#ShareHandmadeKindness Cards + GIVEAWAY!

Hello! I have felt a strong calling lately to make more cards to give to people I don’t know. To encourage. To share kindness. And I am hoping that some of you will join me! Nothing fancy. Just #ShareHandmadeKindness.

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Over a year ago, I did a Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. Since then, I have kept it up in my own little world, but have felt a strong calling lately to make more cards for folks in my community. I just want to remind as many people as I can – no matter what they do, who they are, etc. – that they matter. So I just decided to make cards… film it… blab a bit… and pray you will join me. (More on that below. First let’s talk about the cards!)

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

For the background on today’s cards, I used Turnabout Stamps from Concord & 9th. (I recently did a video HERE using their Triangle Turnabout.) The first examples feature the Concord & 9th Oh, Hello Turnabout Stamp Set. Such a fun background! You can see the inks and cardstocks I used in the thumbnails at the end of this post.

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

The awesome globe is from the Concord & 9th Globe greetings Stamps Set. I used Hero Arts White Satin Pearl Embossing Powder to emboss on Lawn Fawn Mermaid Cardstock… and inked the edges with Evergreen Bough Distress Ink. This embossing powder is amazing and picks up the color of the cardstock it is on. Lots of shine! I also silver heat embossed the stand directly on the background. The hearts are from the Concord & 9th All About You Die Set and are covered with Glossy Accents. And last but not least, that amazing sentiment is from the Hero Arts You Are Loved Stamp Set. (More on that below, too.)

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

Here is another sentiment from the Hero Arts You Are Loved Stamp Set. It is embossed on a vellum banner cut with the Simon Says Stamp Stitched Banners Die Set.

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

I couldn’t get enough of the Concord & 9th Oh, Hello Turnabout Stamp Set and created a few backgrounds in a different color combo.

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

For these cards, I used the Waffle Flower Pretty Butterflies Die. I covered the die cut with Hero Arts White Satin Pearl Embossing Powder and it immediately looks like an embellishment. The sentiment is from the Hero Arts You Are Loved Stamp Set and I again used the Simon Says Stamp Stitched Banners Die Set.

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

That shine makes me so happy. So does that sentiment!

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

I also made a couple cards using the new Concord & 9th Dotty Turnabout Stamp. The “YOU” is from the Concord & 9th All About You Die Set and is covered with Hero Arts White Satin Pearl Embossing Powder.

Share Handmade Kindness Video Jennifer McGuire Ink

The sentiment on the card and envelope are again from the Hero Arts You Are Loved Stamp Set.


Please join me! It is simple: Make cards. Put your heart into them. And give them to anyone! It is all about spreading kindness. And this isn’t some big challenge with an end date. This is just an ongoing push to us all to use our super power of cardmaking to make an impact on someone’s day.

And by sharing on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness, we can get the word out and get more people creating. I will keep my eye out over on Instagram to see what folks are sharing. (And if you aren’t on Instagram, you should join! It is a happy place where many cardmakers share.) I may even give some crafty goodies along the way. Be sure to use the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness.


In this video, I used many incredible sentiments from the Hero Arts You Are Loved Stamp Set.

I recently made a bunch of cards for the teachers of a school that was the victim of a hate crime. I wanted to remind the teachers that their community loves and supports them. When doing so, I struggled to find the right sentiments. I contacted Aaron of Hero Arts and asked if he would develop a stamp set of kindness messages and he said yes! We worked together to come up with sentiments that would encourage both family and strangers. They can be used to encourage anyone! Perfect for making cards for folks in our communities. Hero Arts designed the set and is donating a portion of the profits to support the Kind Campaign to put an end to bullying. (I was not paid to help – I just realllllly wanted this set!)

Please join me in creating kindness to share with others. I believe a simple handmade card can make a huge difference. A difference our world needs. xo


How would you like to win a Hero Arts You Are Loved Stamp Set?  For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 5/17/17 telling me if you’ve ever made a card for a stranger. (To leave a comment, scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the green “leave a comment” button. The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)


Want to find the products I used? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Thank you! Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased except those with an asterisk. As always, this post was NOT asked for, paid, or sponsored.) Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), etc.


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417 thoughts on “#ShareHandmadeKindness Cards + GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Yes, in one of the card drives. Also have made cards for people that I don’t know very well but have heard that they might need a ‘pick me up’. Such a wonderful idea!

  2. You have an amazing heart. I make cards for strangers often; I think everyone needs a little positive bit to each day.

  3. Yes I am always looking for opportunities to make a card to anybody (strangers included); the last that I did was to a friend of a co-worker was opening her business and I just found it supportive to send her a handmade card even though we were total strangers. I have to say that every time it is a great feeling to do something like that for everybody. Thank you for the inspiration you always give us. 🙂

  4. Some months ago you did a video of shaped, label=type cards with encouraging messages to leave here and there. I CASEd your idea and left some on police cars. It was such fun my husband and I bought donuts to give to our local police station and fire station. We have a great postman, a favorite bank teller, waitress, hair dresser, receptionist…I can’t wait and will upload one of my ideas. It is astounding how just a simple “you do a great job” illuminates a service employee.

  5. I have made cards for a stranger. My local stamp store sends cards to our soldiers overseas. The cards are blank inside so the soldier can choose a card to send to loved ones back home and have plenty of room inside for a message of their own.
    Thank you so much for the kindness you share and for inspiring us to do the same.

  6. Thanks for your part in creating this great stamp set with HA. .Yes, I have made cards for strangers. I sent cards to OWH , your campaign for sick children, and for several years I’ve made birthday cards for our local nursing home one month each year. Haven’t made any for my local firehouse yet. That’s a great idea. I love how you encourage us to “throw kindness around like confetti” ( I do have that kindness stamp set and love to use it.)

  7. I have made cards for strangers, but not in the sense you are talking about. I have made cards for people my adult kids know but I don’t. I usually get the call at the last minute , of course! I have been toying with the idea of making cards for the everyday heroes in our lives and sending or leaving them randomly. An unexpected “thank you” or an unexpected “job well done” can really brighten my day so I would like to share the smiles.

  8. When I was in the third grade, my class sent Christmas cards to soldiers whose names we drew on an individual basis. My soldier was Pvt Dobson. That was more that more than fifty years ago. (He wrote me back, too.)

  9. When I was in the third grade, my class sent Christmas cards to soldiers whose names we drew on an individual basis. My soldier was Pvt Dobson. That was more that more than fifty years ago. (He wrote me back, too.)

  10. I have to admit I’ve never made a card for a stranger. But I really like this idea. Kindness is definitely becoming an endangered thing in this world, at least it seems like it. I’d like to give your challenge a try. This is a great stamp set. Thanks for a chance to win!

  11. Hi Jennifer! I have followed your videos for a long time and I always marvel at how wonderfully generous you are. You are an amazing person. I love your videos. They are easy to listen to and follow. Your ideas are amazing. I love the “Hello” turn a bout stamp. It is so clever! The Hero Arts stamp set is going to become a go-to stamp set. The sentiments, as you said in your video, are so new and fresh! Great job!

  12. Thank you for taking the iniative and using your voice to affect change. I think it is important to do good for others when you have such a powerful voice in this card community .
    I started making cards 2 months ago because of a illness that has kept me quarantined for lack of better words. I immediately fell in love with what I call Card Therapy. I feel like I am supporting the USPS with stamp purchases. I want to be part of a larger card drive and recently found a link on Cardmaker magazine that helps me find a cause. I cannot do much physically, but I can send kindness!

  13. I would really love to win this set. I love making cards and donating then to the senor center , nursing homes, friends and family. But I am unable to work, making cards helps me stay sane but my budget is insane!!

  14. Thank you again for the inspiration. I belong to a stamp club and we send out cards all the time to those in need of a lift. At first, it was a bit daunting, but now I just love to pop a card in the mail to anyone in need of a smile, or encouragement. Maybe sending/giving out cards to those we don’t know will help make some much needed change in our country and around the world. Peace to All!!

  15. I just started creating with a group of seniors at my mom’s retirement home. I noticed that many older folks become a bit self centered, so I am starting each get together with creating a kindness card. I agree with you Jennifer, we all need to do a better job at being nice. Thank you for starting this.

  16. Such an awesome initiative! I actually never made a card to a stranger, but I should try it sometime!

  17. I like to make small notecards to carry in my purse. When I’m shopping, dinng or just out somewhere, and I see someone who appears to be tired, frustrated, sad, or maybe just needs a little encouagement, I hand them a card. It might say, “Just for you”, “Hello” or something similar and on the inside, “Great job”, “You matter”, “You are special” “Thanks for all you do” or something similar. I call these “Smile Cards” as they are sure to bring a smile the the recipient, as wel as to me.

  18. Hi Jennifer. Wow! Did I need this post and video!! I was feeling down and useless about building my business making custom invitations, which my husband (currently separated) calls “Pretty Trash” b/c of their disposable nature. When I heard you say “use our super-powers to make cards”, that turned it all around! Anyway, yes, I’ve made many cards for strangers over the past 20 years…even getting my children involved at times. I have the privilege of being a cardiac nurse, though I left my career on a leap of faith to open this small business (I felt a calling that makes no sense:save lives vs make invitations?). The cards I’ve made over the years have been for my patients. Some for encouragement, some after surgery: YOU DID IT!, some in Faith for those facing the next phase of life: looking toward walking with God personally in Heaven. Now I think I’ll join you in this Challenge. You have a kind heart, Jennifer. (Posted twice in case 1st rejected as it had my email as Nickname…oops).

  19. Great idea. My mother talks about a lady friend that after the death of her husband, had to move into a nursing home. She is having a hard time adjusting. In March of this year I was just learning how to make secrete message cards so I made her a Happy Spring one to cheer her up. My goal now is to make cards for no reason other than to lift up someone’s spirits. My first ones are going to my 7 grandsons. (my guinea pigs) for my cards since I’m a newbie at this craft. Thank you for your videos, they have been my main source for learning.

  20. Love making cards for friends, family, & my grandchildren’s teachers. I did participate in one of your card drives a few years back. I talked with the receptionists in our office today and have to decided to team up with her to give cards to delivery drivers who frequent the office every week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. I just love your generous heart, Jennifer, by using your voice to promote goodness and kindness with your expansive audience. I have donated cards on several occasions for various causes because it’s one way I could give of myself since I didn’t have much time for volunteering while working full time. The Hero Arts stamp set is absolutely on my must have list – you and your HA partner outdid yourselves! Thank you for such great Inspiration!

  22. Thank you for your inspiration. I spent the day today making cards to send with my daughter so she can hand them out at the nursing home she works at. Love your cards. I felt lifted up today making these cards.

  23. Yes, I’ve made cards for nursing home patients and for friends and relatives of friends who request prayers. Sending cards is something I inherited from my Mom; making them is now my speciality!

  24. Hi Jennifer, last year I participated in the shelters campaign with three cards for Holidays, I was so excited to collaborate with your super idea to send some kindness to people to be happy during Christmas.
    You are an excellent inspiration, so I thank you very much.

  25. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for adding so much fun to cardmaking & for taking extra time to do these giveaways. My mom works as a caretaker for elderly folks. I make cards and give them to her so that she can give to them for encouragement. They are just like children, so when they receive a handmade card, it really makes a difference in their day. The prize is not in the recognition, but in knowing that making something that I already love to do, makes a difference in someone else’s day. Big hug to you and thank you!

  26. During my practicum with nursing students in an elderly care home, I brought all the ‘fixin’s’ for the students to make a card for their resident patients. It was so nice to see those cards proudly displayed at each resident’s bedside, particularly if the resident do not have any visitors.
    Thank YOU for having such kindness and care for others!!!

  27. Love the stamp set; and definitely feel that the world needs more kindness. I have made cards for soldiers overseas that I did not know and for nursing homes and shut-ins. It is very rewarding. I have also donated pack of cards for charity events. I know I would use the set of stamps.

  28. What an awesome stamp set! So many great sayings!
    Yes, cardmaking is definitely your super-power.
    Yes, I just made a card a couple of days ago for someone I have never met. My husband asked if I could make a card for the scorer for his softball team. She turns 80 in a couple of days, so they were trying to collect 80 cards.

  29. Hi Jennifer! You are always an inspiration to me and I appreciate all your efforts to spread kindness. Thank you! My boys and I made Christmas bags with necessities and cards for homeless folks. My friend goes to the city senior center and has met a few homeless ladies so she was able to find out what they needed and have them deliver our gifts. Ialso made a card for a special security guard that rolled my injured son in an office chair across a medical center to the doctor. He is too heavy for me to carry and couldn’t walk on his ankle…I was frantic and that man was a Godsend. I made him a special card and enclosed lottery tickets. I hope he won! I have also donated card sets to raffle off and raise money for seniors in need.

  30. Love the great sentiments in the new Hero Arts stamp set. Well done! Thanks, too, for showing us some new Concord & 9th stamps/Waffleflower stamps and dies. I used to make cards for OWH but then went through a dry spell where I wasn’t making cards for health reasons. Now I’m getting back into it again and hope to make cards for some of the groups listed in Cardmaker and also for a group back home that sends care packages to local soldiers. Even when I wasn’t able to make cards, however, I sent cards to neighbors I didn’t know well who were going through hard times and to soldiers I’ve never met. I joke about trying to keep the Post Office in business. I know how good I feel when I get a card in the mail instead of just bills and junk mail so I figure it will make someone else feel good as well.

  31. Hi Jennifer,
    Yes, I recently sent a pack of handmade note-cards to someone I have never met.

  32. Great cards, I have made cards for strangers before but not like just walk up and give a strange a card. I have done some for people who are sending to senior citizens for holidays or things like that but I am willing to try to do this soon I hope.

  33. I love your kindness idea of blessing others. I gave a stranger a card and a handbag of goodies, in a campaign to help women at domestic violence shelters. I should make some for people that work/volunteer in our town. I love the Hero Arts sentiments.

  34. I often take cards and homemade paper craft items when I go out to eat. I leave them along with a tip for the waitresses. I have also left cards for store clerks who seem to need a smile. I love the sentiment set. It was exciting to see how and to whom others leave cards for those they do not really know. I just yesterday left a card for a service person at the car dealership who was extra nice working on my car. I gave him a card with a pig standing on an oil slick, and said he made me, ” happy as a pig in an oil slick” with his great service. Thanks for the encouragements.

  35. I suppose I have made cards for strangers because I have donated some of my cards to be auctioned off for charity. I really like your idea of giving cards to special people. I think I might make some cards for my local police department, not just for the police officers, but for the support staff as well to tell them how much they are appreciated. As soon as my pocketbook allows, I plan on getting the Hero Arts sentiment stamps you featured because they are great! Thank you for the idea.

  36. Love this idea. I used to make cards for everyone in our office of 20 for Valentines and May Day. I retired last year
    And made May Day cards for several new neighbors in our new adult community– great way to meet folks!
    Would love to be able to make 150 cards to give at our monthly meal service to those in need!! Maybe now that I am retired, I can!

  37. Unfortunately, I have not made a card for a stranger. I’m not always really outgoing so it’s hard for me to step out of my shell and do something like this. However, seeing this beautiful stamp set and knowing I need to set a good example for my young son, this would be a great way for us to share kindness, together. Thanks for sharing your cards!

  38. Jennifer,
    You continue to inspire me every day! I was having a really crappy week! I mean, a really cruddy, crappy week! I saved all your emails and videos to view (because I didn’t have time) on Friday night. I was my treat to the end of a really long week! After watching this video, I felt inspired and so much better. I felt like I do sometimes make a difference with my homemade cards. And I was inspired to give a card to someone that I don’t know very well, or not at all. In my community, Saturday is the day that our mail carriers are collecting food for a food drive. I had already set out my food, so I decided to stick a card out for our mail carrier to brighten his/her day. I’m sure it’s not their favorite day to work, as it increases their work load and slows them down. I didn’t have time to take a picture of my card and I don’t have instagram anyway. But that doesn’t matter to me. What matters it that perhaps I will make a difference in my mail carriers’ day as he or she opens a handmade card and gets a Panera gift card that might come in handy after a particularly long Saturday of delivering the mail and collecting food for the hungry.
    Thank you so much for continually inspiring me!!
    Also, I love the new stamp set that you used! Too bad everything is always out-of-stock that you use by the time I watch the videos and go to order. LOL!
    Thanks for making a difference!!

  39. I love making cards for my family and friends, but recently discovered Soldiers’ Angels, and have begun making cards for them to send in care packages to troops overseas. My son was in the military, so I realized how much he loved getting homemade things when he was so far from home. But today, our town was having a food drive for our local pantry, and decided what better place to spread kindness. We are very fortunate to have all that we need, and giving kindness and food to those who don’t, just feels so good. Thank you Jennifer for inspiring all of us.

  40. Recently I have been making cards for those going through cancer treatment and it means so much to them and I get to do it for them. It is a privilege to encourage others!

  41. This past winter I jotted down addresses of homes whose holiday decorations brightened my spirits on the way home from a long day at work or while out running errands. They received handmade cards letting them know how the kindness they showed our community in decorating for the holidays did not go unnoticed. Kindness matters, indeed!

  42. Hi Jennifer, yes, I did give cards to strangers, not that many, because sometimes I am shy and I get nervous about how they will think about it. But they were always delighted. Since a while now I also had an idea at the back of my mind, and this morning I decided it is time to implement it after letting it to just flow there for a few months. I feel compassion towards elderly people, more so than I am towards babies for example. Maybe also bcs my parents are old now, I don’t know, but I just have a heart for them. 🙂 So I decided to make cards and send them to a few elderly centers where there are abandoned folks or somewhat forgotten or with family far away. In order not to be alone in this, and also bcs it’s better together, I decided to ask for my friends’ help so that every participant to write a message inside the card for the receiver, even though we don’t know them – I will just stamp the sentiments on the outside and they can write whatever encouragement they feel inspired to on the inside part of the card. Sooo, stay tuned bcs I will definitely use your hashtag, and I am so delighted that we are not alone in this. Yes, this world needs more kindness, and we can definitely share it through our card making. Every card is a hug! ^_^

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