Share Handmade Kindness Challenge Week 1: Friends & Family

Hello! Yesterday I announced my month-long Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. Today I am back to start Week 1 of the challenge and I hope you can play along!

week 1

Week 1 (November 2 – 8) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with friends and family. This is often the easiest kindness to share, so it is a good place to start.


Participating is easy. Simply make and GIVE something to a friend or family member. It can be a card, sweet treat, handwritten note – anything made by the hand, from the heart counts. It is that simple! The more you give, the better. This is all about spreading kindness… especially when it is least expected. That’s it.

And since kindness is contagious, I also encourage you to share whatever you create on your blogs, social media, etc… and even here on my blog. Let’s inspire each other! Here are three options:

  1.  Post a photo of whatever you create on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness.
  2.  Link a project you created to this post using the link-up tool below. (At the end of the post – click “Add a Link.”)
  3.  Leave a comment on this post telling what you created. (This is great if you don’t do social media or have a blog. Easy peasy!)

You are welcome to do none of these, one of these, two of these, or all three! But for each you do, you will be eligible for a prize…


To celebrate this week’s challenge, I have THREE great prizes to give away. (And don’t be surprised if I end up with more!)

week 1 prize

This week’s prizes include:

  1.   A $100 Gift Certificate to Simon Says Stamp
  2.   A $25 Gift Certificate to Lawn Fawn
  3.   A $50 Gift Certificate to Paper Smooches

These three companies were very generous to offer these prizes. Please consider checking out their products – such good people!

I will give one prize to someone who I see participating on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness. I will give another prize to someone who links their project below. And a third prize will be to someone who leaves a comment on this post letting us know of their participation. All will be randomly picked on 11/9/15. (International folks are eligible, too!)

If for some reason you can’t participate, no worries. I will have other random giveaways throughout the week! Stay tuned.


I’d love if you also check out the Kind Campaign. This is a group of awesome people working to end bullying. Their work is amazing. I will be donating to them throughout the month and hope that you will consider doing the same. (Yesterday I shared about Hero Arts donating a percentage of their profits of some kindness stamps – be sure to check it out!)


A few people asked if there was a badge or image they could share on their blog. You can download this one HERE.

SHK blog badge


As I mentioned, you are welcome to link here to share your project to inspire others. This is optional! It is easy – you can watch THIS video if you need some help.

Thank you so much for joining me in this challenge! After years of making and sending cards, I felt a calling to do more. This should be fun! Hugs all around.

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627 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Challenge Week 1: Friends & Family”

  1. Hi Jennifer!

    Today I am sending out a card to my youngest sister. I have not seen her in a year and have been thinking about her. This was the little push I needed to do something. Another card will be going in my husband’s lunchbox just because I love him! Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration!!

  2. I created my crazy bird Birthday card for my nephew, who just lost his Dad. He is an adult, loves to do wood working, and I wanted to make him smile. It took me awhile to figure out how to add the link–but it’s on instagram too!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I am really enjoying your new website layout. It is beautiful and very clean. I sent out the beautiful and lovely card to my mentor who has been such an incredible blessing to me. This card is for every woman out there that needs encouragement. You can read all about it in my blog post.

  4. I had to mail a check to my Beach body coach and sent it with a rainbow style card. I shared it on Instagram. I have never met her IRL but she’s helping me try to get healthier. Live life with JOY!

  5. I’ve made 2 cards, one each for my two granddaughters. I just wanted to send them a “just because” card, to remind them that I love them.

  6. I made a handful of mixed cards (birthday, congrats, thinking of you, etc.) and hand delivered them to my 91 years young grams in Iowa this past week on my visit to her. This was she can spread kindness as well to her friends and other family members also. I send her a handmade card weekly and she is always thinking of ways to pass them on, so now she can keep hers and has a slew of others to share

  7. I made 2 things! One is a card for a friend who is feeling down. And I’m still in the process of completing a set of un-paper towels. Another friend saw how I stopped using paper towels for most messes and have flannel towels that snap together and she mentioned how she likes the idea. Little does she know, she will be getting a set of her own soon!!

  8. I sent 3 handmade cards today. First a thank you card to my Aunt and Uncle. Second a birthday card to a good friend I don’t get to see often. Third a thinking of you card for my parents.

  9. I just made 2 cards for 2 dear friends that have moved away in the past few years. I just don’t talk to them as often as I should so these cards are coming at the perfect time. Thank you so much Jennifer for this amazing challenge. This is actually my first challenge!! You truly are my inspiration. It feels so great to have a kind, powerful, christian women as someone I can aspire to be more like. I wish there were more of you out there. 😉 Your kindness warms my heart and inspires me to want to do more to put a smile on as many faces a day as I can. So thank you.
    I’ve also added pix of my cards to my instagram with the above hashtag. I don’t have a blog though or a website so it’s 2 out of 3 for me!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!! <3 <3 <3

  10. It is a busy work week for me but I was able to make a couple of simple but beautiful cards tonight to send to my mom and aunt. I know that they will be surprised and delighted to receive them. Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful challenge!

  11. I posted a picture of my card on FB. I made it for all my Wednesday Sisters, which is a group of ladies that get together on every Wednesday and do crafty things.

  12. I made get well cards for two friends and unfortunately, a sympathy card for the family of a police officer who lost his life on the job. I also baked a zucchini, lime, coconut bread for a neighbor.

  13. Made a card of encouragement for a family member going through a hard time which I gave her when I came over to help her sort out some of the details/make difficult decisions.

  14. OH! I forgot to add that one of my friends that I made one of the cards for, her son and my son were good friends when they lived here (they’re both 8) so I got him in on the action too!! He wrote Ian a letter (like a pen pal) so that we can keep their friendship alive. I know it’s kind of hard when they’re that young and now that they don’t see each other except once or twice a year, I’d like to make it less awkward when they do see each other. They are both pretty shy boys. We met them through a local Mom’s Club when our boys were about 2 years old so I’d really like their friendship to last the test of time… and distance.. She’s also a wonderful christian Mom and just the kind of person I like to surround myself with.

  15. I don’t know if this counts…but I just made some homemade bread & a couple pans of blackberry cobbler today, and hubby took some to a couple neighbors along with a half a pound of our homemade butter as a thank you for helping him round up our cows that got out last weekend. I had been thinking about making them some bread and giving them some butter anyway…although was thinking about maybe after Thanksgiving, as we are trying to get ready for hubby to have a knee replacement right now…but after the run away cow roundup, I decided I better do it sooner rather than later. LOL I love sharing baked goods with friends and family. Didn’t have time to make a couple cards to put with it, cause I’m just swamped lately, but I’m hoping things slow down eventually, so I have time to make EXTRA cards to have on hand, in case things like this happen again. LOL I just started making cards earlier this year…so am not real far into it…so I could have a bunch on hand. It’s been a busy summer and fall. *sigh* Love this idea of sharing you are doing…just wish I had time to do more!

  16. I made a card using my old Coluzzle…yay! I sent this to a friend who recently had a new baby and is seriously missing her sleep and sweet dreams!! I plan to make several cards a week and send them to family friends and elderly relatives who would really love some fun mail for a change!

  17. THANKS so much for the wonderful inspiration! I am excited about this challenge! I love creating and sharing my projects! I plan to go through my stash of cards on my day off Friday and send a bunch of them to random family and friends!!

  18. what a great idea jennifer! i love your caring heart and how you give to others. it was a reminder to me this week to create a card for a friend who had a family member pass away recently.

  19. What a wonderful challenge! I stamped notecards and gave them (along with sets of colored pencils) to my niece and nephew. They can color them and also send some handmade kindness!

  20. I am mailing tomorrow my handmade birthday cards! What a great challange you set up. It really inspired me to get crafty and make some fun cards to send this month. Thank you for promoting kindness and making it homemade!!!

  21. Hi Jennifer,
    I made several cards this week ranging from sympathy, baby and encouragement. The one I posted is for a friend whose mother is in the hospital. Thank you for the inspiration. I have admired your videos and techniques for a long time.

  22. I made a big batch of cookies for my friends at work, with a card or tags on each plate telling them Thank you for their extra hard work … since I’m out on medical leave!

  23. Hi Jennifer! so wonderful that you are inspiring so many people around the globe to share their handmade kindness.. I too made a card and gave it to my new neighbour who is pregnant .And a new friendship has blossomed. congrats on having a new look to your blog and thanks for giving a chance to win the giveaway which is open to your international admirers and followers.. hugs..

  24. Jennifer, I am so amazed and inspired by you! I loved this challenge because what brings me the most joy in card making is writing and sending the cards I make….yet somehow too many cards just sit finished in a box and never make it out the door. Thanks for helping me get the cards I just made in the mail!

  25. I love watching your videos Jennifer — in fact I’m obsessed!
    My love for making cards has always been ALOT like yours also. I love to create pretty things — many years ago I had a line of shirts I designed & painted & a line of jewelry that I sold for many years in a business. I loved the appreciation of my customers & the pleasure it gave them. After over 10 years of owning my own business while raising 3 young daughters…. I got a “real” job! Ha! My life at HOME was now for being a Mom, wife, playing & relaxing! Card making became my creative outlet & I love it! I do it also for the joy of someone finding a pretty, made for them card that comes in the mailbox!!! I miss the excitement & pleasure of getting handwritten letters, & cards in the mail. It’s a lost pleasure with FB, texting, e-mail, etc.
    I love your challenge of kindness & plan to accept it! God Bless you for brightening MY days!!!

  26. I get so inspired by you, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing all your ideas and making me share kindness more.

  27. I made a coffee pot thank you card for my sister in law who is hosting a pre holiday coffee get together for all of my siblings and their spouses.

  28. I made homemade cookies for our office with a hand made tag! Stamping and baking our my two loves….love when I can combine the two!

  29. I made two cards so far – one for a woman in payroll who is always so helpful, and another for my sister-in-law for hosting a family dinner.

  30. I am the worst at actually sending cards that I make. This is a great challenge to get us crafters to give more. I sent a birthday card to my college roommate. It felt so good to actually put it in the mailbox instead of thinking about it and then forgetting to do it.

  31. What a great campaign. I know many of us do this behind the scenes and without recognition. But for those who don’t, this is a great way to spread the word about how much a small thing can mean to another person or persons. *Hugs*

  32. I made a casserole and took some to my awesome neighbor. Since I am a single Mom, we always have left overs so why not share? She was so surprised and excited. I also plan to make some cards this weekend when I have more “crafty” time. I am so inspired by this challenge – thank you Jennifer!

  33. I forgot to take a photo of the cranberry pecan muffins that I just baked and delivered by the half dozen to two neighbors who are recuperating from medical procedures. My husband was disappointed that I didn’t save any for him, so I guess I’ll have to bake another batch!

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