Share Handmade Kindness Card Shower + BIG Giveaway!

Hello! Week 3 of the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge is focused on kids. Although we can participate by giving cards to kids in our own lives, I thought it would be good to give to some kids who could especially use a smile.

So… this week I am also hosting what I call a “Card Shower.” This means I am asking everyone to send in happy cards to two children that are battling cancer. If you have time, you can also create a card for their family members. These kids need smiles – and we can do that!


I found two kids – a girl and a boy – who are battling cancer. First I will introduce the kids, then I will share details on how you send cards.


Sweet Emily is 6 and has been fighting cancer (Neuroblastoma) since the age of 4. You can learn more about her at Prayers for Emily.


If you would like to send Emily cards, here is some information to keep in mind:

  • Emily is 6.
  • She likes dark pink, outdoors, babies, swimming and animals. Since she is learning to read, simple messages are great. Also, if a child wants to send a picture (photo or drawing) that would be something she would love.
  • Family members:
  • Sister: Evelyn (age 3 1/2)… who would love to get cards, also! Evelyn likes pink and purple. She also likes camping, climbing, shoes and playing dress up.
  • Mom: Myra
  • Dad: Charlie


Kind-hearted Xander is 10 years old and was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (a bone/soft tissue cancer) at age 6. He has a tumor in his hip and tumors in his lungs. He’s currently on his 4th relapse and under hospice care. You can learn more about him at Strength for Xander.


If you would like to send Xander cards, here is some information to keep in mind:

  • Xander is 10.
  • He loves sports, especially paintball and baseball. He also likes all kinds of arts and crafts. He’s a movie junkie and can watch the same ones over and over!
  • Family members:
    • Brother: Jaden (age 14)… who loves soccer, Legos, history, the military and airplanes.
    • Mom: Angie… who loves scrapbooking!
    • Dad: James


Here are some important details. Please read! It is simple, helpful info:

  • This Card Shower will be going on through 12/15/15. I need to receive your card by 12/15/15. (International folks – if yours gets here late, that is ok!)
  • PLEASE, do not use messages of get well soon, feel better, etc. Instead please use messages of happiness. Some suggestions include: sending smiles, thinking of you, kids’ jokes, hello, you rock, etc. Keep the cards very happy, uplifting, and kid friendly. Christmas/holiday/etc. cards are welcome.
  • All cards need to have a message in it – stamped or handwritten.
  • Please sign your name and where you are from inside the card.
  • Get your kids involved! Kids love to get cards from other kids.
  • The family members of Emily and Xander would also enjoy receiving cards – especially the siblings. I shared their info above, too. So feel free to send cards for them!
  • I have done Card Drives in the past and those are about collecting as many cards as possible. This Card Shower is different – it is not about quantity but rather quality of the message. Put your heart into it – that is all that is needed! One card per kid is good. (Additional cards can be directed towards family members. Or maybe your kids could also make cards for the Card Shower.)
  • Please stick to just cards – standard size 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ or smaller.
  • If you want to send a gift other than a card, please email me. We will try to arrange something to make that happen. (If you would like, you could always put a simple gift card inside to Target or Toys R Us, etc. But this is not at all expected. This is really just about cards.)
  • You can send the card(s) in a package. Or, you can send the card in an envelope as you normally would but addressed to me. When I get it, I will switch it to a plain envelope with the child’s name.
  • If you want to be considered for a prize, please include a post-it note for me in the envelope/package with your name and email address clearly written. For the prize, there is one entry per person, not per card sent in.
  • If you send your card in a package, please do not seal the card envelopes. The parents may want to peek at the card before giving it to the child.

I am personally (with the help of my family!) collecting the cards and will send them on to the family. (I didn’t want the families to deal with the hassle of lots of cards trickling in. This way they will get a couple of boxes of cards and can open when they need them most.) You can send cards to here:

Jennifer McGuire
Attn: Card Shower
PO Box 42820
Cincinnati, OH 45242

If you have questions, please email me.


Normally when I do Card Drives, I have a long list of prizes that you are eligible to win if you send in cards. However, for this Card Shower, I really want to keep it simple and keep the focus on the kindness we are sharing. So I am offering one great prize instead.

Of the cards I receive for this Card Shower, I will randomly pick a winner of a $200 crafty prize, including stamps, dies, Copic Markers, and more.

Only one entry per person, no matter how many cards you send. Again, this is about putting our heart into cards for these two kids and their family. To be eligible, I must receive your card for the Card Shower by 12/15/15. The winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted on my “Winners page” after the 12/20/15. International folks are eligible, too! Prize personally donated.

Do you think you can participate? Leave a comment telling me what card ideas you have for these sweet kid’s and their families. Let’s brighten their day! xo


The Card Shower logo was kindly created by Mommy Lhey. Be sure to check out her stamps – I will be using them soon.

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130 thoughts on “Share Handmade Kindness Card Shower + BIG Giveaway!”

  1. Such a gret initiative and cause. I’m struggling to keep going with my Christmas cards, but would love to create a few cards for those kids as well. I’ll try…
    Your recent monster card reminded me that I have this cute digital monster stamp and I have some cute little fairy stamps and some sunshine stamps I could work with.

  2. I love this idea, you are so kind and thoughtful. They will love all their cards. I know this because I myself had cancer of the kidney(Wilms tumor) at age 6 and relapsed at 8. I can remember receiving all sorts of cards when I was in the hospital and when I was at home. I especially remember the ones I received during my stem cell transplant, they each had a dollar in them! I think by the end I had about 300$!! I have kept all of my cards from those years in a big hat box and still look at them from time to time. I am 26 now and I know these kids will remember this act of kindness for the rest of their lives, I know did. Thank you so much for doing this. you are such an inspiration. xoxo Elizabeth Grimball

  3. I’m in! I hope it can get to you from Australia in time. I’ve almost finished cross-stitching a cute little image which I was planning to mount on a card for my daughter, but she’s not going to mind donating to such a lovely cause!

  4. Planning to make a couple cheery cards this weekend for Xander and Emily. I have not decided on a theme but I will get them to you when I’m done!! Thanks for all your kindness!

  5. Dear Jennifer, nothing breaks my heart more than to see someone or something suffering, but esp a child. Count me in. I would love to use little animal images that are popular with many stamp companies now, and possibly utilize a kinetic type card to make them extra special. I will put my thinking cap on. Bless you and yours ♥

  6. Thank you for the great ideas. You are a lot more creative than you give yourself credit for. Once again thank you.

  7. I will be getting what I have done for these families out in the mail on December 3rd. As a childhood cancer survivor I can really relate to these kids and their families!!! Thanks for having such a big heart!

  8. Jennifer…you are such a jewel for doing this. Right time of the year for it too. It pulls at my heart strings for sure. Its a feel good thing to do not only for the kids but for the inspiration that you are to everyone. Thank you so much for your kindness.

  9. Thank you for your kind and generous heart! This is a wonderful idea. I don’t have young kids anymore (sigh) but miss putting sweet notes together for the little ones. You’ve thought of everything – I appreciate you!

  10. Thanks for the great ideas. Today we worked on using the color bursts. My daughter loved seeing what would happen when we added the water and we will be sharing the cards by sending them to cousins.

  11. I have been making a lot of shaker cards lately, I think children love shaker cards. I have put this on my list. Thanks for coordinating such a wonderful thing for these children and their families.

  12. Made cards but didn’t put child’s name inside but signed them. Girls cards have mice and boys have monsters and a dog. Used your idea with card elephant that you had to untie to open and your kindness stamps.

  13. I made a card last year for my father’s 94th birthday which celebrated his years with us. He has since passed away and the card was returned to me when family went through his things after the funeral. Needless to say it is a special card with great memories. Thanks for the Share Kindness incentive…a wonderful idea during this season of sharing!

  14. I absolutely love this idea Jennifer. I have been making cards for my 4 year old little cousin who has cancer. Thankfully she is in remission now. I also sent many uplifting cards to a beautiful 17 year old girl Nelly. She recently lost her fight, but she always had a smile on her face. Nelly brought our community together & had fans from all around the world. I would love to send cards to these children in her memory. Thanks for another amazing card shower for these brave kids. You are amazing.

  15. Hello Jennifer – I will be sending you cards for these children by the end of the week. Thank you for spreading kindness with your campaign . I hope when the boxes of cards reach them that it brightens their day & puts smiles on their faces & happiness in their hearts!

  16. I have made a card for both Emily and Xander…thank for letting us use our craft to bring some happiness to these two very deserving children.

  17. Just made a card for Xander using the Whimsy Penguins Oops! stamp that is reminiscent of Flick in “A Christmas Story” and a card for Emily using the sweet elephant holding a bunch of balloons from Wild Rose Studio popping through the hole I made using the Pretty Pink Posh peekaboo die. Hope they like them and that the cards get to you in time! What a wonderful challenge. Wish I had seen this post earlier–just saw it last night. 🙂 Big hugs, Kristina

  18. Just saw this post, mailing cards tomorrow hope they don’t take longer than a day to go from buffalo to cincinnati. Using the SU “Herd”, stamp set! Love the kindness sharing idea, thank you for taking the time to coordinate this, blessings for you and prayers for them.

  19. Hi there, You have done a great job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally
    recommend to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

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