New Hero Arts Kit Subscription

Each month, I have been sharing projects using the Hero Arts My Monthly Hero Kits. I am a big fan of their kits because they are such a GREAT value (the best I have seen!) and are always very creative and unique.

Until now, Hero Arts would release the new kit near the beginning of the month and if you didn’t move fast, they would sell out. Well now they are offering a no-hassle subscription!


Here are the details:

  • Subscribing means you never miss a kit! They are limited edition so they often sell out fast – sometimes within hours. And your subscription is auto-renewing. When you sign up, you’re guaranteed to get a kit each month.
  • The kit is $34.99 and includes FREE SHIPPING for US customers… for the kit and any extras you buy that week. (International customers can subscribe, too. Stay tuned for shipping perks for you!)
  • The kit is $34.99 but is usually $60+ in value… and includes free shipping! The products are unique to the kits.
  • There will be hard-to-find items and products discounts/specials given during kit launch week to subscribers only.
  • The kit will auto-renew each month. You don’t have to do a thing. If you do decide to cancel, just give Hero Arts a call.
  • In order to guarantee receipt of the February My Monthly Hero kit that launches on February 6, subscribe by next Monday, January 23 at 11:59pm PT.

Head HERE for more details and to sign up!

See you soon!


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37 thoughts on “New Hero Arts Kit Subscription”

  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for letting us know about the kit – do you know what the deal is with international shipping? ?

  2. Thank you for letting us know about this. I always seem to be just a little too late to get a kit. Now I get one every month!

  3. LOVE this! I LOVE that it’s free shipping, and you can add on to your order! Do you know if there’s an option to skip a month if you’re not totally into it? Thanks!!!

  4. Like this idea – but I don’t always want the kit for the month, is there a “No Thanks for this Month” clause?

  5. I would truly love this but with the Canadian exchange rate it is really expensive . And unfortunately Hero Arts charges a $25USD delivery fee on top of the kit fee. So unfortunately I will pass and just admire the creations online…

  6. Thank you so much for the information !
    About to pass the order, but still one little question : do you know if some other brands have the same kind of offer ? I’m from France, and they bill 20$ for international shipment, so I keep looking for something cheaper…just in case.. Althought I love Hero Arts products !

  7. I will also pass -I normally love the kits, but there have been some kits in the past that haven’t appealed to me, and without an option to opt out of a month, I’ll just take my chances.

  8. Love the Hero Arts kits and so happy that they are making them into a subscription but bummed that it doesn’t work like SSS where there is a option to pass for a month

  9. I wish I had the money to be able to afford to get these kits every month. Maybe someday but not right now. I do love some of the kits but sometimes I’m not crazy about something in the kit like dies because I don’t have a die cutter or I don’t like some of the paper. I’d have to give the dies away. Thanks for the info anyway.
    Thank you for telling us about the Copics sale. I got some tonight and I can’t wait to use them. My problem is I don’t really know how to use them correctly. Friends of mine use them and the cards they make look so beautiful and so different from anything I have ever done. They say they took classes. We have a JoAnn’s in my town but most of the classes are kind of expensive and none for Copics. I looked on-line but the classes I found cost over $200! Someone told me they were that expensive because they were classes for people who wanted to teach Copics not for me. How do I learn to use them correctly and not make them look like any other markers?

    1. Hi Gail,
      Follow this link to see if there are any classes close to where you live. The website is . I will be attending a Color flowers with Copics and the class was just $79.00. Since I live in NY, I have to drive to NJ for the class. Search through and see if you find a class that is affordable for you. Good luck.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing the information about this monthly subscription. I have tried some in the past only to find they weren’t worth the money and the shipping charges added so much to the cost. This does seem like a really good deal, and in looking at January’s kit, I LOVE the stamp set and thinlet dies that go with it! That alone is a value much less the inks. I just spend a fortune on getting supplies ( with your guidance from your website thank goodness) to organize my stamps and dies, well not quite a fortune, but a bit more than I feel I could now enroll in a monthly kit option without my hubby’s eye’s bugging out a little!!!! I will definitely keep this in mind for next month’s budget though. Thanks for sharing!!!!! And P.S. Thank you for all your time and effort filming your craft room and organizing tips—SOOOOO helpful!!

  11. I started using the “hand stamped” on the back of my cards because so many of my friends told me that they saved them. I use the stamp, initial it, and add the year which are the things that I’d want noted.
    I think having the Misti would make my life much simpler since I’ve started making more than Christmas cards (for 10 years)over the past 6 months.

  12. PROS: Comes with FREE shipping! AND free shipping as well for anything else one decides to purchase in the same week!
    CONS: No option to skip or pass on a particular month. Wish they’d add that option.

  13. Thanks for sharing this – I always seem to miss out (I don’t check email daily or even weekly sometimes), and the few times the kits are available, I don’t like the products until I see your creations, at which time the kit is sold out. I now make a lot of cards and kits like this help keep me on budget.

  14. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for the information! I ordered the Hero Arts January kit and will be signing up for the monthly subscription too. I am new to stamping and since no one else I know has this hobby, having your website as a guide has been a tremendous help. From organizing my supplies/room, learning techniques, new product reviews and design ideas, your generosity at sharing your knowledge has been such a gift to me. Thank you again. Blessings, Sue.

  15. Just signed up! I’ve missed out on some good kits so I’m really excited about the subscription option. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a crafty kit subscription and I think I was holding out for this one….it is awesome! =) Thanks for letting us know!

  16. Yes I have several stamps I use for the back of my cards saying they are handmade. I don’t always remember to use one. lol… Thank you for all your videos.

  17. I do not understand why a stamp company wants to limit stamps and dies to a select few.
    I agree that the kits are a good value; however, I typically would not want the additional inks, paper and embellishments. I find it frustrating that you have to commit to $35/month with no opt out as I may not be interested in certain kits.
    I was looking forward to ordering the stamps and dies in the January kit, but was very disappointed to find out that they will not be available.
    You would think Hero Arts would want to sell as many stamps and dies as possible.

  18. I really loved the cards you created. I like the placement of the clouds. Your blog is an inspiration as usual. I’m going to have to stop watching your videos or hubbie is going to confiscate my credit card! I’ve already placed my order for the kit . I’m really looking forward trying colouring with vellum. Last time I used vellum it wasn’t too successful.

  19. Jennifer- I do not know how you keep coming up with new ideas and new uses for ink and paper!!
    You are amazing and I would love anything by Hero Arts 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your love and talent.

  20. I subscribed to the kit and got the 1st one in February, right as promised – sent out on the Friday after release. Love the supplies I received. What a treat! Then I waited patiently for my March kit, it still hasn’t come. I checked my account and saw that my kits will now be mailed on the 20th of each month. I still haven’t received an answer as to why I have to wait several weeks for mine to be sent out as opposed to the 1st kit that I got within days of the promised Friday send out date. It is very disappointing. As cute as the first kit was, I doubt I will continue with the subscription.

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