Share Handmade Kindness Wrap Up + Giveaway


I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who participated in the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge this month.

[Watch on YouTube HERE.]

I hope you will continue this “movement” and join me for future challenges.

Keep in mind that you can still send in cards for the Card Shower for Emily and Xander… and that many giveaways are still open in my recent previous posts.

Also, please remember to check out the Kind Campaign. They are working hard to stop bullying and spread a kindness.


As a thank you for your support this month, I have four more giveaways! The uber-kind folks at Neat and Tangled donated four kindness stamp sets. For your chance to win one, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/30/15 telling me the favorite card/note you have ever given. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)

See you soon!

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725 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Wrap Up + Giveaway”

  1. Haven’t given my favorite cards yet! Just made them for Christmas. Water colored a penny black stamp set and it is just awesome! Can’t wait to spread the joy and kindness this season. Thanks for all you do.

  2. The favourite thing wasn’t a card. It was a handmade travelers notebook that I gave to my best friend, when she went to Hawaii.
    Thank you for all the kindness and inspiration you spread along the way!

  3. Most of the cards I made for my mother who died earlier this year. She told me countless times how she looked forward to them. I wrote on post-it notes so she could give them to others and then they would call her to tell her how much they liked the cards. She not only got my card and the pleasure of giving it to someone else, but also the phone call from the recipient to brighten another day.

  4. My favorite cards are ones I’ve made for my sister and daughters. I love to see that they’ve saved my little creations and hopefully the love that went along with them!

  5. My favorite card was a Christmas card that had an embroidered wreath on the front of the card and a sentiment on the inside. I made the card from a light shiny green paper and then used shimmery forest green floss to embroider the wreath. I loved this card and made 30 to give to my family and close friends. Lot of work, but it made my hart sing 😉 Thanks Jennifer for your kindness and goodness in this world. Hopefully we will all become more giving and kind.

  6. My most favorite card ever given was the Christmas cards I sent out in 2012. I would like to do another version of it maybe next Christmas. They were just so pretty!! LOL Thanks Jennifer, for all your hard work and all the kindness you have brought to our community. =)

  7. My favorite “card” that I ever made was for my best friend’s birthday…I bought a small treasure chest and painted it her favorite color and then filled it with “treasures” like scrolls, (created with half a toothpick and small piece of paper tied with a teeny piece of string :)), mini .5 inch drawstring bags that I sewed with rolled up notes, small distressed envelopes, chocolate coins, and other things, adding up to 25 (the age she turned) each with a note telling her why she’s the best! I even found old skeleton earrings that I added in to finish off the “I found a treasure” vibe. 🙂 she loved it but none of us could roll up or tie the scrolls/notes again so it only looked “pretty” for a few seconds but I still remember how happy she was when she opened it up 🙂

  8. The most special cards I’ve ever received were those made by my kids at school to celebrate Christmas or Mother’s Day. Now they are older and they don’t do those any more. However, whenever I have the chance, I’m the one giving back some of the kindness and love they had given me! Thank you for spreading kindness!!!
    A huge hug to you and yours

    Ps: I’m Portuguese, so forgive my English!

  9. My favorite card ever given was a notecard I sent to my parents while I was in college – the main stamp on the front is what made it my favorite – it was a custom stamp I had made that had my two dogs on it! They both passed away due to cancer within the past year, so I treasure that stamp even more now.

  10. It is hard to imagine how man y people have been touched by you and your Kindness challenge. I wish the past month had been less stressed myself due to illness in the family. Thank you for reminding us what is important, and how we can all do our part. I just attended a presentation health and have a card in mind for the person in charge. She does a gret job, and needs a kind touch. Thanks, again Jennifer.

  11. I made a card, randomly, for my Mom. She just always needs the uplife especially since we live so many states apart. It was nothing more then a simple “Hello Fall” card, but she told me how she put it up on display and loved looking at it. At 29 years old, I’m happy that my mom still puts my artwork on the fridge. 🙂

  12. My favorite card was my very first one! It’s special because it was the first, and because everyone at the birthday gathering “oohed and aahed” over it! When I look at it now (I take pictures of all of the cards I make, in case I want to do it again and so I can remember what I gave to each person) I still love it! Thank you so much for spreading kindness – we all need to get it and give it!

  13. I think my favorite card has to be one I made for my husband a few years ago. Before we were married, I would make him a card almost once a month on our “month-aversary” . He has kept all of them and occasionally he puts a couple of them out on display on our dresser. He says they are beautiful expressions of love and he’s right!

  14. Favorite card I have given may be one of the recent cards I made, it was for a dear friend who turned 1. My handmade card was the only one that he wanted to touch, grab and hold onto. Seeing his face just made my heart sing. Handmade goodness is just so fantastic.

  15. My favorite cards are those I give to family. They all save the cards because they seem to appreciate the handmade ones more.

  16. i think this was a wonderful month, and you are right it should be an ongoing thing we always get caught up in our lives that we dont take the time and look around at what other people are doing.
    take care

  17. My favorite card I’ve sent is a Christmas card from last year. I stamped a manger scene in blue on pearl vellum, and stitched it to a blue card with silver ink. It came out beautiful, and everyone loved it.

  18. I would say one of my favorite cards was a HUG card for a girl at work who just had a really bad day. I made her a card and left it for her the next day. Needless to say I received a hug in return. I think all cards are favorites, I only make cards for those who are my favorite people. So any card for them is a favorite card.
    This challenge has been great. I haven’t done as much as I would have liked, work this time of year is crazy – but I intend to extend this in the coming year. Thanks for the challenge.

  19. Such a wonderful idea, your kindness campaign! Unfortunately I didn’t find time to join this time, and must be looking out for German sentiments to fit the scheme, as not many people in Germany understand enough English to understand and appreciate the English sentiments. Would love to win one of the sets, though! :o)
    Keep doing what you do so well, I love to read your blog and watch your videos!
    Take care, Britta

  20. The most meaningful card I have ever given was a thank you card to my mom for being there for me throughout my life. I wanted to make sure she knew how much I appreciated her, especially since she lives far away from me.
    She was very emotional when she read the card. She loved it.

  21. Since I make pretty much every card for a specific purpose or person every card is my favorite!!! I just love love love to paper craft and cards are awesome because the can be very quick if you want or super complex if you want. I love following you for inspiration!!

  22. My favorite card I have given was a tag I made for my dad when I was 10 made with with some ribbon and buttons. He still has it and every year he hangs it on the christmas tree!

  23. I’m not sure if I have a favourite – I usually like most of what I make to give away. I think the ones that are the most appreciated are those that are sent to other crafters. I know that I love to receive hand-made cards.

  24. Hi Jennifer, I love the handmade kindness ethos, thank you so much for sharing it with everyone. We had a church sale to raise funds and I donated some cards I made, they all sold woo hoo! The cards were various subjects, birthday, thank you, thinking of you, with love and everyone really liked them, which made me really happy, and raised vital funds….thanks so much for all your videos, I am learning so much from your great ideas…Marcia x

  25. Hi, Jennifer, I love this Handmade Kindness set. As for a favorite card it is Birthday, coming from a large family could never afford to purchase something for everyone so a handmade card is what I send. I make cards and send to a couple of retirement homes in area and to the McDonald House children. I really miss not attending your classes at Stamp your Art Out and Stampaway. THANK you for all you videos, I am still learning and that keeps me inspired! Debby

  26. I have so many favorites…but I think my most favorite “type” of card to send is a “thinking of you” card. You can fill so much happiness and love in someone’s heart by sending them a “thinking of you” card…for no particular reason, but just to let them know you care. 🙂

  27. I gave a new friend a handmade birthday card I had made in a class. She was so proud of that card, and that I cared so much to make a card for her. 🙂 It made me want to give more handmade cards!

  28. I gave a gold and white shaker Thank You card away once. That was my favourite as the individual who got it was really excited!

  29. thank you for all the kindness. it is super important that we all remember to be kind. Again, thanks to you!

  30. thank you for starting the campaign, I know we all like to do something kind for others, but actively thinking about it and making it a priority to do it now is always a good push.

  31. My favorite card was after my dad pasted away, my mom showed me “the drawer” which had the dozens and dozens of cards I had sent to him over the years – he had kept them all.

  32. A card I wrote for my son’s birthday. The first I didn’t get to spend with him because he was at his dads.

  33. I had such a heart full of joy when I created “Kid Friendly” Happy Cards for Xander and Emily and also sent cards to two children who have had recent horrific events in their lives, one a quadruple transplant and one with a reattached right arm. I pray the Lord will use the cards as a small source of joy.

  34. My favorite card….the birthday card for my Dad to celebrate his reaching 100 years of age. That was a biggie. He is no longer with us now, but that was epic for our family and we cherish the memory.

  35. My favourite card that I had given out is a set of Christmas note cards that was made specifically for my colleague. She really love it! It just a simple card with background made with texture paste and tim holtz stencils combined with a simple Christmas sentiment heat embossed.

  36. My favorite card I’ve ever given is usually the last one I’ve given. BUT, last year’s Christmas cards were pretty awesome if I do say so myself! So nice I’m really stumped on how to live up to it this year, ugh! My last card was a set of 60 wedding invitations for my son’s wedding… talk about pressure!

  37. This is an amazing idea. I have only recently found your youtube channel and now your blog. Learning so much! Even if I don’t win something, I am definately going to put some kindness into the world.

  38. My favorite card I’ve given was one in which the recipient was amazed I’d made it! It was an encouragement card with the Tiny Heros. Love that stamp set. Thanks for all you do, Jennifer.

  39. my most favorite card I’ve given was one I made for my mom… hid it into her book one day and she found it a week later, so surprised! It was a card using stamps from the Newton’s Nook Sweetheart Tails set. LOVED her reaction! 🙂

  40. I just love the spirit of the Kindness Challenge. It is so important for each of us to show kindness to both our circle of friends and strangers and community workers. I am inspired to spread more kindness!!

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