Welcome to the NEW Jennifer McGuire Ink!

Hello. I finally am here to introduce to you my new website! I have to keep this short since the kids are home from school today and I even ended up with extra kids. It’s a full house! But I wanted pop in to share a quick video.

My site has a some new features that I had built just for you. Here is a video explaining:

[To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

I know this video isn’t as interesting as normal cardmaking videos, but I am hoping it is helpful! We are still handling little things here and there on the site, but if you run into any problems, please email me at website at jennifermcguireink dot com. Thanks!

Also, I wanted to thank the awesome team at ipsoCreative for all the dedication and talent they put into this site… and even more so for the support and cheerleading. I am so thankful that they were patient with me over the many months we worked on this… and the many times I had to delay progress because my role as a momma was more important. Adore you all.

Ok… off to play with the kids. I hope you enjoy the new site. And stay tuned – I have something fun coming on November 1 that I hope you will be a part of!

Happy Friday.


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340 thoughts on “Welcome to the NEW Jennifer McGuire Ink!”

  1. Jennifer, your website is beautiful! I look forward to viewing many more of your videos and learning more about cardmaking. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Seems as though this is definitely a user friendly site and I LOVE all of its features. Thanks for the video explaing all this wonderfully organized info (well, you ARE Jennifer…….Mrs. Organization!!! LOL) As soon as I get the time I will be back to thoroughly explore all of the goodies! Thanks again for thinking of us……

  3. Congratulations on your new site! Thank you for sharing your creativity, contagious joy and for spreading kindness!

  4. What a wonderful site Jennifer! So well organized! Thank you so much for the time and thought you put into it! I am looking forward to spending many more hours on your site! Congrats on a wonderful job!

  5. Your new website is amazing! I have a folder on my computer that I save all your posts in that I want to refer back to but techniques, cards and organizational videos are all mixed together and it can be hard to find what I need. This is going to make my life so much easier. Thank you Jennifer!

  6. The new site looks awesome. I think my favorite is going to be the ability to save things…I’d remember that you’d done something but frequently had a hard time finding it. This is going to ROCK! Hope you had a good time today with all the kids, extra’s included!

  7. Jennifer – I think your new set up is going to be wonderful ! You have so many nice things set up on it that it will take a few views to catch all the new & exciting features. It does look as if you have put lots of time as well as thought into this site. Thanks for showing us all your crafty organization & tips techniques. It is also nice to know your favorite products for the different types of things you create on your cards. You keep being your crafty self & sharing with us card makers out here. God Bless you for taking all the time & effort you put into these posts!

  8. Like everything else you do, your new website is fabulous. So easy to use and I love the favorite idea as I have saved so many of your videos to my computer emails and they get mixed in with so many others. This will be so much easier. Your time and effort were certainly worth it.

  9. I absolutely love your new site. It’s so easy to navigate and I love the clean look and feel. I just finished watching your about me video and I got goosebumps. You are so right, sometimes something so small can make a big difference in someone’s life. You are empowering people to do the same and that is amazing. I send out cards to coworkers with a little note and don’t sign them because it’s not the fact that I gave them a card that I want them to know it’s that they are special and amazing and make a difference by just being them.

    Congratulations on your new sight and your new project. I can’t wait to learn more. 😉

  10. Share Handmade Kindess! Perfect!

    Your new site is amazing…can’t wait to let my friends know! 🙂

    Can you check the link to the die storage? It opens up the dye and ink site (so does the dye and ink link open up the dye and ink site). One of my favorite new features is the “favorites heart”. I have gone back to many of you links and videos to rewatch and lean!

    Thank you for serving Him in this way!

  11. Jennifer, your new web site is Amazing! I am so excited about being able to have a Favorites section! You always put so much heart and soul into everything you do, and the new web site is no exception. I can’t wait to do some more exploring! Congratulations on the new site and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent and kindness with us!

  12. Hi Jennifer, WOW, the work you and your team did is awesome. Looks easy to use, clean & simple ;-), and I really like the link to the Blog. Look forward to experiencing many happy hours here with you and fellow card makers. Thanks for all you do. hugs from Ojai CA

  13. You probably won’t see this among all the comments but I’ll leave it anyway 😉 – your new website is so well done and I am so proud of all that you have accomplished so far. This movement you’ve created to “share handmade kindness” is one that I think will speak to a lot of people (including me) and is a wonderful way to share what it is we love! Hats off to you Jennifer!!

  14. Jennifer, congrats on your new website. Just took the video tour and I am thrilled that you have given us a way to save our favorites. This is going to be very helpful to me when I need to refer back to some technique, tips or even products used. Thank you so much and Kudos!

  15. I always watch and enjoy your videos. They are clear concise intelligent well paced creative and pleasant to listen to and watch. You stay focused unlike many craft presenters and you give inexpensive alternatives to new products. Also your results are lovely and doable; not overly complex. I make one of a kind cards for many years and work on this every day. I am in Instagram: Bevscards. Thank you for all you do your professionalism clarity and creativity. Please put me on all your contact lists

  16. Wow, amazing. There has been a lot of work and thought put into your new website. It always blows me away how much helpful information you offer to your readers for free. Thanks so much.

  17. Jennifer you are one amazing woman! Thanks for the overview of your new website! It looks great so far. I am looking forward to looking around some more. Thanks so much for all the information you provide to us. All the search features & the fact that we can save favorites WOW! Nice job!!!!

  18. LOVE the new website — it’s so YOU! Well, I don’t actually know you, but if I did (well, what I get from your blog and posts), it seems just like I thought you would be! Congrats on this job getting “almost” done!

  19. I love the new web site and blog! It is so handy to have the save option since I so often love your techniques!

  20. This site so professional !!! This is a site at the mesure of his owner : clear, intelligent, organised and FULL WITH TALENT. Thank you for all those inspirational tutorials, tips and tricks. I am a very big fan and must confess I visit your site at least once every day.

  21. Awesome Jennifer your website is great and I am so looking forward visiting and watching all your great cards and videos. Thank you for all the work you do making cardmaking such a pleasure.

  22. I love this site! It has so many helpful and orignial features and I love how your personality is reflected in this blog – it truly makes it one of a kind in the great big cyber world <3

  23. This is just lovely, you are just lovely! Thanks for all the inspiration, and all of your kindness! Sending you and your family big hugs!

  24. Your website is a standout, one of a kind, Jennifer! Congratulations on this beautiful site with so many great features and easy navigation. Well done and thankyou!!

  25. Wow Jennifer this is more than I could have ever asked for as a fan! I can tell you’ve put an enormous amount of thought into making it as user friendly as humanly possible! I am ALWAYS looking for videos or past blog posts of yours, so this will save me TONS of time and I am super excited. THANK YOU so much, you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I admire your creativity, of course but you have a knack of making us feel as if we matter and the effort you’ve put into creating this great website so we can get the very best out of you is just another example of that. Thanks for all your help and crafty inspiration. All the proceeds from any cards I manage to sell go to local animal charities here in France – it helps me feel my hobby isn’t so self indulgent. But you make me think sharing a smile is ALSO worthwhile, so thanks for that, too.

  27. WOW! You never cease to amaze me Jennifer. I definitely joined as a member. Love your gentle spirit and caring heart. Thanks for all you do and how much I’ve learned and will continue to be inspired by you.

  28. Your new site is fabulous! So clean & organized with fantastic features. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge & love of this craft with everyone-you are beyond generous with your time & talents!

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