Video: Crafty Kindness Package GIVEAWAYS + FREE Download

Hello. Today I have a video showing a “Crafty Kindness Package” that I put together… and am giving away! (Six of them, in fact!)

Crafty Kindness Package Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Affiliate links may be used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

When I decided to host the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge, I also decided to send a bunch of “Crafty Kindness Packages” to crafting friends in the industry – – folks who inspire me, define kindness, etc. I worked on these for weeks (with the help of some loved ones) and had so much fun! I plan to make a few varieties of this package to send to friends for Christmas. I hope it inspires a gift idea for you, too.

Note: All of the specific packaging, supplies, etc. that I used for the packages are listed in thumbnails at the end of this post.

I had my graphic designer (thanks, Liz!) design these fun and simple “Random Quotes of Kindness”… and then I die cut them with the Simon Says Stamp word bubble die. You can write a quick message on the back and tape them somewhere to surprise someone. My friend Heather has created more of these Random Quotes of Kindness and is selling them on Etsy HERE… with 20% of the proceeds are going to the Kind Campaign! (I am not making money from this… and I am just super happy that Heather is making them available to anyone who is interested. And be sure to stop by Heather’s blog, too, for giveaways!)

Crafty Kindness Package Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

Over the summer, I hired several lettering artists that I found on Instagram (listed below) to create kindness quotes. I printed the quotes at my local Office Depot (or you can do it at home with a laser printer) and then used my Minc Machine to add foiling.

Crafty Kindness Package Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

I used gold, silver, and turquoise Thermoweb Deco Foil (my favorite) and just did one card after another. I created over 1800 cards this way since the technique is fast. If you don’t have a Minc Machine, you can also use a laminator. Check THIS and THIS video for help. (Oh, and sorry the pictures are not the best!)

Crafty Kindness Package Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

I do have one of these pieces available for download for FREE! The “kindness is magic” was created by dear friend Kristina Werner. All you have to do is go HERE and download the file… print it… cut it in half… foil it… and score it! You can make a set of handmade notecards in no time. If you don’t have the tools for foiling, you can print the cards and add some colorful stamping around the edges. (BTW – when you “check out” at Kristina’s site, it will ask for a billing address but WILL NOT ask for payment at all. It just says “Your order is free. No payment is required.”)

Crafty Kindness Package Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

I also created clear envelope seals and put them in a small glassine envelope. (I had these made at Sticker Giant, but you can create your own with stamps and a circle die.) In the other package are some playful temporary tattoos.

Crafty Kindness Package Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

For each box, I bought the Hero Arts Acts of Kindness and A Bit of Kindness stamps. 20% of the proceeds from these stamps also supports the Kind Campaign!

Crafty Kindness Package Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

I also put a stamped and hand-written note in each box. You can see it in this photo on the top right. (This photo was taken by my friends at IPSOCreative – the folks who did my website. I included stamping blocks and ink pads since they aren’t stampers.)

Crafty Kindness Package Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

When making these packages, I put together six extra boxes to give away here. (See below.) I am hoping that these inspire you to create your own “kindness packages” to share with loved ones. Many of these things can be made by hand!


Here are some bits of info that may be helpful:

  • I hired several great artists (most of whom I found on Instagram) for the quotes on these cards: Small Made Goods, Noeltheartist, sampalencia_, Patricklaurent, dancrawnwords, andreacenon, Kristina Werner
  • Several of the items purchased for these packages have proceeds going to the Kind Campaign – a great anti-bullying non-profit. Please be sure to check it out.
  • The Share Handmade Kindness Challenge is almost over, but you can still participate! I will be doing future challenges, also. But we should keep on creating and sharing for the kindness of it.


I have SIX of these kindness packages to send out! For your chance to win one, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 12/2/15 telling me a bit of good news. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too! All products were purchased and donated by me.)


Interested in the products I used? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased.) Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), Amazon (AZ), etc.


( SSS | EH )




(SSS | EH | AZ)


(SSS | EH | AZ)


(SSS | EH | AZ)


(SSS | EH | AZ)






















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1,759 thoughts on “Video: Crafty Kindness Package GIVEAWAYS + FREE Download”

  1. Hi there! Thanks for all the time and effort you put in this awesome campaign. So much good things are happening in my life right now. We could just over three weeks ago welcome our newest addition to our family. He is healthy and happy. My brother, sister in law, nephew and sister are home for Christmas from Australia. 🙂

  2. Jennifer, you, I have changed my life. Since I was introduced to you, I have been making cards everyday and mailing them out to my friends. They comment the highlight of their week is receiving one of my cards. Thank you for the gift of you.

  3. I have loved following along this month with this challenge. You are such an amazing person!
    This month I’ve been able to demonstrate the spirit of giving to my son and have watched him put it in action without prompting. Talk about a proud moment!

  4. I love the kindness stamps! Going on my Christmas wish list! Thanks for lists and discounts. Very useful.

  5. Kindness shouldn’t have to be a deliberate thing…your kindness campaign reminds us of that! What a wonderful thing you’ve started! Thank you. I’m late to join, but will find a way to make someone’s day today. Great inspiration!

  6. Hi Jennifer 🙂 I love Your work. My happy story must be that I have been an addict, and that I have found my way out of it. Art Journaling and Mixed Media has been my saviour. And I LOVE my new life 🙂

  7. I REALLY appreciate the work that you do in sharing your talent with the us! I know it takes a lot of work and dedication. Thank you! And thank you for the opportunity to win one of the Kindness boxes! 🙂

  8. The Kindness Campaign was a brilliant idea! Lately, I have especially been trying to do little acts of kindness. I have found means so much to others, even though we don’t think it’s a big deal. The world certainly needs more kindness! Thanks for all you do!!

  9. One of the things in my life right now that I look to for goodness is you, and all of the ways in which your presence in the crafting world makes it a better place. Prior to our holiday last week, there were some bumpy moments in our family – conflict, hurt feelings and the like. However, once we all gathered together under one roof on Thursday the focus shifted to the thread that truly connects us. Our newest family member arrived last December, and our hearts were so filled with love and gratitude for her. We were grandparents, aunts, friends, sisters, and parents embracing and experiencing one of the most satisfying days spent together, with nothing remaining of the upheaval leading to that day. It’s always amazing to see how powerful love can be.

  10. I’m SO happy for my teacher friend, who after many unsuccessful tries of trying to adopt a newborn, finally met a mother who carried her baby to term, delivered a healthy boy, and honored the adoption commitment! New mom and baby went home right before Thanksgiving – how apropos!

  11. My bit of good news happened about 4 months ago, when I finally had my baby girl Amaya Lily. She is the only girl of my 4 children. I thought after having 3 boys that it just wasn’t meant for me to have a daughter until our last try became a baby girl. I couldn’t have been more happier then when I was told “It’s a girl!”.

  12. Hi Jennifer, This is such a wonderful thing to do and it’s so nice to see you and others get on board with compassionate promotions like these. I hope it truly helps others see good from this. Than I s for doing stuff that make people smile and make a difference!
    Hugs and Happiness,
    Briana C.

  13. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for all your generosity always!

    My good news is .. I just went back to a Full time job! an amazing opportunity landed in my lap and am so excited for all the learning I have already done in my first week!

  14. How kind of you to share! My good news is that my grandson born in October, had open heart surgery at 2 weeks old and he is recovering well! God has given us a miracle! I am so grateful! Keep sharing your ideas-it inspires me to be more crafty!

  15. My good news is that I spoke with a long time friend that I wasn’t able to get a hold of previously. It was a big surprise to me when she called since I didn’t have her correct phone number. It’s the little things in life that mean so much, (the voice of a friend, a card in the mail or just a friendly smile!)

  16. Thank you for sharing this series. It has been great to watch and be inspired. This year for Christmas one of the gifts I am giving is a bunch of handmade birthday and special occasion cards to my sister. My good news is that I was just cleared to have a life changing surgery in 2 weeks. I am really blessed to have great family supporting me and who will be there to help me through recovery. I can’t wait to start the new year with a new perspective.
    I wish you a very happy holiday season! 🙂

  17. Yay, I love all things crafty and fun! This whole set looks incredibly gorgeous and I’m sure whoever wins one will be thrilled. My little bit of good news is that I’m almost done with gift shopping and wrapping – I’m starting early haha. Hope you’re doing well and continue to burst with creativity!

  18. Jennifer you are amazing. First I want to thank you for all the good you do. Thank you for teaching us so much about card making . My good new is I got my 4 year old granddaughter her first stamp set for Christmas. I can,t wait to give it to her and we can share cardmaking together,and teach her about sharing the love of crafts . Thank you.

  19. After too many years, my estranged daughter and I are mending our differences. I have been trying for years to get her back in my life. Sadly, it took the passing of her Mother-in-law for her to realize that life is too short to not love and be loved by those in your life.
    God has blessed me with a beautiful daughter and 3 beautiful grand-daughters that I can now grow old(er) with.

  20. I’ve really loved following all of your projects throughout this campaign. So many inspiring ideas; I’m actually getting ready to surprise some people in my life with holiday cards, as I was inspired to share some kindness as well! It’s really generous of you to do this giveaway, as well. My good news is that I will get to spend almost 3 weeks at home for the holidays this year with my parents.

  21. I have absolutely enjoyed your sharing campaign!!
    MY good news is that my only nephew from my brother is now living with My husband and I!! WE hardly ever got to see him growing up because his mother never wanted him to spend time with his father. So now it is just a joy to get to see him on a daily basis!!!

  22. I love the kindness stamp. I have been blessed with double good news this year as both my beautiful girls have received their masters degrees in their various programs., and my youngest daughter is coming home for Christmas so we will get a chance to make these inspirational cards together.
    Thank you. Happy Holidays!

  23. This is a very thoughtful campaign that you put together! It has brought a lot of smiles many people. My good news is that my health is getting better! It has been a long five years and this is very exciting.

  24. I have been in the hospital for three weeks now and my PICC line became infected. Last time this happened I ended up with a life threatening blood infection. The good news for me is that we caught this infection early and as of right now I do NOT have a blood infection.

  25. I appreciate all you do. You are such a thoughtful person. My good news is my son got married on Oct 32st this year. The happy couple lives with my hubby and me. Thanksgiving was a real treat as they took over the kitchen and cooked a wonderful supper for us, They have adopted a family in need and has fixed several” meal bags” for the family, including toys for the children. .I am glad to see my son and his wife follow my hubby and me in in showing kindness to others,

  26. Jennifer,
    Thank you for the wonderful Share Handmade Kindness Challenge! Kindness is truly what it’s all about! My bit of good news is that next week we take our seventh graders to the local theater to see a production of A Christmas Carol (they read this in English class) and for many it will be their first time at a theater! I so enjoy hearing their appreciation for the arts, their excitement, and awe for the splendor of the theater and the costumes and set!

  27. A friend of mine was having a rough time, her mom was dying of cancer etc etc. She’s the kind of person that touches many peoples lives. I came up with the idea of asking as many of her friends as I could to create small cards with funny or uplifting quotes for our friend. Some made creative artsy tags. Some were plain. I created cards for several that were emailed to me. All the notes and quotes I put into a large mouthed jar and presented the jar to our friend. She loved it, couldn’t believe so many people were involved and told me she was reading one a day.
    Your campaign reminds me how easy it is to do something kind for people and how much it means to them.

  28. As always, everything you do is so wonderful! <3
    Some good news to share: I just found out recently that after months of worrying and exams and x-rays my dog doesn't have hip dysplasia and won't require surgery!

  29. Just started following you, love everything I’ve gotten a chance to see so far!! My good news is my sister’s surgery went great with no complications!!

  30. I love that the kind campaign focuses on girl bullying which I feel goes unoticed because it’s a different type of bullying than boys engage in. People don’t realize the depths of pain girls go through when other girls (often girls they are friends with) use their power to manipulate other girls by excluding, spreading false rumors and doing other awful things to each other. Being a mom of two girls between the ages of 10-15 I see the way girls hurt eachother every single day and it just is so awful. As a mom and as a girl to go through it can make you feel so helpless. I am so happy you are bringing an attention to this problem because we need to be educated as a society so we can start taking this problem seriously. We need to start being nice to each other. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do but sometimes we get caught up in our lives and don’t stop to just do it. Thank for this wonderful thing you are doing. It’s inspired me and my 2 daughters to do something. I’ll keep you posted as to what we do.
    Beth, Bella and Julia Catanese

  31. what a wonderful idea!!! sometimes we overthink the obvious and kindness is such a simple thing to give and it doesn’t even have to cost anything with the best part being that you get back as much as you give 🙂 My good news is that I am blessed to have a healthy family who love to be together… thanks for all of your awesomeness and sharing with all of us…

  32. It is so easy to show kindness to others, and yet sometimes, I feel like we forget that. It really is the simple things – and it’s never too late to start!

  33. I love this kindness campaign! I also believe that this can also be used in work environments to encourage & recognize employees when they are doing the right thing or simply when they need a pick me up !

  34. I love these sets! Everyone needs some kindness in their day! My “good news” is that I am relatively new to the world of stamping, and it has been a wonderful distraction to my chronic pain.

  35. Thanks for inspiring us to do great things with our craft stuff, my kids and I will be creating tags to give to our neighbors as part of our handmade kindness.

  36. My good news is that I am almost done with school, one more week to go and then I am on winter break. I am also happy and thankful that after some unforeseen news everyone I care for is okay.

  37. Thank you for making me extend my craft to others over the past month. I did not do all your challenges but I am currently making card sets to give as Christmas presents to family and friends. Kristina Werner’s Kindness is magic foiled with my new Minc will be in the packs..
    The good news, a friend is expecting her first child early next year. I hope to get some thank you cards made up to give as a present.
    Thanks for your continued inspiration.

  38. What a generous giveaway and so wonderful. I am never disappointed when I read your blog. You give me such inspiration and make me want to make and create cards. So glad that there is a kindness program out there and that people are seeing the need for it. We all need to be more kind and understanding and spread some love around.
    ~Gin K.~

  39. I really like this idea of giving that little extra to friends and family! Spread love and kindness around you and people will do the same ☺️

  40. I started working in a childcare centre during my holidays! I am also trying to make blank handmade cards, and sending them out to as many friends I can during this festive season!

  41. Hi Jennifer!! I really appreciate this campaign of yours. It has inspired me too, to make cards and send them to brighten someone’s day. Where I live, nobody receives cards through mail and when I sent it to them, they could not express how happy they were. I just feel like my bond with them has increased all thanks to you. ?

  42. Hey Jennifer. I love Your Cards, and I allways look for Your videos on Youtube. Your cards on PINTEREST etc – You inspire me, and I’m learning so much by watching..
    Thanks and a Merry Christmas to You and Your’s from Denmark….

  43. What a wonderful thing to do! You sure are an inspiration. Some good news I’d like to share with you is that I am having some time off over Christmas and spending it with Family & Friends celebrating the good times & being together. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas & safe & happy new year xxx

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