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As I have mentioned, as part of my Share Handmade Kindness Challenge, I am encouraging people to check out and possibly support the Kind Campaign. The Kind Campaign works to end bullying in schools and spread kindness. (You can find info HERE on Kind Campaign… and info HERE about the stamp sets Hero Arts is selling with 25% of proceeds going to the non-profit group.)

Since doing this challenge, many people and companies have reached out to me wanting to get involved. I love it! One person who contacted me is Shannon Bastian. She is an Independent Designer/Hostess for KEEP Collective. KEEP has partnered with the Kind Campaign also! They sell jewelry that you customize with charms and such. To support the Kind Campaign, they have special “kind” bar charms that go on their bracelets… with 20% going to the charity.


Shannon has personally provided a bracelet to give as a giveaway here. I normally stick to crafting stuff here and only with companies I know, but this one caught my eye and is a perfect fit for what I am sharing this month. I purchased one for myself and am in love! (By the way – I was not paid/sponsored to do this giveaway – I am not affiliated – I am not receiving free product. I just liked it and Shannon is very kind.)

If you are interested in seeing the fun jewelry KEEP offers or “building” your own, you can go HERE. I just ordered the bracelet that says “You can sit with us” – an excellent anti-bullying, inclusion, and pro-kindness message. (I think we all know that feeling of looking for someone to sit with at lunch!)


Today a lucky winner will receive a turquoise bracelet with the charms “BE kind” and a heart… as shown above. For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/22/15 telling me something happy – maybe some good news you have received lately! (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, them emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)

See you soon.

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441 thoughts on “Kind Bracelet Giveaway!”

  1. Happy that we will have family visiting us this Thanksgiving. Such a cute bracelet! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. What a gorgeous bracelet and fantastic message. My supervisor is working Black Friday so that I can have the day off to spend with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson who will be visiting from 8 hours away. We don’t get to spend much time with them and I thought it was so kind of my supervisor to work that day so I don’t have to do so. I’m also pretty excited that our son and his family will be with us for Thanksgiving. That hasn’t happened in several years.

  3. I’m happy that all 3 of my children will be together with us at Thanksgiving. When your children marry, you have to learn to share the holidays with the other parents, so it’s hard sometimes to get together. Love your Kind project!!

  4. Love what you are promoting and the bracelet is so cute!
    Our good news is that our daughter in her 30s has met the love of her life this summer! God has brought them together at last!

  5. What a fabulous giveaway! I am super blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!
    With all the ugliness in the world this is a beautiful reminder to #bekind Thanks Jennifer!

  6. Love the Bracelet. I am happy that I will be seeing my great-grand kids for Christmas, haven’t seen them in two years.

  7. Lovely bracelet. Great news that my daughter and her family (grandkids) will be moving closer to us around Christmas time.

  8. Love your work MOOOORE than l can say :))
    Never thought that l would have the ability & was soooo intimidated due to an abuse upbringing & more ……… but today l’ve completed 90 cards for the Caring Hearts Card Drive (LOVE these helping sites & actions) ….. and l’m actually really HAPPY with every card l made (miricale) lolol !!!!!! If possible l’ll try & push for 100 cards!!! Happy = if l can help give a smile – then anyone can :))) SO grateful for the opportunity & these great sites to ….. contribute to being kind ………… Nothing else matters xoxo

  9. My good news is anything not bad. There has been a lot of bad around recently, so it makes me cherish every day normality.

  10. Love the bracelet! My happy news came yesterday when my mom called me to say she and my sister received the cards I sent them.

  11. The bracelet is nice, but my BFF surprised me w/ a early b-day gift to a Mega Make-a-Take at Ontario Scrapbook Expo. She knew how much I wanted to do it but couldnt afford it. Her kindness towards me did not go unappreciated. We had a wonderful time.

  12. So my 20-mth old granddaugher, Lucy Grace, who’s my playmate for 24-36 hours a week is pure joy (she’s the 5th and last grandchild and the only girl). One night before putting her to bed I hugged her and told her that she made grandma “So Happy!” The next morning after her bath, after I finished dressing her on my bed, she leapt into my arms, gave me the best hug I’ve had in forever, and said with exuberance, “HAPPY.” She’s a mimic but I could tell, this was from the heart!

  13. My grandchildren invited me to see Mocking Jay 2 with them tonight. I’m always happy to spend time with my grandchildren. i believe this movie series spreads the message to be kind.

  14. This bracelet is my daughter’s favorite color. After months of writing random letters, my granddaughter can write her name spelled correctly. She writes beautifully if I do say so myself. She is four and that is my something good.

  15. I’ve seen these bracelets on Instagram and absolutely love the messages and the bracelets themselves. Would love to win this and give to my 10yr old daughter Phoebe who has had her fair share of bullying and unkindness at school. And turquoise is her favourite colour too!!!

  16. What an important cause…raising children in today’s world makes this so important to me & all of us!!!! The bracelet would make a beautiful gift for Christmas! Thank you for the information – going to read more!

  17. The good news I received lately is at my latest doctors appointment, I was happy to weigh in with a 26 pound weight loss from the year before! I have a clean bill of health and feel strong and healthy. I am grateful for my health and want to encourage others to find this happiness as well.

  18. Very pretty bracelet….would love to win it for my granddaughter who sometimes needs a gentle reminder. Something happy this week in my life was a little customer service bonus at work I received. See…sometimes it pays dividends to try to make people happy. 🙂 Thank you for this campaign….you are awesome Jennifer.

  19. I love that people and businesses have come to you for participation in this kindness campaign. Earlier in the year, to make a long story short, I was temporarily paralyzed and had to undergo immediate surgery. During this intense time, I was so dependent on others for everything, help with the basics of living. I became acutely aware how critical genuine kindness is. Not to say I didn’t value it before but it just took front and center in my mind 24/7. This year went from dire to empowering for me, as I not only regained my health but a friend and I have kids with autism and we formed a long needed family support group open to our entire county. The community support (professionals, organizations, etc) has been tremendous, and we plan to do lots of advocacy work to improve the lives for our kids and the community as a whole.

  20. Love that bracelet! In the tutoring program for disadvantaged kids that I am the coordinator for, the kids had the Word Of Worth (WOW): Thankful this week and were asked to write 5 things/people they were thankful for. One girl listed her tutor #1 and then had me and the rest of the Whiz Kids tutors all on her list, for all of us helping & supporting her! I am usually very weary after tutoring sessions, but my step was much lighter after her kind words. What a blessing!

  21. This is a wonderful campaign! Children can be cruel to others that are different so it’s nice to see as a positive step in the right direction., My youngest daughter gave birth to my first grandchild, Anderson James, 3 weeks ago! He was a month premature and is making up for it fast!

  22. Learning that my Badgers will be home for Thanksgiving a day earlier than expected has given me a happy heart! <3

  23. I love this campaign! All these projects are making me smile and I like that this a stress reliever for me. I’m in the process of moving and at the end of the day, after going through yet another room to donate things, I am able to get on youTube and watch your channel and others like it. It makes me happy! Thank you for sharing and the inspiration!

  24. Your Kindness Campaign makes me happy! It is so refreshing to see someone doing so much for others! Keep it up, you are amazing !

  25. I love the idea of this giveaway. You are asking each one of your readers to embrace the good in their life. This is amazing! I just got an invitation to my friend’s wedding and on the back of it, she wrote me a personal message about our friendship that made me cry of happines.

  26. Good News: I have the day after Thanksgiving off, so I can visit my parents. Usually, I have to work. My parents just bought a new home this fall, so this is the first time I will have the chance to visit. They are up in the mountains of VA, so it should be a fun & beautiful drive.

  27. I’m thankful for our friends and all of the help we’ve received from them while building our new house. They’ve been a God send.

  28. Aw Jennifer, this is a beautiful bracelet. As we get older, we often need more help to do the simplest of tasks. When our daughter and her husband visited us last week, they realized we just can’t do much for ourselves anymore. They have decided to move back here, with love in their hearts and eyes, in order to take care of us. Who could ask for anything more than the love of our own adult children when it’s our turn to require assistance? It brings tears to my eyes to know our children love us both in word and deed..
    There is too much turmoil and unkindness in our world. Let’s TURN THIS AROUND and do endless good for others.

  29. hi there jen… i have been meaning to tell you some of what i have been doing for others as you encouraged some involvement of kindness… I have over ninety nine homes on caring bridge i visit leaving some encouragement or composed quote that has inspired me and i hope it will inspire them on their battle along the journey to well-ness.. with all the ups and downs… I dont nearly visit these homes all the time but i whisper prayers in my own heart every time i have been on cb for the unfortunates. Some of the homes on caring bridge continually say that nobody has commented. There may be just hearts or not anything. I feel like the least i can do is leave a friendly note to them that lets others know they are cared about. thanks for making this effort, jen 🙂 3cheers!!!

  30. A beautiful bracelet, Jennifer. I visited the site and discovered a trove of ‘precious’ there. My happy news is that I was selected to mark diploma exams in January. While that isn’t exactly a ‘thrilling’ task (7 long days of marking Gr. 12 students’ essays) the AWESOME part is the chance to stay with my mom during that time. Before and after work will be simply fabulous. Time with my niece and nephew is part of the picture, too! Love it when work comes with perks!

  31. My happy news is that my daughter has moved closer and is barely 10 minutes away and my son is home after graduating from basic training and AIT from the Army and will be starting college soon.

  32. Good news! My daughter is graduating from college this December!! She will be on the deans list!! THATS GOOD NEWS!!!!

  33. A calf was born today on our farm. Our cows usually have them by themselves out in the field. It’s always amazing how quickly the calf is up and about. These bracelets are great. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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