The Joy of Creating and Kindness of Sharing Handmade Cards

Hello. I will be honest – I am not back in the game yet – but I promise I am working on it and trying. Sometimes life just throws those curve balls! But all is good and I really will have more videos soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a video here. Many of you have seen it as it has been on my homepage, but I had yet to make it “public” on YouTube.

Soooo… I have had this video for many months and have just been too nervous to really share it. Here’s the story:

I really wanted to create a video sharing why I do what I do. Why I feel God has me doing it and why it is so much more than gluing paper together. I knew I would struggle filming it on my own (the words introvert and anxiety come to mind), so I hired some incredible people (Ipso Creative) to help me. They honestly worked such magic – taking my uncomfortable talking and perfectly editing it into the exact message I wanted to portray. If you only knew how bad I was at getting my words out on camera… it was comical! But they “fixed” it and I am so thankful.

I was thrilled when they presented me with the video. They “got” me. Colin was the first to watch it and he said, “Mom, that video shows how awesome you are and how what you do is awesome.” It made me smile but I was still afraid to share it. (After all, he is my son and has to say that – lol.) I then sent it to a few close friends that I trust. Everyone was encouraging. But I still waited. I quietly put it on my homepage when I launched the new site, but kept the video “unlisted” on YouTube.

A few days I remembered I hadn’t made the video public. I went back and looked at the email responses I got from my friends who I shared it with. One of the responses was from my friend and fellow stamper, Leslie. Leslie passed away on Christmas Day after battling cancer – I was with her along with a few other stampers when she passed. She was an honest and incredibly straight-forward person, and her encouragement on sharing the video was extremely important to me. So when I saw that email this weekend, I knew I need to get over it and share it. Leslie would want me to.

So please don’t laugh at me. 🙂 And please feel free to share this video with anyone in your life who doesn’t “get” what you do and may not understand that cardmaking is a kind way to spend your time.

[To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

By the way, this video shows my craft room. (I really should call it my office since it is for my job.) I get a ton of craft room tour requests and was planning on sharing one soon. (I may still do so – stay tuned.) Please keep in mind that I have this room because this is my job and it is what helps me create, be happy and more than anything – be productive. When this was only hobby for me, I had a folding table in the basement with a few random containers. I was just as happy but couldn’t get as much done in my limited crafting time away from family. This room has changed that and was necessary for me to be productive in the short segments of time I have between being with the kiddos. Also, organization makes me be productive and is my therapy! But please remember to create in whatever environment is best for you. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by… and for the kind words, cards, and emails. Take care.


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311 thoughts on “The Joy of Creating and Kindness of Sharing Handmade Cards”

  1. Beautifully said and an affirmation for me to continue making cards “just because”. Little acts of kindness do matter

  2. The world needs a bit of kindness now more than ever. Right now I have 8 ladies in a nearby nursing home that are or were (or said they were although no one remembers them – LOL) members of our church. I visit them every month and have for years….although unfortunately the numbers go up and down. I also make them hand crafted cards throughout the year. Someone asked me why I bother when they are not even related to me and my answer was, “Why not?”.

  3. Hi Jennifer, your video is awesome and so glad you went and shared it. You and your talent is one of the reasons I have stuck with card making. I have learned new techniques from each video you do and it has made me a better person. Along with that I have shared these cards with family and friends. My parents were not able to enjoy what I create but I know they are watching over me and proud of me for trying. My dad always told me, “Bobbie Kay it may not be what you do or say in life that makes a difference to others, but your caring and kindness they will never forget”. My sister moved recently and I made her a set of all purpose notes to either share her new address or just a note with others, the day she received them in the mail she called me crying, when I asked what was wrong she said she was just so happy that I made her these cards and it was the sweetest and most precious gift I could have given her. Well of course then I got teary eyed as well lol. So just remember what you do touches the hearts and souls of so many folks young and old and gives those lost crafters a direction to follow. Thank you for everything Jennifer.

  4. I don’t remember how, but I am so glad I found you. Keep insiring us to be creative and share kindness.
    The videa is sweet and honest and perfect!

  5. There’s a lot to be said for kindness and when it comes in such a sweet way from you Jennifer it is even better. Hugs & Aloha.

  6. I seen this when you first posted it, but watched it again today.
    It still brought tears to my eyes. Your such a beautiful person inside & out.
    Listen to Colin because he’s right…..his mom IS AWESOME.

  7. Hi Jen,
    I think it was a lovely video. I love what you do. And the message you put across. I love kindness , there is nothing nicer! Lovely to see you talking. Xxx

  8. Beautiful video! I love your passion and focus of vision in what you do and why you do it…Kindness modeled for kids with a helping of creativity – fantastic!

  9. Loved the video! You expressed exactly why card making is so wonderful! Thank you so much for all the inspiration you’ve given me over the years. I always find inspiration in your beautiful creativity!

  10. Thank you very much for sharing this video. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for sharing your ideas, creative talents, and kindness with us.

  11. Jennifer, thank you for being an advocate for all of us who struggle to make sense of the time and desire we search to find in order to satiate this NEED to create. God gives us all specific gifts and talents and sharing them with others who share this planet lent to us by The Creator, to brighten, encourage, share hope is a privilege and blessing.

  12. I can’t begin to express myself as eloquently as some of the previous commenters have, but do echo their thoughts – #3 Rita’s comment comes closest to what I would say were I that good at putting words to paper (thank you Rita!)…
    You are by far my favorite crafty blogger; you are so talented, but mostly I love that it is so evident that you genuinely care for other people and that you craft for the same reasons most of us do; your videos and blog posts help us learn and grow as crafters and that helps us all feel good about sharing our creations with others! Thank you – glad you are back and hope you are well; we’ve all been a bit worried about you! Hugs!

  13. This was beautiful Jennifer! I feel exactly the same way.
    I have been sending weekly cards to friends with cancer…each and every one appreciates the card and the thoughts behind them.

  14. Hi Jennifer,
    i do agree totally on this. And please, do not ever apologize again for your beautifull craftroom! We all love you a lot and are happy that you have it and we dream a little bit about ours…
    Hedwig from Holland

  15. Jennifer – I saw this video from your website a while ago not realizing it wasn’t officially released, so I was surprised when I came across it as a new release on youtube. I was surprised to read now how anxious you were about releasing something as professional as this. Anyway, I know you have been taking time off and I don’t know the reason you needed to which is fine….you deserve privacy like anyone else. All I can say is you provide these incredible card making videos to all of us for free and you should feel no concern about needing to step away and take a break. I am constantly looking for good card making videos and there are a lot out there, but very few that are so professional, concise, informative and enjoyable as yours and I still can’t get over that such a high quality blog with video site is free to us. Some of us could never afford to pay to join some of the members only sites out there. I continue to be so grateful to you and the handful of others out there that bring us all of this enjoyment and really for me, therapy, for free multiple times a week. Thank you.

  16. Your video was nothing to laugh about. Everything you said is so true. And I love your craft room, especially those big bright windows! Thank you for sharing your passion with us Jennifer!

  17. Colin is right. That’s exactly how I felt when I first saw the video before it went “public.” Out of the mouths of babes.

  18. You have a very smart boy and need to listen to him more often 🙂 Thank you so much for the encouraging video. I find that with every year that goes by, I receive less and less cards. I still get the messages from my friends, but they all come via facebook or text and I always think on the pleasure they missed out on making a card. I love it and it’s definitely therapy for me 🙂 Thank you for a quick view into your craft room. It looks awesome!

  19. Hi Jennifer
    This is my first post it took me awhile to figure it out. I have wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Channel you always have the best tutorials why you ask because they can actually be followed. I love this new one with the vellum never thought I could use it but I bought some from EH awhile back and now I’m breaking it out so we shall see yours always looks much better than mine. I will be posting more now that I know how.
    Thanks for all your videos I love them.
    Much Thanks for all your good kindness cards I have truly added them to my life and the people in it.

  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this Jennifer!!!
    YOU are AWESOME and INSPIRE me, EVERY day AND I APPRECIATE that you encourage me to LEARN, CREATE and SHARE the LOVE through my cards 🙂
    THIS video reminds me that I NEED to send MORE “just because” cards and I promise that I WILL!!!

  21. Jennifer, your authenticity and vulnerability are so inspiring to me! It is harder to live in a more real way, but the effect you have on the world is so much greater if you do! Thanks for the inspiration – both creative and personal. <3

  22. Lovely!!!! I love sending handmade cards…..and I send A LOT!!! Your video is lovely, honest, and inspiring. I send you love and kindness just as you send it out to all of us. Focus on your family and never worry about your viewers. We’re here when you’re ready. I will put out kindness and gentleness into the world and remind those around me to do the same!

  23. I’ve said it before and I mean it- Jennifer, I SO appreciate all you share with us! You are a doll and I wish I could be your friend. Those who are your friends are incredibly blessed. I admire your sweet spirit and am very grateful to have you as a mentor and sister in the Lord. God bless you a lot.

  24. Jennifer, I have watched your videos for a year now and have always felt you expressed yourself well and taught clearly. This video was moving. I am going to share it with my Bible study group that I have been trying to get to make “cards of encouragement ” with me.
    Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  25. That’s my reason for making cards, too, since 1970’s, in different ways, cuz back then, not much was available for stamping but I was living in the country where “stamping” (a bit different kind) was available. I think it’s because in US, everybody “sign” but in that country, they carry “stamp” and stamp their names, mainly on their contract papers, anything official. So stamping and making cards to me wasn’t anything special but as you said, to make someone smile. 🙂 Now there are fancy dies, etc., but I still make rather simple cards to mail to my friends, to make them smile for a day 🙂

  26. Thank you for sharing this. You are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for taking the leap of faith to share this video. It means so much that you step beyond your comfort zone to share about something that is so important to you and to the world really. Kindness matters. Thanks for advocating for this. I don’t know if you listen to Tim McGraw (country artist) but he recently released a song called Humble and Kind. You might want to listen to it. It’s SO uplifting. Have a wonderful day! Thank you again for all that you do to promote kindness and caring.

  27. Thank you so much! I just watched your encouraging video and sometimes I feel as though I don’t offer very much in this big, big world, but our God is big, and I think I underestimate the everyday acts of kindness. I have really just started to make cards and I love the feeing of giving from my heart when I do give a card. Thanks again, I am so glad glad I watched your video. Have a great day 🙂

  28. Jennifer your video is perfect! Well said…one little aspect of kindness can bring such joy and happiness to someone at just the right moment, when it’s needed most! Lucky us, we get to not only enjoy the process, but know someone’s day may be a little happier by our simple kindness. Thank you for sharing this video, it brought me a smile today!

  29. Jennifer please never second guess yourself.? When you share yourself with others out of love, friendship or kindness it can only be beautiful and special. You are making a difference in people’s lives everyday by just being you. We love you for who you are, don’t change a thing!
    Love and hugs!

  30. Hi Jennifer,
    I’m so thrilled to have found your exceptional videos. I absolutely love them-I think some the best ones out there. Love your beautiful creations and the concise manner in which you deliver. Knowing these lovely cards come from the heart make watching even better. Thank you!!!

  31. Jennifer your video was very inspiring. You are an amazing, and kind person. Yes it definitely does make a difference in being kind. We need that more than ever, because of all the turmoil in this world today. Thank you for sharing your amazing video. PS. Your daughter is adorable !!!!?

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is a wonderful video and shows who you truly are. I only started to craft cards and do scrapbooking projects last year, after I lost my sister in law and sister. I eventually found you on you tube and have been a subscriber ever since. I love all your work and your kindness shines through in everything you do….thank you!

  33. Beautiful video and very inspirator ….makes me keep going with my Dream, even when we know in my country it’s very hard, but i hope one day leave my job and do what’s makes me happy….Congratulations and keep continue receiving Blessings….regards from El Salvador

  34. Your sincerity brought tears to my eyes. I know I’m hormonal (lol), but I enjoy everything you do.

  35. Hi Jennifer. This is a great video. One that I will share with my family. I too have a wonderful craft room that my husband built for me. And at first I used it for scrapbooking for our family (and still do). But then I got into card making. And the response I got from family and co-workers was just amazing. Now I’m retired, and looking for ways to make a difference in this world. I’ve started making cards for “scrapping for soldiers”, but I know there have to be other places and people that I could send my cards to (like the girl you mentioned in your video). I would really appreciate any help you could give, to steer me in the direction of some of those type places. Thank you for all the beautiful and heartfelt inspiration you give to all of us.

  36. I just found this, awsome, inspiring. You are truly a beautiful person. In this world and time we live in you are a true treasure.

  37. I recently retired after working all my life (so far!)… I’ve made cards of all kinds (mostly for no specific holiday or event… just general cards) through the years at workshops and just “playing”. I have quite a few that I would like to be used by someone. Do you have an address I can send these to? It could be for our military or nursing homes or anyplace that people may be who never get cards or letters to brighten the moment for them… I appreciate any information you can share with me.
    [email protected]

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