Share Handmade Kindness Wrap Up + Giveaway


I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who participated in the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge this month.

[Watch on YouTube HERE.]

I hope you will continue this “movement” and join me for future challenges.

Keep in mind that you can still send in cards for the Card Shower for Emily and Xander… and that many giveaways are still open in my recent previous posts.

Also, please remember to check out the Kind Campaign. They are working hard to stop bullying and spread a kindness.


As a thank you for your support this month, I have four more giveaways! The uber-kind folks at Neat and Tangled donated four kindness stamp sets. For your chance to win one, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/30/15 telling me the favorite card/note you have ever given. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)

See you soon!

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725 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Wrap Up + Giveaway”

  1. YOU are such a THOUGHTFUL, CARING, SHARING and KIND person Jennifer!!!
    THANK YOU for the INSPIRATION of your Kindness Challenge – it has been an AWESOME EVENT and I look forward to sharing handmade kindness as much as I can every day 🙂
    My favourite card is one that was far from my most creative or pretty one I’ve made but it is the one that holds a special part in my heart. My oldest nephew turned 21 earlier this year and he sent us a photo of the sparkling box/pop up card that I made him, showing how it was front and centre of his 21st birthday party display. Until then, that card was my favourite, then, when my sister and niece came to visit, it came up in coversation how he still has his 16th birthday card from us on display in his bedroom … it made my heart melt and that card became my absolute favourite, EVER!!! I have to confess that I do have another favourite. A friend of the family turned 90 last year and I made a stepper card with lots of flowers and butterflies on it for her. When we went to her afternoon tea party, her daughter’s had decorated with butterflies because she loves butterflies and she was thrilled to receive her butterfly card. I’ve found that although it is great to be happy with a technique or design, it is much more precious to know that I’ve made someone happy, so I always try to personalise cards as much as possible.
    PLEASE don’t include me in your prize draw today, I just wanted to share.
    => I PROMISE to continue to #sharehandmadekindness as much as I can, every day in every little way 🙂

  2. One of the favourite cards i have given anyone is a school assistant who did great work with my son (who has dyslexia). It was for her birthday and it was my son’s idea to give her a card. It wasn’t my favourite card, but she loved it! Later on she asked if she could buy some cards from me and i took a dozen or fifteen or so to school for her to choose from and she bought them all!! It is great to give people like school assistants, secretaries etc cards as they are often over looked, teachers usually are remembered with cards and gifts but not always the quiet background workers.

  3. This has been a really neat challenge and you are correct…this is really an ongoing challenge. I would have to say one of the best cards I have given is to my daughter’s piano teacher for my daughter’s senior recital. My daughter took piano lessons for 13 years with the same teacher and we really appreciated everything this teacher has done for not only our daughter, but also for her other students, senior citizens chorus and community…this teacher is an awesome lady.

  4. Jennifer, thank you for inspiring kindness in so many people.
    My Grandmother always used to call me her Jewel… In my favorite note I ever sent, I closed it with telling her that she is the precious metal that supports the jewel & holds everything together. I know she really liked that! 😀

  5. I think my favorite card I ever gave is one I sent my grandma when I was probably less than 10 years old. When my grandma passed away years ago all of us grandchildren received all the little things we had given her in our lives. This is huge because my grandma had 12 children and had easily 60+ grandchildren. She kept every single thing each of us sent her. A couple of my aunts spent months separating all of the items and mailed them to each of us grandchildren! I am 50 now and seeing those cards/ items brings tears to my eyes!

  6. My favorite card was shaker cards I made for my grandson. Loved his expression when he saw stars and balloons and beads and glitter…moving around as he shook it!

  7. Jennifer, thank you for the inspiration over the last month, the introduction to the Kind Campaign which I have embraced for Christmas on behalf of a colleague’s child who needs to remain a child for a little longer and not bullied…and now the introduction to some wonderful artists. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. The favorite card I’ve ever made was a congratulations card that I made for my mom on her 29th Anniversary of the day she became sober. My mom just did it on her own. No slip ups or anything. She is the strongest woman I know, and I love her. My card showed how proud I am of her.
    Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do.

  9. After my Uncle passed away, I would send my Aunt care packages with handmade cards and gifts. She kept everyone of the things I made her so I know she treasured each and everyone.

  10. Aw some of the comments are so sweet! The nicest card I ever given was to an old man that lives across the road from me, he had just lost his wife and would tell me regularly how much he missed her and didn’t know what to do without her, oh it used to make me cry once I was home. His wife used to do cross stitch, so I thought it would be nice to make a card with cross stitch on the front, I made a cute little cross stitch with flowers in a vase and posted it out to him, a couple of days later he came out to thank me, he was crying, oh it touched my heart so much, and spurred me on to send more personalized cards. I have loved this challenge, it has really encouraged me. Thank you so much, my daughter and I are making it a habit to send out cards regularly now, and we are seeing so much happiness in return, well worth the time and effort. xxx

  11. I’m sure there are others, but the one that jumps out to me is actually the one I made for Xander. And I still hold to that I had more fun making those cards for Emily and her sister. Thank you for showing us how easy it is to share a little kindness and brighten someone’s day. I will keep this going 🙂 You did good!

  12. I wrote a note card from my daughter to my mum and dad telling them about her arrival and how she was being adopted and how she was looking forward to meeting them. Her photo was on the front and it was a lovely way to announce her pending arrival.

  13. My favorite card was for a friend’s birthday last summer – it was so pretty I was tempted to keep it! 🙂 This is a friend who is virtually trapped in her home due to disability and it meant a lot to me to share this bit of creative play with her.

  14. Awesome challenge!!! No need to worry about people not playing along, you can do anything when it comes to cards and crafts!!!

    I can’t really think of a favorite card or note that I gave, I only really remember the ones I have received. One from my dad on pink paper, that stays in my planner and one from my husband he emailed me talking about our first date.

  15. I made an amazing card for my Mum’s 80th birthday in which I handwrote a poem I composed giving her eight roses, one for each decade of her life but also for eight special traits she has or special things she did for us all as we grew up. She still has it and she is now 88! She’s one special lady.

  16. Many years ago when we had our lawn mower out of service we paid one of our neighbors to mow our lawn. I followed up by sending him a simple store bought note card with a hand written thank you message inside because he didn’t have to do it and we appreciated him taking his time and bringing up his mower to help us out. Well… I hadn’t realized the impact that card would have – he displayed the card on their dresser and commented about it from time to time on how much it meant to him. I’ve only been making my own cards a hit and a miss for a couple of years as they tend to be time consuming but I am hoping to get more comfortable with the process. Have a great day!

  17. Hi Jennifer
    I think my favorite and most creative card I made and gave was to my dear friend a couple of weeks ago who lost her mother.
    On the front it was painted blue and green and had butterflies that pooped off the page. Fluttering. The stamp sentiment is from Stampin Up and it says “Sadness will soon flutter away”!
    Thought that was fitting since sadness doesnt just go takes a moment. And if you’ve watched a butterfly flutter…it takes time for that butterfly to catch the wind just right to get that speed she needs. Then she content to flutter up and down.
    At just the right moment, the right time, the right season n wind; God will fill my friend’s heart with peace and contentment so she can keep fluttering through life!

  18. Jennifer, you are the KINDEST!!!! THANK YOU.
    Beach scene of toes in sand with a crab attached to the big toe…!

  19. Looks like I missed the deadline for the giveaway but still wanted to share my favorite card I gave away. It was years ago when my husband was working the night shift (fireman). I sneaked a birthday card into his overnight bag for him because he was working. Luckily at the time he was (retired now) a lieutenant so he had his own separate space in the bunk room ….. he found my card and opened it to his surprise!!! a bunch of confetti flew out all over because it was a confetti flinger card! everyone in the bunk room had a laugh especially because he had to vacuum it all up. it was all in fun and it relieved some of the tension of them waiting for a bell to ring. For the longest time after that he was leery of opening any envelope from me. lol!
    stamping sue

  20. My sister-in-law who lives in Florida was diagnosed last year with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I felt so helpless being so far from her.(I live in Maine). I made her cards and sent them every 2 or 3 days all through her treatment. She looked forward to these cards and kept them displayed. It was such a little thing to do but in a small way it helped her get through a very tough time.

  21. My most meaningful card to date, is a sympathy and get well card for a supplier of mine. She recently went through a miscarriage, after which her partner left her. Upon more chatting, she let on that she doesn’t have any family, that she’s an orphan. So, her friends are her family. She’s more like a business friend but decided that it would be nice to send her a card. Hopefully it helped her in some ways.

  22. One of the most meaningful notes I ever got was many years ago but the words and thoughts have stayed with me. It was a note from a friend when my Dad passed away and the time she took and the things she said were so comforting that I have remembered it always and I hope I have done that for people in sympathy cards I have sent since.

  23. I’very always enjoyed making cards and little crafts for my family even as a little girl. Several years ago I found some of the little notes and cards that I made for my mom tucked away as a treasure in a keepsake box. That has continued to inspire me to send a note here and there that may not seem exceptional to me, but mat be meaningful to them.

  24. Would love to win one of these stamp sets as I love to give cards to friends to brighten their days and I think the Share Handmade Kindness was great it inspired me to do more random cards for friends family and workmates and anyone else I can think of to give them to so thanks for the inpiration I love your site and videos and card making classes. Thanks Vicki

  25. One of my favorite cards is the first shaker card that I ever made. It was a birthday card for my mom. It seemed so intimidating to make, but I ended up having a lot of fun making it.

  26. My favorite would be the hand written notes I leave my kids in the mornings when I’m not able to say good morning in person.

  27. Thank you so much for your inspiration! I sent cards every week to a friend that was going through cancer treatments. Each one had a scripture verse on the inside to encourage her through that season of her life.

  28. Thank you for your kindness and sharing your talent.

    My favorite card is a set I gave my mom, and years later she sent me one back, which meant a lot to me.

    Merry Christmas!

  29. I would love to say it was the wedding cards I gave to both my sons who got married this summer, they turned out beautifully, but if I were honest it would be the unexpected card I sent a friend who was going through a tough time.

  30. The most favourite card that I wrote was a accompanying card together with a cute little puppy for my little sister’s birthday. I still remember that I had a lot of fun decorating The fun card with lots of little pups playing together on the front and an adorable sentiment! She was delighted and still have the card framed up in her room till this day!:)

  31. Thank you so much Jennifer for hosting this challenge. You are truly an inspiration. I am just a beginner so I haven’t given many cards yet. My favorite would have to be the one I gave to my grandmother for her birthday. It put a big smile on her face, and it was so heartwarming to see.

  32. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all! I don’t know if I can choose just one card that I have given as my favorite. Each card has a bit of me that goes along with it that it’s not possible for me to choose just one..

  33. First, let me say how much I loved this campaign. I wasn’t able to post my things, but I definitely sent a big portion of my stash of cards, and the response was incredible. THESE were my favorite cards to send, because that sweet surprise of getting something in the mail meant so much to people.
    I hope you’ll keep reminding us to spread kindness where and when we can, Jennifer. You’re the best!

  34. My favorite card was a set of thank you cards I made for my granddaughter. The card included an abandoned pair of flip flops on a sandy beach (made from sand paper). Since she lives in flip flops and loves the beach, she was thrilled with the cards. For each of my seven grand children, I make a set of eight cards for their birthdays. I always try to include their name on the card and select a theme that highlights their current activities or interests.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  35. Thanks for a great month of kindness. One of my favorite cards is one I did with the help of the Mask-erade class. I haven’t made another yet and can’t bring myself to give this one away. It’s a simple Hello with a banner and stamped PS Chubby Chums on water color paper. I think I need to make more of these.

  36. I think my most favorite thank you was when I bought all the auto mechanics where I take my truck for maintenance pizza and then I made a card with an old truck on the front. It’s nice to recognize those who we depend upon.

  37. Thank you for the “kindness kickstart”. I had planned on keeping a Gratitude journal in 2016 and will now record my daily act of kindness, as well.

    Thank you to Jennifer and all who provided me with inspiration.

  38. My favorite card/note you have ever given is thank you card as the kind gesture I received from my family, colleagues, managers, friends and etc are some of the kindness they share with me!

  39. It’s hard to think of a favorite, but I think the cards I have made my mom have the most meaning and she always seems to like and appreciate them so much. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration during the past month, Jennifer!

  40. i so enjoy receiving your newletter. You are definitely helping me to keep working on my card making. It still is a challenge for me as I am 83 yrs. old, but I just keep plugging along, following your informative videos. I am so thankful that you are so willing to share your fabulous gift from God with those of us who are students. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. Marlene

  41. The card was based on one of yours Jennifer, I drew a heart and stamped it totally full then I removed the pencil and I put some golden pearls into the white spaces.
    love Zoë

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