Video: Stamping On Wood + Giveaway

Hello! Although I am hosting the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge this month, I will still be sharing more normal stamping, cardmaking and die cutting videos. However, they will all tie into the let’s-give-what-we-make theme. Today? Today I show how easy and fun it is to stamp and color on wood embellishments.

Stamping on Wood Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Affiliate links used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Oh me oh my these little guys are extremely addictive! So much fun to make! In fact I plan to have the kids make a bunch of these for Christmas ornament gifts.

All you need is some type of wood embellishment. I used Amy Tangerine’s Wood Slices and they are perfect. However, you could use large wood veneer embellishments or even wood paper (which can be die cut into any shape you want). Just stamp with permanent ink and add heavy coloring with colored pencils. I am a big fan of Prismacolor – they go on like butter.

Stamping on Wood Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

And aren’t these stamps the cutest? They are from this month’s My Monthly Hero kit. You get the stamps and dies… and even the faux moss on the bottom of the pieces. This stamp set was designed by the uber-talented Kathy Racoosin. I am so proud of her! Hurry – last month’s kit sold out fast and I bet this one will also.

Stamping on Wood Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

These would be to hang on a plant to give as a gift… or adhere them to the front of a card. I tell ya – they are addictive!


In the video, I mention three other videos:

  1. Adding highlights on stamped images with a white colored pencil.
  2. Letterpress with wood veneer pieces.
  3. Adding shading to stamped images with colored pencils.


I am so excited to see so many of you participating in the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. Imagine all the kindness we are spreading – it is bound to make a difference. The little gifts I created in this video will be sent to faraway friends as part of our Week 1 challenge of sending kindness to friends and family.


Today’s giveaway is a 24 pack of Prismacolor Colored Pencils! (Donated by yours truly.) For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/10/15 telling me if you like using colored pencils or markers better. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)


Interested in the products I used? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased except those with an asterisk.) Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), Amazon (AZ), etc.

( HA )


( SSS | AZ )


( SSS | EH )


( SSS | EH )


( SSS | AZ )




( SSS )


( SSS | EH )



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664 thoughts on “Video: Stamping On Wood + Giveaway”

  1. I much prefer colored pencils! I find that I have more control using pencil versus marker… I tend to get a little heavy-handed!

  2. I prefer to use colored pencils – I find them easier to blend and use. Thanks for the chance.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  3. What an adorable way to embellish the wood pieces!! So pretty! So far, I enjoy coloring with pencils. I like to do shading and it’s easier for me with them.

  4. I really like to use them together. I like to lay down some quick color with the markers and maybe do one layer of shading and then add more shading with the pencils. I get a cooler look than I can achieve with either medium on its own.

  5. I just recently started using coloured pencils. A friend gave me a mandala colouring book for my birthday, and some of the images are very delicate, so I thought pencils would be the best option. I pulled out my old pencils from school (they’re like 40 years old!), and while they still work great, I treated myself to the 12 pack of Prismacolors. They’re lovely! I do have a small number of copics and like them too, but am really enjoying the pencils right now.

  6. I think your wood pieces are fabulous. Can’t wait to try it on some wood pieces I bought last week not knowing what I was going to do with them. They were .50 for 10 pieces so I bought them.
    I like both Prisma color pencils and Copic markers but am better with color pencils. Recently purchased 20 distress markers.

  7. I like using coloured pencils better because of their versatility in how you can go on with straight pencil for a grainy look but then use something like gamsol to blend it in if you want a more inky look!

  8. I have always used markers for cardmaking! I have a set of watercolor pencils but I rarely ever break those out.

  9. I’m more comfortable using markers, but I have Inktense pencils which I haven’t used as much as I should have!

  10. love these!!! I wonder if slicing your own wood pieces works just as well. must try and would make very cute tags! I like colored pencils better than markers. I’m one that does not color very well with markers and I find pencils are more forgiving.

  11. Love these, this leads to so many more possibilities! You are always so inspiring. I use alcohol markers, watercolors and have recently been using color pencils and they are my favorites by far. I am just starting a collection of pencils so I can’t help but hope to win these! thank you dearly for the opportunity

  12. Love the video! I’m comfortable with using markers but I woul like to sled pediment with colouring pencils 🙂

  13. I have been using markers lately. I think there is a learning curve to make pencils look smooth. Thanks for this wonderful Kindness campaign. Such a perfect time of year to be reminded of the true meaning of the season.

  14. I honestly love my copic markers but for coloring in a coloring book, a new favorite, I love using my colored pencils.

  15. Lately I’ve been really liking colored pencils. I lightly color and blend it out with gamsol and I’ve been pretty happy with the results! I bought a few chameleon markers yesterday so I need to give those a try. I also LOVE the zig real brush watercolor markers. So, I guess what I’m saying is I don’t know. LOL.

  16. Hey Jennifer? since I am not old enough to have a real job yet, I have trouble purchasing copic markers and expensive colored pencils like prisma color but recently I was shopping at a local marshalls and I got my hands on a pack of six spectrum noir markers so I played around with those. Also about a year or so ago my art teacher gave me a few colored pencils from a variety of different brands including prisma color and I do a bit better job with the pencils.

  17. I have started to use colored pencils and I think they work really well for some things, i.e. dogs as you can really create texture well with them.

  18. I love using coloured pencils and your cute little tags made from these wood slices have taken the colour beautifully and such pretty stamps by Kathy Racoosin too. x

  19. I have not used markers or pencils that much, but I know for sure, that I prefer pencils. And the Prismacolor pencils looks like they could quickly become a favorite 🙂

  20. I’ve only used the markers! Love the quality and would love to do something special with the pencils!

  21. I’ve always liked color pencils, from a young child on, but its a very close race since I’ve learned to use my copics. I just love to color, I guess pencils win. Lol. Thank you for a chance to win, Carole Lovill

  22. AMAZING Projects!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! I used to use ONLY Colored Pencils as I wasn’t very good with Markers!! After taking some classes and LOTS of Practice I have Gotten LOTS better with Markers, but there’s just something I LOVE about Colored Pencils!! I’ve NEVER used the Prisma Colored Pencils though and I KNOW they’re BEAUTIFUL!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKI!! =)

  23. I love to use markers, I love the finish they give, but sometimes I like to stamp directly onto a card, and markers show through the card stock, so I use pencils, takes me back to my childhood, I would spend hours coloring in bumper books. Aw good times xx

  24. I prefer the markers because I find it easier to blend them. I have been challenging myself to use the colored pencils more often.

  25. I like using colored pencils better than markers because I feel I have more control and the color doesn’t bleed through regular paper.. However, my pencils don’t have the color intensity of markers.

  26. So cute! !

    I usually like markers i think but I’ve never had any pencil crayons better than Crayola. Prismacolor look lovely! 🙂 thanks Jennifer

  27. I used to prefer colouring with markers, but have recently been enjoying using coloured pencils, and would love the chance to try out Prismacolor!

  28. I’ve only used Copic markers for my coloring and card making. I recently bought an adult coloring book so I hope to get some colored pencils soon to try out.

  29. I like to use both. But I like markers most of the time, I find them easier to use. But I like colored pencils for the softer look. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  30. I’m a mixer! I love copic markers but also adore adding colour pencil on top of it for more obvious shading. I’d love to win the set of colour pencils as I only have water colour ones

  31. Hi, love all your vids. I like using both markers and pencils but I am more comfortable using pencils. I am just getting the shading down with the pencils and loving it.

  32. Colored pencils are my daughter’s favorite. She already put Prismacolor colored pencil on her Christmas list. 😉

  33. I’ve considered ordering some adult coloring books for relaxation/stress relief and I think colored pencils would definitely be better for coloring those.

  34. I haven’t used either with stamping, since I haven’t really graduated past just stamping with ink or embossing powder! I think I could work with pencils better than markers though, I think being able to shade properly with the markers makes me scared a bit!
    Thanks for this awesome video, I just bought some wood slices the other day, thinking of making some ornaments for Christmas!!

  35. I haven’t used either with stamping, since I haven’t really graduated past just stamping with ink or embossing powder! I think I could work with pencils better than markers though, I think being able to shade/blend properly with the markers makes me scared a bit!
    Thanks for this awesome video, I just bought some wood slices the other day, thinking of making some ornaments for Christmas!!

  36. These are so stinking cute! I’m not sure if I could pick between markers or pencils…I use markers more, but I love the look of pencils as well, I just forget to use them. Thanks for sharing this great technique with us! =)

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