OrganizeMore Sale + Pencil Storage + GIVEAWAY

Hello! I just wanted to pop in to let you know of a great organization sale… and a new product I use for storing my colored pencils.

I get most of my organization products from  OrganizeMore. I ordered my first ink storage unit from them a few years ago and was immediately impressed with the quality of their product. I started chatting with them and was happy to learn of their kind ways and high values. Such good people.

And today my friends at OrganizeMore are offering 15% off their new products! I have details of the sale below, but first I want to show you this beautiful sight…

Pencil Organization Jennifer McGuire Ink

Isn’t that gorgeous? Can you hear the angels singing?? It’s the new Pencil Caddy!

Pencil Organization Jennifer McGuire Ink

The new Pencil Caddy is 7.25″w x 3.75″h x 3.25″d, made from solid pine, non-toxic-painted white, has felt feet, and tilts forward slightly. Each piece holds 48 pencils. I now can easily see the color of my pencils and they will be less likely to break in a drawer, etc. I keep them on a shelf (since they look so pretty in rainbow order!) and easily bring them to my work surface when it is time to color.

Pencil Organization Jennifer McGuire Ink

I have the 150 Prismacolor Colored Pencil Set and have used it happily for years. (By the way – THIS is a *really* good price for the complete set!) I have 3 Pencil Caddies. I have been using the caddies for a few months and am a very happy camper.

I mean – come on – isn’t it gorgeous?…

Pencil Organization Jennifer McGuire Ink

OrganizeMore also has new organizers (find them HERE) including various pieces for Ikea shelves and a fabulous new card stand. Check it out…


OrganizeMore is offering 15% off the Pencil Caddy and their other new products now through 6/23/17. Use the code “NEW617” when shopping HERE.

Please know that OrganizeMore did NOT ask me to promote this product. In fact the opposite is true – I approached them asking for help in coming up with a pencil storage solution. And I am thrilled!


Interested in winning a Pencil Caddy? For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 6.28.17 telling me if you use colored pencils. (To leave a comment, scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the green “leave a comment” button. The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too! Prize personally donated.)

Happy organizing!


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801 thoughts on “OrganizeMore Sale + Pencil Storage + GIVEAWAY”

  1. Yes I use prismacolor colored pencils. I’m just starting out with cardmaking and stamping (have been scrapbooking for years), and I have a small 24 piece set and then about 8 singles the I purchased separately. I would really love to have a nice caddy like this to display them in.

  2. I love to color my cards with colored pencils. I am watching all of the videos on shading and coloring.
    This caddy appears to be just what I need.

  3. What a great way to sore colored pencils. I do use colored pencils sometimes. Might reach for them more often if the were more convenient. Thank you

  4. I use prismas and watercolor pencils and love them both! Although I never seem to have enough colors!?

  5. I too have the full set of premier Prismacolor pencils. They are stored in a drawer at the moment and out of sight, out of mind means I don’t use them as often as I would like. This Pencil Caddy would be the cats meow and put the pencils where I could see and use them. more often. “Pick me, Pick me!!”, please. (LOL)

  6. I like to use watercolor pencils. That is an awesome way to organize them. It looks neat and also colorful!

  7. I love my Prismacolor pencils! I’ve always stored them in their metal tin, but that does make it more challenging to see the colors and a real mess when a tray goes flying!

  8. I like to use colored pencils on certain things, obviously the “look” is different.. my favorite colored pencils are the Watercolor kind because I LOVE to watercolor.

  9. I still have my sons Laurentian coloring pencils from when they were in school. (They are adults now) And I just received the full set of Chameleon coloring pencils. A pencil caddy would be wonderful.

  10. Just getting started. Excited to see how you use colored pencils in your beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and art. I have a small set of pencils and will expand as I go.

  11. This is an amazing giveaway, and my 150 Prismacolors are screaming that they need your help…they are homeless in a room full of crafty supplies that have their own box or cubbie homes. The Prismas arent too proud, they would love to have a donated home, and would be eternally greatful too. It is so wonderful for you to personally donate this. You are a very generous person! Thank you for this opportunity.

  12. I do use colored pencils, just not too often…but I should, I really do like the results…

  13. Love using coloured pencils but have not found a good way to store them until now. What a neat storage solution.

  14. Yes, I love using color pencils and watercolor pencils on my stamped cards. They’re easy to take with me on the go, they do not take up much space, they don’t leak, and I can travel with all my colors in one little bag. Thanks for the chance to win and for always offering awesome crafty organization tips!

  15. I love using my Prismacolor pencils!! So easy to blend them to get all the marks out. I also like using my watercolor pencils with a blender marker or with a wet paint brush.

  16. I use pencils not as much as I used to. I think because they are put away in a drawer whereas my markers are right there on my desk in front of me. My bad.

  17. I have a bunch but I haven’t learned the techniques for using them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Wow what a beutiful storage! Cant be anymore colourful! I use polychromos pencils and Distress markers.

  19. I use both Prisma and watercolor pencils (3 different sets) and love them all. Addicted to colors.

  20. Hi Jennifer. Love the blockwatercolor technique. So simple, yet elegant. Did you make the scallop edge envelopes?

  21. I love using my colored pencils and my water color pencils. When I watch TV I color the paper I have stamped to use on cards. I fussy cut them and store them with my stamps so I always have fast cards to put together. I would love a pencil caddy. They do look so pretty displayed in the caddy.

  22. I use Prisma color pencils, not as much as my markers but I still do like the softness effect these can create. Love your organization ideas 🙂

  23. I use colored pencils but have never a caddie like this one. It looks very benifical and with the pencils in it , it would look beautiful. Ty for the idea.

  24. I do use colored pencils. I like the fact that they are not as messy to use as some other coloring instruments. The pencil storage system you featured is awesome.

  25. I love using colored pencils! It my happy place! I am one of those who love to organize too!

  26. I love colored pencils. I used them in my classroom when I taught, and enjoy using them now with my craft projects.

  27. My card making journey began recently and your videos have truly inspired me! As a high school teacher. I really enjoy giving my students birthday cards. I received hand painted cards as a student from my Latin teacher which I still treasure. I would love my card to be in a scrapbook of a student fifty years from now. Along with my love of creating, I love to organize. Thank you for all you do!

  28. Omg that is amazing. I was thinking about a new storage solution and this has blown me away. You are a thinker for sure.

  29. I use watercolor pencils all the time. This would be a great way to store and use my pencils.

  30. I love colored pencils! Mostly just looking At them. And believe me that new pencil holder is super tempting.

  31. I’m a huge fan of Prisma pencils. I was using them last night and wishing I had a better storage option.

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