and not feel that you need to hide. And yes, crafting is frequently my escape and my salvation. My happy, content, quiet, peaceful place and at the end I’ve got something to share with friends and family…what a great twofer! I was sorry to hear of the death of a family member. That’s never easy.

  6. Beautiful cards! I often tie on a little bow but I’ve never done actual stitching with thread/floss. It really does just take it to the next level. Love the look of it and love the little knots. Thanks for showing us how to make those. Also, thank you for sharing a little of your struggle with depression and how making cards has been therapeutic for you. I feel the same about anything that allows my creativity to flow. It helps to clear your mind as your focus is taken to what you’re making. Hope you are feeling better! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us once again.

  7. Such beautiful cards, and they sound like fun to make. I have a lot of DMC floss so I will give it a try. Thanks to Lila for her cute message at the end, I love the reason for the blog hop. Craft (and many hobbies) are very good for one’ s mental health as many people will testify. Thanks for sharing your struggles Jenn, it helps break down stigma of depression/anxiety etc. and helps people know they are not weak because of mental health issues.

  8. Thank you for the posting on the Card Making Therapy Blog Hop. You give so much to all of us and I enjoy and look forward to all of your posts and the thoughts you share. As I hopped from blog to blog every one of the ladies that contributed to that Blog Hop touched me and made a difference in my thoughts and in my life since this post. Blessings to all.

  9. Little Lila is so gorgeous. Maybe you have a future in blogging. Jennifer, I know you often talk about stitching on felt and you have done one video. Could we see more. Thank you for the beautiful card.

  10. Jennifer,
    Thank you for your candor about your battles with depression and anxiety. As a fellow sufferer/survivor of this type of mental health condition, it helps to know others combat it, too, and can come out ahead. Indeed, there were plenty of times when crafting was what helped me get through tough times. There were also phases when I couldn’t bring myself to create anything because I was so convinced my products would not be worthy, so it helps for others to see that there are positive moments in the future. Society has come a long way, but we still need to fight the stigma of depression and anxiety, and other mental health conditions so that more people can seek the help they need.

  11. Your cards are beautiful and I think I can do this stitching. I’m trying to get more into card making without buying more and more supplies. The stitching will be a good change of pace. Also, I do intend to buy the Wink of Stella Shimmer Marker. It looks so nice and it’s something I can also do!

  12. So very sorry for your loss, Jennifer. I have a hard time (really hard time) saying goodbye. God bless you and your loved ones.
    Thank you for doing this. I also suffer from clinical depression and was diagnosed with MS in 2007 which also is linked to depression. Double whammy! Lol.
    I hope that you’re all having fantastic days, weeks, years!!
    God bless you and your loved ones.

  13. I *love* your videos and appreciate your willingness to open up about your history of depression. I suffered terrible postpartum depression after our first son was born and it’s only recently that I’m comfortable talking about it. Raising awareness is so critical! Thank you and best wishes!

  14. These are such beautiful cards Jennifer, I love the addition of the stitching it really adds that little extra texture that takes them up another level.
    So sorry for the family death, those things happen and take priority, regardless of our other commitments. The hop was very inspiring and it helps to know we are not alone in our struggles. As my MIL always said, “Everyone has problems and everyone’s problems are different”.
    Take care …

  15. JENNIFER, please always know you are not alone. I really appreciated you sharing your depression story. I have just recently found your blog and videos and you really brighten my day! I look forward to each and every video and I admire your talent and your professionalism. I think you have the best card videos online. (I like Kwerner too!) 😊 my goal is to make one card per day. Thanks for your inspiration!

  16. What wonderful cards and a great idea! And I love these die and stamp sets from Pinkfresh Studios! Thank you so much for sharing!

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