Share Handmade Kindness Challenge Week 2: Community

Welcome! Today is the start of Week 2 of the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. Many of you were able to play along during Week 1 (check out many inspiring images HERE)… and I hope you can participate this week, too.


Week 2 (November 9 – 15) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with anyone who works/serves in our community anyone who provides a helpful service to us.

Here are some ideas of who can give to this week: waitresses, doctors, mailmen, nurses, teachers, police, firemen, military, pastors, etc.


Participating is easy. Simply make and GIVE something to someone who works in your community. It can be a card, sweet treat, handwritten note – anything made by the hand, from the heart counts. It is that simple! The more you give, the better. This is all about spreading kindness and appreciation… especially when it is least expected.

And since kindness is contagious, I also encourage you to share whatever you create on your blogs, social media, etc… and even here on my blog. Let’s inspire each other! Here are three options:

  1.  Post a photo of whatever you create on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness.
  2.  Link a project you created to this post using the link-up tool below. (At the end of the post – click “Add a Link.”)
  3.  Leave a comment on this post telling what you created. (This is great if you don’t do social media or have a blog. Easy peasy!)

You are welcome to do none of these, one of these, two of these, or all three! But for each you do, you will be eligible for a prize…


To celebrate this week’s challenge, I have THREE great prizes to give away.


This week’s prizes include:

  1.   A $100 Gift Certificate to Simon Says Stamp
  2.   A $25 Gift Certificate to Lawn Fawn
  3.   A $25 Gift Certificate to Mama Elephant

These three companies were very generous and kind to offer these prizes. Please consider checking out their stores – great people!

I will give one prize to someone who I see participating on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness. I will give another prize to someone who links their project below. And a third prize will be to someone who leaves a comment on this post letting us know of their participation. All will be randomly picked on 11/15/15. (International folks are eligible, too!)

If for some reason you can’t participate, no worries. I will have other random giveaways throughout the week! Stay tuned.


If you have a moment, please consider checking out the Kind Campaign. This is a group of strong women working to end bullying. Their work is phenomenal. I will be donating to them throughout the month and hope that you will consider doing the same. (I have been sharing a lot about Hero Arts donating a percentage of their profits of some kindness stamps – be sure to check that out, too!)


A few people asked if there was a badge or image they could share on their blog. You can download this one HERE.

SHK blog badge


As I mentioned, you are welcome to link here to share your project to inspire others. This is optional! It is easy – you can watch THIS video if you need some help.

Thank you so much for joining me in this challenge!

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242 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Challenge Week 2: Community”

  1. I made a thank you card for my local stamp shop owner because she makes it possible that we (so far away from the US) can enjoy crafting with wonderful products too 🙂

  2. I did double this week! I made a handmade card and wrote a nice note to the special needs teacher and team in my son’s high school classroom. He graduated two years ago but I want them to remember how important they are in each student’s life. Their influence is everlasting. I also gave them a loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread to accompany the card. Today, I also brought pumpkin bread to my hairdresser who has done my hair for over 15 years now! Great challenge. Can;t wait for next week.

  3. I had the blessing of filling up a big tub of crafting items to give to a young Girl Scout leader to thank her for her service.

  4. I made my second card (yea!) to give to my mail lady she’s so kind and thoughtful she brings my packages to my front door whether its 104′, down-poring, or there’s so much ice outside you can barely walk and she doesn’t have to. She was so blow away that someone thought of her as a more than just a mail lady she started crying. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE spreading kindness you really know how others are feeling on the inside and it can change there whole perception. Thank you for continued inspiration! 🙂

  5. I made a little mini-book for the Children’s Librarian at our local public library. For years she has been sharing the love of books and reading with our children and grandchildren – prior to her work at the library, she was a school librarian. It can be worn as a necklace or simply hung from the cord. Most of the materials came from the October Afternoon Public Library collection. Many thanks to Shirley Pando for the YouTube tutorial.

  6. I tried all afternoon trying to figure out how to load this picture of the card I made for the Milwaukee Police Department Sensitive Crimes Division. (MPD/SCD) I am a social who does CPS work in Milwaukee Co. I work with SCD all the time and wanted to give them a thanks .
    I used Brusho in blues and greens. Put a border on the right side in blue green and embossed white hearts on the border. Die cut a Thanks in a dark blue then stamped a bit of kindness to brighten your day for the sentiment inside

  7. I am making up a thank you gift package and a card (shared here: ) for the nurse coordinator, Elaine, who has been helping my hubby (and me) as he goes through all the pre-op prep for donating a kidney to my brother, who has total kidney failure. The operation is on Tuesday and it has been a long, hard process so I wanted to do something to thank Elaine for all she has done to help us through this very difficult time. Thanks for always inspiring and motivating us in crafts and being thoughtful people! Big hugs, Kristina

  8. I made a card for my daughter who is going to be a teachers aide next week. She just got married in January of this year and moved to a new community so everything is still pretty new, but she’s enjoying it!

  9. Loads of beautiful cards linked up! I have made a couple of thank you cards for my son’s teachers. When your child says “I love doing her [the teacher’s] homework” you know something is going right!!!

  10. Thanks again for another great week of the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. I made a card for my Grandma telling her how much she has been a role model for me. She is someone who has been serving her community all her life as a mother, as a volunteer, and because each day she strives to be more religious, more patient, more humble, more understanding,and more forgiving. She (and my Grandpa) raised a family of 6 incredible children who actually care about and enjoy spending time with each other! Even though she’s 86, for the past 15-20 years she’s regularly made rosaries by hand for the church, quilts for children in the hospital, and knitted scarves for veterans.

  11. I made four cards for both my children’s teachers and teacher’s assistants. This is my son’s first year of elementary school and has recently been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. His teachers have been wonderful and have truly made this an exceptional year for him (which I believe has set the ground for his outlook on school).

  12. I made a card for our mailman for his birthday (and tucked a little something in there for him to spend on himself…) thought he might like something a little special since his birthday fell on Friday the 13th this year! Let him know he was the best mailman ever!!!

  13. I gave some gift cards away in pretty gift card holder to the maintenance people in my building. They work 24/7 and make sure that we are comfortable, so I thought this would be something nice to do for them!

  14. I made a card for a friend I have been friends with for 44 years,, letting him know how thankful I was to have had him in my life all these years. He has always, always been there for me,. He’s been the big brother I never had. It was nice to let him know what he has meant to me.I was 15 when my boyfriend introduced us. He is still good friends with him too, which says alot about him.

  15. WONDERFUL prompt to challenge us this week Jennifer. I shared about it on my blog the very first day, filled with great intentions, LIFE got in the way but I am still hoping to get some Thank You cards made for some kind & helpful souls at the rehab hospital where I go for hydro therapy each week. The countdown clock is ticking so fast, hoping to get the craft mat action happening first thing in the morning!!!
    While I may not have given any cards so far this week, I continue to share smiles and kind words 🙂

  16. I made sets of gift tags for friends who are nurses, registered dietitians, food service managers, teachers, opticians, a dental hygienist–13 in all. They come to a Christmas card making class a friend and I do every year. Had such fun making these door prizes for them! They all give back through their compassionate caring in their professions ands are all inspirational (and rowdy) women and we love doing this class, even though we are exhausted afterwards. : )

  17. I got in contact with my local doctor and I’m making a thank you card for all the center employees… 54! I’m making 4 different kind of card but I’m hoping I’ll have them ready to deliver tomorrow… So happy to spread kindness around.

  18. I made thank you cards for my children’s teachers. Our teachers in are in a work to rule situation right now and to show them my support I made them cards and a little gift bag of hot chocolate and chocolates.

  19. I can’t seem to get my cards on Instagram on your site or this one. I seem to need a lesson on posting pictures! Ha! I made a not so great fall card and sent it to a friend and She just loved it. I was amazed at the timing and how this made her feel and then how it made me feel. Thank you Jennifer. I have had my daughter from out of town all week so I really didn’t make cards for the people who help us, so sorry, but my daughter made cards for her friend. I was amazed! and I made cards that for a little club I belong to and a birthday card for my granddaughter.
    There can never be enough kindness, never!!

  20. This week has been absolutely crazy for me so since it’s the last day of this weeks challenge, I’ll be hand delivering my card to my pastor this morning at church. I chose him because he does so much for our community & has always taken the time to stop by my house or my hospital room after my many surgeries just to check in on me & see how I’m doing and pray with me. . He’s just a really great guy.

  21. I am finishing up an appointment on a task force to help high schoolers with disabilities enroll in college. The Washington Student Achievement Council has facilitated this task force and two individuals in particular have given so much of themselves to this endeavor. I am making thank you cards for both of them.

  22. Friday was my last chemo treatment, so my mom and I made some beautifully decorated cupcakes and I made a card as a thank you gift for my nurses for their care during treatment.

  23. I made a card for an 88 year old woman who crochets blankets for the homeless in her community. I have known her for 42 years and she is my mentor and inspiration because she works quietly and fearlessly without a thought to recognition or praise.

  24. I made a card for the staff at the Living Center where my parents reside. They have taken such good card of them and I wanted them to know it.

  25. Yes! I made it! I made a thank you card for my postal delivery woman. Fall leaves/themed, hand coloured and sprayed with shimmer spray.

  26. It is my great pleasure to have my present care-givers in my life! They go over-and-above to help people! As a small “Thank You”, I made them each a set of note cards. I know that they will share kindness with others!!!

  27. I am too late to get it in this week but still wanted to share my card. I gave it to my niece and her husband. She is in her last year of college for nursing and works full time, her husband works 2 or 3 jobs and they just got married in August. I also sent along cookies, a loaf of homemade bread and a pasta meal. All carbs to keep them going! I have made a post on my website about it.

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