Welcome to the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge! (And Giveaway!)

Welcome. Today is the first day of my Share Handmade Kindness Challenge!

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Since January, I have been brainstorming and developing this challenge and I am so glad it is finally here. I think many of you will enjoy the idea and I hope you participate! Here is a bit more about it…

[To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]


I think every one of us can agree that we love to create — cards, scrapbook pages, treats, and more. Making things by hand makes us happy. And when we share these creations with others, we also share that happiness. There’s nothing better! It’s a simple act of kindness that can brighten someone’s day and leave a lasting impression… and our world needs more kindness.

So, wouldn’t it be fun to encourage each other to turn the joy of creating into the kindness of giving? I hope you will join me here during the month of November for a “Share Handmade Kindness Challenge.” Each week throughout the month, we’ll challenge each other to share an act of handmade kindness with someone. Any act of kindness made with the hands from the heart counts! We’ll support each other in sharing these acts of handmade kindness with friends and family, children facing challenges, those who work in our communities (nurses, teachers, etc.), and complete strangers who may need a smile.

Oh, and by the way, throughout the month, I will be encouraging everyone to consider supporting The Kind Campaign, an awesome organization that is working to end bullying. I will be making donations, too!

To participate, stop by any time during the month of November. I will offer simple challenges and make it easy to be involved. You are welcome to spread the word with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness. I hope you’ll join me in turning our joy of creating into the kindness of giving!


Each Monday of the month (starting tomorrow!), I will present you with a challenge. The challenge will involve creating and giving a handmade card (or anything handmade) to a particular person/people. By participating, you will be eligible to win some great prizes, too!

WEEK 1 (November 2 – 8) – Share handmade kindness with friends and family members – More info HERE.

WEEK 2 (November 9 – 15) – Share handmade kindness with those who work in our community – More info HERE.

WEEK 3 (November 16 – 22) – Share handmade kindness with kids – More info HERE.

WEEK 4 (November 23 – 29) – Share handmade kindness with strangers – More info HERE.


It would be wonderful if you shared this challenge with any of your crafty friends. You can send folks to sharehandmadekindness.com – the “hub” of this project. However, once you’re ready to get involved, you can just head straight here to my blog all month long. This blog is where the challenge, prizes, guests and more will be presented.

Again, please use the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness on social media to spread the word!


To support the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge, Hero Arts has created two stamps with messages of kindness. They are donating 25% of the profits to the Kind Campaign to help end bullying. Isn’t that fabulous?! I helped “curate” these sets, but I was not paid to do so. Instead, Hero Arts is generously donating to the Kind Campaign per my request. What a fun way to make a difference.

These stamps will start showing up in stores today. You can find them at Simon Says Stamp (clear and wood), Ellen Hutson (clear and wood), and other stamp stores.



First, I want to thank you for all your kind words about my new blog. We put our heart and soul into it and are glad you like it! If you are having trouble registering, just email me. I can help you.

Finally I want to give a big thank you to Heather Ruwe. Heather is a dear friend of mine who started working with me this summer. Her ideas and help with this challenge have been incredible. Thank you, Heather!


Let’s kick off this challenge with THREE giveaways! THREE lucky winners will get the two Hero Arts stamp sets above! For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/6/15 telling me your favorite type of handmade kindness to share – cards, sweet treats, etc. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)

See you tomorrow. I hope you are ready to participate!


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1,599 thoughts on “Welcome to the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge! (And Giveaway!)”

  1. I LOVE this Kindness idea!!! My favorite kindness sharing is card making using stamps…always makes me feel good to send a smile through the mail to some ones mail box!!!!

  2. My favorite thing to gift are sweet treats. I just love the feeling that I get when I know that I have made someone’s favorite treat.

  3. I am a scrapbooker. I love scrapping pictures with family and friends. I’ll make 12×12 layouts and give them away for them to hang. My sister makes the most requests. Lol. I also love to cook, no one comes over to our apartment without eating. Filling tummies with my cooking is the best. Especially when they love it and go for seconds.

  4. Such a wonderful idea and some great products from Hero Arts! My favorite type of handmade kindness is a handmade card whether for a specific occasion or “just because.” It is so special to send and receive kind messages.

  5. I love crafts and and making cards and happily send those to loved ones through the mail. For friends and family living nearby, my favorite form of handmade kindness definitely involves baked goods!

  6. I love making and sending cards and people always comment on the fact that nobody sends mail anymore, so it’s a special treat. I send cards to people who need a little lift, in addition to birthday and thank-you cards.

  7. Thanks for the chance to win!
    My favorite handmade items to give are crotched or knitted dishclothes, and also, cards.

  8. I love to give hand sewn objects to friends and family, especially cross stitched pictures and quilted items!

    This is such a great idea! Thank you for inspiring us!

  9. I love making cards for people. They always get a little extra excited when they see that it’s something homemade.
    I also love sewing little monsters for people! I teach Family Studies to grade 7 & 8 students here in Toronto and the year they do sewing we make little monsters.

    Also it always brightens my principals face when I walk in with Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  10. I am a card maker and giver. Love the idea of month long celebration of the various forms of ‘hand made’. Love the new stamp set, it’s on my wish list. Thanks for the continued inspiration, and now a gentile push to get some cards in the post.

  11. My favorite kind of handmade gift to share would have to be a card or mixed media project for someone’s home .Either one can be kept and admired for a long time…and it makes that person smile more than just the day they receive it. I just made my grandmother (who is very dear to me) a card in September this year. I used an inlaid diecutting technique and I must even admit that it turned out beautifully. She was sooo happy and couldn’t figure out how I did it. My grandmother passed a month after I gave her that card….I’m grieving her loss very much, but I’m so glad I was able to give her that card and the message inside, telling her how much I’ve loved her always and that she’s my hero . She was all about sharing love and kindness and making the world a better place, so I devote all of my entrees in this challenge in her memory. I love you, MomMom!

  12. I love to send handmade cards. We all know that happy snail mail is becoming a past time… Sending someone a card totally brightens their say. I send my cards in clear envelopes so that as the card travels, it can touch others on it’s journey too 🙂

  13. The new website is great Jennifer! Looking forward to participating in your challenges this month and think this a fabulous idea. Tonight I made some chocolate chip cookies for my son to take on his high school choir trip – and share with the other kids. Hopefully he won’t eat them all himself. ?

  14. My favorite handmade kindness is baked sweets like brownies or cookies placed in a handmade box along with a tag or small card. People always appreciate them!!

  15. I do like to send thinking of you cards for many situations. I also enjoy helping “do” something for people such as cleaning my friends house when she had an accident.

  16. I have more than one favorite craft that I love share. The last couple of years it’s been boxes, cards, bookcovers etc decorated with ribbon embroidery. But since finding your videos, Jennifer, and your website – the new one is amazing by the way – I have returned to sending handmade cards again about two weeks ago. Gotta say, I love the positive feedback I get, when my cards reach my friends’ mailbox.
    I always try to make cards with the recipient in mind, so the card reflects both me and the person getting some homemade kindness from me. Jennifer, your video about how you use your calender really inspired me to make a list of people who will be getting a card from me from week to week.

  17. whenever i am inspired by a new idea to try – be it with paint and paper or yarn and a crochet hook, my first thought is: (fill in the blank) – my sister, my aunt, my neighbor, etc. would love this! I need to make this for her/him.
    thank you for the inspiration to spread a little kindness. i am looking forward to the challenge.

  18. I make lots of handmade cards and really enjoy sending something special to friends and family. Congrats on your wonderful new site Jennifer. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and inspiration.

  19. What a fabulous idea – I am sure that there are plenty of mothers whom deserve a hand made card for all that they do everyday which is just taken for granted.. and I think that all the teachers could do with a card too.

  20. My favorite handmade ‘kindness’ to share is a card. I like to make gifts also, but a card just seems like something you can do anytime. It’s pretty easy, you don’t need any special packing, just pop it in the mail if you can’t give it in person.

  21. Hope I am not tardy to the party. Love the idea. Getting around the blog will take a little practice. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  22. What a great challenge! I am both a papercrafter and a quilter, so my favorite random act of crafty kindness is a special quilt with a handmade card and gift tag. I even use my digital scrapbooking program to design and print custom quilt labels for each quilt.

  23. I love to make cards and treats for family and friends. I always try to find unique things that will make someone’s day. Thanks for this challenge.

  24. I LOVE this Kindness idea dear Jennifer
    I like to share my kindness with sending my card to friends who has birthday
    and a bit goodies and German Chocolate
    some of my blog buddy friends has that present from me and they are happy
    thanks for the chance to win but to be on 1500 of them to be a lucky one is not possible for me hehehe
    I enjoy and follow you per Email Jennifer
    hugs, Monika

  25. I love that you are doing this challenge, I’ll be finding a way to incorporate the spirit of it at my work, with women coming out of prison, many of whom have experienced bullying to degrees unimaginable and many who have been the bullies themselves. Thank you! My favorite type of handmade craftiness to give is some form of paper craft, cards, mini albums, party decor, if it involves paper, ink and glue I’m happy to spread the kindness.

  26. That felt great. Thank you. It was just a reminder of how easy it is to share a little kindness. 5 cards off to family members in the morning. Thanks again for the reminder!!!

  27. I love the idea of sharing handmade kindness. I always make sure to give my family birthday cards and Christmas cards. I know it makes them feel special. I make every card different and special to fit each persons personality. I get a lot of joy giving them to them as well. I’m going to try my best to find a way to squeeze in this challenge while working with a tight schedule to get my holiday cards done. That’s so great that you’re donating with Hero Arts too! I was bullied when I was younger and if I wasn’t so confident in myself, it could have affected me much worse. Bullying has to stop especially in the digital age where it’s so much easier to harass kids outside of school. I’m off to spread kindness now 🙂

  28. I like the idea of the challenge, and of the anti-bullying campaign. I was bullied a lot in school so that is a cause close to my heart. My favorite little kindness is a handmade card. People don’t always let me know they got them, but i am content knowing that i made it and I sent it. I know people appreciate it even if they don’t always say so.

  29. I often do random acts of kindness in my life (as often as I can), and enjoy making homemade banana bread for my friends, doctor and my mom’s nurses, along with my handmade cards. I love doing RAK’s of any type for anyone.

  30. I’m TERRIBLE about actually following through on the things I want to do for people. I’m hoping this challenge gets me going! I do actually succeed in spending time with people, though.

  31. My favorite handmade kindness is to share a meal or a plate of baked goods with someone during a time of need or just to say, “You are special!”

  32. With all the anger and fear across the world right now, what a beautiful way to connect with people, I love this challenge! My favorite way to share handmade kindness is definitely with handmade cards.

  33. It doesn’t get any better than this: sharing, caring and kindness all wrapped up in a crafty bow. Literally. Thanks for hosting this Jennifer & for helping a great cause too! <3

  34. Last month I sent a handmade card to my client’s daughter! Before I knew the world of cardmaking though, I was (and still am) into paper craft and I sent a castle-shaped paper craft as a birthday gift to my friend. I also made a small house paper craft for last year’s xmas gift and put it into a mason jar, along with a small deer figurine and it became a DIY snow globe. I love gifts with a handmade touch so I figure that would make a great gift to people as well.

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