Watercolor Class Giveaway!

Hi! Just popping in quickly to do a fun giveaway. A new Online Card Class starts today and I am *really* excited about it. It is called Watercolor for Cardmakers: Intermediate Techniques.


This class is being taught by the BEST there is – Dawn Woleslagle. (She owns WPlus9 and is an incredible artist. And human being.) Kristina and I will be participating in class and doing videos along with other artists, but Dawn leads the lessons. Her videos are breath-taking. She starts with the basics and builds up from there, in a very understandable, clear, in-depth, and jaw-dropping way. This is hands-down my favorite class we have had – the most valuable class.

To read more about Watercolor for Cardmakers: Intermediate Techniques, head HERE. It started today but you can join anytime! There are lots of videos, examples, downloads, etc. and you will have lifetime access.

If you are unsure about your abilities with watercolor (LIKE ME!), this class could be very helpful to you. It starts with the basics and gives clear understanding of what works best and why. If you are someone looking to step your watercolor up a notch, this would also be something for you. Dawn did an remarkable job!

Head HERE to learn more about Watercolor for Cardmakers: Intermediate Techniques and sign up! Would love to see you there.


I have THREE spots for Watercolor for Cardmakers: Intermediate Techniques to give away! For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 1/27/16 telling me if you enjoy watercolor. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)

See you soon.


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  1. I would luv to learn how to effectively use this technique. I’m one who can watch it but when I start to do on my own cant seem to get it going. Need boost ?

  2. I am a beginner yet Watercolors are so fun. It moves me out of my comfort zone and just let whatever happens be enough. I like experimenting with Peerless Watercolors and Distress inks.

  3. I would love to take this class. I have been wanting to dive into some watercoloring, but always end up procrastinating. I think it intimidates me, but I so love the end results!

  4. I have been scared of watercoloring for so long because I never knew how to control the color. Once I took the plunge, I am beyond in love with the look of watercoloring. It is such a relaxing activity. My new favorite way to craft.

  5. Would love to take this class. I recently got into watercoloring, especially by watching your videos. Now, my children cant get enough!! Its such a great activity that we can do together. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  6. I love watercolor. I really enjoy watching videos of artists/crafters using watercolors. I am a beginner but would love to take this class. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. I have always loved watercolor artwork, but I have been intimidated to try it on my own. A few small forays have been fun, I would love to learn more.

  8. I *love* watercolor! I have 2 different sets of watercolor pencils, a set of “simple” cake watercolors, and the Peerless watercolor packs. And I have discovered — and love — Ken Oliver’s Color Burst “powdered” watercolors (no other way to explain what they are). [And I wish I could find an easy/local source for hot press paper…] I have a burning desire to do watercolor paintings . . . maybe once I retire? 🙂 But for now, I just dabble using it with my stamps and embossed images.

  9. I am loving learning to watercolor, so a chance to win a spot in the class is much appreciated! Thank you for having this class to provide more learning opportunities for those of us who are needing tips and tricks!

  10. I love the look of watercolor and would love to learn how to do it. Just bought watercolor pencils, but don’t feel confident enough to start.

  11. I love water coloring and that is what I do the most on my cards. I would LOVE to be able to take one of these classes. I can’t afford them myself so everything I do has been self taught.

  12. Love watercolouring but I’m not good at it at all 🙂 It would be awesome to take a part in the class. Thank you for the chance.

  13. I enjoy the randomness you get with watercolouring and would love to learn more. Thanks for organising a giveaway, and as always for the great information on your site!

  14. Hello Jennifer,
    I took an earlier watercoloring class but would like to take another. Thank you for your generosity. Not only do you inspire me to be a better card maker, you inspire me to be a better person through your example.
    Thank you.

  15. I love watercolours and recently have started using them for cardmaking. Not too sure of what I’m doing just keep at it until I like it. I would love to take this class – my high school art class was so long ago that I have forgotten a lot of techniques.

  16. I really enjoy watercolor but for some reason I always end up with the same look on my watercolor cards! No idea what I can do with them

  17. Purchased watercolor paper, brushes and even Zig Real Colors but definitely could use some tips and help getting started!!

  18. I love looking at watercolor art! I love the process of watercoloring in my card making. I hate the way my watercoloring turns out. I need help! =)

  19. I took a water color class a long, long time ago… Would love to reconnect with it. Was quite relaxing!

  20. I do love using watercolour elements on my cards, whether it’s backgrounds, colouring images, or die cutting from watercoloured panels. Would love to improve my skills through this class!

  21. I have always wanted to learn how to watercolor. My mother painted with oils and acrylic. I have dabbled with both, and I’ve dabbled with watercolor…but honestly, I know little about paint. So this class would be a nice challenge for me! Good luck to all…but secretly, I hope I win!!

  22. I’d love to take this class. After closing my photography business due to physical limitations, I struggled with finding a creative outlet. After a lot of soul searching, I discovered art journaling – which opened a whole new world for me as I experimented with different mediums and techniques. I recently discovered you (Jennifer McGuire) on you tube as I searched for ways to organize my craft room and supplies. I quickly became hooked and have recently purchased your recommended must haves to begin making home made cards as well. Learning to incorporate watercolors with cards seems like a fabulous way to marry the two. I’m looking forward to taking the class and learning lots of fun techniques. Thank you for all you do. Pam.

  23. I have tried my hand at watercoloring but need a lot more direction. I love the look. It would be great to have a class to learn new techniques.

  24. When I first tried watercolor I thought I didn’t like it, but I had purchased really cheap tube watercolors and cheap paper, and my paints didn’t flow like I saw on all the videos I watched. I did however learn how to mix colors. I like to control watercolors too much and the cheap paper would pill up way too quickly. Finally I bought better supplies and it was like WOW! Now I love it! I still like to control it too much but at least now I have more time to work with it and more control of the paints.

  25. I’ve never experimented with watercolor though I’ve always wanted to. My namesake & grandmother whom I never got to meet was a multi-talented artist whose favorite medium was watercolors. That’s where my interest began as a child viewing her beautiful art. I would love to know how. Thank you for your amazing tutorials and blog. I’ve learned so much from you. ❤️ Marcia in Oklahoma

  26. I am trying to learn/re-learn watercolor techniques after a long hiatus. A friend gave me a koi we color set and sketch book to help me to reconnect to my creativity and help me relax during chemo treatments this Fall. I am so thankful to have this newfound obsession with watercolor now!

  27. Would love a chance to win this to see what it’s all about. Have been interested in how these classes work, but haven’t pulled the trigger because I’m not sure of the process. I have all the supplies needed to get started.

    Thanks for your consideration

  28. The samples are beautiful! I have lots of supplies because I’m like most crafters who enjoy the pursuit of collecting crafting materials and bringing them home; then feeling daunted by the idea of using them. 🙂

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