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Share Handmade Kindness Challenge Week 1: Friends & Family

Hello! Yesterday I announced my month-long Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. Today I am back to start Week 1 of the challenge and I hope you can play along!

week 1

Week 1 (November 2 – 8) will focus on sharing any kind of handmade kindness with friends and family. This is often the easiest kindness to share, so it is a good place to start.


Participating is easy. Simply make and GIVE something to a friend or family member. It can be a card, sweet treat, handwritten note – anything made by the hand, from the heart counts. It is that simple! The more you give, the better. This is all about spreading kindness… especially when it is least expected. That’s it.

And since kindness is contagious, I also encourage you to share whatever you create on your blogs, social media, etc… and even here on my blog. Let’s inspire each other! Here are three options:

  1.  Post a photo of whatever you create on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness.
  2.  Link a project you created to this post using the link-up tool below. (At the end of the post – click “Add a Link.”)
  3.  Leave a comment on this post telling what you created. (This is great if you don’t do social media or have a blog. Easy peasy!)

You are welcome to do none of these, one of these, two of these, or all three! But for each you do, you will be eligible for a prize…


To celebrate this week’s challenge, I have THREE great prizes to give away. (And don’t be surprised if I end up with more!)

week 1 prize

This week’s prizes include:

  1.   A $100 Gift Certificate to Simon Says Stamp
  2.   A $25 Gift Certificate to Lawn Fawn
  3.   A $50 Gift Certificate to Paper Smooches

These three companies were very generous to offer these prizes. Please consider checking out their products – such good people!

I will give one prize to someone who I see participating on social media with the hashtag #sharehandmadekindness. I will give another prize to someone who links their project below. And a third prize will be to someone who leaves a comment on this post letting us know of their participation. All will be randomly picked on 11/9/15. (International folks are eligible, too!)

If for some reason you can’t participate, no worries. I will have other random giveaways throughout the week! Stay tuned.


I’d love if you also check out the Kind Campaign. This is a group of awesome people working to end bullying. Their work is amazing. I will be donating to them throughout the month and hope that you will consider doing the same. (Yesterday I shared about Hero Arts donating a percentage of their profits of some kindness stamps – be sure to check it out!)


A few people asked if there was a badge or image they could share on their blog. You can download this one HERE.

SHK blog badge


As I mentioned, you are welcome to link here to share your project to inspire others. This is optional! It is easy – you can watch THIS video if you need some help.

Thank you so much for joining me in this challenge! After years of making and sending cards, I felt a calling to do more. This should be fun! Hugs all around.

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626 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Challenge Week 1: Friends & Family”

  1. Definitely participating… I have been making cards a lot more recently due to your inspiration as well as K. Werner. I also love making gifts with my Cricut and I crochet a lot and give things away. Thanks for the hard work you do!

  2. I have just created two cards (a Christmas and a Birthday) then duplicated them each 6 times to give to friends to use as they wish.

  3. THANKS for your kindness Jennifer. Believe it or not it’s already helped me. I love your videos on YouTube and that’s how I got here. I am a disabled nurse, I shattered my back and a traffic accident on the way to work. Now four surgeries later with more in the future my day is consumed by pain the only time I am able to breathe is while getting lost in crafting. Cards, scrapbooks, needlepoint or crossstitch. just something crafty. Lately the pain has been winning, My desire to create and do something is still fighting back. So I want to try and challenge myself and give my creativity a direction and outlet. I’m looking forward to the challenge and learning how to post and share as well.
    Lake Los Angeles, CA

  4. I made a card for my sister who is retiring at the end of the week.
    I took a picture with my phone but I don’t know how to link it from there. (I’m tech challenged lol).

  5. It’s so cool so see so many people participating in this great blessing! I hope to make a card myself and pass it on to someone close and dear to me. Blessings to the winner! Thank you Jennifer for #sharehandmadekindness

  6. I made a card – with my first plaid background – for a friend who lost her husband several months ago and is struggling.

  7. Took a few minutes this morning to make a couple of cards for my daughters, age 6 and 9, with the “Skater Kids” SSS and Mama Elephant stamp set. So much fun for all of us! Giving may be more fun for the giver than the receiver. :). Just helping me really remember how great the kids are, and how lucky I am. Ok, back to paying the bills. Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective.

  8. Hi Jennifer ,what a wonderful thing to do – it’s so easy to take those closest to us for granted, assuming they know we love them ,so what a great way to say a special ” I really do care!” Today I made my gorgeous husband his favourite food – homemade steak and kidney steam pudding- it was an awful foggy winters day so he loved it!!_ – and tomorrow I will send my close girlfriend a surprise card ! – it’s always great to share xx

  9. I am making cards for a local nursing home this week. I am finishing up their autumn/Thanksgiving cards so that I can get them mailed next Monday. I have been making them cards for a little over one year and the rec. director emails that the residents that send mail love them. Next up – holiday cards!

  10. What a great idea. I’ve made a card for my son who is sitting his final exams. I wanted to congratulate him on his hard work. The results will come, but what makes me proud is his diligence, not the number score at the end.

  11. Love this idea. I am so technically challenged. Anyway, Thanks for sharing. I made a “your tea-riffic” thank you card for my neighbor who gifted me with a dozen eggs. Keep up the good work.

  12. A Perfect place to start with family and friends. Sometimes I think this is actually the hardest in our family. Taken for granted kindness can go out the window, sadly! But this can help us remember that our family and friends are most important ;0)
    ~God bless~

  13. This is a wonderful challenge. I have a dear friend who is so thoughtful and crafty. I made up a cute card and included some new cookie cutters and sprinkles so she can have a fun activity with her grandchildren .

  14. I have created “Thankful for you” cards to hand out to special people. I have three to give out. I was inspired by Kathy Racoosin from The Daily Marker and used some Starbucks cups. Many thanks to both you and Kathy for the inspiration.

  15. I’m making a handmade card for one of my closest friend’s birthday. I keep meaning to do this every year and this is the year! I just finished it and will take pictures for my blog later, but I wanted to go ahead and put it here.

  16. Thank you for sharing your passion. And starting this challenge. This pushed me to do something about really sending handmade cards. I am thinking how to thank people who surround me but I am too shy to say it personally =/ And cards is such a great idea. I would like to thank you too for opening your heart about touching other people one card at a time – one kindness at a time <3 Thank you and may God bless you and your family!

  17. Just gave a handmade card to a friend so she could send it to her neighbor who is not doing well. I know that mail means a lot to people who are sick . So I’m going to try to add more people to my list.

  18. Jennifer- thanks for the challenge. My FIL is a sweetheart and lives alone. We visit when we can and share meals but I have never given him a handmade card!! I plan on creating one right now to let him know how special he is! Thanks

  19. Dear Jennifer,
    You inspire me to create and I think the Kindness Challenge is a great way to send kindness to someone special. I created a Thinking of You card for my sister in WV. I’ve not seen her for over two years and I miss her. This card will let her know how much. I hope to create lots of cards to send to my friends and let them know that I’m thinking of them and that I love them. Looking forward to more challenges:) Carolyn in GA

  20. I created a card using Penny Black’s ” Mimi’s Many Loves”. I used Copics to color the sweet image of the little girls under the umbrella and mailed it to my dear friend that has been going through a really tough time. I also created a card using SSS “Sending and Wishes” & mailed it to my sister that just moved from NM to OK.

  21. I created a thinking of you card. I used a stamp from Northwoods and used my Copics to color. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. I loved it, hope K.D. does too. Thank you for the challenge,
    Took a picture in case we are supposed to post. Since I don’t have a web site to post on wasn’t sure exactly what to do.

  22. I made a couple of “just saying hello” cards for my sisters and sent them today (you can find them on Instagram). They are not used to getting non-occasion cards from me so it will be a nice surprise for them. Fun!

  23. I have a friend who has terminal cancer and has been fighting the fight for 18mths. The day she told me 18months ago she had pancreatic camcer I asked her what I could do for her. She said please just make me a pop-up card – I loved them since I was a little girl. Well every week for 18 months my friend has gotten 2 pop-up cards a week from me – and I am still sending them. When she goes for treatment she takes a bunch w her. She them placed all over the her house and just knowing someone cares means a lot to her.

  24. I’ve been working on an exploding box card for my daughter’s 18th birthday for several weeks now. There are 8 pockets to fill with mini-hand made cards that allow me to have fun with a different technique each. I’m having so much fun with it and I know she’ll absolutely love it. Popping it in the mail for her to receive at college next week!

  25. I am going to make some little encouragement cards for my son that he can find in his lunchbox and by his bed (when he first wakes up).

  26. I made several cards including coffee gift cards to be mailed out this week. I don’t want to post them on Facebook because I want them to be surprised. The first one went out in the mail this morning.

  27. Since first reading about this kindness outreach, I have been lost in thought brainstorming all the people I would love to “reach out and touch”. Yesterday after church, I made 4 cards to begin my adventure. So excited! Thank you for your inspiration to think of others.

  28. I enjoy creating on most days. My cards go to a patient from Chemo Angels. I have been doing this for the last 5 years. Love it!

  29. I have two cards ready to give to friends but since you put out this challenge, I will aim to send a total of 6 cards this week. Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks also to your generous sponsors for the amazing prizes.

  30. Congratulations Jennifer on this wonderful initiative! I make cards nearly every day, and this year am sending many, many Christmas cards to residents in nursing homes, through the Caring Hearts Card Drive, here in Australia. I have the pleasure of being on the Scrapbook Boutique design team, and one of our members has taken up Vera’s project, to distribute cards for us. I am so happy to be able to bring a smile to these older people through my love of creating:) Best wishes for your continued success – I have been following your blog since I started making cards in 2012. God bless!

  31. I made cards today which I will donate to a local retirement home’s gift show. I also sent a card to a friend who is recovering from surgery.
    I love this idea.

  32. I will take a picture and post, but I made a friendship card and post-n-note frame for a friend at work. She has had a few rough weeks and I thought she needed to know she had a friend if she needed a shoulder!

  33. This week I am mailing two anniversary cards. A 20 year one for our friends and a five year one for my cousin and his wife. Any anniversary year deserves well wishes as many marriages don’t seem to get very far any more. I’m also getting some Christmas cards ready to mail for the Caring Hearts Card Drive. This is such a great idea! Thanks Jennifer!

  34. I send cards to a friend that I served in the military with. He’s been having a rough time with life and I just decided he needed someone to let him know he’s not alone and that he has a forever friend! I created an A2 card about friendship and it’s going to out in the mail tomorrow morning!

  35. Jennifer this is a wonderful idea. During the holidays I try to Random Acts of Kindness as much as I can squeeze into my busy work life. This challenge will only help to keep me a bit more focused. I don’t do social media (I’m tech challenged) so I will tell you that I am going to mail out cards to 3 of my fav friends – Trish, Sue, and Ruth. I think I will have my granddaughter make a few cards this weekend for her to send out also. Keep the challenges coming. Thanks for a great idea.

  36. I made my uncle a picture for hours hobby room. He’ll be moving closer to me, so I made this to surprise him when he gets here and starts setting up his new place. He likes to do model cars and planes. He can’t get around very well, so it’s something he can do while sitting. I think my picture will make him smile. I included a plane, a car, paint brushes, and a fish. All things he likes.

  37. I had the same idea yesterday so I sent out four fall cards to friends. I have four more that I will send out tmrw. It feels so good to do that.

  38. I am mailing a handmade Birthday card to my best friend’s mom who is turning 94 this Wednesday! She is such an awesome lady and a blessing to us all!

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