My Favorite Crafty Things 2015: FINISHING TOUCHES & MAILING + Giveaway

Welcome back to My Favorite Crafty Things 2015! I hope you are finding this series helpful.

I have big giveaways (see below) and even store discounts:

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Today is all about on finishing touches and mailing.

My Favorite Crafty Things Videos by Jennifer McGuire Ink

The video is long since I cover two important subjects…

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Here are some other videos that may be helpful:


I have a giveaway for a lucky winner! Someone will get a Wink of Stella Clear Pen, SSS Share Post Its, and a sheet of From Me To You Postage.

For your chance to win a giveaway, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 12/15/15 telling me your favorite cardmaking tip. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed, and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too! Prize personally donated.)

See you soon with the last addition to this series.

[Please note that I purchased most of the products in this post personally. All are featured because I truly like them.]

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521 thoughts on “My Favorite Crafty Things 2015: FINISHING TOUCHES & MAILING + Giveaway”

  1. As always love your tips. Also, so good to know that your new web site saves all these videos for us. Thanks again.

  2. What I find helpful is to do a sort of cleanup between each card if I am sitting down to make several different cards. I find I spend much less time just looking for something that may have gotten lost on my desk if I do a sort of clean up. I also put everything away when I am done for the day. I find if I dont I am so distracted by the mess when I come back to the craft room I may not be as productive.

  3. My favorite cardmaking tip is to use Pinterest as a great place to spark ideas. Even though I may start with someone else’s idea, I always find a way to make it my own (and sometimes I end up with something completely different!)

  4. When embossing ALWAYS use one of the anti-static tools. Also a good idea to use black ink and clear embossing powder instead of black embossing powder!!

  5. My favorite tip is using the white gel pen to fix up coloring mistakes! I’m not a very neat colorer and this saves me all the time.

  6. Love the idea of adding the piece of craft foam to a card. It is so much easier than adding strips of foam tape and makes for a nice even surface. I use them often when assembling a card and have purchased the fun foam in a variety of colours.

  7. Really interesting post… My tip happened by accident…i made a watercoloured panel and decided to use some white Heidi Swapp spray…it gave a gorgeous pearly finish.

  8. My favorite tip is just not to be afraid to be creative as you never know what you might discover and find interesting.

  9. My favorite tip is save your scraps. It’s surprising what you can create with them. If you have too many scraps, die cut or punch shapes out of them and pass them on to a preschool. The kids will love them.

  10. My tip is to play with color. Sometimes you think a couple of colors won’t go together…but then you find they do! Be adventurous with color! 🙂

  11. My tip is to remember that handmade gifts are more special and bring happiness to the recipient so don’t worry if you make a little boo boo…
    Thanks for all of your inspiration and crafting ideas!

  12. My favorite card making tip is to go with a One layered card, but I also love your idea of using the ? Puffy stuff to protect the front of a dimensional card going through the mail. I didn’t look to see where you got it, but I know it’s also an insulation of sorts. Great idea! Thanks, Jennifer! Thank You for this series and all of the giveaways. You are AMAZING and I appreciate you and the time you took to record all of these videos and the items you purchased to gift to your commenters and followers. Xo

  13. My fave cardmaking tip is to create a special time for creativity. Too often, I find I don’t get much accomplished outside a scheduled class due to life’s demands. Make time for the things you enjoy.

  14. I think my fav tip is to remember that you can use a stamp set meant for Christmas (or birthday or whatever) for more than just Christmas (or birthday or whatever). To look beyond the obvious.

  15. I find it always takes the most time to make a card the first time. So I try to make a few more while I have the products out and it’s fresh in my mind.

  16. My favorite card making tip would be to keep going even if you think the card isn’t turning out the way you intended or if you messed up a part of the card. Just keep going! It could be fabulous!

  17. My favorite card making tip is using fun foam for mailing cards: that has helped me save money on postage and keep my handcrafted cards looking the same as they did when I made them.

  18. I usually mat my patterned paper with cardstock on the front my cards. Since this mat is usually about 4-1/8″ x 5 3/8″ and only the edges are seen, I usually cut smaller mats for other elements on my card from the center of the cardstock. This helps my cardstock stash last longer and saves me $$.

  19. My favorite card making tip is customizing a card for each recipient. Before I make a card I think about the person’s favorite color, things and places. Then I look through my supplies gathering things that will match my creation to my recipient.

  20. My favorite card making tip would be to have the right type of adhesive for the right type of project! 🙂 So many adhesives, but if you narrow down a couple that you like…it’ll make your choices a lot easier! Also, being organized and having “go-to” spots in your craft room or craft bag…is helpful when card making!

  21. My cardmaking tip is to do several at the same time as I always keep one in a folder of samples. I write inside it what products I used if they are new ones and also if I’m trying a new technique or re-purposing an old product in a new way. Thanks, Jennifer, I’ve really enjoyed this series of videos.

  22. My all time favorite is using lanolin (at the baby section) instead of Versamark. It doesn’t dry until heated, and it produces super fine lines and great coverage. And my latest craft tip is using Americana DecoArt satin acrylic as pigment ink and background sponging. Sponge it on stamps or rub sponge on background works awesome.

  23. My top is that when I use a new stamp and die set, I don’t just stamp it just for that card , I stamp a half of sheet of each stamp and color them all, die cut them and then use the tiny zip lock Baggie to put them in, then I have a shoe box size cubbie container so that when I need that set, I have a Baggie full of them! It’s a real time saver in the end!

  24. If you use Finetec paints or similar, don’t throw away the water you used whilst painting with them, as it has a lot of shimmer. Use that water for preparing your paper for water colouring, it will dry with the added bonus of a subtle shimmer.

  25. My favorite cardmaking tip is put some water inside the wink of stella pen when its finished. I love wink of stella pen so much that I have to use it everytime I make a card. So the tip is really helpful and it can last a bit longer.

  26. I love making my own background paper using distress inks and blending them and then I add perfect pearls for sheen! Pretty!

  27. I don’t have a craft room, so I spread all my “stuff” on the dining room table and make multiple cards at one time. Thanks.

  28. I think it’s important to remember to think outside the box for ways to fix a card you’ve made a mistake on. Sometimes the result is even better!

  29. My crafty tip is when trying to put a card with lots of die cuts (like leaves or pine boughs) into the envelope. To get the card to slide into the envelope without catching on the die cuts I lay a piece of plastic (which is the same size as the card) on top of the card, slide the card and plastic into the envelope, and then pull the plastic back out. This ensures that none of the pieces get folded or torn when stuffing the envelope. I have a piece of shrink plastic that I have cut to the standard card size that I keep dedicated just for this. I prefer the shrink plastic because it’s thick and stiff.

    Thanks again for the series, Jennifer!

  30. I have really enjoyed all your videos. My list of “wants” keeps growing! I like the idea of the padding for lumpy cards. I bet that inexpensive craft foam would work for that as well. Also, if you like the Pretty Pink Droplets, you should check out The Robin’s Nest ( ). They have Dew Drops in a multitude of colors (including metallic) and shapes (round, diamond, teardrop). I use them all the time on my cards and projects. #TheRobinsNest

  31. I have 3 more tips! The first is keeping all my scraps. I have an expandable folder next to my Big Shot that I have labeled with each color. This folder expands not only at the top but at the bottom, too. When die cutting or embossing a sentiment I reach for the scraps first. Any scrap larger than a quarter gets saved and dropped into the file for that color.

    The second tip is before putting the finished card in the envelope I touch all parts of the card. Any areas that are slightly tacky from glue I will brush over with my anti-static tool to remove the stickiness. That way there’s no chance that the pieces might get glued to the inside the envelope, and the recipient won’t feel anything still tacky.

    When I am diecutting I will often diecut quite a few of the same item and save them for later. The third tip is keeping an envelope for each of the diecuts that I use often. (I have a bunch of envelopes that are rejects; envelopes that I had made a mistake on.) I have folded the flap inside and labeled them with the name of the pieces on the outside. I have separate envelopes for things like leaves, trees, grass, balloons, hearts, butterflies, clouds, feathers, birds, flourishes, etc. I keep them in an open shoebox and filed alphabetically. It’s so much easier to reach for one or two items that have already been diecut rather than getting up and going over to my Big Shot and diecutting.

  32. Not sure how but I almost missed this video! I stress a bit over how to mail highly embellished cards but now I have a few ideas. Thanks Jennifer for all you do, you’ve made learning so much easier with your clear and concise instructions. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy and appreciate you.

  33. My favorite cardmaking tip is to decorate the inside of a card with a little something that ties in to the front of the card. It’s a nice surprise for the recipient when they open the card along with your private message/sentiment. =)

  34. I remember another tip that I do! Before putting the card in the envelope I always go over the back of the card with a Xyron Adhesive Eraser. It’s amazing how it removes all the tiny pieces of glue and dark fingerprints! It leaves the card clean! SSS sells them for $1.99 and it lasts forever.

  35. It’s past the deadline but here’s my tip: I layout all the cards I want to do and keep the theme the same so as to make it faster. Colors, or embellishments all coordinate!! I made 60 for Christmas and then ran out, so took all my “scraps of scraps” and made another 15!! Blew me away how much I can do with so little. The 60 were a kit so that doesn’t really count but the extras of really nothing much made me see how to stretch things. Love that!


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