Video: Foil Cards + Advent Calendar Extravaganza + Giveaway

Merry Christmas! I have lots to share today, including my family Christmas card, holiday wishes… and a fun Advent Calendar Extravaganza with Taheerah Atchia. (More on this awesome event below – you will love it.)

Foiled Photo Cards Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Affiliate links used at no cost to you. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

This is the card that my family sent out for Christmas – 200+ in total. Yes, it takes me a lot of time. But, it is very important to me and something I enjoy doing for my family and friends. I love handmade greetings and am willing to do whatever it takes (panic, getting the family to help, working on them at basketball games and car rides, etc.) to get them done every year. Everyone is different – but to me it is worth the time and effort. Some people bake. Some people wrap fancy gifts. I make cards. 🙂

A month or so ago, my friend Kristina asked me about my Christmas card plans. I told her I hadn’t started but knew I wanted to create a foiled frame around our family photo. Being the darling that she is, she created a fabulous piece for me to use! (You can find something similar HERE or by searching on Etsy.)

Foiled Photo Cards Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

After printing the background on white cardstock with a laser printer, I added gold and silver DecoFoil and ran it through my Minc Machine. The results are amazing. (The video shows the big Minc Machine, but I recommend the Mini.)

I always like to include a family photo on our Christmas cards. I am in love with this photo taken by my dear friend Cathy Blackstone – she is the best! (Boy, it is nice to have talented friends.) I also used the Simon Says Stamp Blessed Die to cut gold foil cardstock backed with Stick It… and added the die cut to the photo.

Foiled Photo Cards Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

(By the way – please forgive the poor photos. Foil cards are hard to capture!)


Here are some links that may be helpful:


Today’s post is part of The Advent Calendar Extravaganza – a fun and unique online event being conducted by Taheerah Atchia. This “hop with a twist” features surprise destinations each day! Joining in the fun with Taheerah are over 60 special guests.


Just like an Advent Calendar, you’ll never know where you’re going to be visiting next until you “open the door.” There are also prizes along the way from some great sponsors. Head to Taheerah’s blog HERE to play.

The Advent Calendar Extravaganza has been going since December 1 and ends today, but you can still visit each post for inspiration and prizes! Lots of amazing guests.

Advent Calendar Extravaganza


I have two giveaways today!

First, as part of the Advent Calendar Extravaganza, today’s prize is generously supplied by Simon Says Stamp. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter – then head back to Taheerah’s blog and leave a comment there, too, to double your chances! Don’t forget to grab the other surprise destinations from Taheerah’s blog and head over to them to leave comments there as well to improve your odds even more! You have until 7:00amEST on 12/31/15 to leave all your comments.

Next – since I love Simon Says Stamp so very much – I am personally giving a $25 gift certificate to SSS to one lucky winner commenting here. For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 12/31/15 telling me if you make holiday cards to send out to family and friends. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)


I pray everyone is having a wonderful Christmas – or whatever your sweet family celebrates – full of laughter, good food, and wonderful memories. And for those who are battling challenges or missing loved ones, I am thinking of you. I know the holidays can be tough for many. Hugs hugs hugs.


Interested in the products I used? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased except those with an asterisk.) 

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719 thoughts on “Video: Foil Cards + Advent Calendar Extravaganza + Giveaway”

  1. Beautiful cards Jennifer! Your family is lovely!! Yes, I do make cards to send out each year. Thanks for the chance to win and a safe and happy new year to you and your family!

  2. Hi! Happy New Year! I am so glad I found you, I’ve been watching you for two days straight, lol! I only JUST started making cards, so I plan on making Christmas Cards next year…with as slow as I am I should start now, lol…thank you for this opportunity to win, and thanks for sharing your talent and time.

  3. I have good intentions every year of making my Christmas cards, but hasn’t happened yet, I did start yesterday making Christmas cards, so maybe next year?!!

  4. yes I do make about 50 cards every Christmas. Sometimes I will duplicate one or two of them, but they are mostly all different. That way I can try more stuff !!

  5. Beautiful family….thanx for sharing!
    Yes…I love making and sending. Most people are not sending cards of any type anymore…too expensive. I love the act of making them and sending something special from the heart (even if I copy a wee bit from my favorite bloggers…wink).

  6. Such beautiful cards! You are absolutely amazing for taking the time to make such gorgeous and detailed Christmas cards for everyone. Foiled cards truly capture the holidays perfectly. Happy holidays!

  7. You have become a part of our lives. My husband recognizes your voice when I listen to you. I pray for peace and quiet in the midst of your busy.

  8. Your cards are so pretty!!! 200 of them!???!??? I can’t even comprehend that. LOL Yes, I make holiday cards every year and send them out to family and friends. Thanks for sharing and I hope your family has a fantastic new year!! =)

  9. I always think about how I would love to make custom Christmas cards, but I am intimidated by the size of the project. Maybe if I start planning in the summer, I could do it – how about a Christmas in July post on your blog?

  10. Beautiful card Jennifer! 200!!! Can’t imagine how you get those all done. I do make and send cards for each of the holidays but only to a about a dozen family & friends. Sometimes that’s a challenge for me to get done. You are an inspiration!

  11. I enjoyed watching the video on the process of making your Christmas card. Such a lovely family. I do make Christmas cards for the kids in our family.

  12. love your Christmas card, I like to send out Christmas card too but luckily not 200 of them,
    and thank you so much for showing that …
    Have a wonderful new year and belated Merry Christmas.

  13. Jennifer, I love your blog and vids . Thank you so much for a chance to win. Your Christmas cards are beautiful. I love getting cards with the updated pictures of families. Happy Holidays!
    Carole Lovill

  14. Check your mailbox, Jen! Because of the amazing stuff I won from you, I have your addy so I can send you some cards. You are one of the 2 I have to send to. I’m even going to write you a note in with the card. Since I won something from you and since you sent me all those beautiful cards I had to make something very special for you. I feel so blessed to know you and to be able to view your blog. I I even love doing the coloring that you do for 30 days. Thank you for everything that you do for all of us crafters and card makers. My life feels so enriched just knowing you. I still find it hard to believe you did 200 cards! 200! Wow! Like Wayne and Garth said (and I will bow too) “We’re not worthy!”

  15. Beautiful cards and a lovely family. I was sewing until the the 24th so I’m making/sending Happy New Year cards this year.

  16. Wow Jennifer, I am so encouraged. I love sending out hand made Christmas cards. I used to do over 100 and then augment with store bought. Now I just send to family and friends who send us cards. I have a friend who likes to send out different types of her stamped cards. But, I like to create one design and replicate it. This year I did a vellum poinsettia with turquoise and teal background. I kept debating whether I should take time to make Christmas cookies but kept at the cards. I realized I could do cookies after Christmas…even if I have to wait until January. I just love sending my cards. It’s my gift to family and friends. We celebrated a blessed Christmas…very tranquil. No stress ’cause I didn’t do the cookies!! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  17. Jennifer your card was stunning, and I love the ease you present in your step by step tutorials. I too love making cards for my family, but not as near as the amount you make. Thanks for sharing your Xmas creation,

  18. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for what I said. I get you and Kathy R. confused. I get both of your blogs in my e-mail but Kathy does the coloring challenge and you don’t. I did mean what I said except that I won something from Kathy not you and Kathy does the coloring challenge. I would love to send you a card but I don’t have your addy. If you would send it to me though my e-mail I will send you a Christmas card too. Thanks for understanding.

  19. I just started to make Christmas cards this year. It was definitely a challenge but I was very happy with the end result. My husband even joined in the fun. Thank you for sharing your techniques, they have been very helpful.

  20. Such a lovely card to grace your beautiful family picture. You make crafting look easy and wonderful! Happy New Year!
    ~Gin K. ~

  21. Yes Jennifer I do make my own Holiday cards to send out to family and friends, it is so much fun to hear how they wait to see my card each year since mine is the only hand made one they receive. Thanks and Have a Happy and Healthy New Year !!!!!

  22. 1. You’ve a beautiful family dear Jennifer! You’re blessed!
    2. Yes I do. I make holiday cards to send out to my family and friends. I started last year and I love create my personal handmade cards!

  23. I do make holiday cards but nothing as beautiful as this one. This year I had to forego making my cards as we are moving. Sigh. Hard to not be able to play with my supplies.

  24. Love this holiday card and the foil look. Thanks for sharing. I made holiday cards this year just for family. Next year hopefully I’ll make enough for everyone. Happy New Year!

  25. Your Christmas cards are stunning, Jennifer! Yes, I make cards every year. I couldn’t pull it together last year and used my photo letter as my card. I was late making them this year and have not sent them out! I’m contemplating sending them for New Years. LOL. I did a snowman card this year with a peace sentiment. I love snowmen so much I try to send some every other year.

  26. Yes I send out Christmas cards but to just a few family/friends. I love the Blessed die on your card because I sign my card “Blessings” . Thank you for all you do.

  27. My card making friends and I have made a Christmas card resolution. We have decided to make a group of cards each quarter. This will keep us from being so overwhelmed as each group can be already addressed and ready to go.

  28. Love your holiday card! I did make mine this year for about 20 people. It did take a while, but I’m so glad that I had my MISTI to help out.

  29. Gorgeous cards! I saw Kristina’s card when she painted it – so talented! Making my own next year but something less grand in scale 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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