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As I have mentioned, as part of my Share Handmade Kindness Challenge, I am encouraging people to check out and possibly support the Kind Campaign. The Kind Campaign works to end bullying in schools and spread kindness. (You can find info HERE on Kind Campaign… and info HERE about the stamp sets Hero Arts is selling with 25% of proceeds going to the non-profit group.)

Since doing this challenge, many people and companies have reached out to me wanting to get involved. I love it! One person who contacted me is Shannon Bastian. She is an Independent Designer/Hostess for KEEP Collective. KEEP has partnered with the Kind Campaign also! They sell jewelry that you customize with charms and such. To support the Kind Campaign, they have special “kind” bar charms that go on their bracelets… with 20% going to the charity.


Shannon has personally provided a bracelet to give as a giveaway here. I normally stick to crafting stuff here and only with companies I know, but this one caught my eye and is a perfect fit for what I am sharing this month. I purchased one for myself and am in love! (By the way – I was not paid/sponsored to do this giveaway – I am not affiliated – I am not receiving free product. I just liked it and Shannon is very kind.)

If you are interested in seeing the fun jewelry KEEP offers or “building” your own, you can go HERE. I just ordered the bracelet that says “You can sit with us” – an excellent anti-bullying, inclusion, and pro-kindness message. (I think we all know that feeling of looking for someone to sit with at lunch!)


Today a lucky winner will receive a turquoise bracelet with the charms “BE kind” and a heart… as shown above. For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/22/15 telling me something happy – maybe some good news you have received lately! (The winner’s name will be randomly selected, them emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too!)

See you soon.

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441 thoughts on “Kind Bracelet Giveaway!”

  1. Hi! My Happy News is my oldest daughter announced she is pregnant with our 4th grandchild!! We are so very happy about the upcoming addition to our family. Thank you for your kindness move, we all need more kindness!!

  2. The best good thing that has happened in the past few months is that my husband had his kidney and a huge cancerous tumor on it removed early enough that it didn’t spread any farther than that~ he is doing fine! The next five years we will keep checking to make sure….I plan on growing old with him like I said I would almost 20 years ago when we got married!

  3. Hi Jennifer! The good news is that I just found your website, and I love it! The really good news is that on November 22 I will be 56 years old! I am blessed!

  4. That is really cute! Something happy is that I got to spend time with my niece, mom, and sister today as we celebrated my niece’s birthday! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I am a music teacher and my middle school choir is finally getting it together. We have had a lot of class cancellations because of event scheduling, so I was worried they would not be able to learn the harmony for our Christmas concert. I feel much more confident now.

  6. What a lovely bracelet. My good news is that I will get to see my son Thanksgiving and that my whole family will be home. I am lucky that my daughter and her family live close. I get to see my two gorgeous grand daughters weekly, if not more. They light up my life and bring me much joy and love! ~Gin K. , A.K.A. GrammieGram!~

  7. My son will be home in a few hours. He’s been in Virginia for his first semester of college. It will be his first week home since August. I am VERY happy!

  8. The bracelet is perfect, I would be ‘getting’ it as a gift for myself from Santa.
    My happy news is that it is snowing today for the first time and my kids are absolutelly delighted. If only you could bottle that pure joy and awe they are experiencing …

  9. Jennifer, I love your kindness challenge! I have not been able to craft much lately – my elderly mother has been in the hospital with severe pneumonia. My happy news is that, after three weeks in the hospital (12 days in ICU), the pneumonia is gone! She is very frail, but is on the road to recovery!

  10. My kids have an anti bulying club at school. They do fun activities to promote friendship and surprise people with kindness. They always come home full of happiness from school that day of the week.

  11. The bracelet is perfect. My good news is that as a Hospice nurse, I have the privilege of working Thanksgiving Day to serve our Hospice patients. I am looking forward to a very meaningful and rewarding day. I can’t think of a better way to be thankful for all that I have.

  12. As a mom who has an adult son that was bullied so much in middle school, that he felt physically threatened, and then tried to protect himself, was then suspended from school, treated for depression, then home-schooled for a year. There weren’t a lot of resources out there at that time, 17 years ago, for parents/students who wanted to home-school, it was difficult for us. He was always very smart, read a lot, kind of awkard/nerdy, not a lot of friends, didn’t care for sports…but has a HUGE heart, so I think other kids saw him as an easy target. I find it odd that of my 3 sons he was the one that got bullied. His youngest brother is autistic, and I was never aware of anyone bullying him. Today at age 30, he has a good job, bought his own home 3 years ago, goes on vacations around the country…I think he turned out o.k. I think this is a great campaign. Thank you.

  13. I am happy because my son and his partner/fiance came to see me last week for my birthday. They flew in, rented a car, and drove to my house. They were here for 4 days and we had a wonderful time together!

  14. My husband was just asked yesterday to train for the position that he’s been wanting. If it works out, it would be much better hours. Woo hoo!

  15. Last friday there was a refugee at the school of my son (17) telling his story. The teenagers where really impressed about his peregrination. He told them that the children in the refugee shelter where very bored because they don’t have school or sportclubs. My son and two of his friends jumped in and they are now busey to organise a weekly afternoon with sports, games and music for these kids for the time they are in the shelter. I am so proud!

  16. My big sister cheered me up yesterday by sending me a photo of my late, loved mother holding her as a new little baby – something I had never seen – it took my breath away and filled my heart with love. It’s been like a life-saving-ring in a week of stormy seas…

    Love the Kind campaign. We’ve been touched by unkindness, although kindness and understanding are the tenets we believe in…

  17. This is such a cool & beautiful bracelet. I have young girls and when I drop my preschooler off at school, I always say ‘be safe, be kind, have fun, and that I love her’.

  18. What a wonderful idea this is Jennifer! I had a friend’s young daughter approach me the other day and said that some kids in her 4th grade class were picking on a classmate because they were “different”. The question was is that bullying? I said yes. She sat down and made a card to give to the classmate. She said that it was too bad that the ones who are mean didn’t know her the way she did! I’m SO proud of this girl! !!!

  19. What a wonderful gesture – that is one beautiful bracelet and an awesome ’cause’.
    I have been blessed by being given loads of lace and coloured thread recently for my card making – it is quality stuff that one does not see in the shops these days – and as we now have no local haberdashery now it is a double blessing.
    Blessings to you too Jennifer

  20. Seeing your posts and supporting the KIND movement is the best thing I’ve heard today…Love ya for it Jennifer!

  21. As usual Jennifer, it is a wonderful and awesome cause ! I love this bracelet above all this blue !
    Last week-end I’ve been invited with my family to my college best friend (37 years ago !) and we remembered a lot of good things we shared together, we watched pictures of that time. Good memories for me and discovery for my husband and children. We all had a wonderful time together !

  22. Lovely bracelet and the idea behind it is just wonderful. In October, I was able to fly to CA to visit my youngest son, his wife, and three-year old twins. It was a great visit and then two weeks ago, he was able to fly out with the twins to visit us here in NH and also see his older brothers – just wonderful and it was a visit filled with love!!! XOXO

  23. Wonderful idea for a bracelet! My “happy” is that my sister is coming for Thanksgiving a day early, then we’ll see friends the next day. Two celebrations! Thanks for all you do, Jennifer, to encourage kindness.

  24. What a fabulous give away. I recently discovered Keep Collective and love the products. Thanks for a chance to win. Great news we have been celebrating is the our middle son was chosen for a select high level math group next year when starting jr. high.

  25. Cool bracelet – my husband got a big promotion at work, we’ve been working toward it for years (yes, we!). So proud of him and so happy!

  26. Beautiful bracelet. My happy is that within the week we’ve gotten to take care of all three of our grandchildren at different time…one set of twin boys age 13 months and a little girl, age 2. What little blessings they are!

  27. Jennifer, this is an amazing project, and such a beautiful partnership! I look forward to supporting this effort. thank you.

  28. I love the bracelet!! This project has made me look at some of the ways to be kinder to people around us, and how we can impact one another with just our attitude both positive and negatively. You inspire me to be a better person! Thanks for the chance to win!!

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