Caring Hearts Card Drive + Other Updates

Hello! Just wanted to pop in and share a few updates.


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THANK YOU! What a success the Caring Hearts Card Drive was! Here is an update from my friend Vera who runs the show:

  • We received close to 64,000 cards! Yes, we almost triple what we got from previous year.
  • We received cards from 21 countries, including Brunei, Serbia, Slovenia, Hongkong, Luxembourg, Japan, Slovakia, Greece, Germany, Italy, France, etc.
  • We had 1345 contributors with many of them sending 100 plus cards. One person sent 799 cards, another sent 600, another 501. Whether you sent 1 or 10 or 100, they all count and they all part of what make this card drive successful. THANK YOU.
  • We mailed the card packages to about 300 nursing homes and some elderly that are home bound and live by themselves.
  • Huge result also means huge shipping cost. THANK YOU TO Simon Says Stamp and Wplus9 for stepping in and donating fund that really helped us in covering the shipping cost.

You can find a full update along with photos and winner list HERE. (All winners have been contacted and prizes have been sent.)

Thank you! See you soon with another video. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Caring Hearts Card Drive + Other Updates”

  1. This truly is incredible! I can say that this is the best thing I read this week. You are living up to your motto of spreading kindness. I am so proud of all of you, spending time and effort to bring so many smiles. I have to say, I don’t personally know anyone who is making cards besides me. I usually don’t feel like a part of community. But today I am so glad that I have at least internet connection with you.
    Sending hugs!

  2. There were probably more than 64,000 cards. There may have been others, like myself, who brought the cards directly to our local senior citizen’s homes. I made and addressed 75 cards this way. My thinking was that the cost of mailing them out to a central location would then be minimized.

  3. Will you be doing this again? Is the card drive a year long thing? Is this cards made by individuals like me and sent to you How would I become a participate in this? Information please. Thank you! Jo Petty

  4. Thank you for the Caring Hearts update. It felt good to be part of such a great project.

    Thanks also for the Altenew sale reminder. I’ve been wanting the dies to go with my favorite Golden Garden.

  5. The new room is looking amazing. You must be happy to be settling in.
    Three cheers for everyone who donated their crafty time, to the organizers and shipping sponsors.

  6. Amazing on the amount of cards sent, this was my first time to do the card drive. I loved making the cards and will be doing it again next year. I do not know how those people who sent the 600 cards or more did that, AMAZING feat in itself!

  7. That is so awesome about the card drive!! I had a few cards ready to send and discovered too late that I had the wrong date written down for sending them in! UGH!!
    I am going to get started on making some for next year and set them aside so that when I get the email next year I can just send them off right away! 🙂

  8. Hi Jennifer & all truly amazing people in the world of cardmaking, crafting, etc., who share your amazing inspiration, & true kindess, I thank you. Reading about your caring hearts card drive, is amazing!!
    I also truly appreciate watching all of your videos & not keeping your amazing tips & tricks to yourselves.
    I am a working mom, who is raising a severely impaired child. She is now 16 years old, with an extremely rare syndrome, diagnosed only 3 years ago. After living a medical mystery for 13 years, I finally had a sense of direction for child’s life outcome. Since its so rare, very few medical professionals know anything about it, which leads me to why I am here. Crafting, & card making, attempting to take ideas from all these videos, blogs, vlogs, hop’s, etc & turn them into my own inspiration, is a way for this mom to get through challenges in life that most people do not realize I have, raising a medically fragile, exceptional child.

    Art therapy is a real profession, & all of you are my therapists!! Life is very challenging, but I do not seek pity, just compassion & understanding from others. People always tell me they don’t know how you do it, but nobody ever says to my daughter, how do you live it? She is non-verbal so her response would be limited, but her receptive language is on point. It’s the verbal output that does not exist (yet, we have a device coming soon. Technology is amazing!!), but when you have no choice, it’s simply that, you just do it.

    Sorry for the rambling. I just wanted to give a little background before I asked you to please consider including a local children’s hospital, & their families, in your next card challenge. (I did not see the original post, so maybe this was also done), but we have spent many nights in the children’s hospital local to us. In 16 years of life, her medical challenges typically land us in the hospital 2-3 times per year, usually a minimum of at least a few days, each time. Receipt of a homemade card, would bring a lot of joy to so many families.
    Thank you all for sharing your creations!! It truly helps me manage our very challenging life!!

    Jen O. Michigan Mom

  9. I l.o.v.e. making holiday cards, so I’m going to start now so I can have a stash for the 2017 card drive. What a wonderful way to spread kindness while doing what we love!!!

  10. It was an honor and a pleasure to participate. I’m hoping to deliver to more homes next year. My Mom was thrilled with her cards as were her friends at Sacred Heart Adult Care Home. Thanks for all you do to help make this card dirve a success.

  11. What amazing number of cards – I am so proud to be a contributor and already look forward to next year. No prize for me – but the prize is just being a part of something so outstanding! Well done everyone!!

  12. Wow, the statistics here are phenomenal. What a great cause and this year I plan to join in again and hopefully make a few more. I love to know that something I made put a smile on someone’s face. Thank you for all the work that you, Vera and I suspect many others put in, to make this such a success.

  13. Hi Jennifer,
    You do such great work with your sharing kindness campaigns. I just wanted to bring a Facebook post to your attention – it’s regarding the 18 year old Autistic boy who was tortured by 4 other youths in Chicago last week – his brother’s friend is asking for cards to be sent to Austin (instead of money, because some people were crowdfunding). The address is:
    PO Box 641
    Cary, IL 60013

    Here is the post if you want to read it:

    This young boy isn’t speaking anymore, but his family feels that receiving greeting cards may help him heal. I know you have a lot of influence, and hopefully can help spread this.

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