My Favorite Crafty Things: Mailing

I am back with more of My Favorite Crafty Things 2016.

This post covers my favorite products for mailing our handmade cards. I also have big giveaways (below) and store discounts:

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Here we go…


This video shares lots of mailing tips…

[All products are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails. Affiliate links may be used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

If you are interested in any products, click on one of the abbreviations under the product images… SSS for Simon Says Stamp, EH for Ellen Hutson or the manufacturer’s abbreviation.


Be sure to check out my video on Handmade Card Organization. It has lots of helpful tips on mailing cards. You can find it HERE.


Remember – this list of Favorite Crafty Things makes a helpful gift guide. Feel free to pass along this link or print the page. Don’t forget the discount code above!

I will return soon with more of My Favorite Crafty Things 2016. You can keep up to date on all the topics HERE… and for my lists from 2015, click HERE.


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For your chance to win a giveaway, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 12/15/16 telling me if you ever do anything fancy to your envelopes. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too.)

See you again soon.


[Please note that I purchased most of the products in this post personally, but not all. However, the decision to include them in this list was my own. I truly like these products and companies.]

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489 thoughts on “My Favorite Crafty Things: Mailing”

  1. I did decorate an large envelope package I sent to my friend. Usually I just hand the cards to the person instead of mailing them and don’t decorate the envelope.

  2. I usually decorate the envelope some way. Even as a young girl way before cardmaking and paper crafting was a thing I would often draw pretty flowers and designs on my envelopes when mailing them.

  3. I try to always add an element from the handmade card to the envelope..whether that is stamping the front or flap or embossing the flap. I also like to add a collage element. Always fun to have the card and envelope co-ordinate.

  4. I don’t feel that my envelope is ready to mail unless I have some kind of embellishment on it – generally on the bottom left front and sometimes on the flap, also. I always coordinate the envelope with what design is on the card and I also put something inside the card – usually at the bottom right side, to leave plenty of room to write a message and sign.

  5. I love to stamp a coordinating image in the bottom left corner of my envelopes as well as use washi tape on the closure. I agree that those small touches make it special.

  6. Thanks for the great video! I must confess I am usually in such a hurry to mail a card that I don’t bother decorating the envelope. My goal for the new year is to get better with this!. I bought some of those clear card sleeves so I can stamp the envy and keep it together with the card until I’m ready to mail.

  7. Hello Jennifer. I like to decorate my envelopes nearly as much as I like to create my cards. I use the same stamp that I’ve used in my card and the same shades of colours. Many friends and loved ones often say that they like the envelope even more than the card itself. Maybe it’s because I feel more relaxed when preparing the envelope…who knows. Thanks again for these wonderful series…

  8. At christmas time I always try to embellish my envelopes with christmas stickers, mostly in silver and gold. I’m hoping it also make the postman/woman extra happy this time of the year.
    And because of your videos Jennifer, I’m also stamping on my envelopes the rest of the year. You’ve showed us how, you’re a great inspiration.

  9. I absolutely LOVE decorating my envelopes to match when I have the time. It’s such a nice touch and everyone always thinks they are store bought! It’s so easy to do when you have the stamps out already. I do love those washi tape stickers you have. A little extra greeting before you even open the envelope is just like an added bonus to a homemade card. 🙂

  10. Hmm, I’m lucky to get cards made in time let alone decorate the envelope. I used to but that was long before everyone expected a handmade card. I do love the look of colored envelopes though. TFS, Jennifer!

  11. Every once in a while I will decorate the front of an envelope with an image in a corner that matches an image on the card. Something small so the post office doesn’t yell … 😉 I absolutely love your Favorite Things series and I get so much inspiration! Plus, that metallic washi tape is calling my name!

  12. i usually make my own envelopes but this video has inspired me to get the hero arts envelopes. thank you for sharing

  13. The latest thing that I enjoy making is my own envelopes out of scrapbook paper. Then I use a sticker label to add the address. I’m not sure how well they hold up in the mail, but they are sure pretty and it’s a great way to use up my designer paper. Thank you for sharing your favorites . You are an awesome resource. I appreciate your creativity and inspiration. Thank you for a chance to win.

  14. I like to stamp a small image on the front of the envelope, right before writing their name and I also like to use designer washi tape as an extra touch on the flap. Thanks for another great video!!

  15. I make my own envelopes, using scrapbook paper from the 180 stashs. I’ve made my own template (allowing me to get two A2 card sized envelopes out of one single 12×12 sheet), draw them on the backside of the paper and cut them by hand. I usually made a bunch envelopes from different papers, so I have enough on hand to fit any mailing needs.
    They only need a white label sticker the address can be written one and they are perfect to go in the mail.

  16. I do like a pretty envelope. At Christmastime, putting a stamped image on the front that goes with the card theme works for me. I also like using store bought foil stickers for Christmas cards.

  17. I like pretty envelopes~ I always line my envelopes in patterned paper and then seal it with a wax seal with my initials!

  18. I love to decorate my envelopes to match the card I made. I am going to try that cutting a shape in the envelope flap. That is super cute on an envelope I might not mail, but give in person.

  19. Right now I don’t do anything special on envelopes, but I may change that. Someone mentioned lining them which I might start doing, too!

  20. I always love add extra creativeness to my envelopes. It makes it that much more handmade! Love all the tips you shared!

  21. Sometimes I stamp the matching stamp on an envelope and lately I’ve really enjoyed using stickers to seal them 🙂

  22. I like to have a matching stamp on the envelope. I need to place my washi tapes by my envelopes to remind me to use them to help seal the envelopes!

  23. Hi Jennifer, thanks again for more great ideas. I occasionally stamp the backs of my envelopes. Something that I have used in the past when I had lots of layers, bows etc. on my cards are clear boxes. They are a great way to protect bulky cards.

  24. Thanks for the fun ideas, Jennifer! I sometimes use stickers to seal my envelopes, but I want to try to do a better job of jazzing up my envelopes in the future with stamping, washi tape, and/or using colored envelopes instead of just plain white or kraft.

  25. When I had more time I used to decorate the envelope to match the card, but now I mostly use stickers to jazz up the envelope.

  26. I have a bunch of envelopes ready to send out that I went all-out – I do calligraphy on my envelopes and sometimes I add a wax seal that I designed and got made through Back To Zero. I always use Washi tape. This time I also stamped and embossed the flap of the envelopes like you did in one of your recent videos!

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