Share Handmade Kindness Challenge Week 2: Community

Welcome! Today is the start of Week 2 of the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. Many of you were able to play along during Week 1 (check out many inspiring images HERE)… and I hope you can participate this week, too.


Week 2 (November 9 – 15) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with anyone who works/serves in our community anyone who provides a helpful service to us.

Here are some ideas of who can give to this week: waitresses, doctors, mailmen, nurses, teachers, police, firemen, military, pastors, etc.


Participating is easy. Simply make and GIVE something to someone who works in your community. It can be a card, sweet treat, handwritten note – anything made by the hand, from the heart counts. It is that simple! The more you give, the better. This is all about spreading kindness and appreciation… especially when it is least expected.

And since kindness is contagious, I also encourage you to share whatever you create on your blogs, social media, etc… and even here on my blog. Let’s inspire each other! Here are three options:

  1.  Post a photo of whatever you create on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness.
  2.  Link a project you created to this post using the link-up tool below. (At the end of the post – click “Add a Link.”)
  3.  Leave a comment on this post telling what you created. (This is great if you don’t do social media or have a blog. Easy peasy!)

You are welcome to do none of these, one of these, two of these, or all three! But for each you do, you will be eligible for a prize…


To celebrate this week’s challenge, I have THREE great prizes to give away.


This week’s prizes include:

  1.   A $100 Gift Certificate to Simon Says Stamp
  2.   A $25 Gift Certificate to Lawn Fawn
  3.   A $25 Gift Certificate to Mama Elephant

These three companies were very generous and kind to offer these prizes. Please consider checking out their stores – great people!

I will give one prize to someone who I see participating on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness. I will give another prize to someone who links their project below. And a third prize will be to someone who leaves a comment on this post letting us know of their participation. All will be randomly picked on 11/15/15. (International folks are eligible, too!)

If for some reason you can’t participate, no worries. I will have other random giveaways throughout the week! Stay tuned.


If you have a moment, please consider checking out the Kind Campaign. This is a group of strong women working to end bullying. Their work is phenomenal. I will be donating to them throughout the month and hope that you will consider doing the same. (I have been sharing a lot about Hero Arts donating a percentage of their profits of some kindness stamps – be sure to check that out, too!)


A few people asked if there was a badge or image they could share on their blog. You can download this one HERE.

SHK blog badge


As I mentioned, you are welcome to link here to share your project to inspire others. This is optional! It is easy – you can watch THIS video if you need some help.

Thank you so much for joining me in this challenge!

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242 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Challenge Week 2: Community”

  1. I made a card for my daughter’s swimming teacher. He’s been teaching her for many terms and is so patient with her.

  2. I made a tea & chocolate holder (odd name for a small “card” with a pocket insert – one side holds a tea bag and the other a square-sized candy) along with a handwritten note for our office’s mail-person. I left it on top of our mail today and saw the delighted look on her face when she picked up the out-going mail and saw that there was something for her!

  3. I made written compliments for 3 employees of our grocery store who give very special service with friendliness and helpfulness. I’d like the corporate office to know how effective good employees can be!

  4. I have been the recipient of some amazing kindness throughout the years that I have lived with chronic illness. As a way of paying forward some of that kindness, I wholeheartedly support this wonderful initiative and hope to be able to participate in the different challenges. At first, when I read that we were sharing handmade kindness with special members of our community this week, I was at somewhat of a loss as to who I could make something for as I am housebound and rarely get out into the community but upon further reflection, I was able to think of 3 very special individuals who help brighten my days in their own special ways and who are perfect recipients of some handmade kindness. Thanks for getting me to think about people who work tirelessly in the community and often with little to no recognition for their hard work. You must be so proud of how your challenge has taken flight and how much kindness is being spread around!

  5. Today I created Post-it Note holders and thanksgiving cards for the teachers and director at my grandson’s school. They are amazing!

  6. I made a card for our Town Clerk! She works hard and is often given attitude by townspeople who don’t like things that are happening yet she is always polite and smiles! She is a great lady and the town is lucky to have her!

  7. I have an elderly Neighbor who is fighting breast cancer. She has one daughter who lives out of state and visits when she can. My husband and I have lived here only for 11 months and started in the fall helping her with her yard work. Easy things such as weeding out the flower bed for winter and trying to keep up raking all the leaves. . But after reading your blog I wanted to do just a bit more for her. (Without her knowing who). So I made a cute fall themed thinking of you card and filled a basket with several kinds of homebaked goods, such as an apple dumpling, slices of a pumpkin roll, fresh apples, and a dozen or so of assorted cookie . (I love to bake). I left the basket on her back porch Tuesday morning and about an hour later, she called and invited me over for tea and cookies. We laughed together, as she knew I had left the basket and card. We had a nice afternoon drinking tea and relaxing

  8. I made a card for my favorite Biology teacher thanking her for her patience and dedication to his job. I really hop she like it!!:)

  9. I made a cute little shaker card for my awesome massage therapist. Without her I’d be in too much pain to craft anything!

  10. Yay for the share kindness challenge week 2! I made a floral topiary, a gift bag to go with the topiary, and a handmade Thank You card for my phlebotomy instructor. Today was our last day and it was a great 3 months with her and as well as my classmates.

  11. I’ve made a Remembrance Day card for one of my colleagues who organizes the most touching Remembrance Day services at our school. Yesterday’s was especially poignant, as we had a 91 year old veteran speak to us…as spry and engaging as all get out. We have so much to be thankful for and remembering…yes, it matters. Very much matters. Thank you, again, for this campaign of kindness and gratitude.

  12. I’m going to give a handmade card with a gift card enclosed to our mail person who does such a good job all year of delivering our mail with a smile! Also a card to my Bible study leader who faithfully prepares and leads our class.

  13. We have a good friend, who is a police office, who will be retiring by the end of the year. Just wanted to thank him for a job well done in helping to protect our community.

  14. I made one card for a teacher friend who has been having terrible issues with the kids in her art class this year. She has even been assaulted by one of her 2nd grade students. I wanted her to “Hang in there”
    The second card I made is for an individual who is constantly doing community charity projects. He organizes soldier care packages several time per year, adopts families at Christmas and currently is running Bicycle Recycle – which is collecting bicycles (in any condition) for local Hamilton, OH kids in need. He humbles me with his acts of kindness and I try to contribute to his causes any way I can.

  15. My card is a fall-themed thank you card for a member of Assistance League of Omaha who opened her home to assist in the major fundraiser for this philanthropic organization of +350 women who provide programs to serve specific needs of children and adults in the Greater Omaha area. Our Christmas Caravan helps support our major philanthropic program (Operation School Bell) which provides free clothing to over 4,000 children. The card may be viewed on my Facebook page – Janet Zieg.

  16. Giving away a free card to active and retired veterans who post a pic of themselves in uniform on my missions FB page… “Paper with a Purpose.” I really hope some folks take me up on it! I’d love to see photos plastered on one post so that I can thank each and every one of them. Also sending a card to a gal who serves and I just met her on retreat… fun way to say “hi new friend! and thx for serving!” :).

  17. I just made cookies and my daughter and I gave them to our mailman. He’s always so cheerful and nice, and he was really excited to receive them.

  18. After I learned that our postman writes thank you notes to people who give him birthday cards when it is his birthday, I decided to make him a packet of embossed thank you notes with envelopes. I really appreciate how he goes the “extra mile” when he delivers mail and packages in our senior citizen building. It is his ‘job’ but he makes sure we get our packages and when we do get packages, he always puts our mail with it. It shows a lot of thoughtfulness on his part.

  19. Our grown daughter and her hubby generously fly over to help us with big yard work and other work. Seriously, who flies to Hawaii to work for free? The best I can give them is a little painting or thank you card. I’ll get crackin’ on it since they arrive tomorrow for a week and one of my arm’s in a cast lol. So I’m slower than usual ♥

  20. Thank you, Jennifer, for this fun and important prompt! I made a card to thank and encourage my immunologist who has done so much for me and is herself going through a difficult time fighting breast cancer.

  21. I made cookies and a thank you for my neighbors. A great bunch of guys who have always been there when i really needed help. No questions asked. They have been my neighborhood watch my advice on car repairs and home repairs and a one even helped me move funiture once. I like to make them homemade food as I know they are both single and probably don’t cook. Its a kindness that I can do for them.

  22. I wrote a thank-you note to the man who takes care of the lawn at my old house (it’s for sale) to let him know how much he is appreciated! He received it today!

  23. I made a deer thanks card for another volunteer EMS today! I am slowly getting enough of them to be able to give one to each of the volunteer EMS workers that help our town out every day. They have actually saved my life once and helped me out numerous times. Without them I wouldn’t be around to thank them!

  24. I gave a handmade sympathy card to our work neighbor who had to have his dog put to sleep this past weekend. My heart aches for him because the dog went everywhere with him including to work. The dog would come into our shop to visit once in awhile if we left the door open for air. I also shopped at the dollar store today to get some things for the Boy Scouts who are collecting for the food pantry and for the toy donation box at the credit union.

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  26. Last night, my husband commented on the kindness challenge. He said it was such a great idea because so few people nowadays do things for others just to be kind.

    Today, I am spending my day baking for the police officers in our community. We are a military family stationed overseas and our first line of defense is always are MPs. I think they are really unsung heroes, as they do so much work in keeping our base and people safe. So, I am making pecan pie bars, apple pie bars, and a lemon cake to drop off tomorrow. I am doubling everything so that my husband can share the kindness with his coworkers as he has a brief tomorrow that includes 20 service men/women. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

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