Take 5 Crafty Talk

Hello! I haven’t done a Take 5 Crafty Talk video in awhile. I hope you like it!

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Here is what I mentioned in the video…


  1. I am moving! I will film the process of designing my craft room and share it with you in case you are interested. I love the process.
  2. Yes, I have decided to go ahead and share my craft room tour. (I had been thinking I wouldn’t due to a Negative Nelly out there but since I have many requests, I will be sharing anyway!) You can get a preview of it HERE and see a bit of it HERE. The designer I used is Michele Nieter and she does do consulting long distance. (She helped Kristina Werner design hers, too, even though she lives in Cincinnati by me.)
  3. I know the Clarity Brushes are in high demand and I know SSS is working to get more soon! Same with the Honey Bee Bless Your Heart Stamp Set.
  4. A few weeks back, I shared a video on the Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens. You can find the video HERE. I will be updating this info soon with the newest colors. Stay tuned.
  5. I am also working to update my Ink Swatch FREE Downloads. You can find my current downloads and video HERE. Stay tuned for this also.



  1. Amy Tangerine Postcard Stamp – This is a fun product to stamp your own postcards! You can find it at Simon Says Stamp or Amazon.
  2. Hero Arts Layering Inks – You can find their layering stamps and inks HERE.
  3. Ice Cream Cone Stitching Dies – You can use this with felt or paper. Addictive!
  4. Sugar Pea Designs – You can find their products at Simon Says Stamp and their website.



  1. Kathy Racoosin Coloring Challenge – Check out Kathy at The Daily Marker and learn more about her Coloring Challenge in THIS video. This is her FIFTH challenge. WOW!
  2. Online Card Classes Crafty ChatOnline Card Classes now has a blog! On the blog, we are sharing Crafty Chat videos where we talk with some of our favorite crafters and craft companies. You can see these awesome folks HERE. Be sure to subscribe to the OCC YouTube channel, too!
  3. Britta LulaRoe Clothes Sale For a Cause – Oh my oh my, I love this clothing line! I am hosting a sale on Facebook on 6/28/16 at 8pmEST HERE with my friend Britta who is a consultant. I am NOT earning money or credits from this but rather we are donating to the Kind Campaign. When the party is going, I will be in the Facebook group with everyone. Find out more information about the event HERE and watch Britta’s video HERE.



  1. Online Card Classes Heatwave Class – Sign up HERE.
  2. Summer of Creative Chemistry with Tim Holtz – Find out more info HERE.



  1. Lila – Lila is age 4 and a bit camera shy. She really likes using the Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens!


As always, this post was NOT sponsored, nor was I asked to share any of the content. I just wanted to. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!


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101 thoughts on “Take 5 Crafty Talk”

  1. Lila was absolutely adorable!
    LuLaRoe clothing is the most comfortable pieces I own. Whenever I wear them I always get compliments. I just came home from vacation last week and there was a lady sitting across the row in the plane from me wearing one of their perfect t’s. We started to chat about them and her husband just laughed.
    Thanks for all of the tips and good luck on your move to your new home!

  2. I so enjoyed just sitting and listening to you chat and I got caught up in your excitement…can’t wait to start linking to all these great things! But I just had to stop here first to tell you how much positive influence you have on me…you make me feel…uplifted I think is the best way to describe it. Your special guest, the 18 year old, card drivin’ Foo Foo (or would that be Phu Phu) just made me smile…thanks for sharing! Congrats on your new home…how exciting and I’m also excited for the family moving into your home-it’s a win-win. For every Negative Nelly there is out there…there are a thousand of us or a whole lot more who love to hear about everything you do.

  3. Oh my, Lila is darling! Loved your special guest and this great update. Can’t wait to see the tour of your craft room and the process of creating your new room. Congrats on the move–hope it all goes as planned!! Take care!

  4. Hi Jennifer
    This was another wonderful Video !! M friend has seen your news about moving somewhere and told me yesterday. I was wondering how you could give up your fabulous craft room but now know you can make a new one at your new home and this one will be a blessing for the new family.. I sure could use your expertise here!!
    I just finished some cards for an upcoming card swap and used the new Hero Arts stamps and die set along with your instructions on partial die cutting !! I love it. I sure do need to practice the stamping – even with the Misti- it could be better but for now- it will work. thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge with us!!

  5. I haven’t read this whole post yet or watched the videos, but I definitely plan to do so when I get a chance. I had to stop and comment now when I read that you almost didn’t share your craft room tour. I’m so glad you decided to share it! Please don’t ever let anyone’s negativity stop you from sharing or allow it to dim your Light! I don’t know you personally but from what I can see from your website, your videos, and your facebook page, you seem to have so many wonderful talents and such a beautiful heart, and you are such a blessing and inspiring so many people with your creativity and the information you share. I encourage you to keep posting and SHINE ON…even brighter than before! 🙂

  6. What a nice visit today, Jennifer! ♥♥ I have enjoyed all of the OCC Crafty Chats immensely!! So interesting, entertaining, and such fun to ‘see’ so many of our favorite people. Thank you for sharing them with everyone! I’m thrilled that you will be sharing your craft room tour, as well as the process of designing your new craft room. We are sure to be inspired and learn so many helpful design tips! Can’t wait for Kathy’s upcoming Coloring Challenge to begin. Heartfelt thanks for the kindness that you bring to the world and all that you share… especially Lila! ♡

  7. Just what you need, another comment, eh? I just had to tell you I enjoyed your take 5 crafty chat so very much. Thanks. Felt like we (you and I) were together. You make me chuckle too with your cute ways. I love that you are so positive about the move after doing up your craft room so short a time ago. Kudos for looking at the bright side of doing that all over again. Whew! . The fact that you will share how to do a craft room is wonderful foryour crafter friends out here. I would do one, but I’m too old to endure that at this stage in my life. Retired, senior on a fixed budget. I will love drooling over everyone else’s and be happy for you! God Bless and thanks again.. (Lila is so cute…..a little shy this time… haha Such a photogenic sweetie pie!).

  8. I can’t believe some peoples negativity. If someone posts a negative comment just let it roll like water off of a ducks back. All of us that follow you and look forward to your posts are curious to what works for you. I, and 3 of my best crafting buddies, have already adopted your color swatch idea. And we all love it and use it. I have my stuff stored in Avery Elle bags too. You go to extra lengths to help all of your followers. You seem like such a sweet and nice person, with good intentions. Don’t let anyone put you down.

  9. Hi Jennifer ~ I absolutely love the Take 5 Crafty Talks you do; they’re plain old fun to watch and listen to (especially when your special guest is as adorable as your Lila or Colin!!). I’m excited for you and your family as you begin your new adventure into a new home and a fun, new crafting space. You’ll take all the wonderful ideas from your present craft room and expand on that for the new one. How lucky are that mom/daughter team to be moving into your “old” craft space? Color me green with envy!! LOL Thank you so much for taking the time to bring us new and creative ideas; for encouraging us to jump outside our “boxes” and try new things; for sharing your home and family and inviting us all in like we’re part of this wonderful secret society. You have reminded us to be kinder and gentler. To look at things from a new perspective and to laugh at and embrace ourselves so that we CAN be that better human being. Sharing handmade kindness and spreading your message has certainly changed my life for the better (I even stick those cards you designed in with bill payments to hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face!!) and my family has all been the better for it. Much love to you and your beautiful family as you prepare to move into your new home. ~HUGS~ Maggie

  10. Cutest guest ever!!!! Love seeing Miss Lila! I actually just got in the stamp set named for her and plant to make a cute card for my granddaughter!

    Thank you!

    Great video!

  11. Ok so I have a few things to tell you.
    Lila is so cute and sweet just like you. Her hair is so pretty too. Kisses to her.
    My best wishes on your move. Good to know that the school will not change.
    I love the crafty chats on the Online card classes. I have fun listening to all of you.
    I am off to check the little peek into your current craft room.
    Thanks for this lovely blog post.

  12. Great update! Wishing you well with your move! Your special guest warmed my heart – what a joy she is!

  13. You’re sweet guest this evening has the same beautiful smile as her mother. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with the crafting community. You are such a dear. I pray for a smooth transition into your new home and look forward to everything you have to teach.

  14. Hi Jennifer
    Thank you for doing the crafty five. I love that you give us so much in one sitting. Inloved your special guest and the way you lit up when she was there with you!

  15. Thanks for the update! Good luck with your move. I hope your friend has great success with the upcoming clothing sale ( and lots of money gets donated to the kindness campaign ). I’m really looking forward to your craft room tour. Hi Lila – you are too too cute. I missed Mo though – and your four legged co-worker! The OCC chats are just fantastic. I feel as though I know each guest personally. One gets a very realistic impression of who these people really are when you get to spend a bit of time with them in this informal yet informative setting. Please continue with the chats! Love you all and thanks again for your generosity.

  16. Another great video! Thank you for your time and expertise. Also, I’m so glad you will be doing a room tour. I’m amazed everyday that people just feel the need to make negative comments. It’s amazing that so many people let jealousy get the best of them. Please don’t ever let some jealous people bring you down. You do an amazing job providing us with your knowledge. Thank you!

  17. Hi Jennifer, I’m so excited you’re going to share your craft room – I’d love to see your current room, new room plans and new room 🙂 Sorry to hear someone was mean. I love all your posts – it’s so inspiring to see the way you always think of others and how much you love your kids. I live on the other side of the world but I’m sure we’d be friends if we lived close – so much in common 🙂 Thanks for all you do and please keep sharing xx

  18. Don’t have any truck with Negative Nellies, Jennifer! It speaks volumes about them, not you. Your 100% genuine delight in communicating your love of craft shines through and we are fortunate to share in it. Hugs x

  19. Hi Jennifer… Just wanted to let you know how very much all the effort you put in to your blog, videos, links, etc. is so appreciated. I’m really looking forward to your new videos of your upcoming move. Thanks again for informing and sharing your wonderful talent. ?

  20. Oh my! What a glorious room! So glad that you chose to ignore the Negative Nelly! Your craft room is amazing! Keep doing what you do and ignore those who are negative! They are just jealous that you Shine so much and that they are a little bit dull. They should wipe of the dullness and then they too can shine! 🙂

  21. Hi Jennifer!
    I enjoyed your video so much! I know that you don’t know me at all, but I feel like I know you through your blog posts, videos, your work with Hero Arts, etc. I think you were one of the very first stamp artists that I followed, way back before you were married even! 😉 I had stopped following your blog (life gets in the way sometimes), but now I have “rediscovered” you, and I am SO glad!! To see your face and hear your voice was like visiting with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in a long time….. it feels like coming home! I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming move, and I can’t wait to see your new craft studio!! Take care, June in KS

  22. Jennifer, thank you for sharing the magazine article which features your space. We’re starting some major renovations and I’ll be adding my craft room/office into the mix and sharing those pictures with our designer. I’ve learned SO much from you.

  23. Thank you for passing along all this great info. Wow I want your craft room. If I could move it would be worth it.

  24. God bless you and keep you during your move. The whole world needs more love and kindness; you definitely lead by example.

  25. You are the sweetest person and Lila is a little doll. I’m hoping to take the heatwave class. I love your videos because they always provide instructive information. I can only imagine how much more I would gain from an actual class.

  26. Thanks for all the info! I enjoyed your video and the very special guest—you’re lucky to have your sweet, little crafting buddy 🙂

  27. Thank you for all the information! Good luck with your move. Hope you have a nice space for a garden at your new location!

  28. Jennifer, thank you so much for doing these Craft Five videos – love all your input. Thank you for all you do to support all these great worthwhile projects and charities. You have such a giving heart and it shows ! Lila is so very precious and I am sure a pure joy in your life ! Best wishes on your move and will look forward to seeing the new crafty space !

  29. Hi Jennifer, and Lila, firstly, thanks for all your inspiration. Scary but great news in the move. Finally, my grandmother and aunt were both named Lila, you don’t hear it much anymore, so I was especially chuffed to hear you named your daughter Lila. My aunty was nicknamed Tootsie as a child because it became confusing to have two Lilas in the same house…She is in her seventies and still gets called Tootsie!!!!

  30. Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for the delightful video. The light of the Lord shiners through your pleasant personality. It is a joy & a pleasure to get to learn from you. I very much look forward to seeing your craft space tour as I am moving this fall & will be downsizing my home due to emptying nesting /retirement and can use all the tips I can get. I am sorry that a negative nelly (probably just envious ) has caused you pause about sharing. Please continue to let you light shine & brighten the days of all of your followers. Thanks for sharing your sweet & precious daughter with us. God bless.

  31. Wow! What an amazing article in that magazine! Your room is gorgeous and the article captured you so well! You are such an inspiration to us all! Loved seeing your special guest!

  32. Jennifer, this may be the best Take Five yet. The “growing family” comment made me laugh out loud. Pay no attention to any Negative Nelly, we’re dying to see your craft rooms—new and old. Suggestions on new products, classes and people are always welcome. And Lila is a doll—how can she possibly be four?? Thanks for taking the time for yet another video.

  33. Wonderful video! Thank you for sharing and also for having Lila join you. She is adorable!
    Best wishes with all that you are doing..looking forward to seeing your new craft room!

  34. Totally enjoyed your update and a tonne of great info. The best part was seeing your beautiful little guest. She is just precious!

  35. Thanks for the update! I really appreciate you taking the time to make these lovely videos! And Lila is adorable! TFS

  36. You do the best videos, it’s like having coffee with a friend! Thanks for adding Lila too, she makes me smile.

  37. Great video! I look forward to seeing your crafting spaces. (old & new) The postcard stamp looks amazing. Lila is SO sweet! She must have terrific role models! Speaking as a recovering ” negative nelly” I know that for me I couldn’t see beyond myself and my emotional pain and sadly I could be mean and hurtful. Thankfully I am prayerfully becoming more self aware and am trying to catch those negative thoughts and discover their source before they escape and do harm. I am also learning how to own it & sincerely apologize.

  38. I can’t thank you enough for all you do for our crafting community. I loved your video! Whenever I need inspiration I turn to you and you never disappoint!!! Lila is a pure drop of sunshine….she was the perfect special guest. I know how stressful and time consuming a move is. I know you will worry about us…..don’t worry….we will always be here!!! Focus on your family and the move!! I wish you luck! Congratulations on your new home.

  39. Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your new CRAFTY CHAT, thank all you for an enjoyable time listening to all of you guys chit chat about crafting. What a great idea.

  40. Great Video! So nice to see your smiling face (and Lila’s, too!) – I have a 4-1/2 year-old who likes to stamp and craft with me, too. He calls it, “Making Projects” with me. Thanks for being salt and light. xo

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