Welcome to the NEW Jennifer McGuire Ink!

Hello. I finally am here to introduce to you my new website! I have to keep this short since the kids are home from school today and I even ended up with extra kids. It’s a full house! But I wanted pop in to share a quick video.

My site has a some new features that I had built just for you. Here is a video explaining:

[To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

I know this video isn’t as interesting as normal cardmaking videos, but I am hoping it is helpful! We are still handling little things here and there on the site, but if you run into any problems, please email me at website at jennifermcguireink dot com. Thanks!

Also, I wanted to thank the awesome team at ipsoCreative for all the dedication and talent they put into this site… and even more so for the support and cheerleading. I am so thankful that they were patient with me over the many months we worked on this… and the many times I had to delay progress because my role as a momma was more important. Adore you all.

Ok… off to play with the kids. I hope you enjoy the new site. And stay tuned – I have something fun coming on November 1 that I hope you will be a part of!

Happy Friday.


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342 thoughts on “Welcome to the NEW Jennifer McGuire Ink!”

  1. Congratulations on your new blog and thank you so much for the tour! I don’t know that I’ll be using the favorites feature, since you’ve never posted anything that I didn’t love, but I could definitely see myself using some of the awesome search features you’ve built in! Thanks again for all that you share!!!!

  2. I can easily tell you put a lot of thought into this new site. It will be better than Pinterest for saving my favorites to refer to later when I attempt a similar card. So VERY Professional. WOW to you and your web designers.

  3. Wow! Beautiful new website! Congratulations, and thank you. You are always thinking of us, your viewers and fellow stampers/cardmakers/artists. It took me a bit to find out how to leave a comment lol. Such fun! Happy Day!

  4. Wonderful new website, You certainly put a lot of work into it. The colors are nice and not overly flashy like some sites.

    I can’t find one technique. You used distressed inks made to look like faux metal and with a texture. Help! I used it once and loved it and want to try it again. I looked under distressed inks.

    Thank you for beautiful cards and the work you do.

  5. WOW AMAZING! Jennifer, you and your TEAM deserve much applause, congratulations and affirmations on this A-W-E-S-O-M-E new Website. I just finished watching the tutorial and so very glad I did, it was so informative.
    C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S ! Well done! Also, I could spend all day just on your new website, how will I ever get back to card making…I may now only spend an hour a day on a card and 16 on your website….LOL

  6. Good Afternon Jennifer
    Thank you for the new blog. It is wonderful and I hope i can learn how to use it. It took me 5 trys to get my user name and password correct. Thank you for all you do for the crafting community. Your heart shines through all you do.

  7. Wow! I can only imagine how many hours you put into this! Your new site is amazing and I love how well you organized everything. The favorite button is going to be so handy…..but I (heart) ALL of your videos lol!! You are truly a gem and I thank you for all of the time you have spent on tutorials and blog posts that help us to become better crafters. You’re an angel 🙂

  8. Love the new website and am delighted with the favorites option. However I can’t seem to get registered. The email that’s sent doesn’t contain a password (or I missed it). I tried to unregister so I could start over, but now can’t use my email without an error. Sorry to bother you here. I know there’s always a few bugs with a new site, (or a steep learning curve with old users!). Looking forward to getting registered so I can take advantage of all the great features.

  9. Your new site is VERY IMPRESSIVE! I have registered and will be looking forward to spending more time here. 🙂 You inspire a lot of us out here and I so appreciate that you are willing to share your talents.

  10. The new website is FABULOUS! I love how easy it is to bookmark videos…genius! Looking forward to sharing some handmade kindness along with you this month!

  11. I starting leaving posted notes while I was beginning my cancer treatment in bathrooms at UCLA for me and for those there with me on this journey. I still do this during my medical check ups and have left them other places that I visit you know malls, Disney, bookstores etc. . . I am a big fan of a random note of happiness, positive, and sharing of a kind word or two or three. I think this sounds like a great way for people to get in the habit of doing something kind for somebody else or even yourself.

  12. Hi Jennifer! The new site looks fascinating. Already so much to see. I love it! For those of us who have bad sight please could you make the colors deeper. The pale turquoise is difficult to read….actually I have to highlight the text to be able to read it. The darker turquoise on other of your pages is fine though. I am looking forward to all the exciting things you have in store for us. Thank you for all you amazing efforts. —Lorna

  13. I am a card maker. I love the idea of spreading our happiness. Love the stamp set you have helped create, it definitely has elements of you in it (from what I have seen on your blog). I am willing and eager to participate. Love the new blog and all the extras. Thanks for your continued inspiration.

  14. Hi Jennifer. I signed up for your site, but when I received the email from you there was no password. So how do I sign in?
    Thanks, and I love your new site.

  15. Love the new site and new features.. You obviously worked very hard on it and we are so lucky.. Thank you again for all the hard work you do..

  16. When you told us that your new website was coming soon, I could not imagine what improvements the old one needed. WOW! I am so glad you took the time to make the introduction video. I would have missed so many of the new features. I need to take a week’s vacation to just play with the new features.
    P.S. Cannot wait for your Favorite Things videos. When I started crafting last year, the past year’s Fav Videos were very helpful.

  17. Thank you so much Jennifer for this informative video. It is very helpful to me seeing exactly how to move throughout the site. It will be much more easier to find my favorite post from now on.

  18. Good morning !
    I was just watching your video at the breakfast table and I got tears in my eyes … because of the effort you put into this … it is an amazing website and you just feel the love it is made with !
    I live in Belgium and here it is not so easy to get all the great stamps and inks and dies, you can get it but you have to pay a lot of shipping costs … and that makes me sad because if I see all this, I also want to create !
    Thank you for this great site !!
    Kind regards, Eva

  19. Love the new site! Especially love being able to save your videos. When should I receive the email with my password? Registered several days ago but have not gotten an email with the password. Thanks!

  20. Hi Jennifer. I have saved this email until I had time to watch the video. I am just now getting to it! LOL (I’m sure you understand!) I love your new website. Thank you for putting so much into it for us, your followers, to make it easier for us to navigate. I look forward to having more time to go back and re-watch some of your older videos as winter approaches.
    Thanks so much for sharing what you do!

  21. Congratulations on the new site! The organisation is fabulous, it matches your own organisation (no wonder…). So easy to find techniques, tips and everything you’ve been sharing with us crafters for so long. Thanks for the illustrative video, though I’m sure I’ll have to watch it again :).

  22. I had to leave this here because I looked everywhere to leave a question on your old site like I had before and I just couldn’t find anywhere to do it. So I posted a comment on your last video, a while ago now, and no one replied. I know you did a video on how to use our cover plate dies on the card base, I thought I should say. As well as how to use a regular cover plate die particularly the piercing dies I’m speaking of, how to use them on slimline card. It was a video about getting more use out of your cover plates or piercing plate dies. I’ve wanted so badly to pierce plate the card base so many times and I can’t figure it out. Can you help me with this please? Thank you! Denise

  23. My current frustration with BetterPress is that I bought it and put it aside to use later. Can I find it? Not yet and I’ve been looking for months. LOL

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