Share Handmade Kindness Card Shower + BIG Giveaway!

Hello! Week 3 of the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge is focused on kids. Although we can participate by giving cards to kids in our own lives, I thought it would be good to give to some kids who could especially use a smile.

So… this week I am also hosting what I call a “Card Shower.” This means I am asking everyone to send in happy cards to two children that are battling cancer. If you have time, you can also create a card for their family members. These kids need smiles – and we can do that!


I found two kids – a girl and a boy – who are battling cancer. First I will introduce the kids, then I will share details on how you send cards.


Sweet Emily is 6 and has been fighting cancer (Neuroblastoma) since the age of 4. You can learn more about her at Prayers for Emily.


If you would like to send Emily cards, here is some information to keep in mind:

  • Emily is 6.
  • She likes dark pink, outdoors, babies, swimming and animals. Since she is learning to read, simple messages are great. Also, if a child wants to send a picture (photo or drawing) that would be something she would love.
  • Family members:
  • Sister: Evelyn (age 3 1/2)… who would love to get cards, also! Evelyn likes pink and purple. She also likes camping, climbing, shoes and playing dress up.
  • Mom: Myra
  • Dad: Charlie


Kind-hearted Xander is 10 years old and was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (a bone/soft tissue cancer) at age 6. He has a tumor in his hip and tumors in his lungs. He’s currently on his 4th relapse and under hospice care. You can learn more about him at Strength for Xander.


If you would like to send Xander cards, here is some information to keep in mind:

  • Xander is 10.
  • He loves sports, especially paintball and baseball. He also likes all kinds of arts and crafts. He’s a movie junkie and can watch the same ones over and over!
  • Family members:
    • Brother: Jaden (age 14)… who loves soccer, Legos, history, the military and airplanes.
    • Mom: Angie… who loves scrapbooking!
    • Dad: James


Here are some important details. Please read! It is simple, helpful info:

  • This Card Shower will be going on through 12/15/15. I need to receive your card by 12/15/15. (International folks – if yours gets here late, that is ok!)
  • PLEASE, do not use messages of get well soon, feel better, etc. Instead please use messages of happiness. Some suggestions include: sending smiles, thinking of you, kids’ jokes, hello, you rock, etc. Keep the cards very happy, uplifting, and kid friendly. Christmas/holiday/etc. cards are welcome.
  • All cards need to have a message in it – stamped or handwritten.
  • Please sign your name and where you are from inside the card.
  • Get your kids involved! Kids love to get cards from other kids.
  • The family members of Emily and Xander would also enjoy receiving cards – especially the siblings. I shared their info above, too. So feel free to send cards for them!
  • I have done Card Drives in the past and those are about collecting as many cards as possible. This Card Shower is different – it is not about quantity but rather quality of the message. Put your heart into it – that is all that is needed! One card per kid is good. (Additional cards can be directed towards family members. Or maybe your kids could also make cards for the Card Shower.)
  • Please stick to just cards – standard size 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ or smaller.
  • If you want to send a gift other than a card, please email me. We will try to arrange something to make that happen. (If you would like, you could always put a simple gift card inside to Target or Toys R Us, etc. But this is not at all expected. This is really just about cards.)
  • You can send the card(s) in a package. Or, you can send the card in an envelope as you normally would but addressed to me. When I get it, I will switch it to a plain envelope with the child’s name.
  • If you want to be considered for a prize, please include a post-it note for me in the envelope/package with your name and email address clearly written. For the prize, there is one entry per person, not per card sent in.
  • If you send your card in a package, please do not seal the card envelopes. The parents may want to peek at the card before giving it to the child.

I am personally (with the help of my family!) collecting the cards and will send them on to the family. (I didn’t want the families to deal with the hassle of lots of cards trickling in. This way they will get a couple of boxes of cards and can open when they need them most.) You can send cards to here:

Jennifer McGuire
Attn: Card Shower
PO Box 42820
Cincinnati, OH 45242

If you have questions, please email me.


Normally when I do Card Drives, I have a long list of prizes that you are eligible to win if you send in cards. However, for this Card Shower, I really want to keep it simple and keep the focus on the kindness we are sharing. So I am offering one great prize instead.

Of the cards I receive for this Card Shower, I will randomly pick a winner of a $200 crafty prize, including stamps, dies, Copic Markers, and more.

Only one entry per person, no matter how many cards you send. Again, this is about putting our heart into cards for these two kids and their family. To be eligible, I must receive your card for the Card Shower by 12/15/15. The winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted on my “Winners page” after the 12/20/15. International folks are eligible, too! Prize personally donated.

Do you think you can participate? Leave a comment telling me what card ideas you have for these sweet kid’s and their families. Let’s brighten their day! xo


The Card Shower logo was kindly created by Mommy Lhey. Be sure to check out her stamps – I will be using them soon.

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130 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Card Shower + BIG Giveaway!”

  1. Thank you for encouring us to be better and spreading the kindness in these times. I have a great sentiment stamp that I actually got for free with my MFT order ages ago that will be perfect for those troopers. “You make every day a happy one”. I’m getting to work right away so they get to you in time from Sweden. Again, thank you for reminding us how fortunate we are and that we do need to share this with eachother. Makes me appreciate my blessings even more 🙂

  2. What an amazing thing to be a part of – thank you for initiating something like this! I’m excited to send some fun pop – out animal cards to both kids.

  3. This is what I want to leave as an example for my grandchildren, not only during the holiday season but throughout the year – service, simple acts of kindness, thank you for this opportunity. I plan on a fun barnyard with baby animals for Emily and I think a funny / punny baseball card for Xander.

  4. I am totally in…maybe some fun animal cards or one totally pink and girly and one blue and all boy. So fun to dig into my stash and see what I have.

  5. Another winner of an idea. I will get my grandgirls and grandboy involved in this on Friday (I hope!). They are of similar ages as these kids and they have sweet and generous hearts, too! thanks for the information

  6. Yes Jennifer, please count me in!! I will be making cards with castles, unicorns, sunshine and magical scenes with a fun happy message. We have 3 granddaughters, twins age 5 and a 6 year old so no problem with girl ideas. For boys I was thinking cute fish scene with bubbles octopus, sunshine and fun message. I am thinking about having my Sunday School children make cards too. I could have the cards cut and give them ideas. They are ages 4 and 5 years with a few 6 years old. Small class about 6 children with a couple teenaged helpers. Would that be OK?
    Thanks for sharing kindness everywhere!!! Love your work and love you!

  7. What a great idea Jennifer. I started a couple of cards with hot air balloons and I have one in mind with fairy tales. I have a silly ones in mind for Xander and his brother. We’ll see what happens. It seems as though my cards start out one way with a set of stamps and then I switch to something that I think the recipient would like better. Wishy washy at times but I do get them done. You’ve inspired me to get more cards made lately. Thank you for that.

  8. I am in for your Card Shower! I think I would like to make a card for Emily and Xander! Thank you for doing this! It is so wonderful to help out families that are struggling through things like this. Everyone needs a little support!

  9. You can count on me Jennifer, I am in. Happy cards will be coming your way soon for not only the little kids but the big kids (parents) as well. I will recruit my little brothers ages 9 and 11 as well. We are sending happy thoughts, and they will be in our prayers.

  10. Jennifer you are an Angel. This touches my heart so deeply. My nephew died from Leukemia just before his 5th birthday. My brother in law has brain cancer and has about 6 months to live. I will get some cards in the mail to you asap.

  11. I plan to participate, but am not sure about designs yet (I haven’t even been able to come up with a Christmas card design yet). But I will come up with something by the deadline. So glad to be able to help out and bring some happiness to those who need it!

  12. Count me in !!! I am not sure about the design yet, but I will get all my “kid” stamps out and work out something I hope the kids will love. You and your family are angels in disguise!!

  13. I will be sending you some cards, Your kindness and generosity is amazing. It will be my pleasure to join in the spreading of kindness.

  14. You are truly amazing Jennifer! I am so blessed to follow you on Facebook and on here! Thank you so much for doing this!!!
    I hope I can make them all some cards next week when I am home. I hope they get lots of them! And to picture seeing their smiles when they receive the cards! So heartwarming!

    I’m going to make a bunch of fun and whimsey cards for them!!!

  15. I want to send Christmas themed cards and want to include the families as well… YAY! a reason to get crafty over the next couple of blustery days here in MI! THANK YOU, Jennifer!!!

  16. Hi Jennifer it’s nearly midnight here in the UK but I’m off to my craft space to start working on some cards for these lovely children. I’m thinking Scruffy Little Kitten cards for both the girls and the boys if that’s ok. I’ll try and get them in the post Friday or Monday at the latest. 🙂

  17. Will be doing this for sure! Going to have my kids watercolor some cards just for these two kiddos and their siblings. I love that you included that info. Hope you get tons and tons of cards!

  18. Awesome of you Jennifer to do this card shower. I love the idea and have never been involved in something like it. I have considered making cards for a local children’s hospital but don’t really know where to start. Maybe this will get me motivated. I’m in Canada so mine might take a little longer to get there but they will get there. Awesome that you are doing a giveaway as well.

  19. You rock Jennifer! I am so glad you enable us to give back! I will be sending some everyday blessings to these beautiful kids and their families!!!

  20. I would love to participate in this card shower. I am thinking to make a card with cute monsters for Xander and a animal card for Emily!!! I hope they can feel the love from over the world and be back on their feet in no time. Thank you Jennifer for you kindness!

  21. I definitely will be making one card for each of these kiddos with cancer. I do not know what theme I will choose. Need to pray about it first. Friday is my day off from work. This FrIday, I’m embossing some Christmas cards, Next Friday, I’ll work on these. Thanks for all you do to encourage crafters to share handmade kindness!

  22. Hi Jennifer- You have a heart of gold ! I’d like t participate. I’ll be sending a couple of Christmas cards from Victoria BC Canada !

  23. Amazing idea!! My family has gone through the same challenges with my 7 year old brother. Having these cards in the families hands will put a huge smile on there face. I know just a simple gesture of people smiling at us at the hospital was warming and heart felt. I want to make sparkly hearts, stars, and fun bright colored card. For the boy I will make Dino’s, baseball cards!! Thanks again for your big heart.

  24. Jennifer, you are amazing!
    I will send in a few cards, as I can;t decide and maybe the hospital can keep them for future needs,
    I will send them friday when my paycheck comes in, so hopefully they will arrive in time from the Netherlands!

  25. Will def. be creating cards for both these brave kids and their siblings. Thanks so much for including the siblings…they so frequently get forgotten when all the attention, understandably, gets focused on the sick child. Also bless you for letting us know their favorite colors and pastimes and interests. Makes it so much easier to make a meaningful card for them!!

  26. I’m not sure what I am going to do but I know I have a smily sun, some pretty flowers, a smily face, animals, lots of the things you mentioned. Thank you so much for doing this. My heart broke reading their stories. How sad that someone that young has to be so sick. A friend of mine had a son who had cancer when he was young and he went to St. Jude’s for it. He’s either a teen now or in his early 20’s and he’s cancer free. I wish the same for both of them.

  27. I am hoping this weekend I can get some time to create a little handmade kindness. Whatever kind of card I send, will have a joke on it 🙂

  28. Dear Jennifer I’ll surely try to make some cards on time for these kids as I’m shipping internationally. Bless these people for what they have to battle and bless you for trying to give them joy! Thank you.

  29. Hi I’m from the UK, we have 4×6″ cards over here so I’m wondering if that would be OK. Or would you prefer 4×4″ and 5×5″?? I love this idea and will get making as soon as I can… x

  30. I plan to work on some cards to mail, including some for their families. I just lost a brother to cancer this summer & while he was an adult-it’s very hard on the family too. Thank you for including them in this card drive.

  31. I would love to participate! I was thinking suspension cards or spinning cards for both of them. For Emily a cute sunny image or cute animals and for Xander sports of course. For both families Xmas cards. thank you for doing this Jennifer, I am sure they would love receiving a shower of kind messages.
    Have a wnderful day!

  32. I haven’t had the time to decide what I’m going to do. But, I’m definitely going to be making some fun cards. My heart hurts for these families. I’ll be praying that their treatments work and for strength for their families. I have a friend whose granddaughter wasn’t thought to reach her 1st birthday. She recently celebrated her 6th birthday.

  33. What a wonderful idea! I will definitely participate, and while my kids might be too big (24 and 16), my niece and nephew are the perfect age to help me create something for these very special children! Thanks for inspiring us to share kindness!

  34. Jennifer, I love the Card Shower idea to encourage these children. I am going to use farm animals on my cards from Inky Antics with watercolor rainbow backgrounds. Already on it! Please check out Webste…Precious In His Sight..I pray for these children. I better add Emily and Xander. I love your tender heart.

  35. Jennifer,

    I’m so happy to see this card shower! I will be participating and ideas are already running thru my head. I have an idea to make a paintball card Xander. My son plays paintball and loves it as well. I think I will have him write inside it so he can relate with Xander. For Emily, I will make a girly card.

  36. What a wonderful idea to send cards to there two families. I have boxes of cards I have made ( I’m kind of addicted to making them) I’m retired and love to be creative and bless others, thanks for the opportunity to bless others.

  37. My daughter is coming home from college for Thanksgiving week break and I have that week off work. I plan on the two of us spending an afternoon together making some cards for the kids. What a great project!

  38. Hi Jennifer, I’m glad n exited to participate in this beautiful act of love n kindness… God bless u n your family…..I am more than happy to make some cards for this beautiful children n Fam. thank u for bringing happiness to a lot of people n kids

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