Share Handmade Kindness Challenge: Week 4

Hello! Week 4 of the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge is all about strangers. Those we don’t know well or at all… but who could likely use a smile…


So Week 4 (November 23-29) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with strangers. Leave a note on someone’s windshield. Pay for the person behind you in a drive-through and give them a card. Send a card to a favorite blogger. (Yes, that isn’t exactly a stranger, but you likely haven’t met!) Drop off a kind note to the mail lady who was nice to you last time you were there. Anyone! Notes or simple cards are best for this challenge.


As I mentioned last week, I am also hosting a Card Shower for two kids battling cancer. We are still collecting cards for them – and since we don’t know these folks well – any cards you send count for this week’s challenge too! It is easy. You can find all of the details HERE. Just an option for you.


Participating is easy. Simply make something and give it. It can be a card, sweet treat, handwritten note – anything made by the hand, from the heart counts. Easy!

And since kindness is contagious, I also encourage you to share whatever you create/give on your blogs, social media, etc… and even here on my blog. Let’s inspire each other! Here are three options:

  1.  Post a photo of whatever you create on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness.
  2.  Link a project you created to this post using the link-up tool below. (At the end of the post – click “Add a Link.”)
  3.  Leave a comment on this post telling what you created. (This is great if you don’t do social media or have a blog. Easy peasy!)

You are welcome to do none of these, one of these, two of these, or all three! But for each you do, you will be eligible for a great prize…


To celebrate this week’s challenge, I have THREE great prizes to give away.


This week’s prizes include:

  1.   A $100 Gift Certificate to Simon Says Stamp
  2.   A $25 Gift Certificate to Lawn Fawn
  3.   A $25 Gift Certificate to Pink & Main
  4.   A $60 Gift Certificate to Organize More
  5.   A $25 Gift Certificate Honey Bee Stamps

These five incredible companies were very awesome to offer these prizes. Please consider checking out their products. These are some of the kindest people in the industry!

I will give one prize to someone who I see participating on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness. I will give a prize to TWO folks who link their project below. And another prize will be for TWO people who leaves a comment on this post letting me know of their participation. All will be randomly picked on 11/30/15. (International folks are eligible, too!)

If for some reason you can’t participate, no worries. I will still have other random giveaways throughout the week!


As I mentioned, you are welcome to link here to share your project to inspire others. This is optional! It is easy – you can watch THIS video if you need some help.

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165 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Challenge: Week 4”

  1. Today I mailed off my cards to Xander , Emily & their families. Yesterday I mailed off 25 cards to the Caring Hearts card drive-I just hope they make it in time before the deadline! Both of these causes are near & dear to my heart. My brother passed away from cancer after spending time in a nursing home with some very caring people.

  2. I shared some kindness today at the grocery store. There is always a Salvation Army bell ringer at our local supermarket this time of year and they sit there for hours collecting change from passers by. I had the nicest experience with this man, I stopped to drop some coins in his pot, he looked at me very quizzically and asked “Do you know Mary?” I answered “I know several Marys, which one?” He got a huge smile and said “Merry Christmas!” Love it! Then I handed him a little snack I picked up in the store for him, Nutella with cracker sticks, and told him “Here’s a little snack for you.” He was so surprised and thanked me a few times and as I walked away he called out. “I really love this and thank you from the bottom of my heart.” This is one of my favorite acts of kindness and I buy candy bars and snacks for the bell ringers every year and they always love it. This wasn’t a handmade kindness, but I don’t care, it was a happy one.

  3. Best way to spread joy is to complete strangers! I do it on a weekly basis! Every time I go to tim Hortons I always pay for the person behind me. The other coffee I always get isn’t for a stranger bit for a man who used to live in my grandmother home when I was little. He’s had a very hard life and is now living in a very bad place. He’s always outside our gas station just sitting and watching people, it brings him joy. Anytime I see him I buy him coffee and a scratch ticket. People say it’s weird of me to be so friendly to him but he’s known me since I was little and is the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

  4. Wow, I was reading some of the things that people did for the challenge and I thought, wow, I didn’t do hardly anything! It’s so hard to be a caregiver to both of my parents and do all the other stuff I have to do with challenges and stuff, not to mention make cards for family and friends. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it all and then I do or at least try to do it. Tonight I put together 2 cards for the nursing home and I will mail them tomorrow. I thought I had a little more time but I hope they get there on time. I’ve been making cards for my cousins, niece and nephew, sisters, and a group I belong to that swaps Christmas cards every year. The problem is a lot of them have to be colored and it takes me a while to color something. I’ll get them done, but I might not get them all out on time. I wanted to make them in the summer but I was afraid if I did, I ‘d put them somewhere and forget where they were when it came time to mail them out. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer but I’ll be okay. I just need to get more sleep. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. Forgot to mention that I am also making cards for the kids with cancer and their families. I hope I am not late in mailing them out. I want to do this for them because whenever I think of how hard my life is, I think of those little kids who have it way worse then anything I am going through. They deserve to smile and I hope that I make them smile.

  6. I still have to create two cards for the Card Shower. Two are done. You’ll have them well before the deadline. Hope to be able to post pictures of them as soon as I get them all done!

  7. I’m giving our mail lady a card saying “thanks” for doing such a great job. I’m also going to be sending some cards for the card shower. You’re amazing for setting that up, and for inspiring all of us to be extra kind this month!

  8. I don’t know if this counts, but i alwaysalwaysalways print out extra coupons when I am heading to the store and give them to either someone else on line or someone I find debating a purchase in the aisles. More than once I have gotten a “thank you- now I can get both!” from the person, and it always makes me SO happy. So not exactly handmade, but maybe making the *time* to do it? (although it takes very little time, and is so rewarding..)

  9. I handmade a seniment in a mug for my coworkers. And leave them in their desk between différents moments of their shifts. As a thank you to be kind and nice with patients. I don’t know them that much so they still strangers for me but these days we work hard we are in so much stress that I thought one warm cup of coffee (handmade) can change their day 🙂

  10. I don’t have any photos, but I’ve just donated 12 homemade Christmas cards to a senior’s home n town, here. They were given to the shut-ins, who can’t get out to buy their own cards.

  11. Thank you for hosting this great event for all 4 weeks with so much kindness through crafting!!!! I also send some of my creations to school kids, helpers and one of my crafty friend! Enjoying it very much!

  12. My husband and I had dinner at a very busy restaurant. I believe our waitress was new. She brought me the wrong drink (twice), brought my salad with my entree, and brought an entree of steak rather than the halibut I ordered. She seemed stressed and flustered, but kept working with a smile on her face. I think she was probably a local college student. We left her a larger than normal tip with a note of encouragement thanking her for smiling during a difficult evening of work.

  13. I do love your challenges. I made cards for the mailman and also a couple of neighbors that are homebound in my neighborhood. I dont know them but the card and a few candies will share the spirit of thanksgiving kindness.

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving with family!

  14. I made some cards to send to strangers via my alumni network – they have frequent card exchanges to brighten the days of fellow alums!

  15. I do little things here and there and get a lot of pleasure when I can do something to help others. I was having a stressful day, helping was not in the must do list, however as I looked up I saw a lady parked in a handicapped space having a hard time getting her groceries in the car. Without thinking, the words came out of my mouth… may I help you? She was so thankful and happy to find someone that would want to help her. It put a smile on my face and made the lady happy. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Great idea Jennifer!!

  16. I created a tag using Avery Elle stamps and will be giving that and a poinsettia to our vet when I bring the kitties in next week.

  17. Sharing kindness really does make the world a happier place. I create a tag with Waffle Flower stamps and will be give it with some cookies to our mailman.

  18. Thank you so much for inspiring us to be better in all parts of our lifes! I’m so happy I have been able to participate the entire month, I feel I got the most though, since I had so much fun – I will try to keep it up even after 🙂 I feel like I cheated a bit, since I entered my cards for your card shower and I had those made last week, since I needed to get it mailed from Sweden, in order for you to get it in time. But I’m really thinking about those door hangers to wish my neighbours Merry Christmas. Again, big thank you! (I also feel bad that I didn’t had time to make you a card to show how special and appreiciated you are, but I took one I had already made…)

  19. This was tough.
    Yesterday I had the last day of a for me important class. As it was a short class, we only met 5 times and did’nt get to know each other very well. I brought a handmade cake for the class and they loved it. Further I really think about a small gift or handmade cookies to hang to my neighbours doors for Christmas. Will see. 🙂

  20. I just finished my cards to Xander and Emily. I’ll be mailing them in the morning. I wish I had time to make more cards.

  21. I made pillow boxes filled with chocolates to give to international students that my daughter brought from her Alma Mater that do not have a place to go for Thanksgiving. This is our fourth year and every year we get to meet people from all over the world. We have lots of family join us also. It makes our Thanksgiving so special!

  22. I had made a birthday card for my brother this summer. He is now battling lung cancer and I spent the week with him driving him to his appointments and getting his yard buttoned down for the winter. I brought the card I had made home with me to have it framed for him along with one of his fly fishing tied flies. It was a special week.

  23. This isn’t done just yet, but your challenge inspired and challenged me. Yesterday I met a young man over the ordering intercom at Taco Bell. All day people were telling me, “have a Happy Thanksgiving”. This inspired me so I thought I would share that with the young man. He was a bit baffled and asked, “today isn’t Thanksgiving, is it?” I said no, it’s tomorrow. When I got up to the window, he was behind a couple of other workers, but he gave me a big wave. I could tell he felt good that I gave him some kind words. He spoke to me more and said he wasn’t really close to his family and that his fiancée had just broken up with him. Since it’s fast food, I knew I didn’t have time to share his troubles. Later I thought, “What if I had done something radical and invited him to our family dinner?” So, with your challenge I am going to bake some cookies, make a card and see if I can find him at Taco Bell again (it’s just down the street). I will send another comment once this is done. A bit of accountability. Thanks for the idea.

  24. I am making a stack of mini-cards which will simply say “I prayed for you today.” Then I plan to enlist the help of my favorite check-out person at my grocery store to hand them out with cash register receipts to random customers. Each card will have an actual prayer for the recipient, unknown to others, but known by God and me, and I won’t know who gets which prayer! I am so excited about this. I wish I could stick around to see the faces of the recipients, but that would spoil it somehow. I also love the door hanger idea, which I might randomly place throughout my neighborhood!

  25. Today I’m finally catching up on my sympathy cards and have a couple going to bloggers I follow who have recently lost loved ones. Don’t personally know them, but feel for their loss, so sending some words of comfort on a handmade card.

  26. I work in a large busy hospital that has a Starbucks in it. , which happens to be right by the ICU. I purchased a gift card along with my chai (love chai tea!). I gave the gift card back to the employee and told him to give it to some family that obviously have a loved one here – you can always tell by the worried scared look on their faces. I told him to wait until I was gone to give it out but I hope it brightened someone’s day a little!

  27. Hi Jennifer! I made a bunch of these sunny little cards to distribute to various letter carriers. I work in the main processing plant so I planted these on random routes so when the letter carriers gathered & sorted their mail they’d find these encouraging little notes. I wrote simple messages on the back saying thank you, be careful out there, you are appreciated and recognizing how hard they work. It felt good to do this random act of kindness and I really hope those letter carriers smiled when they found these! #sharehandmadekindness

  28. Thanks Jennifer, for another great challenge and giveaway! The card I made totally embraces the spirit of sharing handmade kindness with strangers!! Blogger Carissa Wiley was inspired by the Share Handmade Kindness gift box that you sent her and decided to have a giveaway of a LOT of her awesome crafting goodies. I was SUPER, SUPER lucky enough to receive one of her Crafty Grab Bag Boxes with the assurance I would use them to continue to share handmade kindness!! So with Carissa’s goodies, I made a thank you card for her (using basically only the supplies she gave me!), I’m going to make a card for Jennifer’s current Card Drive, and I’ll continue to find ways to share the handmade kindness!

  29. I made three cards for the card shower. I’m pretty new to cardmaking and I hope mine are not too simple! I was a bit unhappy with how the gold foil turned out on one, but I still like the effect. They are definitely nowhere near as amazing as the other cards posted here and in the other challenges. Everyone is so talented and generous! Thanks for hosting this challenge the past four weeks, I have really enjoyed it.

  30. When an older man (stranger) called my house earlier this week, looking for rims for his truck, I looked up the number he wanted in the phone book and gave it to him, rather than just telling him he had the wrong number.

  31. I created small, one-sided cards (or if they wanted to use them as bookmarks or gift tags, it works too!) and placed them on windshields in the employee parking lot of our local mall on Black Friday. I wrote a message on a post-it on the back of each one that said: “Use me for a gift tag or bookmark. Or pass me on to someone else who could use a little Holiday Cheer!” It went over so well that I came home and made more to pass out later that night!

  32. In line yesterday during black friday shopping, I paid for someone’s meal. I asked them to pick someone who looked like they needed it and to wait till I was gone before giving it to them! It was the 1st time I have done this and it felt so good to be able to help someone!

  33. I’m a letter carrier so I made cards for my customers to play along with the #sharehandmadekindness contest. I hope people will be happy to find these cards in their mailboxes!

  34. I made some sweets today and brought them over to some neighbors that are not doing well! They are older and can’t get around very well.

  35. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to spread kindness! I was able to create a card for Xander for your card shower, so I’ll have several cards to send you. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates your generous heart. <3

  36. There is an older lady next door that I have been assisting, mostly yard work. This year I am going to give her a card just to let her know she is special and thought of….

  37. WOW!!! I love reading all these great ideas!! They are inspiring me!!!
    I made a card for the package delivery man with a coffee gift card.

  38. My act of kindness was donating some baby toys. We recently re=organized our house and felt that most of the baby toys we had could be better used by others. We gave a few to a good friend who is a first time grandma and some to goodwill. We have lots more that we plan on giving away, as soon as we go through the rest of the house. Some items will be furniture that is gently used. I’m sure these things will be appreciated by those who receive them and we will have a more organized space to enjoy in our home. ~Gin K.~

  39. I made some teacher gifts for my sister. She was so stuck at what to gift my niece’s teachers this Christmas I just had to help her out,

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