Video: Take 5 Crafty Talk

Hello! I am back… with a new type of video for you. I am calling it Take 5 and I share lots of crafting talk. I hope you like it!

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Affiliate links used. To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

Here is what I mentioned in the video:


  1. Zig Pearlescent Watercolor Jewel Box
  2. From Me To You Postage Stamps
  3. New Memory Box Stamps
  4. Concord and 9th (including the dimensional tree!)
  5. Right at Home Stamps Holiday Release


  1. My Craft Room Article with lots of photos.
  2. Ink Organization Video
  3. Hero Arts Ultra Clean Spray (Stamp Cleaner)
  4. It may be helpful to check out this class, too: Kick Start


  1. Caring Hearts Card Drive
  2. Stay tuned for my new site!
  3. CNN Crafting Article – not so much the video… read the article.


  1. Instagram
  2. Paper Artsy Sanding Blocks – be gentle!


  1. Kara Vrabel’s blog

I hope you like this type of video. If you do, I may do one once a month or so. Thanks for watching!



Interested in the products I used and links I mentioned? To make them easy for you to find, I have listed them below. (Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased except those with an asterisk.) Click on the letters below each picture to go to a favorite store: Simon Says Stamp (SSS), Ellen Hutson (EH), Amazon (AZ), etc.


( AZ )


( SSS | EH )









( SSS | EH )


( SSS | EH )






( SSS | EH )


( SSS | EH )


( SSS | EH )



( SSS | EH )



( C&9 | SSS )




( C&9 )




( SSS | EH )






( SSS )



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337 thoughts on “Video: Take 5 Crafty Talk”

  1. WONDERFUL! Brilliant way to combine new product, tips, etc. More, more, more, please. As for being uncomfortable in front of the camera.. you are so REAL – that’s what I love. You are a great teacher and so glad I found you on the net.

  2. Really enjoyed your Take 5 video. It was very informative. I’m going to participate in the Caring Hearts Card Drive. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

  3. Wow! That was great. BTW I think you’re one of the better crafters for doing videos. I love that your videos are to the point and not a lot of babelling in them.
    I would love to see you do more “Take 5” videos. This (along with your “favourite things” videos) are some of my favourites and I look forward to watching them. I even bookmark them so I can refer to them in the future.
    Thanks and keep up the great work.
    PS thanks for the CNN article. This is something I’ve felt for years and tried to tell fellow stressed out co-workers to look into, and now it’s been scientifically proven, with some extra perks that I wasn’t aware of.

  4. I love your new website and your new Take 5! You are articulate, creative, well prepared, and have a great way of explaining techniques so that beginners can follow your instructions. Also, your teal color is one of my favorite colors, too. However, maybe it’s just me (or my age – 60+) but I find the teal links very difficult to read. Thank you for being a wonderful role model on how to be a mom first, but also how to keep your toe(s) in the water of your awesome career. Your really are an inspiration!

  5. Jennifer, I love all your card videos and watch every single one, but I absolutely loved this Take 5 video! I was running at the gym while I watched it and I was smiling the whole time! Please do more of these! I always learn something from your videos! Thanks for spreading the happiness!

  6. Loved and appreciated your Take5 video. Your presentation was so warm and friendly, not what we experience at some professional meetings. You project kindness, sweetness, and a desire to help us stampers to grow. Please keep up these videos.

  7. I really enjoyed this post. I like the format and discussing different things like the Postage Stamps. It is small things that make a post great. . I hope you do this again.

  8. I like this style video. Great job! Thanks especially for introducing me to Concord & 9th. I’ve put my name on the waiting list for the Take a Bough die set and am anxious to see what this crafty pair come up with next.

  9. One night I went to u tube and put in search for organization for dies and stamps. I’ve been crafting for 27 years. My best friend and I had a craft business in a co-op for a couple of years mostly fabric, sewing types of projects. We really had a good business going. But, I had to go back to work and crafting went by the wayside. I hadn’t ever heard of SSS, MFT, Mama elephant and the list went on and on. I felt like I had entered into another universe!

    First, I was really fascinated with your videos. Felt like I needed to buy everything you talked about! You are amazing, your knowledge astounds me. I think the crafters world just sits and waits for your next video. Then we try to gobble all supplies up before its out of stock. My husband of 36 years died in a motorcycle accident 2012 and the new techniques have been keeping me busy and sane. Thanks for inspiring me and countless others I’m sure. Jo

  10. I really enjoyed this video. It’s so informative and it’s really nice to see you. You’ve done a lot of hard work and I can’t wait to see what more you have in store soon. Like to see what interests you. I have to say that of all the Blogs that I follow, which aren’t that many, and tutorial video’s I follow, you are the most informative of them all. When I need to know something about a product, or how to use a product, and all that implies, your Blog/YouTube is where I go because I know that is where I will find all I need to know. You are a wealth of information in this card-making community and I’m so glad I have a place to go to when I need help. Thanks for all these years of great videos/Blog posts. I really do look forward to all your posts. Thanks again and have a great day!

  11. Great video. To the point, instructive and jam packed with things I want to know. I just registered for your site and I am new to your blog. Can’t wait for more time today to further explore all the goodies packed in here! Thank you.

  12. Can’t tell you how much I loved this video. So inspiring and helpful. It felt like we were chatting over a nice cup of tea. Hope you continue with this series!

  13. Thank you for the link to the CNN article. It was very interesting. I liked the video and hope you can continue to do them.

  14. Love this video! Totally informative, with useful and interesting info. And for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, you were natural and lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  15. What a fun video. It was great to see your smiling face; you did a fantastic job (though I totally sympathize, I feel so awkward being recorded in any way– video or audio!). I am looking forward to checking out those postage stamps and the CNN article, especially.
    One superficial question: I love the top you were wearing in your video! Would you mind sharing from where you got it?

  16. After logging in successfully, it’s so exciting to have this excellent resource for techniques, supplies and tools. As a Christian, being thankful and sharing kindness is something for me to increase every day, your site will help make this happen. Thank you so much.

  17. I have been following your videos for a few months, and absolutely love them! The Take 5 is brilliant…and really makes me feel like you are in my home! I am a busy working mom of 2 who loves crafting, but I have very little free time…. Watching your videos is inspiring, and I am planning to carve out time to sign up for the Clean and Simple class to put all the techniques into practice–and get some great cards made! No question that crafting can be therapy….and I am excited to join your Share Handmade Kindness Challenge! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  18. Hello Jennifer,
    I love the new video idea and its cool to see you 🙂 Hope you will go on with this kind of videos!

  19. Absolutely love this video! And you are not awkward at all!!! I love the ideas and info given in this! Do more please!!!

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