Happy World Kindness Day! + Giveaways!

Hello! Happy World Kindness Day! I hope your day is wonderful and overflowing with kindness.

I am here to share the names of the winners from last week, along with an important video and a few projects that I think are worth checking out. Oh, and a lot more giveaways!


This video shares a bit more about the Kind Campaign – the group I have been talking about throughout the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge. I think it is so powerful!

If you would like to learn more about the Kind Campaign and/or donate, head HERE. Lots of good resources, too!

Also, please keep checking my Instagram account. I am hoping to auction some crafty items in the next few weeks… with the money going to support the Kind Campaign!


I am blown away by all the amazing projects you have all shared for the challenge! I encourage you to look at projects other have done… either linked in the thumbnails on THIS post or by searching social media with the hashtag @sharehandmadekindness. So many inspiring projects! I wish I could leave comments on each and every one. My hope is that people will see all these great projects and be inspired to share kindness, too.

Here are a few Week 1 projects that caught my eye. Just click to see more…


Here are the winners from last week. Remember – I am giving away goodies with each post this month, so there are lots of chances to win. (This is just one easy way for me – and the companies I love! – to spread kindness to fellow cardmakers.) I have emailed all of the winners….

And the Week 1 participation winners are:

  • $100 Simon Says Stamp: Vicki Finger
  • $25 Lawn Fawn: scrappinNavyWife
  • $50 Paper Smooches: LaurieC paperprincess


One of my dear friends, Connie Williams, hosts the Stampaway stamping convention here in Cincinnati each August. She also owns a stamp company called Verses Rubber Stamps. Well, when she heard of the Share Handmade Kindness Challenge, she stopped by my house and left a box of stamps on my porch to give to a few readers. How great is that? So kind.


I encourage you to go check out Verses HERE – lots of inspiring, high quality stamps.

So…today I am giving away FIFTEEN stamps! (I will pick fifteen winners and you will each get a stamp.) For your chance, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 11/15/15 telling me your something kind someone has done for you lately. (The winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too.)

I will be back soon with a video. Take care!

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467 thoughts on “Happy World Kindness Day! + Giveaways!”

  1. A lady that I have only met twice asked me if she could be my friend and have coffee some time. Doesn’t sound like much but she knows I am having a really hard time emotionally at the moment and offered to be a listening ear if I needed to talk. I have never ever had someone ask to be my friend before, express that they thought I was a lovely person and actually want to spend time with me when I’m not at my best. I have PTSD and severe anxiety and in my experience people have withdrawn, not asked to be apart of my life and support me! I feel accepted for exactly who I am for the first time ever. It’s an amazing feeling.
    Yesterday she messaged me, to see how I was and express she had been thinking of me and sent me digital flowers. I came to your website to gather some inspiration to make her a thank you card. If anyone was worthy to win a stamp it would be my new friend!

  2. When my son-in-law bought the company I had worked for for 17 years, the first thing he did was give me a generous raise and started paying my cell phone bill!

  3. A co-worker who had gone out of town for training gave me a mug she’d purchased as a thank you for all the fun paper crafts I make for the office!

  4. On election night, we always went to a pancake supper at our local firehouse. They did not have it this year so we were just going to eat at home. My very good friend called us and invited us to come and eat with her and her husband. We offered to pick up pizzas, she had snacks, coffee and dessert. Extra bonus her 3 beautiful grandbabies were there. So much fun and better then eating by ourselves.

  5. My supervisor at work sent me a very nice card telling me how much my hard work is appreciated.
    So nice to be the one receiving the card.

  6. My daughter left me a bouquet of pink carnations, her favorite flower, on my nightstand so when I woke up I would think of her. She has a beautiful soul and makes my heart smile. 🙂

  7. Someone left me a small homemade loaf of quick bread in my mailbox with a msg that read: a little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. (Too bad it had bugs crawling on the bread) Gross. Nice thought, though.

  8. At a bazaar I participate in (selling my cards!) another participant gave me a sample of an essential oil she had made. She knew I liked it. I love these stamps. I really like good quotes to put on my cards!

  9. My hubby bought me a three crock food warmer when we were out shopping recently. I have wanted one for the longest time. We love to have friends and family over and it is very hard to keep food warm enough while everyone chats and eats. 🙂

  10. One of the patients at the clinic I work at sent me a big bouquet of fruit from a company “Incredible Edibles” and the fruit is made to look like flowers, some dipped in chocolate. This patient said the reason she sent this to me is she always appreciated how I took the time to help her with the little things, like just listening. She made me feel so special, which in this work sometimes is not what happens with some of the people who come here! 🙂

  11. At work, my team leader from my previous team, dug me out of a depressing situation at work. She recognised that I didn’t have the same bounce as I used to. She listened to what I had to say and really fought for me with the other managers to make sure I was doing okay, and mentally and emotionally I am in a much better place now. I am so thankful to her. Better make her a card!

  12. My husband and I went to an appointment last week in a town 50 minutes away we had never been in before. We got lost. We pulled into a gas station to ask a man pumping gas for directions. He told us to follow him, and he got us there in a couple of minutes, on time for our appointment.We thanked him, offering to buy him a coffee, but he said he was glad to help, gave us a big smile and a wave, and went on his way.we were very grateful to get an escort . Then when we got home, my neighbor called and sent over her doggie bag from my favorite neighborhood restaurant, so I didn’t have to worry about dinner! Kind people all day—Loved it! Thanks for all your videos, i’ve learned soooo much!

  13. Hi! These stamps are lovely!
    I’m a lonely person and often I turn in on myself. Once that I cried all day because I was in trouble with my graduation, that night, my boyfriend took me to Venice for one day (we live in Florence that it’s far about 3 hours!). I’ll never foget! <3

  14. I have started making small gift baskets for seniors with different types of cards and will deliver during the holiday with my granddaughter so she can learn about helping others. The MISTI would certainly help with making those cards. Your Kind campaign has helped me explain to my granddaughter how others are helping.

  15. I am so grateful to the Lord for showering me and many others with His small and large demonstrations of his enduring love for us. He is gradually bringing to pass His specially packaged answers to my long awaited prayers. I am so grateful for his goodness and kindness.

  16. Wow. How very kind of her, and you. It’s so amazing all the things you do, and how you inspire others to do amazing things too. Thank you. ♥

  17. Rather than just asking how my dad is – he’s been recovering from back surgery – my sister asked how I was doing since I’m doing most of the catering of my dad.

  18. Great stamps! My husband knew I had a terrible day at work so he took me out to dinner after so no one had to cook or do dishes!

  19. The woman who does my nails gave me some chew toys for my dogs. Sure, my chew monster destroyed them the first day, but it was fun to watch him enjoy them so much in the process.

  20. I realized I’m blessed in so many ways:
    – at home I always have someone as a backup to take card of my children, or pick them up if I am running late.
    – at work I am fortunate to have great coworkers who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

    It is the small things in life that truly make the most impact when you look back on your day-to-day.

  21. I could name a lot of people who helped me in some ways this week. I feel so blessed surrounded by wonderful people 🙂 My friend picked up library books that was ready to pick up when I can’t get out of work. And my boss would watch my daughter so I can go to my bible study for 2 hours with my friends 🙂 I have an awesome employer 😉

  22. My kindred spirit card maker friend picked me up and we went to a craft store out of my area for driving….had a fun time browsing and then she treated me to dinner. I am so blessed for my friend. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your fantastic products.

  23. Hi Jennifer,
    Your friend Connie has wonderful stamps in her catalog! I checked out her site and the very first stamp I saw, The Will of God, is very fitting for what is going on in my life right now. Thank you for linking to her site! The kindest thing anyone has done lately is offer prayers. They are a powerful gift!

  24. My cat is elderly and my husband and I wanted to visit our daughter in WI for Thanksgiving. My neighbor’s son heard this and has volunteered to check in 3 times per day on our cat (feed and water) to make sure that he is doing ok and not lonely. I offered to pay, and he said consider it an early Christmas gift! How sweet! I’ll have to make sure Santa is especially good to him this year!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a stamp! I love your blog.

  25. Well, my little girl (age 6) knows I loved the Ninja turtles growing up, so she has taken to drawing then for me. She’s really getting good at drawing them.

  26. Hope you had a very happy Kindness day too :)… Thank you for all you do and share Jennifer, you are the friend all of us wish we had! – in a way we do, you share so much with us you deserve another Kindness award! THANK YOU!!! I can honestly say, I am very fortunate to have my sweet friend Zoi whom has been super kind to us, when my FIL and GP passed away recently she had offered to pick up mail, pull out trash cans, water plants and even cooked a few meals for us along with desserts! She is one amazing person, she has treated me to breakfast once a week so I can unwind after all the emergency traveling we have done this past few months, I am telling you she deserves a Kindness award on her own – I am making her an infinity scarf to thank her!
    Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

  27. I am a huge Peanuts fan and my hubby was gracious enough to take me and watch the movie with me! It was everything I hoped it would be. I felt like a kid again watching all my favorite Peanuts characters on the big screen!

  28. My daughter drove to CT to pick up some paperwork for me because I’ve been sick for a couple of days. She knew I needed the papers and wasn’t able to get there. Very thoughtful and a kind thing to do.

  29. My husband and I were raking leaves at my parent’s house which is a huge job because it backs up to a woods with LOTS of oak trees. A dear friend stopped by to help by blowing the entire front yard while my husband did the roof and I did one side and the back. Before we were through the neighbor came over with his blower and did the other side. Even with all the help, it took 4 hours. Imagine how long it might have taken if they had not done this random act of kindness. I am eternally grateful.

  30. My oldest sister just sent me an email telling me she loves me like crazy and my best friend (he lives thousand of miles away from me) just wished me good night, great way to end the day/week!

  31. I have been on the computer looking for stamps that say more of what I like…rather than what others think should be said…and I love these stamps! Its hard to find quotes that meet your needs and it seems most of these fit that bill perfectly!

  32. I have a friend who bought me some puffy stickers just because she said for all I do. I was so surprised she just thought of me when she saw them knowing I craft and scrapbook. Thanks Sandy B. I’m so Blessed.

  33. Almost 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. I had to quit my job because the cancer had spread to my back. My hubby is a pastor and not long after this happened , we were sent to a small town. I feel that I have been truly blessed that I no longer have to work and I do as much as I can for our church. The act of kindness was a note that was secretly handed to me telling how much of a blessing I am to our small community….of course, I passed the kindness on!!!

  34. My health has not been good for over a year and I have not been able to drive. My children and my neighbors have always been there to take me to my medical appointments and always check on me. That may seem like a small thing, but it shows me how truly blessed I am!

  35. I really don’t have an act of kindness that I can relate right now, but what a wonderful person you are Jennifer for bringing this wonderful philosophy to the crafting world. Thank you so much for all that you do and yet another opportunity to win a fantastic sentiment stamp.

  36. I stopped by our animal shelter to see about volunteering there, unfortunately it was closed to the public that day. To my surprise as I headed back to my car a nice older lady asked if I could help jump start her car, her battery had died and she was stranded. It was pouring down rain & very cold outside. Luckily I was there to help her, we got her car started again and she headed home. That was my good deed for the day, I felt do fortunate I was able to help her.

  37. I’m 61 and had to have a yard sale after my mom and mom in law passed away. My son came at 5:30 in the morning to help me set up and then later his wife and my new grandson came and brought me lunch. They are both so kind to everyone and such a blessing.

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