Guest Artist Video: Laurie Willison Mailing Station + GIVEAWAY

Hello! Today I have a special guest artist – Laurie Willison – to show how to create a convenient “mailing station”

Laurie Willison Mailing Station for Jennifer McGuire Ink

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Affiliate links used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

In this video, the wonderful Laurie Willison shows a “mailing station” that she has created to make mailing handmade cards fast and easy. She keeps everything stored in an Interdesign Organizer. (This is the same one I use to organize upcoming projects.)

Laurie Willison Mailing Station for Jennifer McGuire Ink

She also creates her own envelope seals using the Hero Arts kindness stamps, label paper, and a circle die. Clever, huh? In the organizer she also keeps my favorite postage stamps and personalized rubber stamps from Bossy Joscie.

Laurie Willison Mailing Station for Jennifer McGuire Ink

Thank you, Laurie, for doing this video to share today. You know I am your biggest fan. xo.


Here are some related links and videos that may be of interest to you:

  • Be sure to visit Laurie’s blog HERE. She is incredibly talented and the queen of clean and simple card designs.
  • Head HERE to check out my card storage system. I have updated this a bit since and will have a video soon.
  • Check out THIS video for tips on mailing cards.


Bossy Joscie makes incredible personalized stamps. And she was kind to offer a $25 gift certificate to a lucky winner! For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/30/15 telling me if you use a personalized stamp for the back of your cards or return address. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)


Interested in the products Laurie mentioned? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here.) Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), Amazon (AZ), etc.




( AZ )


( AZ )


( AZ )


( SSS )



( SSS | EH )



( AZ )



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536 thoughts on “Guest Artist Video: Laurie Willison Mailing Station + GIVEAWAY”

  1. My husband made it thru his surgery with flying colors. He is such a good man and I count everyday a blessing that I still have this 82 year old man by my side.

  2. I use commercially prepared labels with my name and address on the back of my mail – mainly as they were sent out as a PR exercise from a charity.

  3. I don’t own a personalized stamp but would love one. I do make labels on my printer for the back of my cards. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I do use a stamp on the back of my cards that looks like a top view of a pie and says “Homeade for you by….”. And, we do use a custom return address stamp for all our mailing. Could really use a new one and I love the artsy design of the one on the blog.

  5. All I have at the moment is a “hand made with love by” stamp that I use on the backs of cards I make. As to one with my return address on it, it’s a little difficult when renting and waiting on a transfer, (hopefully!!) At least I’d love to get into something a little larger with a bigger yard too! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  6. I do use a personalized stamp on all my cards. I have one that says I made the card and a second stamp to say that
    the card is made with my own designs on hand carved stamps. Thanks for another generous give-away.

  7. Awesome giveaway! I have a personalized stamp for the back of my card, and a re-inking address stamp, but my address stamp is pretty old, running out of ink, and barely legible…time for a new one!

  8. I don’t have a personalized stamp for the back of my cards but I would love one! I have been looking around the internet to see about getting one. I love this mailing station, very organized and I love to be organized…it helps me be more creative!

  9. HI this is such a great idea to keep all mailing stuff in one place I have tons of cards just lying around needing a new home love this

  10. I don’t have a personalized stamp, but I have one that says “Made just for you” and I add by Loly. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Personally, I think it’s an honor to have your own personalized stamp for the back of your cards. Unfortunately, I do not have one so I sign my name usually. Seems like a wonderful idea to have a stamp. It makes the card look more personalized & professional. Great idea. Now I’m in NEED of one.

  12. I would love a personalized stamp! And, I want to be Jennifer McGuire when (if) I grow up! Such talent, such an inspiration!

  13. I have a stamp with my name that I use for the back of my cards. It was a gift from a blogging friend I’ve never met in person. I’ve thought it’d be great to have a stamp for my envelopes.

  14. What a wonderful video and giveaway! I do not have a personalized stamp YET because I can’t seem to settle on a design, but I REALLY WANT one!

  15. I have a stamp with my email address on it that I stamp on the back of my cards. My sister gave it to me as a present one year and I was very grateful for her kind gift.

  16. I dont have any personalized stamps yet. I would love to have one though. I have just recently started stamping/card making, so my stamp supply is pretty small. A personalized stamp would definitely make a great addition to stamps.

  17. Still not finding an address personal stamp yet…
    Hand written is the best way but I think my writing is not great, I love to try one!

  18. I used to have stickers for the back of my cards, but I think a stamp with my name and address for the back of the envelope would be wonderful 🙂

  19. Very nice giveaway. Yes, I do have a personalized stamp I use on my cards. I live in United Arab Emirates, and we LOVE camels, so I have my name and a small camel on my stamp.

  20. I use a personilized stamp for the back of my cards but not for my return address. Joscie’s designs look fantastic! This is a wonderful idea for a convenient and pretty mailing station, thank you Laurie for shating and to you Jennifer for all you do and share!
    Have a wonderful day!

  21. I have several styles of stamps for the back of my cards. I also have two address stamps that are very simplel but nice. This is a great idea. I have to search sometimes for my mailing supplies. Thiis would be so handy.

  22. I have yet to own a personalized stamp. Instead, I create an image with my name and print that on paper to label the back of my cards.

  23. I don’t have a personalized stamp, but I do like to stamp with the same stamp as I used on the card… would be fun to stamp a couple flowers with a personalized stamp in black over them!

  24. What a wonderful idea. I especially like the idea of adding the removeable sentiment so the recipient has a card they can reuse. Great ideas!

  25. I rarely take the time to stamp the back of my cards, but I would love to have a return address stamp. I usually use the free stickers I receive when I donate to charities….but they don’t always give the vibe I’m going for!

  26. I do not use a personalized stamp as a return address; however, I do print my own return address labels and I add little graphics to each of them for my own personal touch.

  27. I have three different stamps I put on the back of my cards depending on if they are for personal use or for my Etsy shop – The personal cards are either my initials (received as a gift from an artist whom I purchased a lot of her stamps) and the second is Snoopy doing the Happy Dance!

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