My Favorite Crafty Things: Mailing

I am back with more of My Favorite Crafty Things 2016.

This post covers my favorite products for mailing our handmade cards. I also have big giveaways (below) and store discounts:

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Here we go…


This video shares lots of mailing tips…

[All products are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails. Affiliate links may be used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

If you are interested in any products, click on one of the abbreviations under the product images… SSS for Simon Says Stamp, EH for Ellen Hutson or the manufacturer’s abbreviation.


Be sure to check out my video on Handmade Card Organization. It has lots of helpful tips on mailing cards. You can find it HERE.


Remember – this list of Favorite Crafty Things makes a helpful gift guide. Feel free to pass along this link or print the page. Don’t forget the discount code above!

I will return soon with more of My Favorite Crafty Things 2016. You can keep up to date on all the topics HERE… and for my lists from 2015, click HERE.


Interested in a giveaway? Today I have giveaways for TWO lucky winners! You could win one of these prizes:

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  • A mix of 50 of my favorite envelopes.

For your chance to win a giveaway, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 12/15/16 telling me if you ever do anything fancy to your envelopes. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too.)

See you again soon.


[Please note that I purchased most of the products in this post personally, but not all. However, the decision to include them in this list was my own. I truly like these products and companies.]

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489 thoughts on “My Favorite Crafty Things: Mailing”

  1. I usually only stamp on a corner of the envelope, which hints at what is inside. Your video has inspired me to do more, because after all, I’ve made all of that effort, so why not add a little something extra to the envelope.

  2. Thanks for sharing another wonderful video!!! I love to be able to see how others are doing things. I like to do some background stamping on my envelopes.

  3. I usually put stickers on the front and back of my envelopes, but now I’m inspired to actually use stamps too. You always do such creative things on your envelopes!

  4. Love these tips, thank you so much. For envelopes I use handmade stickers from the xryon machine to decorate the back and sometimes I will stamp the front.

  5. I love stamping one of the small images I use on the card on the outside. I put it off to the side of the mailing address. It’s simple but so cute!

  6. I don’t really do anything fancy with my envelopes so I guess I need to start. I think washi tape and stamping would be a great place to start. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. I stamp and emboss the recipient’s name and stamp a related image on the front and a “happy mail” on the flap, then washi tape.

  8. I always love to stamp on the outside of the card, sometimes it is a portion of what I stamped inside, orher times it is the happy mail stamp set. THANK YOU FOR THESE great videos!

  9. Umm, I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t think I have EVER done anything to my envelopes – and I usually use boring white or cream ones too! Guess I need to step up my game! 😉

  10. I don’t really decorate my envelopes since I mail most of them. I sometimes like to stamp a bit on the envelopes to match my card. I got envelopes made in bulk and they are a dark cream color.

  11. So many wonderful ideas! I don’t make as many cards as you so I always try to decorate my envelopes…and a few wks ago I picked up that same envelope shaped holder 😀 I totally should have grabbed two

  12. I try to stamp the envelope to match the card. I like how it ties everything together and it just gives the card a little more oomph. Plus, it shows how much love you put into creating it.

  13. I don’t embellish my envelopes but I do like nice envelopes. I am going to check out the ones you recommend in this video. I am interested in the self adhesive ones.

  14. I love this series of My Favorite Crafty Things. I think it’s great that you take the time to give advice of the things that work for you. I usually don’t do anything fancy to my envelopes. I like to place my cards in clear sleeves in order for them to be displayed, but I do need to get myself some of those beautiful SSS envelopes. The metallic ones are my favorite!

  15. I don’t really decorate envelopes, but your examples are inspiring! I’m going to try to decorate the envelopes for our holiday cards (yes, I am STILL working them!) this year!

  16. I love to hand draw images and doodles onto the front of the envelopes, including banners and foliage, and fun animals! I always get comments and compliments from the ladies at the post office, I think it brightens their days as much as the recipient of the letter! 🙂

  17. I usually just stamp an image to the corner or back of the envelope from the stamp set that was used to make the card.

  18. My envelopes all depend on if I am hand delivering or mailing but I do often make my own envelopes from one sided pattern paper to have a pattern on the inside of the envelope.

  19. I have stamped on my envelopes but I am looking forward to die cutting on the flap. I really like the way that looks.

  20. I like to make my own envelopes so that I can use whatever paper and make them whatever thickness is necessary. I do like to decorate the flaps, usually with a sticker or shape that coordinates with the card. I think it would be a good idea for me to buy some so that I can save that time I use looking for the right paper and making the envie itself. I’m really loving the metallic washi tapes. Those are gorgeous! Thanks for another wonderful video.

  21. I often decorate my envelopes front & back with coordinating stamps. I think I will now use my washi
    tape as well–thx for the inspiration :0).

    Love all of your ideas Jennifer :0)

  22. I don’t usually decorate the outside. Most of the time,
    it is a miracle for me to get it in the mail at all!
    But I will keep your ideas in mind for the future!

  23. One time I used alcohol inks and the applicator with the blending solution and matched the card design. I wish I would have kept a picture of it, but I didn’t. It looked really pretty. I tried this on a vellum type envelop, but I was afraid to mail it.

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