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As many of you know, I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to try to pull the crafting community together to help those affected by the hurricanes. Well I happy to say that the first round of fundraising starts today!

Unfortunately, due to family stuff, I don’t have the time today to go into the story of how this has all come about… or why it is so important to me… or what plans we have. But I promise to share as soon as I can. In the meantime, I didn’t want you to miss out on this first round of fundraising.

Heidi – the owner of Simon Says Stamps – is a dear friend of mine and very much the most generous person I have ever known. She has made it possible to raise LOTS of money! I am glad to have helped a bit with this – it is amazing. Here are the details from the Simon Says Stamp Blog:

Crafters For a Cause

Many people in our world have been affected by the recent Hurricanes. First Harvey, then Irma, and most recently Maria have caused massive devastation to countless communities in Texas, Florida, the Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Crafters within our community are coming together to make a difference by helping those in need. Many brands have donated product and designers have made cards of gratitude. Many Simon Says Stamp friends, teammates and family members have joined together to assemble those products into boxes; which we are giving away to those of you who are able to make a donation through our website.

If you are interested in purchasing a box of goods, know that 100% of the cost of the box will be sent to help those in dire need of Hurricane Relief.

$10 donations receive a box of craft supplies
$25 donations receive a box of craft supplies
$50 donations receive a box of craft supplies that also includes a hand-stamped card from a signature designer.
$100 donations receive a box of craft supplies that also includes a hand-stamped card from a signature designer.

We have packaged the products so that each box has a retail value of approximately double that of your donation amount.

To donate directly without receiving a merchandise box visit our Crafters For a Cause GoFundMe Page.

Make a donation through this purchase and 100% will be donated to Hurricane Relief.  You will receive a box of craft supplies donated by our generous vendors to support this campaign. The retail value of this box is approximately double its purchase price and includes random, yet new, supplies. There will not be duplicates inside your box, yet if you purchase 2 boxes there is a small chance that some product will be duplicated.

It is our intent to raise money for the people devastated by these disastrous Hurricanes and to distribute what we collect to individuals or institutions who can have the maximum impact on recovery. We will be donating directly to families in need or to organizations with minimum overhead costs.

Please understand that we want to maximize the benefit of all donations, as well as to demonstrate both kindness and compassion which we all believe makes the world a much better place. We want the long term legacy of this tragedy to be about the recovery – not the damage.

So let’s come together to help those in need.  It is our intention to inspire many others to give. 100% of the Funds raised through the “Crafters for a Cause Hurricane Relief” program will be donated to those impacted by these Hurricanes.

There are also many reputable organizations through whom you can donate. (Information kindly provided by Jennifer McGuire.) Here are some trustworthy places where 100% gets to the people in the islands who need it BADLY.

** Richard Branson’s effort – he is covering overhead costs:

** Kenny Chesney’s effort – he is covering overhead costs:

** This also lists some good ones:

Some of the brands who have donated product for the donation boxes include but are not limited to:
– Lawn Fawn
– Stampers Anonymous
– Gina K Designs
– Mama Elephant
– Concord & 9th
– Doodlebug
– Hero Arts
– Neat & Tangled
– Avery Elle
– Altenew
– Ranger
– Waffle Flower

I am sure that these boxes will sell out quickly! However, there are plans to make more. I personally went up (with my dear friend Heather Ruwe and Kelly Latevola) and helped put boxes together. I was in charge of the $50 boxes… and highly recommend them. 🙂 Good stuff inside!

Many people have asked if there will be a card drive. It doesn’t seem the right time to send cards just yet… these folks have their hands full and have such essential needs. But maybe after a bit of time.

I promise I will be back with more info when I can. Off to a million school events… and my sweet in-laws are in town. 🙂

NO affiliate links were used in this post. Simon Says Stamp is donating so much to make this happen – their time, energy, man power, etc! Thank you!

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78 thoughts on “Crafters For a Cause”

  1. What a wonderful idea!!!!!! Thank you for being such a kind and generous person to think and organize this. I will pass your post along to other crafty friends of mine that may not know about this and hopefully it will help to raise more money for those who need it.

  2. What/who is handling the money? Some of the charity organizations don’t handle the money wisely. I like to check them out to see what percentage of the donations actually get used for relief. I missed out but want to know ahead of time if there are more rounds offered

  3. Jennifer, you have the biggest heart. And so does SSS and all the generous companies who donated their amazing products. Unfortunately, I got to the party too late. But hope to be in time for the next round, if there is one. THANK YOU to all involved with this effort.

  4. I have made a direct donation, because $50 and $100 with cards have already sold out!!!! =(
    I wish the best for the affected people and hope that we can really do a part on helping them.

  5. Thanks for all you do, Jennifer, and to Heidi and everyone else making this happen. Just a thought….those of us that work outside the home (I am a single,parent) cannot order till we are off work. Any chance orders could,open up for this later in the day so,others like myself have a chance to participate. Thanks again for all your hard work and that of everyone involved.

  6. So wonderful of you and the crafting community to put this together! I hope the donations pour in, which from some of the other comments, it sounds like they have been.

  7. This is such a great idea! Thank you for doing this! Everyone involved! I think it is awesome that they are all sold out!

  8. This is such an awesome idea Jennifer and every company that pitched in! But holly cow.. everything is out of stock!! I think that it’s brilliant, 🙂 so many people bought these and so much money was raised but PLEASE make more if you can! there are tons of many more people out there that wish to support this cause as well! 🙂

  9. This is such a wonderful idea. I went to the site but everything was sold out. Are there going to be more? When will that be? Thank you for doing such a wonderful project to help out people with such needs.

  10. As always, I’m amazed of how such a gigantic heart can fit in such a little body! Thank you and all the partners for putting this together. I’m from Puerto Rico and this really hits home. I’m still unable to reach family and friends but I’m hoping for the best. It is great to see the impact that private citizens can have when they join together. Thanks again and yes, we want more boxes!!!

  11. So bummed that these boxes sold out so quickly! I hope you are able to make another round of them, I wish I could have gotten one. Thank you for this amazing effort. Glad to hear there are so many generous and thoughtful people who want to make a difference. More boxes please! 🙂

  12. What a great way to raise money Congrats on the first go round, I missed this yesterday but went and put in to be notified when the next box is ready.

  13. Jennifer –I was one who was hit by Irma ,so thank you for your efforts. I went to donate $10 and it said sold out, I went to donate $25 and that said sold out also. I am confused. ?????

  14. Jennifer and friends this is a great effort for a great cause. You are wonderful people.
    I live in Ireland and I am wondering if it is possible to donate from Ireland and receive a package. I have no problem paying the postage if I can as I would prefer if all the donation money would go to the cause. It would be great if someone could get back to me on [email protected]. I know you are all busy so if Lyla can type just tell her what to say!!!
    Thank you
    Good luck with the fundraising.


  15. Thank you, Jennifer and friends for both sharing and living out the true meaning of handmade kindness. The fact that you all made time in your busy schedules to help those in need and share the wonderful, inspiring and even healing world of crafts with these fantastic boxes is beyond admirable. God bless you all and all of those you seek to help through this difficult time.

  16. This is such a wonderful way to help. I’ve missed the first batches, so I’m watching out not to miss the second !! Love from France, Marjorie

  17. Jennifer, I’m from Puerto Rico and was hit by hurricane Maria. We are ok, but I have many friends and family who lost their homes. I agree with you that right now is not the time to send cards, but eventually in time we will need lots of words of encouragement. I work at an English-speaking school and can volunteer to hand out cards when the time comes. Please contact me for further info. [email protected]

  18. Hi Jennifer. I got my Crafters for a Cause package today with one of your lovely cards. Thanks so much for all you do. It was so exciting to open the box. Love it all. Now I have so much to play with.

  19. A great initiative and way to give back from all participants of this effort. Thanks for this. I’m sorry I missed it but I will participate if it comes up again. After Irma, many were airlifted from BVI and St. Maarten to Dominica to experience yet another Cat 5 Hurricane: Maria. Our region will take years to rebuild. Thanks for the care and concern.

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