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Hello! Just stopping by to share some awesome things my friends have created. I highly encourage you to check them out – they each have videos, are incredible, and support the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. Oh – and I have an awesome giveaway!


(1.) Julie Ebersole – When I started this challenge, I only asked a few people if they wanted to participate. (I just prayed others would jump in!) However, I asked Julie to play since her energy and heart fit perfect with the challenge. I adore what Julie shares in this quick video. She uses the new Hero Arts Acts of Kindness Stamp Set and makes it shine. (She also talks about a kindness package I sent her… I will show that here on my blog soon.) Please head HERE to see her great work and video… and please leave her a kind comment!

(2.) Carissa Wiley – I also asked Carissa to play along with this week’s challenge to share with folks who work/serve/help in our community. Carissa is a nurse (so awesome) and a great cardmaker, so I knew she would be a perfect fit. Her cards are delightful and the tips in her video are inspiring. You can head HERE to see her cards and video and leave her some love. Also, be sure to go HERE to see a great kindness giveaway!

(3.) Kelly Latevola – I smiled ear to ear when I saw this happy card by my happy friend Kelly. It is another great example of how to use the Hero Arts Acts of Kindness Stamp Set. So very happy. Be sure to HERE to see Kelly’s post and leave some kind words. Also, look around her blog – she does a great job showcasing fellow artists. Genius.

(4.) PoppyandMintDesign Print – When I decided to do this Share Handmade Kindness Challenge, I hired a bunch of amazing lettering artists to create kindness quotes. One of the artists I picked was Molly of Poppy and Mint Design. She created this masterpiece of a favorite Mother Teresa quote. She is now selling the image as a download with 50% of the money going to the Kind Campaign. Woot! I printed the quote on a card and foiled it with my Minc machine for the example above. I plan to make a set of these to give as teacher gifts this year.


I have a great giveaway today – a $50 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson! Ellen one of the kindest people I know and has been very supportive of the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. Thank you, Ellen!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.00.42 PM

For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/18/15 telling me if you are making and/or sending Christmas/holiday cards this year. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, contacted, and posted on my β€œWinners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)

Good luck and see you soon.


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  1. I have been making Christmas cards for family and friends for several years now. This year is no different. My multiple sclerosis has held me back in years past from giving out as many cards as I would have liked. This year is turning out to be a good year. Everyone on my list should get a card. I also make each card original. So, no two cards are the same. I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!!

  2. I make Christmas cards each year. Last year’s theme was using hot pink and bright green circles, with the word “Joy”. I haven’t decided on this year’s theme. Better get going!

  3. ooow Jennifer
    the cards you show here is stunning
    love them all and your card really awesome even only with WORDS
    did you have time to read more than 1000 commentator
    woow you must have much time sweety
    two thumbs up with your post and the cards you share
    to be a winner on 1000 comentator must be a very lucky lady one LOL
    thanks Jen for the chance to win this is really a great GC

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    such beautiful cards you are showcasing today. Must take the time soon to read all the others’ blog entries.
    To answer your question: I hadn’t sent Christmas Cards for many years at all, but then last year just felt like doing it, and sent cards out to all my family. And guess what? I got so many positive comments and even some cards in return, and that was only the start to getting closer again to some of them. So it was definitely well worth the effort I put into it! Will definitely do it again this year! :o)
    Kind regards, Britta

  5. So, since finding your videos I have been obsessed with stamping! I will be make and sending my own Christmas cards this year, I have made attempts in the past but now that I know all your tips and tricks I think they are ready to be seen by someone other than my boyfriend! LOL!

  6. Great job on spreading kindness Jennifer.
    Yes, I have been making Christmas cards and will be mailing them out. Thank you fornthe give away. I have been admiring Ellen Hutson’s site for some time.

  7. I am SO excited to be sending out Holiday cards to both friends and family this year! I’ve had my idea for the card layout in my head for months now, so I need to get crackin’! Thanks for all the wonderful shares… can’t wait to see more!

  8. Adorable cards! Yes, I am planning to make at least some holiday cards this year. Thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  9. I am planning to send a picture/card that I purchase this year, but I always make a few cards to give to my dearest friends when we get together for Christmas.

  10. I have made about 60 Christmas cards to sell at a bazaar. I will sned about 100 cards. I havent yet decided if I will purchase photo cards or use the photos to make my own cards this year. I have to show off my grandtwins, so the picture will be the focal point! I am sure if I make them, some of your inspiration will end up in my cards!

  11. I always send store bought cards for Christmas, so i am excited (& kinda nervous) undertaking handmade Christmas cards this year. But I shall persevere!!! πŸ™‚

  12. I am making our holiday cards this year, which will be quite the project. I usually do a handmade element to include with our cards, but this year I’ve been inspired to take on the whole shebang! My goal is to get them all (100+) done and in the mail by December 15th!

  13. I enjoyed the other women’s wonderful cards and video’s showcasing the new Kindness stamp set. Their ideas and creativity are amazing! Yes, I make and send Christmas cards.

  14. I am making cards to send this year. I usually make one style each year, but I love seeing all the fun ones everyone else make, and I probably have a lifetime of ideas now!

  15. In the past 5 years I have been making my own Christmas Cards to send and each year my cards are getting thicker and heavier…..I put more 3D dots and more glitters…. πŸ™‚

  16. Stunning Cards from amazing crafters! Thanks, Jennifer! You know, I always do Christmas Cards or something (I think I did a half page Christmas photo thing on my computer and counted it as my card. LOL ), and I need to be working on them NOW…I just can’t seem to get going. It’s been a tough year emotionally with 3 deaths in our family in the Spring and physically because I’m wrestling 2 wee grands. I’m that mom that everyone depends on, with 2 speeds 90 and stop. I’m just about out of steam and I don’t even know if I want to tackle my yearly birthday/holiday calendars that I do annually for 9-10 people, but our newest grand baby was born in the Spring too. I feature our immediate family on them too, so I really need to do them, but I keep telling myself, the kids will send everyone pictures of the wee ones. Thank You for your amazing inspiration in all aspects of life and crafting, I do appreciate it so very much. xo

  17. Love the beautiful cards! I haven’t sent Christmas cards out for several years, but I am hoping to make the time this year.

  18. Hey there! I just finished making a batch of Christmas cards for the Caring Hearts card drive. A few years ago my family decided to expand our gift giving by making sure we include people we don’t know. This year I am making Christmas cards for people we don’t know. And what fun it is! I am even branching out into ‘partial die-cutting’ for goodness sake. Snowflake galore! Ha.

  19. I have been slowly making Christmas cards to send to family and friends this year . I started last year and am slow going. I have been reading everyone’s blogs and watching videos for some awesome ideas and inspiration. Thank you all

  20. Four years ago I spent Christmas in the ICU, recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Unfortunately, I’ve been chronically I’ll ever since, so I’ve fallen out of the tradition of sending Christmas cards. Every year I mean well, & last year I actually bought some & got two made, but never got them filled out. I just keep praying for the strength to have enough “good days” to get them done… maybe this year? In spite of my challenges, I have received my own Christmas miracle, & I couldn’t be any more grateful or have more reverence for this Holiday than I do. Merry Christmas everyone!

  21. Hi Jennifer, what a wonderful program you have going! Such talented women participating. I have about 100 handmade Christmas cards done and about 30 to go. I am sending cards to all the shut in’s at church and maybe a nursing home. I get such joy out of doing this and I know they enjoy the cards. I was in a nursing center for a few weeks last year after breaking my ankle and saw how few of the residents got mail or had visitors. So sad like they are forgotten. I want to make it nicer for them. Wish I could do it for all but I can only do what I can as my own health isn’t the best. Thanks for all the kindness you share with others. God Bless You.

  22. For the past several years I have been making Christmas cards (thanks to you and Kristina and your wonderful inspiration) and sending them out. I love to make handmade things for the holidays, it truly makes it more special. Thanks for spending kindness and making the world a better place.

  23. I think this year an “act of kindness ” would be very appropriate ! Christmas cards would be a great place to start! I love the stamp set and I think it would make great cards to share the kindness we all need. Thanks for sharing this kindness with all of us !

  24. I really love all the cards shown here on your blog, made by you or other talented people. I am inspired to make cards and to learn more. This year I am making cards for my friends and family, many of whom I will not be able to see during holidays. I am determined to make them so they can think of me and my family and not get just an SMS saying Happy holidays.. Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  25. Jennifer, thanks so much for all you do! Yes, I will be making all my Christmas cards this year. And, for the first time, I am going to make them all alike and mass produce them. That way I will have time to send them to more of my friends (usually send only to my “besties”). Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I will definitely be making and sending a lot of Christmas cards this year. I haven’t really done it much in the passed, but since starting making cards, the more reason I have to make some, the better.

  27. Thank you for all the great ideas. These are beautiful cards. I`m making Christmas Cards and Gifts this year too. I love card making. πŸ™‚ Nikolett from Hungary

  28. Hi Jennifer! I am sending you greetings al the way from Slovenia. Even here we get inspired by your cards, techniques and ideas. I have to say that I have learned a lot from you, Kristina and other crafters in the last couple of years. So I can’t wait to start making Cristmas cards again this year. I will be also a challenge for me to use greetings in our own language, since there are not as many as in english. But I think the joy of friends and family who will recieve the cards will be worth it. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  29. I have never sent out cards before because this is my first year in discovering the card making world. I love making cards, and will definitely be sending them out this year for Christmas. Jennifer, you have been inspiring me so much! Thank you! I love the techniques you show.

  30. I am making Christmas cards! For about the last five years, I make a bunch starting in September, and my husband writes them and sends them away! I really love the saying by Mother Teresa, it’s so true!

  31. I am planning on making Christmas cards this year, in fact I ordered the Reindeer Games stamps & dies sets to make my cards with and I’m going to be starting this weekend! WOO HOO!!!

  32. Yes, I made Stampin Up shaker cards this year for my Christmas cards! They are all made and waiting for me to add my sentiment! Love shaker cards!

  33. Hi Jennifer!
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I am planning to make and send Christmas cards every year, and I use many of your great videos to help me!


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