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Hello! I am *finally* ready to share my craft room tour!

Well, actually, it isn’t MY craft room anymore! This is the craft room I had at my old house – we have since moved. But my new room will be very similar.

Before I start I want to mention that everyone’s craft space is different. Their needs are different. And that is ok! Do what works for YOU and don’t get hung up on what works for others. This is supposed to be YOUR happy space. Also please remember that this is what I do for a living, so it has to be uber-organized and well-stocked – because that is what works best for ME and my work. Back when this was my hobby, I worked on a folding table in the basement without many supplies. And I *loved* it. But hopefully bits and pieces of my organization will inspire you in some way or another. HAVE FUN!

I have *A LOT* to share, so let’s get started!

[Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you. Thank you to ipsoKinetic for creating this video! To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Here is a breakdown of the video, with lots of info. (Note that a lot of the text contains links so you can easily find things.)


Let’s talk about the room itself. (How is that for a great screen shot? LOL)


  • Since I have moved out of this house, I am not sure of the exact room size. My guess is 14’x20′. It was part of an addition we had done onto the back of the house.
  • I worked with Michele Nieter (decorator/designer) and Neal’s Design & Remodel. Michele picked out lights, counters, etc. and helped with the overall design. I couldn’t have done this without her! Neal’s did the final design drawings and all of the construction. They have an amazing team and I enjoy working with them. I am using the same folks for the creation of my new craft room. (Michele lives near me, but was able to help Kristina Werner design hers from long-distance.)
  • I work best if everything is behind closed doors. Therefore, I have a lot of cabinets and drawers. (I know most people work better if they can see everything, but I get overwhelmed if I do!)
  • The yellow baskets are from the Container Store but are no longer available. I also use metal Pantone Boxes.


Fill your room with whatever makes YOU happy! Most of my decorations were gifts from loved ones.


  • I have cards on display using card stands. Love these.
  • Behind my TV, I have a built-in bulletin board covered with fabric. This is a great place to add things from loved ones and inspiration.
  • I like using colored trays from West Elm. They are classy and handy to have.
  • Stamps make great decoration! I have many custom stamps from Bossy Joscie on display.


I work sitting at an island in the middle of the room. I do so much better when I am not facing a wall!


  • The cabinets of this island are Brookhaven custom cabinets.
  • The countertop is a dot embossed faux stainless steel laminate (discontinued).
  • I had a tempered 3/5” glass piece cut to cover the whole island top. I highly recommend working on glass as it is super easy to clean and perfectly smooth.
  • I have my video camera mounted to the ceiling with a long ceiling camera mount. I like that it is simple, small, subtle… and can be taken down easily at the ceiling or camera.
  • My lights are my favorite! I have two fun bling pendants. (I also have a bunch of recessed lighting.)
  • My chairs are very simple since I move a ton when I craft. I found the spinning stools from Crate and Barrel to be great.


I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted within reach when I craft.


  • I use a Boon Organizer to hold my most used tools. This fits nicely in my drawer but can be taken out onto my work surface. (I have several of these organizers in different spots in my room.)
  • The container for my Stamp Shammy (a quick way to clean stamps) is hard to find, but the THIS is similar and works great.
  • For my pre-cut cardstock, notecards, acrylic blocks, etc, I like the Interdesign Cubes.
  • I have an Organize More storage unit in a drawer to hold my Distress Inks and Ink Blending Tools. This unit is meant to hold the ink pads and reinkers, but I like having the matching tools on hand instead.
  • I really like my remote control power strip! The Belkin Surge Protector is a wonderful addition to any craft room.


I move around a lot when I create! In these cabinets I have most of my stamps and dies.



I use dies as much as I use stamps, so I need to keep them well organized.


  • For a video with more details on how I store my wafer thin dies, head HERE. (Another helpful video HERE.)
  • Most of my dies are in die pockets and Interdesign containers.
  • Dies are sorted by theme. My dividers are made from cut-up plastic folders, but you could laminate cardstock instead.
  • Large dies are stored in stamp pockets in the back of my drawers.
  • Most-used dies are stuck to magnetic sheets on the inside of my cabinet doors.
  • I label all my dies with my label maker.
  • I store my embossing folders in a similar way.
  • For my stencil storage video, head HERE.


To me, there is nothing better than markers arranged in rainbow order…



Ahhhh… I adore stamps that are organized and easy to find!


  • For a video with more details on how I store my clear & cling stamps, head HERE. (More updated info can be found HERE, HERE and HERE, too.)
  • Most of my stamps are stored in regular stamp pockets. Bigger stamps are in the tall pockets and large pockets.
  • I put the pockets in split Interdesign containers. These containers are great and hold 150 clear stamp sets!
  • My stamps are sorted by manufacturer and the dividers are made from cut-up plastic folders, but you could laminate cardstock instead.
  • I label all my stamps with my label maker.


My first love will always be wood-mounted stamps!


  • My most-used wood-mounted stamps are stored on expandable spice shelves so I can see each and every one. This works SO well. I have two shelves with these.
  • My less-used wood-mounted stamps are stored in baskets.


I have my dye inks stored close by. I have quite a few inks due to the projects I do for work – you don’t need this many colors! Just get your favorites.


  • You can see more of my ink storage system HERE.
  • You can learn more about my Ink Swatch Book (and get the free downloads) HERE.
  • My dye inks are stored in Organize More ink storage units. I made sure to leave room in each column for when I get new colors.
  • I like having a dot of the ink color on the side of the pads. (See more on this HERE.)


I used to work in the basement with no windows. Having light has lifted my spirits!


  • Under my large window, I have a counter where I can spread out projects I am working on. (Or collect piles – lol.)  The counter is an inexpensive grey laminate… and Kristina ended up using the same, too!
  • I also have cards from friends on display in card stands.


Small drawer units are great for crafters!


  • Ikea Alex drawer units are wonderful for crafters! I had may builders “build them in” with trim, etc. to give it a finished look.
  • I don’t label my drawers because I am weird and can remember where everything is. 🙂
  • These drawers hold various tools and embellishments. I have a variety of small dividers and containers in each.
  • My MISTI covers were made by my friend Mary Dawn.
  • I ordered my personalized stamp that is in my MISTI from Bossy Joscie.
  • For info on getting cardstocks pre-cut, check out THIS video.
  • For organizing enamel dots and gems, any small drawer organizers work.
  • I highly recommend having Swiffer Dusting Cloths and coffee filters on hand for staying tidy while using glitters, etc.
  • For a video on my favorite adhesives, head HERE.
  • For info on embossing powder storage, check out THIS video.
  • The rest of the drawers hold various embellishments and office supplies.


I really don’t use that TV much – just to watch baseball games. But this side of the room is packed with more storage.


  • I also like the wider Ikea Alex drawer units. They are especially great for storing ink.
  • Above the drawers, I had paper slots built in for my bulk cardstock and paper storage.
  • My sequins are stored in bead organizers. You can see a closer look in THIS video.
  • For my mini ink cubes, I use the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Tins with the top removed.
  • For taking projects on the go, I like to use mesh bags.
  • Behind and around my TV, I have a bulletin board covered with fabric. I can add bits of inspiration here and can see them from where I work. This is an inexpensive thing to do, and I recommend it!


I struggled with cardstock storage for years, and am finally happy with my system!


  • For a video better explaining my cardstock storage, head HERE.
  • My cardstock is stored in job ticket holders. These are SO handy in the craft room! And very sturdy. They are kept standing with simple magazine holders.
  • I also store my masking paper, double sided adhesive sheets, and specialty papers this way.


On the opposite side of my island, I have a spot for my kids or friends to craft. I also have a few cabinets and drawers that hold important stuff!


  • The tool I use in my craft room the most is my cordless hand vac! (THIS is a newer model that I have since switched to.) I can’t recommend this enough!
  • For a video showing more on my “stay organized” bin (that holds my empty storage pockets, etc.), head HERE.
  • To learn how I store my handmade cards and envelopes, watch THIS video. Storing cards with their matching envelopes in clear sleeves is helpful!


I have two sets of large built-in shelves around the glass doors leading to another room.


  • These large shelves were created by my builders. The bottom shelf is fixed with added supports so it can hold a lot of weight. The others are adjustable.
  • I had a piece of white laminate added to the top of the shelves so they would hold up over time.
  • I store my 12×12 cardstocks in containers similar to THIS.
  • My felt is stored just like I store my 8.5 x 11 cardstock. (See above.)
  • The chair? It was a great steal at Home Goods years ago.
  • Again, the yellow baskets were from the Container Store, the white boxes were from Ikea, and the Pantone Boxes are hard to find.
  • The prints hanging on the wall were purchased from Etsy years ago.


For more organization videos, check out THIS playlist. I have shared a lot over the years! If you are interested in learning more about my favorite products, check out My Favorite Crafty Things Series that I recently completed.

Thank you to ipsoKinetic for creating this video! I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, and I adore you guys! Thank you!


My dear friends Kristina Werner and Kathy Racoosin also put up their craft room tours today! We thought it would be fun to share at the same time since our rooms are different in many ways. It is such fun to see all of the ideas. We know that everyone’s needs and interests are different. And no one room is better than another. We help each other with organization ideas and admire each others styles. I love these women, their talents, and their rooms. Be sure to visit Kristina HERE and Kathy HERE.



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I have become friends with the kind folks at Organize More. They are offering 10% off through 12/31/16 with the code “JMCRAFTROOM16”. Yay!

Thank you for visiting! See you soon.

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  1. Your tour is so friendly and inviting. Enjoyed Kathy and Kristina’s too. It’s beautiful, fun and full of great ideas. Thank you.
    My small stamp room (separate from my jam packed large sewing room) is better than ever since I started implementing some of your organization ideas 3 years ago. It still gets out of hand and is a work in progress but I *mostly* have items grouped together and my stamps in pockets where I can easily find what I’m looking for. I’ve used whatever I could find in my late Mom’s house and small purchases from the Goodwill to organize. I’d rather spend money on stamps and dies.

  2. What an awesome craft room, wish mine was that big and bright! Mine is small and not organized very well. I feel like I spend half my time looking for stuff . My favorite thing in my craft room is an antique desk from my Mom even though it takes up a lot of space, I don’t dare craft on it! Thank you for sharing yours.

  3. OMG Jennifer first off thanks for sharing your Craft Room it is totally AWESOME and beautiful. I would love to come play in your room any day. My whole basement is unfinished and waiting to become my stamp room and you have given me lots of ideas both from the Organize more site and IKEA. I will be taking lots of your ideas and using them in my stamping (Happy Spot)(I like that a lot) room. I would like to go down and start right now. What perfect timing as that is my New Year Resolution to finish my stamp room. Again thanks for sharing and motivating me. Happy New Year, I have to go watch and get some more helpful tips from your blog. I would love to receive $100 of fun money from Organize more to start in my stamp room adventure. Happy New Year!!!!!!

  4. I know this is late, but I’m going to comment anyways lol. I love crafting and have always scrapbooked. It was something me and my mother shared. Sadly, she has passed and this is a way I can escape to that moment I once had with her. I am starting to getting into embossing now and oh what fun it is! Anyways, I would LOVE to have a craft room, I have my desk and that is all. I can’t wait til one day I do have a craft room! Oh the possibilities are endless! Love all your videos, I am learning something new every time I watch one! You are very talented and creative! Thanks for all you do! I enjoy it!

  5. Thank you for all the great tips. I started organizing my cardstocks upright and am really happy with it. And guess what, I am NOT jealous! I love my craft room because it’s organized just like I need it and that, like you said, is different for everyone!

  6. I’m finally getting to watch this video! Thank you so much for sharing, I have borrowed some ideas from you the last couple years and love how they have worked out. I’m definitely going to be getting some of those sleeves for cardstock! My current system of cardstock every-which-way is driving me nuts! =P

  7. Gotta love bloggers that boast about their brand new this or that.
    First time visitor and last time visitor, all at the same time.
    Get over your shallow self.

  8. Your craft room / work space is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I cannot wait to use some of your storage tips for my own space. I don’t have a whole room but your ideas would definitely help.

  9. I’m lucky to have an extra bedroom to turn into my craft room. Have a bunch of storage from Ikea and shelves up for my stamps.

  10. My craft room is a former bedroom I have an IKEA shelving unit plus a u-shaped table workspace area. It’s a start, but I love how you have everything behind cupboard doors or in drawers. Your room is a DREAM!

  11. Your room is so light and airy. I love the choice of color palette . I am in the process of redoing my room and love getting new ideas ? that I may be able to use. I only have a room size of 10 X 10.

    Thank you for saying everyone is different, so true.

  12. I don’t have a craft room yet so I craft on our dining table, hope I can squeeze couple more storage cabinets in there for all the things I have! Going have to eat on the couch from now on. Lol.

  13. Love the ideas from uour craft room. I can wait to try and put some of your storage ideas to use in my room. Thank you!

  14. I use IKEA laundry bins to store my paper by color. I use the 4th bedroom upstairs where I feel like I’m in a tree house….it’s always a mess…a happy mess

  15. Jennifer thank you for sharing your craft room. I finally had the time to check out your video. I also saw Kristina craft room as well. Great room!! I have a questions about your MISTI cover. Does Mary sell those covers?

  16. Jennifer…love you space! Very inspiring! My favorite colors for a craft space, very fresh looking. You did an awesome job!! I also was wondering if Mary sells the covers for the MISTI. And a question not about the space but I love your top…can you tell me where you bought it? ; )

  17. Totally enjoyed the video tour, and love love love your organization ideas, many of which I’ve started using I n my own craft room space. I wish I could find some of the things I saw in the video that you don’t provide links for or mention where to find, like the nifty pouch for your stamp cleaning shammy (chamois) and the pretty little glass dishes.

  18. Jennifer, you have been such an inspiration to me. I look forward to your videos and have learned so much from you and love all of the different techniques you demonstrate. It always gets my creative juices flowing in ways I didn’t know existed. Your craft room has been a dream of mine since I first saw it in Creative Spaces magazine (the only page I dog-eared) and I have watched this video so many times, I have lost count. I am getting ready to do a remodel by removing a wall and stealing a guest room in order to expand my existing craft area, which is desperately needed. I know you don’t live there anymore and I would love to see what you have done with your new craft space. I don’t have your setup. I have windows and doors that are not necessarily in convenient places, but I also do other types of crafts and I think I’ve figured out a way to get it to work very well. We’re to a place where I’m going to have to try to figure out the cabinetry and I have a quick question for you. About how deep are your drawers and cabinets (both top and bottom)? I’m thinking that typical kitchen type cabinets are going to be deeper than I need for the lower ones and fear they will take up too much space. My room is kind of narrow.

    Thank you so much for your willingness to share your talents and help those of us who need inspiration and nudging. You have done more for me than you could possibly know.


  19. Jennifer, I just love your craft room. I am redecorating mine since I love card making and it is also my Happy Place. I do have one question for you. Where did you find your inserts to keep your supply of cut cardstock (for the card bases and the mats)? I have been looking for something like this as I too have the Ikea 5 drawer cabinets. I can’t seem to find anything that fits in the drawers . It’s a wonderful idea to have them already cut and ready to put together. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  20. I fell in love with your organizational strategy as soon as I watched your video! It was such an eye opener when you described how you best like to have things (neat and tucked away). That was me!!! My son recently moved out (empty nester) and I had the opportunity to redo his room into my own unique crafting oasis. I want to thank you so much for all the ideas you have inspired in me. I am redoing my whole home now, am purging years of “stuff” that has been keeping me all bound up and cluttered for so long. I am feeling more inspired and creative everyday. It really was your video that began this process for me. Thank you, Jennifer!!

  21. I was specifically looking for a way to store my 12×12 paper, so I was very pleased when I found your video on paper storage. Thanks.

  22. Dear Jennifer
    Thanks a bunch. I watched Cathy’s and Kristina’s craft room tours as well. I am doing my craft space on a budget and all storage is DIY by me. Loved looking at your craft rooms and will adopt to suit my space. Tc Stay safe

  23. Your craft room is just amazing! I’m curious to know if you have an assistant to help do some of the organization, cutting, preparing new supplies, etc. so you can spend more time creating and planning your work?

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