3D Cards + Caring Hearts Card Drive Info + Giveaway

Hello! Today I have a video sharing more information about the Caring Hearts Card Drive… and a couple of fun 3-D holiday cards.


[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Yesterday I shared information on the Caring Hearts Card Drive. However, I wanted to also share it in a video since some folks only check out my work on YouTube. 😉 So in this video, I first show how to create a 3-D card… and then I chat about the card drive.


These fun 3-D cards actually fold down to fit an A2 envelope. Nice, huh? For the nativity card, I used the Concord & 9th Holy Night Dies. You can follow the instructions in the video (and the dimensions found HERE) – it is easy! I also added clouds that I made with my fingertips and Tsukineko Delicata White Shimmer Ink. You can also see the shimmer I added to the whole card with Shimmer Spritz .


I put the card in a Simon Says Stamp Silver Envelope and stamped the matching Concord & 9th Holy Night Stamps sentiment on the flap.


In the same way, I used the Concord & 9th Christmas Cottage Dies to create another 3D card. You can find the dimensions HERE.


There is a matching Concord & 9th Christmas Cottage Stamp Set, but I decided to go for simple look without it.


If you don’t have these dies, you can try to make one on your own using border dies. But these sure make it easy!


How would you like to win the Concord & 9th Holy Night Stamp and Die Combo? For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/5/16 telling me if you have ever tried making an interactive card. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too! Prize personally donated.)


Interested in the products I used? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased except those with an asterisk or from C&9. As always, this post was NOT sponsored.) Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), etc.

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469 thoughts on “3D Cards + Caring Hearts Card Drive Info + Giveaway”

  1. Your instructions are clear and concise but I would never waste Washi tape like you do. I use Washi tape how it was intended.

  2. Hi Jennifer.
    What neat 3D cards! I am just beginning to create interactive cards and I am loving it. As a fun “gag gift” this past Christmas I made a fold out shark card for a friend since she was into sharknado. The shark had a little santa hat on it and said, ” Have a “jaw-some” Christmas” which was fitting with the huge teeth that moved on the card! Thanks for the chance to win! Love your videos, your techniques and ideas are what inspire me to keep creating!
    ~Gin K.~

  3. Hi

    I made a 3D gift card for my parents, which was a box which when the lid was taken off it fel opeb sort of like a flower which leaves lots of little flaps for sentiments and images.

    Lovely work

  4. I haven’t made an interactive card in the past, but I have now been truly inspired. I have watched several of your videos featuring interactive cards and I am going to take the challenge! Love your work and all you do for your community and the crafting community!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Yes, I have made a flower box, when you fold it to the side, it fits into a regular A2 size envelope.

  6. Those are very pretty 3-D cards. Would love to own the dies! The Caring Hearts Card Drive is a very good cause and I hope it all goes well!

  7. I started making pop-up birthday cards for my Sunday School class many years ago. I am continuing the tradition by teaching the children how to make secret message cards and a waterfall card in VBS. This year I made 2 double slider cards for my twin grand nephews graduation…pull the tassel, hat pops off, gift card appears at the bottom. Super fun!

  8. I can’t remember if I commented here, so apologize in advance if this is a duplicate.
    Lovely card. I like your Caring Hearts Card Drive and am planning on participating this year once I work out a design. Thank you for sharing how to join the drive 🙂

  9. I make shakers, Spinners and pull tab cards for my grandchildren – they love them! would love to have this set! Love your work.

  10. I’ve made a few shaker cards, or ones with unusual folds, but nothing like this one! I’d love to try it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I haven’t made any interactive card, but I would like to try it with this great set. All of your creations are wonderful and I don’t miss any of your blog posts. I especially liked this one for the “Caring Hearts” project. I really love that you put so much emphasis on caring and kindness. I appreciate you and your work very much!

  12. I’m new to card making. I have been collecting supplies and have made a few simple cards. I am also receiving a card kit, and this month it was for a shaker card – if that counts as interactive! It was fun, but I am excited to try making different types of interactive cards! 🙂

  13. I have made a few interactive cards. Spinner cards utilizing fishing line and 2 cards in a box types. They are fun but take some time, so once you get one or two completed, unless I really love the results, I probably won’t try it again for a little while. These dies make it SO EASY, not to mention how great they look. I enjoyed your clean & simple approach but would love to see ones made with the stamp sets.
    Thanks for another wonderful video.
    I am interested in making cards for the caring hearts card drive. I should be able to make a few by then.
    Best, Lynn

  14. I’ve make shaker cards before but that’s all. I would love to try my hand at something like this! Thanks for your generosity in giving a chance to win! I always am inspired by your videos.

  15. I’ve made a lot of interractive cards.
    Haven’t made any lately but after seeing your
    project I’m going to go make one right now.
    thanks for sharing.

  16. HI,Jennifer!
    Yes, I have made some pop up cards in the past, but never a layered scene like this. I love the new dies and would love to have them to try. I really hope I can find some time to make some cards for the Caring Hearts Card Drive. It is really a great cause. After all, that’s why I create greeting cards rather than purchase them ready made…to be able to give a little of myself to others who will get happiness from receiving my cards.
    Thanks for inspiring me to join your Caring Hearts Card Drive.

  17. Dear Jennifer, loved the video.. interactive cards are always special.. i have made many shaker cards, box cards and window cards.. i have also tried a few slider cards..
    btw love the tip of sticking all the pieces by closing the base flap

  18. Hi Jennifer, What fantastic die sets! Concord and Ninthmust speak to your engineering heart and mind…so cool.
    I love making shaker cards and I’ve made some simple pop-up cards, but I would love to try out the layered box design from this die set. TY!??

  19. I haven’t made an interactive card yet but I will once I catch a break from the upcoming exams. I had made plans to make a couple Christmas slider cards for friends and family. Thank you for all your videos and inspiration that you give!

  20. Yes! I have made many. Spinner, shaker, slider shutter, hidden color many more. Thanx for sharing the project…

  21. I have made a lot of interactive cards – spinner, slider, card that made a birthday cake grow larger. They’re fiddly but fun!

  22. These are so beautiful! Yes, I love doing interactive cards, but have never tried one quite like this. They are already sold out but I think there is still time to do some interactive cards…just not these. What yal are doing is a beautiful thing. I hope I can help to reach your goal.

  23. Hmm, I have been eyeing the interactive die’s out for sale. But I have never made an interactive card. Fiddly fun, I love it!

  24. I love interactive cards but I feel intimidated by them, I did make a shaker card once and the recipient love it. I think I need to do more of them. Thank you for all the information you provided in this video. 🙂

  25. I have made some shaker cards before and I have made a box card in a class. You certainly make it look easy. Have learned lots of great tips from your videos!

  26. Love your pretty 3-D cards, I have made several different kinds of interactive cards. I think my first one many years ago was based on a Jacobs ladder effect. I have been hooked on them ever since and have tried many different ones !

  27. Love your cards, especially the nativity scene! I have made some interactive cards in the past – I have a set of zipper dies that I’ve used. And do shaker cards count, because I’ve made those as well?

  28. What a great card. I have made simple interactive cards (pop up, shaker…). I am working very hard on my cards for the drive. I made 5 tonight (one where I used one of the techniques I learned from you 🙂 )

  29. I have not made an interactive card. I tried to make a sliding card once, didn’t get it quite right and just haven’t tried since. But your video is inspiring! Thanks so much

  30. I LOVE your videos! Thanks so much for all the great instructive videos. I have made some shaker cards and a slider or two. I can’t wait to try a 3D card.

  31. I like that 3d card! I could easily do these with my silhouette. I have done a few spinner cards, but don’t love the bulk it makes (and the weight, since I use pennies). I have the MFT spinner disc things on my list for Santa this year. 🙂

  32. I love to make interactive cards! It’s awesome to see the look of wonder on the recipience face when they open, twist, bend, fold or pop something up!

  33. I have never tried making an interactive card, although I have made shaker cards in the past. The card using the Concord & 9th Holy Night is just beautiful. I love it!

  34. I love these cards. They look so simple to make. I especially like the nativity card which carries the true message of Christmas. Thank you for sharing. I am new to card making and look forward to making my first interactive card soon. Looking forward to your new videos. Have a blessed holiday season.

  35. Love your gorgeous cards! I haven’t been card making long, so I have’t made any interactive cards yet, but I’m hoping to make some soon. There are so many techniques and styles to try out, can’t wait to try them all! Would love to win this stamp and die set! Thank you for the opportunity!

  36. I usually make hand drawn cards, which is very time-consuming, but some of your tips have inspired me to try out something a bit different – and your latest Quick Tips post about using masks to colour your cards has also given me pause for thought! I’ll definitely be looking for some full adhesive post-it notes here in the UK now!

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