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A lot of you have mentioned that you appreciate when I share info on good deals. Well, Amazon is having MAJOR deals on July 15 (Wednesday) – for Prime members. It is a day of deals… and they are promising it will be better than Black Friday.

I am a big fan of Amazon Prime. The fast (2-day) and free shipping is what won me over. I also enjoy Amazon Instant Video which allows you to watch great movies and TV shows. I have crunched the numbers and found that the yearly fee is definitely worth it – I get my money’s worth and then some. You can also try it free for 30-days. Just head HERE.

For a peek into the great deals included on July 15, click HERE.

Here are some things I would recommend checking out if you will be shopping. (I am not sure if these things will be on sale – and most are not high ticket items – but it is worth checking it out to see!)

(1.) Swingline Guillotine Paper Trimmer – In the past I have not been a fan of guillotine trimmers for safely reasons. However, I decided to get one and keep it out of reach from the kids. After trying many, I decided that this one is my favorite. I recommend it!

(2.) 3M Scotch Foam Tape – I highly recommend this foam tape. There are many other off-brands out there that have a lower price. But I have tried them and they are so hard to work with (icky-sticky and stretchy and cheap). I recommend going with the good stuff and this is a good price!

(3.) Wink of Stella – Yep. You need one. Actually, more than one. (They do run out eventually. I have several spares.) This shimmer pen offers a great finishing touch to any card.

(4.) Copic Multiliner Pen Set – I will admit – I resisted getting this set for a long time. I finally caved and I am so glad I did. These black pens are great for darkening stamp lines and adding finishing touches. I like the tip options available in this set.

(5.) Tombow Stamp Runner Refills – There are a few adhesives out there that I like, but I always go back to the Tombow Stamp Runner. This price is great for stocking up on some spares.

(6.) Padded Envelopes – These are the padded envelopes I use for mailing any cards that have a bit of bulk to them or need a bit of extra care. Padded envelopes can be very pricey at stores, so this price is awesome. They aren’t the best of quality but I think they work really well and serve their purpose at a great price. I have used them for months now and will be getting more.

(7.) Canon Vixia Video Camera – I am often asked what video camera I use… and I love this bad boy. He isn’t cheap, but I have been happy with him! (However, if you are just starting out I would recommend using something simple – even an iPhone. There is no need for a fancy camera.)

(8.) iPhone Temperd Glass Screen Protector – I recently cracked the screen on my iPhone. Both the the AT&T and Apple stores told me that it wouldn’t have happened if I had been using this. So I now have one of these suckers on my screen!

(9.) Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens – I am crossing my fingers that these will be on sale so that you all can catch a deal on them. They are so much fun to play with!

(10.) Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor – I also enjoy using this watercolor medium. The colors are gorgeous and bold and creamy. Be sure to get the biggest set (36) because it includes white and metallics. (I usually don’t think it is necessary to have the “biggest” sets of coloring mediums, but I do recommend it here.)

(11.) Interdesign Storage Bin – I use this container for my stamp storage and much more. Can’t recommend it enough.

(12.) Go Pro – I have mentioned this one before, but this camera is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. So much fun for travel, underwater and more. In fact, HERE is a video of a shark that we captured with our Go Pro.

(13.) Brother Label Maker – I will admit – I bought two of these. I use it so much and all over my house! You can also stock up on refills if they are on sale.

Have fun shopping!



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18 thoughts on “Prime Sale!”

  1. Thank you so much for recommending all of these things. I often wonder what things I should have to make my stamping better and you just helped me out! I’m going to check them out! I did the free Amazon Prime thing but I didn’t want to become a member. I don’t care to watch TV or movies on my laptop. I love the 2 day shipping thing but I’m not working much so I didn’t want to do a yearly thing. I just cancelled so I wouldn’t get charged for the year. I could have stayed on long enough to do this sale. Darn it! Sometimes they have another sale so I’ll keep my eyes out.

  2. Amazon Prime also has free music you can download and radio stations (similar to Pandora). Lots of new and old tunes to enjoy. It is a fun added benefit to being a prime member and I’ve really enjoyed it!
    I’m almost afraid to look at what they’ll have on sale!

  3. Whoo hoo! I just ordered my new label maker, cord and print cartridge. My old label maker does not do the chain print, so no more wasted label! Thanks Jennifer for the info!! =)

  4. I watch my movies on my TV with Amazon prime. I don’t like to watch movies on my tablet either.
    I did apply for credit card, usually never do this but couldn’t pass up $30 credit to my account. .My final price for the 36 set Zig brush markers was $31 and then when I checked out I had an additional $9 in rewards cash. Can’t beat that price!

  5. Thanks Jennifer. I went on Amazon today and didn’t see anything in their lightening deals that I really wanted. When I saw your list on facebook I went back and got the label maker and the paper cutter! I’ve been wanting both. For good measure I found a laminator too! Next week will be a busy one for our mail lady!

  6. I was lucky enough to order the Zig Clean Color brush markers when you first started posting about them about a month ago, & we got a great deal on Amazon… but I’m still waiting (im)patiently for them to arrive from Japan (no big deal, we’ve waited a lot longer for Copics, right?), so I went ahead & also ordered the 36 watercolor set, which I have wanted forever! Luckily, we’ve had some gift cards hanging around, & I’ve been saving mine specifically for your recommendations! Thank you!

  7. Most of this stuff is already on my wishlist.. Sadly, I missed it due to the internet being out all day.. boo. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  8. I love everything Jennifer. It is had to make a choice, but you are always one step ahead of the trend. Thanks for the choices.

  9. Oh my aren’t those colors gorgeous. It’s so sweet of you to offer. I love your work and appreciate all that you do for this industry and teach us. I’ve been a stamper for over 20 years and I’m still learning so much from you. Blessings Tammy Applegate

  10. I’m so excited just bought my Zig pens through amazon. $100 off. Can’t wait to get them 🙂

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