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Hello! I wanted to pop in and welcome new readers to my blog! Glad to have you here. I also wanted to share with you a bit of info and a welcome video.

First, here is some info on how best to keep up to date on this blog. This may be helpful to new and “old” friends:

  • If you would like to simply receive any of my new blog posts via email, head HERE and add your email where it says “Sign Up for Blog Notifications.” It’s simple and I recommend it so you can see things as soon as I post them.
  • If you would like to create an account here so you can “bookmark” your favorite projects and videos, head HERE and create an account where it says “Register.” If you do this, you can also click the check box to receive an exclusive “Email Newsletter.” This will be a very occasional newsletter… only available to those who register. Fun, huh? (Please keep in mind you do NOT have to register to read my blog as you always have. And all content is free!)
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There is a video HERE explaining more. If you have trouble, you can email me under “About” at the top of my site.

Next, I wanted to share with you a quick video.

I had this video created as an introduction to my channel over on YouTube, but thought it would be good to share here, too. It is short and simple and summarizes what I do!

And a big thank you to ipsoCreative for working your magic on this video… once again. I adore you folks!

Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you are here.


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111 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog”

  1. Great intro video! Your blog inspired me a year ago to begin card making. Your blog continues to inspire me. I always learn something new.

  2. I just love the ideas you come up with. I check everyday just to see what new way are show us to get more use from our supplies. Thank you for sharing and being such a kind and generous person.

  3. love the video. Definitely have to try that technique. I love different backgrounds for my cards so this
    has definitely inspired me to try it today. TFS

  4. Great video. I always learn something new with your videos. Love the blending of colors. Thanks for sharing.
    Your creativity is awesome!

  5. Your videos on water coloring are fabulous and ones I will certainly try. God has definitely blessed you with a sweet and kind heart besides a gift for design and techniques. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  6. Great video! I just love your videos and I find them very inspiring. As quite new at this I learn so much! I find myself constantly saying oh and ah to all things you show that you can do when you make a card! Love it!
    Thank you!

  7. The watercolor lifting technique is gorgeous and so fun. The dimensional birdhouses are adorable. Thank you for sharing this an all of the many tutorials you’ve done.

  8. I have yet to make my first card. Watching your videos first! lol Thank you for your great ideas. As soon as my supplies arrive, I’ll be starting.

  9. I <3 everything you do, Jennifer! You make each technique seem so easy and really break down the steps without belaboring the process. I end up wanting to purchase everything you demo because I'm so inspired. I've been making cards for a few years now, and last year I started selling them at my office for 100% donations that go to Children's Miracle Network. Love seeing the simple cards you assemble and how to produce more than one at a time since I'm often selling them in batches.

    Thanks again and keep inspiring!

  10. Wow!! This is really amazing. You sure do make gorgeous stuff… One day when I’m bored, I wanna do this. Hey, do you sell personalized cards, too? Your site is so clean and professional, it really makes me want to see more 🙂 Thank you!

  11. I am looking for one of the images you used for a delightful card. It was a rubber stamp that had pencils, paint brushes and all kinds of crafty things. If memory serves, you used it as a border stamp. You’re the greatest!
    Jan Monahan

  12. Hi I’ve watched your videos for many years and lovs them. You are amazing and your last few videos using altanew dies are so good. I just had to tell you thanks.

  13. So excited! I just made my new DIY Sandwich for my Gemini Junior. I ordered the new magnetic shin and one new plastics shim, a new plastic shim, and I taped it all together and I can’t wait to get started cutting again after throwing away my old very warped plates. I’ve been seeing this sandwich in recent videos, but couldn’t figure it out. Thank you for helping with this major frustration in using my Gemini Junior! I’m happily back to work!😁

  14. Hi Jennifer,

    I posted this question but can’t find the answer anywhere so here I go. I have not been able to find 91% alcohol anywhere due to Covid I think. I do have 70% already. Would that work for putting drops on the paper first and then adding drops of ink?

    Thank you,
    Joan Schoppe
    [email protected]

  15. Jennifer, I love all the cards you make. You are so incredibly talented and also an awesome instructor. I was wondering if you could recommend a cardmaking convention that sells products and displays new ideas? It would be fun to attend, but dangerous to my pocketbook. Thanks!

  16. Good morning, Jennifer.

    I was thinking it would be fun to have scented paper – sugar cookie, apple pie, peppermint, etc.

    Wouldn’t that be fun. Maybe you could mention that to some of your manufacturers. Or maybe you could figure out a way to scent paper at home.

    Blessings on your day.

  17. Hi sorry to hear that you were sad the other day. I hope you are feeling better. I just started with the gelli plate after watching carolyn dube so I was excited to see your first try with the variety of brayers. Of course, now I want the TH one. LOL!
    I was wondering if archival ink from ranger could be used on the gelli plate. You were the first you tube person I watched and I really appreciate your professionalism in your videos.
    Your Christian values shine through.
    Please edit this as you wish or don’t post. Just wanted you to know you are appreciated.

  18. This is my first comment to your blog.
    I am thankful for your inspiration on many levels.
    I have been trying to make handmade kindness for about 10 years, I look back to cards from then and lately…. not sure of my first attempts but I keep on.
    Your videos are amazing and I appreciate you for the time you take to share.
    Thank you.

  19. Jennifer, I love all that you do for us each time with tour videos. But I have a very simple question that I have a problem with and with your expertise maybe you can make a suggestion. I bought different glues over the years and I have not been able to stick with any one glue (pardon the pun) they seem to get old and clog up etc. I bought Gina K Connect glue for tiny things and I like it lots. I just bought A small Tombow and I like it as well. However as you use them they clog up and become a hassle to use between card making sessions. I like the Gina K and the Tombow but is there a glue that I can buy that I can refill my Gina K container with when it is empty. I think that it’s a good idea with the glue dispenser being small so it does not have a chance to get old and thick. Any suggestions.

    1. When my glue gets clogged I take a pin from my sewing and insert it in the neck of the glue bottle. If that does not work I screw off the nozzle and run hot water from a facet into the neck.. these will usually work.

  20. Thanks for all your kindness that you are teaching us to do within our families, community, and the world. Blessing to you. Do you have any July 4th FLAG video sessions?
    Now the question is. My die cutting plates repair. You did a video on the tech that you did to repair plates. I was too busy to take notes I just listened in the car and thought I could find it again. Where was/is it? Thanks for your quick response. Love and Light Reidun Koren [email protected]

  21. I have been watching several of your videos on YouTube & have enjoyed them all. I do have one question though. In the one video you referred to paper storage pockets that you said were available a Gina K Designs. I don’t see that she has the full card stock size. Where else might I find the pockets to fit full size sheets?

  22. You are my inspiration! I love that you do not “sell” products and you encourage us to think before we buy. It’s wonderful to use what we have in our stash. thank you for all you do!

  23. Firstly, thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. The inspiration you give us is so wonderful but it goes beyond cardmaking.

    I use a lot of gold paper to make die-cut script sentiments and am very tired of fussing with the glued layers to give dimension. I was thinking that a heavy gold cardstock might be the answer but I have not yet seen any. Any ideas??

  24. Love your video’s you have so many great ideas.
    One I watched the other day you were using short headed mini brushes for blending Who makes them and were to order from.
    Thank you Judy

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