Kindness Giveaways and Free Download

Hello! I hope you are having a blessed weekend.

I am here to share TWO great things with you – kindness giveaways and a free download.


My friend Jessica Turner wrote an amazing book called The Fringe Hours… and it is all about making the time to do what fills YOUR heart. I *love* this. (I am proud of her – it has been hugely successful and gets great reviews! I enjoyed it and found it inspiring.) She is about to release her second book, My Fringe Hours. This book takes puts it all into action.

After hearing about the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge, Jessica contacted me and offered two wonderful sets of giveaways. They perfectly fit the idea of making time to be creative… and sharing your creations with others.

Each giveaway includes these goodies from Dayspring


In addition to My Fringe Hours book, there is a super cute canvas pouch to hold it. My favorite product is the set of inspiring postcards. These are perfect when you want to send someone a bit of encouragement via a handwritten note…


There is also a huge set of 50 blank notecards that you can decorate… and a six encouragement cards. The messages on these are great for supporting fellow moms/friends/etc…


Great goodies, aren’t they? They would make good gifts. You can get them all at Dayspring HERE.

Would you like to win one of the Fringe Hour collections shown in the photo? I have TWO sets to give away. For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 12/2/15 telling me any advice you have for making time for yourself. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)

Good luck!


My friend Tammy Tutterow has created an incredible FREE kindness download! You can get the download HERE. Just print and color! This would be fun to put on a card or foil, also.


Stay tuned – Tammy has stamps coming out very soon. Can’t wait! Thank you, Tammy.

See you soon!


(Affiliate links used at no cost to you. I was not paid for anything in this post… I just felt it was all a great fit with the challenge.)


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  1. I don’t have a lot of time available, but if i can take short little breaks here and there it is refreshing. I like going for a short walk or strolling through a friends garden and admiring the annuals and perennials or stretching with Pricilla Patrick in the morning with PBS or taking time to make a card or bake for someone. In fact, as I write, I’m realizing I need to be more intentional about doing things that keep me refreshed and healthy.

  2. I try to use my little breaks to do bits of crafting here and there. I am happy to get some reading time in the evening before bed if I am not helping a child with last minute homework ;0)
    ~God bless~

  3. When my boys were little I would pick them up after work and have them do their homework right after school and then I would have some “me” time while still being available if they needed help. I could listen to them read while crafting or catching up on emails. Now, they are out of the house and I find I have more ‘me’ time than I want. I miss them being small.

  4. I started taking ‘me time’ when I started stamping. I call it my therapy. It has gotten me through some very difficult times. The loss of my father and brother six months apart. Caring for my mother through a 2 year battle with stage four lung cancer. My son’s struggle with sever heart problems and one of his sons’ struggle with cancer. The best ‘me time’ provided a great of pleasure while creating cards with my five older grandchildren (now all over 17) when they were small. And I have been given a new blessing in the form of a too smart 3 year old grandson who loves to get into and play with Gramma’s stamping stash and in particular the ‘machine’ aka cuttlebug.

  5. I generally can only make time for myself once my kids go to bed, but sometimes I am lucky enough to find them playing well together; that is when I sneak off to my craft room for a few minutes of “me” time!

  6. I have always taken a few minutes for a hot bath…. A soak for my soul I use to call it when my boys were young. My husband always told my three boys it was mommy time! What a guy. I still soak my soul even though my boys are grown with their own families just to reflect on my day!

  7. If you take a bus, go down one stop before the one you need. Walking is a great time to think and you just make your walking home longer. Also, making cards is my time to think.

  8. I find that putting my “me time” on my to-do list is the best way to make sure it will happen. Otherwise I tend to get caught up in work or errands, which can easily expand to fill a day. I don’t always list the same activity: sometimes I want/need to journal, sometimes I want/need to create something with my hands and have something tangible to show for my time and effort, sometimes I want/need physical activity and sometimes I need to get out and be social. Switching things up keeps life fresh.

  9. I have to get up early on Mondays to monitor a computer job where I work, but I get up early Tuesday through Friday to spend 45 minutes in my card room before work. My retired husband sleeps late, so this give me a little time for myself without feeling that I am neglecting him.

  10. I keep an Action Day Planner on my desk, and after filling in all my obligations, I block out my creative time listing specifically what I want to accomplish. It’s worked wonderfully.

  11. I’ve found that I just have to schedule it. With two teenage boys in the house, the schedule is hectic and waiting until I have time isn’t a good option… so I have to schedule time and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  12. I have a 9to5, so I eat lunch at my desk, put on headphones to let everyone know I’m “busy” and review all my stamping and card making videos. It may not be the healthiest, but it saves money and gives me a spark of creativity every day!

  13. I work full time so my rule is to keep the tv off and sit at my craft desk. I can’t help but start to play with some of my supplies!
    Thanks for great ideas!

  14. Finding ‘me time’ is important because it keeps me happy. I work full time. I try to carve out at least 4 hours a weekend or more, but I can’t always make that happen. I am happy to get some creative time in as often as possible. I also meet with a crafting group once a month for about 7 hours. I just plan that time into our busy lives.

  15. My advice for making time for myself is that when I get up I write a list of all the important things I need to get done that day, and I tick them off as I get them done. That way I keep on top of things and manage to get some time for myself!

  16. I have more me time now that my youngest just turned 21. I sure do wish they were still small. My 2 Granddaughters do not live close but when I do have an extended period of “me time”. I try to bring them to visit. Right now we are working on a small scrapbook for each of them. I had bought them each a camera and taught them what kind of things to keep for scrapbook pages that will go with their pictures. Their Mom is a great help with that , as they are still young. I only work part time at this stage in my life so it is much easier to find me time

  17. I try to find time to do my crafts in the morning time when my son goes to school, if I don’t have the mornings I try to do it before He comes back for school, or at night when my husband and my son are in bed, for me it’s the best time of the day because everything it’s more quiet.

  18. I try to take 30 min of creative tine a day…sometimes I have to really work hard to get it–lol–but find I’m can think clearer.

  19. Schedule it just like everything else. We all need to take care of ourselves before we can give 100% into taking care of others. If you schedule everything then schedule time for yourself as well.

  20. WOWOWOWOWOOWOW!! Just AMAZING!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Colors and the Designs of the Cards and stuff in this Set!! Such Inspirational and Powerful Quotes!! I think for me the most helpful way for me to get time for myself is in the evenings!! I like to take just a couple hours after the Kiddos are in bed just for me!! Whether its for a Hot Bath, to watch a Movie or the Craft!! I have realized that I DESERVE it and I’m such a BETTER/HAPPIER Mom/Wife after MAKING that time for myself!! I don’t get to do it every night, but trying to carve out that time for me is IMPORTANT and I think it even makes me Sleep better too!!?? One of my New Year resolutions, Making time for me MORE IMPORTANT and a Regular thing!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  21. Life is hectic here, between family and work, it seems like there is no ‘ME’ time anymore. My ‘ME’ time is my crafting. I don’t count the length of time I spend in crafting but what I accomplish and I what I am able to play with. A little color here and there gives me a sense of “ME’ time. It gives me a sense of enjoyment.

  22. I’m suppose to be retired but that is a joke! I watch my 3 and 5 year old grandsons with their 12 year old brother sometimes…..never a dull moment in Grandma’s house! I am worn out at the end of the day but try my best to take some time in the evening to play with my cards. I have my crafting set up in our bonus room so while my husband is watching TV I am busy crafting! It’s a nice plus that I always get to show him the end result and……well he always gives me his honest opinion! I just made a beautiful sympathy card for his cousin’s father-in law and my husband just loved it….told me it was true art! Love your emails and all the inspiration you give me…Thank you!!!

  23. Taking time for myself is something I have never been good at. I keep telling myself I need to carve out some time but it seldom seems to happen. Still I keep trying. 🙂

  24. I put appointments for “me time” on my calendar every week. It might be a massage or a nail appointment or just an hour or two to craft or read. By putting it on my calendar I am able to make time for myself. When I take care of myself I am happier and I pass that happiness on to my family.

  25. For me the last hour of the day before bed is sometimes the only time I have were my attention is not required on business or household. On the rare occasion I have some time in the morning I love to sit and read all of my emails before I get up to start my day. I feel the most important thing is to remember we all deserve a little time each day/week to let our minds just wander instead of focusing so much on everyone/everything else going on in our busy lives!

  26. Since I have been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, I realized I must plan times for me to reset my brain . My memory is not all that great so in 2014 I started living by my Erin Condren Planner. The most useful advice I recieved from my Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist, is to plan for frequent breaks throughout the day. During these breaks, you do absolutely nothing. Sit outside enjoy the fresh air, no tv, no phone, no thinking. Just sit somewhere and take deep breaths releasing the toxins as you breath.
    Restart your mind.
    Other time I take for myself is doing crafts, it’s therapeutic and makes my heart smile seeing the ending results of the things I create.

  27. I try and take a little time every evening…supper and dishes done…then off to my craft space…sometimes I just end up sitting looking at card previously made and watch a little TV…but definitely in my happy place

  28. I have started waking up early before everyone else so that I have time to myself. My daughter and all the pets are still asleep so it’s quiet and I can relax and stamp while enjoying my HOT coffee. lol

  29. Now that I’m an empty nester (children in college) I am finally able to enjoy some me time and take the time to enjoy the things that I didn’t get to do before. I especially enjoy the week-ends which I reserve for crafting.

  30. I like to go to weekend crops and then I can scrapbook without interruption or feeling guilty about what I should be doing. That’s my favorite me time.

  31. I do a couple things to make sure I have time for myself. One is simply waking up before everyone else does so I can start my day in peace and quiet and prep for the day by reading, exercising, planning, etc. The other is to have midday rest time. My kids are still young and my oldest doesn’t nap anymore but she has rest time where she goes to her spot to read/color while the other kids nap and I have about 2 hours to do work, read, nap, etc.

  32. It’s hard since I like to sleep in whenever possible. but Getting up early before the kids is the best way for me to get any “me” time.

  33. Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for all of the inspiration during Share Handmade kindness and for reminding us that a simple gesture towards anyone, including strangers, brightens their day and makes the world a better place to be in. The one good thing I would like to share with you is my daughter Adyson. Adyson was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when she was two years old. Recently she was accepted into a preschool for Autistic children parent training program where we live. The program’s teaches parents of children with ASD how to reach their children more effectively. We have been attending the program for close to three months and she is doing amazing. I am happy to announce that we will graduate next Friday December 11! Before this program Addy was unable to communicate other than pointing and pulling and was easily frustrated and would show some violent behaviours towards herself. I am ecstatic to say she is able to communicate using words, though she doesn’t yet speak in full sentences. We are able to redirect her frustration rather quickly so the behaviours have almost completely disappeared. I am so incredibly blessed to be her mom and to have had this opportunity. Your blog postings have inspired me to thank the people at the centre that she attends by making them some simple yet powerful cards. You have a wonderful talent, thank you for sharing it with us.

  34. It’s hard to make time for ourselves. Try retreat, crops. Another thing is to pick a time of the day that’s least disturbing for others and make it the “me” time consistently.

  35. Being an empty nester and single, one would think I have plenty of “me” time…no so much! LOL I have a full time job and run two (2) businesses so when I hit the ‘Home” door it’s still work for me. But twice a week, I make time for a relaxing evening just for me…be it a glass of wine while listening to some good jazz or a long bubble bath with candles and music and somethimes “retail therapy” (LOL). I am a avid planner and each day of the week is planned two months in advance, but amidst that are at the very least 2 nights just for me.

  36. I have learned to scheduel in time to craft. Some days I feel like it went by so quickly & I didn’t do all the stuff I wanted to. So, I started setting aside specific time for me to craft & it has worked out great. Especially when I do my card class. I know in advance that I’m busy that day & time. Thanks for another giveaway, but I must admit I love following your blog & learning new things all the time. Truly can’t say thank you enough. I appreciate all that you do!

  37. I try to take a little time each day for myself even if it is just to read a little of someone’s blog. Love your ideas.

  38. Because I’m a student I don’t get a lot of free time, but when I’m really tired and can’t study anymore than I go to my craft room and it fills me with needed energy 🙂

  39. Getting up just a little earlier. Gives you time before work to get some small things in and really wake up more and be more ready to face the day.

  40. I find it so hard to find time to work on personal things just for fun, but it’s SO necessary! For me, I have to plan a few hours a week of “unplanned” time to spend on something creative, or something I just want to do for fun. Otherwise, I will just work all the time!

  41. I have always been a planner. I make time for the things I need to cram into my days, from work, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, family events, doctor visits and car maintenance. Not to mention the puppy walks, vet visits, daycare and day care pick ups for my niece. There are a ton more things that need to be done and scheduled. It can be very overwhelming and when that happens, I need to stop and take a breath. Finding time for one self is just as important as working and taking care of children. In order to be the best I can be, I need to make time to focus on me. On days that I get off of work on time and have my meals prepped, I make sure I read something for enjoyment, I watch fun and crafty youtube videos and check out my favorite blogs. On weekends when I have more time, I make sure to block out time to do what I want, craft, go to the movies and turn off my phone! This is all in my planner!! I have a hot pink post it that says ” Plan & Craft” i put it on every day and move it around as a reminder to think of my own joy. It’s not permanent, it’s flexible and that makes me feel better about not always being rigid and a reminder that it is okay to stray from the plan sometimes. 🙂

  42. We normally visit family during weekends, so finding a bit of “me” time is even more difficult. I like to work on my chores a little extra hard to make sure I finish early and get some time to do things I like, craft, read, go out for a walk…

  43. I have a really hard time saying no, especially because I like staying busy. Now that I’m not in school anymore, I am more easily able to schedule in time for myself and I really can’t live without it now! I definitely like to schedule it in, especially on a day when I have no other commitments. Then I try to avoid my phone as well so I don’t get caught up in anything else.

  44. Oh Boy do I need this book, The one way I find time for myself is in my car in the parking lot of work it maybe just 5 minutes or a half hour. Lunch time is the perfect time you are on your on time away from work and home.

  45. Making time for myself.. hmmm… that’s a tough one. I work long hours, have a two hour daily commute and have a busy family. But, I do like to carve out some time to create and make for others.

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