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Hello! I am *finally* ready to share my craft room tour!

Well, actually, it isn’t MY craft room anymore! This is the craft room I had at my old house – we have since moved. But my new room will be very similar.

Before I start I want to mention that everyone’s craft space is different. Their needs are different. And that is ok! Do what works for YOU and don’t get hung up on what works for others. This is supposed to be YOUR happy space. Also please remember that this is what I do for a living, so it has to be uber-organized and well-stocked – because that is what works best for ME and my work. Back when this was my hobby, I worked on a folding table in the basement without many supplies. And I *loved* it. But hopefully bits and pieces of my organization will inspire you in some way or another. HAVE FUN!

I have *A LOT* to share, so let’s get started!

[Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you. Thank you to ipsoKinetic for creating this video! To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Here is a breakdown of the video, with lots of info. (Note that a lot of the text contains links so you can easily find things.)


Let’s talk about the room itself. (How is that for a great screen shot? LOL)


  • Since I have moved out of this house, I am not sure of the exact room size. My guess is 14’x20′. It was part of an addition we had done onto the back of the house.
  • I worked with Michele Nieter (decorator/designer) and Neal’s Design & Remodel. Michele picked out lights, counters, etc. and helped with the overall design. I couldn’t have done this without her! Neal’s did the final design drawings and all of the construction. They have an amazing team and I enjoy working with them. I am using the same folks for the creation of my new craft room. (Michele lives near me, but was able to help Kristina Werner design hers from long-distance.)
  • I work best if everything is behind closed doors. Therefore, I have a lot of cabinets and drawers. (I know most people work better if they can see everything, but I get overwhelmed if I do!)
  • The yellow baskets are from the Container Store but are no longer available. I also use metal Pantone Boxes.


Fill your room with whatever makes YOU happy! Most of my decorations were gifts from loved ones.


  • I have cards on display using card stands. Love these.
  • Behind my TV, I have a built-in bulletin board covered with fabric. This is a great place to add things from loved ones and inspiration.
  • I like using colored trays from West Elm. They are classy and handy to have.
  • Stamps make great decoration! I have many custom stamps from Bossy Joscie on display.


I work sitting at an island in the middle of the room. I do so much better when I am not facing a wall!


  • The cabinets of this island are Brookhaven custom cabinets.
  • The countertop is a dot embossed faux stainless steel laminate (discontinued).
  • I had a tempered 3/5” glass piece cut to cover the whole island top. I highly recommend working on glass as it is super easy to clean and perfectly smooth.
  • I have my video camera mounted to the ceiling with a long ceiling camera mount. I like that it is simple, small, subtle… and can be taken down easily at the ceiling or camera.
  • My lights are my favorite! I have two fun bling pendants. (I also have a bunch of recessed lighting.)
  • My chairs are very simple since I move a ton when I craft. I found the spinning stools from Crate and Barrel to be great.


I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted within reach when I craft.


  • I use a Boon Organizer to hold my most used tools. This fits nicely in my drawer but can be taken out onto my work surface. (I have several of these organizers in different spots in my room.)
  • The container for my Stamp Shammy (a quick way to clean stamps) is hard to find, but the THIS is similar and works great.
  • For my pre-cut cardstock, notecards, acrylic blocks, etc, I like the Interdesign Cubes.
  • I have an Organize More storage unit in a drawer to hold my Distress Inks and Ink Blending Tools. This unit is meant to hold the ink pads and reinkers, but I like having the matching tools on hand instead.
  • I really like my remote control power strip! The Belkin Surge Protector is a wonderful addition to any craft room.


I move around a lot when I create! In these cabinets I have most of my stamps and dies.



I use dies as much as I use stamps, so I need to keep them well organized.


  • For a video with more details on how I store my wafer thin dies, head HERE. (Another helpful video HERE.)
  • Most of my dies are in die pockets and Interdesign containers.
  • Dies are sorted by theme. My dividers are made from cut-up plastic folders, but you could laminate cardstock instead.
  • Large dies are stored in stamp pockets in the back of my drawers.
  • Most-used dies are stuck to magnetic sheets on the inside of my cabinet doors.
  • I label all my dies with my label maker.
  • I store my embossing folders in a similar way.
  • For my stencil storage video, head HERE.


To me, there is nothing better than markers arranged in rainbow order…



Ahhhh… I adore stamps that are organized and easy to find!


  • For a video with more details on how I store my clear & cling stamps, head HERE. (More updated info can be found HERE, HERE and HERE, too.)
  • Most of my stamps are stored in regular stamp pockets. Bigger stamps are in the tall pockets and large pockets.
  • I put the pockets in split Interdesign containers. These containers are great and hold 150 clear stamp sets!
  • My stamps are sorted by manufacturer and the dividers are made from cut-up plastic folders, but you could laminate cardstock instead.
  • I label all my stamps with my label maker.


My first love will always be wood-mounted stamps!


  • My most-used wood-mounted stamps are stored on expandable spice shelves so I can see each and every one. This works SO well. I have two shelves with these.
  • My less-used wood-mounted stamps are stored in baskets.


I have my dye inks stored close by. I have quite a few inks due to the projects I do for work – you don’t need this many colors! Just get your favorites.


  • You can see more of my ink storage system HERE.
  • You can learn more about my Ink Swatch Book (and get the free downloads) HERE.
  • My dye inks are stored in Organize More ink storage units. I made sure to leave room in each column for when I get new colors.
  • I like having a dot of the ink color on the side of the pads. (See more on this HERE.)


I used to work in the basement with no windows. Having light has lifted my spirits!


  • Under my large window, I have a counter where I can spread out projects I am working on. (Or collect piles – lol.)  The counter is an inexpensive grey laminate… and Kristina ended up using the same, too!
  • I also have cards from friends on display in card stands.


Small drawer units are great for crafters!


  • Ikea Alex drawer units are wonderful for crafters! I had may builders “build them in” with trim, etc. to give it a finished look.
  • I don’t label my drawers because I am weird and can remember where everything is. 🙂
  • These drawers hold various tools and embellishments. I have a variety of small dividers and containers in each.
  • My MISTI covers were made by my friend Mary Dawn.
  • I ordered my personalized stamp that is in my MISTI from Bossy Joscie.
  • For info on getting cardstocks pre-cut, check out THIS video.
  • For organizing enamel dots and gems, any small drawer organizers work.
  • I highly recommend having Swiffer Dusting Cloths and coffee filters on hand for staying tidy while using glitters, etc.
  • For a video on my favorite adhesives, head HERE.
  • For info on embossing powder storage, check out THIS video.
  • The rest of the drawers hold various embellishments and office supplies.


I really don’t use that TV much – just to watch baseball games. But this side of the room is packed with more storage.


  • I also like the wider Ikea Alex drawer units. They are especially great for storing ink.
  • Above the drawers, I had paper slots built in for my bulk cardstock and paper storage.
  • My sequins are stored in bead organizers. You can see a closer look in THIS video.
  • For my mini ink cubes, I use the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Tins with the top removed.
  • For taking projects on the go, I like to use mesh bags.
  • Behind and around my TV, I have a bulletin board covered with fabric. I can add bits of inspiration here and can see them from where I work. This is an inexpensive thing to do, and I recommend it!


I struggled with cardstock storage for years, and am finally happy with my system!


  • For a video better explaining my cardstock storage, head HERE.
  • My cardstock is stored in job ticket holders. These are SO handy in the craft room! And very sturdy. They are kept standing with simple magazine holders.
  • I also store my masking paper, double sided adhesive sheets, and specialty papers this way.


On the opposite side of my island, I have a spot for my kids or friends to craft. I also have a few cabinets and drawers that hold important stuff!


  • The tool I use in my craft room the most is my cordless hand vac! (THIS is a newer model that I have since switched to.) I can’t recommend this enough!
  • For a video showing more on my “stay organized” bin (that holds my empty storage pockets, etc.), head HERE.
  • To learn how I store my handmade cards and envelopes, watch THIS video. Storing cards with their matching envelopes in clear sleeves is helpful!


I have two sets of large built-in shelves around the glass doors leading to another room.


  • These large shelves were created by my builders. The bottom shelf is fixed with added supports so it can hold a lot of weight. The others are adjustable.
  • I had a piece of white laminate added to the top of the shelves so they would hold up over time.
  • I store my 12×12 cardstocks in containers similar to THIS.
  • My felt is stored just like I store my 8.5 x 11 cardstock. (See above.)
  • The chair? It was a great steal at Home Goods years ago.
  • Again, the yellow baskets were from the Container Store, the white boxes were from Ikea, and the Pantone Boxes are hard to find.
  • The prints hanging on the wall were purchased from Etsy years ago.


For more organization videos, check out THIS playlist. I have shared a lot over the years! If you are interested in learning more about my favorite products, check out My Favorite Crafty Things Series that I recently completed.

Thank you to ipsoKinetic for creating this video! I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, and I adore you guys! Thank you!


My dear friends Kristina Werner and Kathy Racoosin also put up their craft room tours today! We thought it would be fun to share at the same time since our rooms are different in many ways. It is such fun to see all of the ideas. We know that everyone’s needs and interests are different. And no one room is better than another. We help each other with organization ideas and admire each others styles. I love these women, their talents, and their rooms. Be sure to visit Kristina HERE and Kathy HERE.



The fine folks at Organize More are offering a $100 gift certificate to one lucky winner! For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 12/29/16 telling me a bit about your craft room. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)


I have become friends with the kind folks at Organize More. They are offering 10% off through 12/31/16 with the code “JMCRAFTROOM16”. Yay!

Thank you for visiting! See you soon.

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832 thoughts on “Craft Room Tour! + Discount Code + GIVEAWAY”

  1. I am so grateful I found this I have been looking really hard at all kinds of craft room ideas so that I can use them each time I try and upgrade my own. I share a room with my sister so we have quite a bit of supplies I love your organizational ideas and can’t wait to use some of them for some upgrades. Thank you so much for sharing your craft room with me.

  2. Jennifer, I love the clean and organized room you have created. I will soon be preparing a new craft room/office and plan to use several of the ideas you have inspired me with. I love the card stock storage ideas as I struggle with that constantly. Some of the challenges that you mentioned in your video were ones I face as well so Thank you for sharing and inspiring me, I can hardly wait to get started.

  3. Thanks for so many great tips! My home is tiny so I craft in my dining area & use movable crates & folding tables. Organization helps in a small space and I constantly look to improve. 🙂

  4. oh how i wish i had a craft room like yours! so bright and airy. I used to work upstairs in our spare bedroom but moved downstairs when we finished our basement. I love the counter i have to work at but I miss the natural light….

  5. My craft room is forever evolving. I can never seem to pick the right things to help keep it organized or clean so I simply ask to bless my mess and keep it moving!

  6. I love your room, I am in the beginning stages of doing my room. Right now nothing is in place. I am so happy to see your room and the ideas. I like everything to be put away also, and just be able to get what I need . Right now it takes so long to find anything. You did a beautiful job with your room, I am so happy I found you . Thank you for sharing your room.

  7. My craft room is also our computer room. I have one wall with three white cabinets. One with 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock with separate bins by color and specialty papers (metallic, mulberry, iridescent, etc. the second cabinet contains my dies by theme (in three covered containers), embossing folders, clear and cling stamp sets. The third cabinet has my 12″ x 12″ paper, divided by color, laminating supplies, markers (Copic, Marvy, Zig Color Pens). Thanks for sharing your room!

  8. SQUEAL!! What an AWESOME Room!! THANKS for sharing!! I have an AMAZING ROOM, I just need ome HELP in the Organizing of my Room!! I LOVE ALL of the Ideas and hope that some day I’ll have an ORGANIZED Room too!!?? =) Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  9. Love your video showing your craft room. I just built my own craft table with the Ikea Kallax units as the base. I also have the Ikea Stuva drawers in my room.

  10. I do my crafting on the dining room table… sometimes I take over the entire table just to make a few cards! It would be awesome to have an island to craft on some day… I love your organization! Thanks for sharing.

  11. So fun to see your room, Jennifer, & so many helpful ideas. It’s just the 2 of us & years ago we stopped using the dining room which is open off the living room. Hubby is supposed to have one end, but now I’ve taken over the whole thing & that’s where I craft. I don’t want to turn a spare room into my crafting room since I’d be totally separated from hubby all evening. This way we can talk & I can look up & see what’s on TV if I want to or he points something out to me. I have stuff stored around the table & in the 2 bedrooms we don’t use, so it’s admittedly not very efficient. This year I’m determined to clean out those 2 rooms & organize my stuff so that the spare bedroom can be used on a moment’s notice, which right now causes a panic–haha!

  12. I love my little craft room but I feel I have out-grown it. About every other week I have to go through the entire room reorganizing to make it a “feel good” workplace. If it gets too messy, I have a hard time concentrating. My husband is finishing the basement and I have been trying to talk him into removing a wall between two bedrooms and letting me move down there for more space.

    My current room is painted a beautiful sunny yellow with wood blinds and silky yellow curtains. It’s my happy place.

  13. Thanks for posting such an informative video about your craft room! I am always looking for ways to improve my ‘craft area’ and you have some really great tips. My auntie and I share our craft equipment, so I don’t have a permanent room dedicated to craft. I am only able to really to craft on the dining room table, as it is the only large enough space to set out my equipment (much to my mum’s annoyance). Your organisation ideas and craft room are quite refreshing and I can’t wait to apply these ideas to my own make-shift craft area in 2017! Thanks again!

  14. Jennifer,
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your detailed organizing ideas with all of us. Armed with inspiration and ideas from you, I have set aside half of this week’s long holiday break from work to begin the migration of my crafting area from the basement to my son’s old bedroom. His and my daughter’s rooms contents will be combined into one “guest” room, for whichever of them ever come home for an overnight visit again. {A mom can only wish 🙂 }
    My current basement crafting area has never been comfortable and I always find myself carrying armfuls of stuff from the basement to my kitchen, so I can craft in a spacious and warm area. My plan is to sort all my product into cardboard boxes, as I want it to be placed in my new craft room, and decide what size and type of storage I need. I’ve tried for years to keep my supplies organized in groups of things that go with certain “projects”. Sooner or later, I find myself looking for gold embossing powder that I just KNOW I bought, but it’s hopelessly lost in some ziplock bag with the “Key West Trip” mini-book project. 🙁 I’m STOKED to do the RIGHT thing, and organize by “kind” for my new space.
    Thanks again for sharing. It’s obvious your efforts are inspired by your love of giving small gifts to others.
    xoxo ~ Terri

  15. One of my goals this year is to be more organized in my craft room. Right now I can’t hardly get in door. sewing is in one corner, cricut in the other. What a mess!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!

  16. I’m lucky enough to have claimed one of our spare rooms. I have stock cabinets that I bought from a discount hardware store that form a U-shape along three walls and have a laminate counter top. Open shelving spans one of the walls to hold all my supplies. I love my room and enjoy having a dedicated space to craft and create!

  17. My craft room heavily features the IKEA Alex storage drawers. I find they area great for storing craft & nail polish supplies.

  18. Hello! I have been following Kristina the longest and that’s how I discovered you Jennifer and Kathy you was a bonus! I have been a fellow card maker for at least 18 years and a crafter much of my adult life. Still a kid at heart. I was so excited to visit your craftroom tours sooooo many great tips and ideas my mind is still spinning. My craft room is a work in progress tucked away in the basement. I finally realized as I grow older and wiser hitting 60 this year, that it was high time I deserved new cabinets, desks, and supplies. So with help from my hubby Phase 1 the makeover is coming to life and a close. Bright white walls and extra lights with white Ikea cabinets and desks have brightened up my room. Phase 2 reorganizing has begun. 2017 is right around the corner and I’m excited to impliment lots of new organizer tools thanks to you all.

  19. Love seeing your craft space though I am a little jealous. I have Incorporated several of your organizational ideas into my crafting space but since my flat is an attic unit, although good sized, we have angled walls (the inside of the a-frame roof) so really don’t have walls, limiting what I can use for storage. But I have a very workable area with a great large standing table which I love working at.

  20. Wow I am really amazed by your craft room (I must say I’m even a bit jealous). My craft products are anywhere I can find space and all over my house. Of course it is not my main job but simply a hobby. Like what you do. Keep up the good work.

  21. I’m trying to craft in my Mom’s guest bedroom because my dad passed away and I had to move into the house with mom so needless to say everything I have is stuffed into totes stacked on top of each other so I’m always having to search for my tools! I’m so flustered and about to give up on doing anything

  22. Love your videos. My craft room is a sheet of ply-board propped on too chairs in my living room. I try to keep the area organized with cut out cardboard box that I turn into little dividers to keep my papers separate, from tools and current projects. Working on my wedding invites now so the entire area is taken up with that for now. Working on creating a functional craft room over time. Really enjoy your videos and it has given me a lot of ideas for when i do my own room.

    Happy New Year to you and your Family.

  23. Hi,
    I wish I had as big a craft room as you and that it was just as organized. I only have a small room, and with all the stuff in it, it’s hard to keep it organized, although I try to keep everything sort of organized, big piles are building up now and again.
    Thanks for sharing your tips with the rest of us.
    Best regards,

  24. Mine’s a mess and desperately needs to be insulated…but watching you inspires me to get cracking so I can use it all the time. Bless you

  25. Unfortunately I don’t own a craft room : I´m crafting on the dining table. To clear the table fast I bought some baking plates from the Dollar store to lift all my crafty stuff fast. I store most of my caraft stuff in boxes in the den, pulling out only what I need (of course the big shot and ink pads will stay in the living room all the time). When I finished my Project, I store the stuff back in the den, bringing othe items up to craft another Project I have in mind. Your craft room looks amazing, maybe I have one after retiring.

  26. My bedroom doubles as my craft room. I buy most of my shelves from Michael’s when they have a big sale as they are quite expensive. My future plans are to have custom made shelves in my new place when I eventually get one to be able to store everything just like yours! I love the pull out drawers. I feel like organization is a huge part of crafting as sometimes it’s so hard to find some supplies which either slows the process or changes it completely. My biggest struggle has been the wood stamps. I think they are my absolute favourite but they are so difficult to store in such a way that everything is visible. I have taken to creating a folder of photos of all of my stamps so I can stroll through everything and find out what I need.
    I love displaying things that other people make for me, it makes me feel so great knowing that someone spent time making something just for me.

  27. My Mother set up an extra bedroom as her ‘stamp room’ . Everything has it’s place, so its a joy to work on projects. My craft area is smaller, but also try to be organized. Whether its a temporary or permanent workplace, roomy or tight, keeping your tools and stash organized makes a huge difference in your enjoyment of your hobby.

  28. I am just in awe of this space. I would die for a wall of those Alex cabinets!! My crafty space is definitely what you’d call eclectic. It is not the most attractive room, but just a year ago I didn’t even have a dedicated room to use for crafting. I have a hobby table as my main space, with a bookshelf filled with fabric bins, another table on top of risers, a custom made pegboard with frame (thanks to my hubby) which holds lots of stuff vertically. Of course who would be able to turn down a gift certificate if offered…wink wink. Great room Jennifer – you deserve it!

  29. Absolutely awesome. We had a scrap room built and it is not as big but it’s a great escape. I love having fun, happy and cute things on display. I love making items for people and Jennifer Mcguire has provided much inspiration. We and died several windows so I don’t feel totally cut off from the world.

  30. My craft room is always evolving, especially because I’m trying to balance three different crafts in the space.
    I love, love, love all your organization ideas!

  31. We have an extra bedroom in the basement, that my husband and I share. My husbands office is on one half of the room and the other half is my crafting room. When I needed to craft I would have to use his desk. My storage and organizing is in packaging boxes and a file cabinet, is where I keep my scrapbooking papers. He had been found an hutch that needed a little help so with some sweat and time he was able to restore it and now I have a lot of storage for my fabric. My husband told me that I was not allowed in my crafting room or in the back of the garage for a month that he had a surprise for me. So I receive my early Christmas present he had put hardwood flooring in the crafting room and he built me my own crafting table it’s so amazing I have lots of storage. It measures 90 1/2 inches x 31 1/2 inches. Thanks to you Jennifer for posting your craft room tour it will help me organize my room.

  32. I am a 64 year old “hippie.” I have been crafting most of my life and love it. I was diagnosed with APD as a young mother. It is essentially a learning disability, but I also have problems with organization. Everything needs a home and when things are thrown about, it is almost impossible for me to get things done. My mind is always going from one thing to another. I find if all my tools are in place, my creative side is on the move. I have drawers, but I need trays of different sizes and uses to keep things organized. I love little wall units with paints, pads, and colors galore. Please HELP!

  33. My craft room is my family room. I have a folding table that I put up and the closet is full of craft stuff not to mention at least 3 other drawer units in the room! I bought an antique oak cabinet that was used for printing type originally and refinished it. I also have a metal multi-drawer cabinet that I bought and repainted. I also have Ikea drawer units. So much stuff and I look so forward to getting it organized into one room and everything in one place and easily accessible some day…

  34. Hi Jennifer,

    I love your craft room, it is so nice and bright!! My craft room is located in our barn behind my house. Because it is an office space created inside of the barn I have no windows but because I have used all the walls for shelving and drawer storage I don’t thing I even have space for windows!! LOL Everything is painted white and I also have rope lighting for decoration it keeps everything nice and bright!!!! I am just so thankful to have my own space, I started at the dining room table!!! It sure would be nice to win from Oraganize More, I have an ink fetish!!! Who knew, right!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!! Happy New Year to you and family!!!!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing your craft room! This year I want to organize and actually craft in there. I love what you did with the Alex drawers. The entire setup is warm, inviting and inspiring!

  36. I have been crafting for many years and have found the “Alex” drawers to be so helpful to keep things organized. I have been a fan of yours since your first BIG craft room. Thanks for sharing this one, and anxious to see your new one! Happy New Year!

  37. Thank you for the tour of your wonderful former craft room, Jennifer, and for the wealth of detail included! I love hearing your organisation ideas and have adapted many of them to suit my own needs over the past couple of years.

    I’m currently in the process of moving my craft room from a spare bedroom to a larger and brighter room, a lengthy process involving many trips to IKEA and much customisation of furniture. There are components from the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and general storage departments in the mix but it’s all coming together as a coherent whole. Fortunately! 😀

    I too like to be able to close things away and don’t like facing a wall when I work, although I like standing up so have kitchen benches for my main work island. I’m trying out gateleg tables for extra workspace when necessary while hopefully keeping the room clear and spacious the rest of the time. I do quite a few different crafts so use zones to stay organised.

    Thanks again for all the great information, and have a fantastic new year!

  38. My husband and I share a room for our hobbies. My side is all crafty goodness. I’ve taken and applied many of your organizational suggestions to my own space. My husbands side is where he edits video. It’s more than a hobby-it’s become a side job. We get to spend some kid free time here together. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots in my home.

  39. I too share my space with my husband. He is a woodcarver and I paint and paper craft. Hubby has the side of the room with more wall space and I have beautiful windows and lots of light but little wall space for storage. I am in the process of reorganizing. I so appreciate your blog and videos. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  40. I too share my space with my husband. He is a woodcarver and I paint and paper craft. Hubby has the side of the room with more wall space and I have beautiful windows and lots of light but little wall space for storage. I am in the process of reorganizing. I so appreciate your blog and videos. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  41. Jennifer, you are such an inspiration! I unfortunately constantly struggle with organization. I find my style to be a mixture of both hidden and displayed storage. I currently live in a rent home and am using the second bedroom as a crafting space. There are two bookshelves housing most of my supplies, from larger items like die cutters & trimmers to the smaller items (ribbons, embellishments, stamps) nestled into photo boxes. My biggest struggle is paper storage and scraps. Thank you so much for sharing your creations and techniques with us!

  42. I have had to downsize my room with out getting rid of much products. I just can’t part with it. The room I moved into was our home office. The space is much smaller and the ceilings are so high. It seems like such a waste of space. I don’t even know what to do with the small space and having so much extra space up high.

    This past year I have been in a creative slump and am just now getting back in there to create. The set up and lack of organizational flow is really overwhelming me. Watching your video has really given me some inspiration and also an idea of solutions for my space. I loved how you showed us everything!!! Thank you for posting this and sharing all of your storage solutions!

  43. I’m so bummed! I didn’t see this post until now–now I’m too late to be a part of the giveaway. I have a room that really needs help with organizing. I haven’t seen any other room like mine that I can use to help me. What’s different about my room it that I only have one full wall. What I mean by that is that two “walls” are full windows with only a foot of wall under the windows. In addition to those walls, the last “wall” has half of a wall that is open to the living room as well as a fireplace that extends to the ceiling. There is a door on one of the walls that leads to the patio and an open area on the other side of the fireplace. This room has been a challenge for me since I can’t put storage on the walls. I have used several of your storage ideas over the years and they have helped. I also have my desk and another desk face each other because my mom comes over and we make cards together 🙂 I love my room, but it still needs help!!
    Thought I’d share even though I’m too late for the giveaway.
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas with us all!!
    Michelle S

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