Calling All Cardmakers – A Fellow Crafter In Need


A few days ago, a fellow crafter – Heidi Swapp – lost her second oldest son. I can’t imagine the pain she, her husband and her other four children are feeling. I am sending constant prayers.

The kind folks over at Persnickety Prints is collecting cards for Heidi and her family. I hope you will consider sending one. This is a wonderful way to express kindness to a fellow crafter.

I know this card making community is a giving one so I hope we can send her lots of hugs in the form of a handmade card.

Thank you for considering. Here is the info:


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59 thoughts on “Calling All Cardmakers – A Fellow Crafter In Need”

  1. I can’t even begin to imagine such pain, I will definitely send a card.
    Thank you Jennifer, for reaching out to the crafting community to help, we are all united through paper and ink.

  2. Such heartbreaking news. I’m just catching up on reading my emails and saw this post. Keeping the Swapp family in my thoughts and prayers. I’m proud to be a part of a community who supports each other. Thank you for posting this, Jennifer. Will be sending a special card to the family.

  3. Heidi I am sorry for your families lost, I have been and still am holding that very large weight that son carried. I tried ending my life, I was put on life support. I still today feel alone, and that everything I do is not enough because I just get through one problem and then there’s another. Heidi, you get tired of fighting the demons inside your head. Please remember that he loved you very much he just lost the fight. I don’t know your son’s problems so I can’t help with that just remember he loved you and your family very much, even if it didn’t seen like it, trust me he did.

  4. I just read Heidi’s very special post about her son Cory! We lost our daughter, Maureen, to suicide in Feb of 2009. The loss of a child to suicide is a very difficult journey. Heidi’s post of a very sad event in their lives was done lovingly and was very uplifting. Reading & seeing the pictures of how they choose to honor Cory & his favorite things was beautiful. The ” 3 F’s ” in our life, Family, Friends and most important Faith in a loving God is what has carried us through our journey. Our hearts & love go our to their family & friends. We will be praying for them. Thank you Heidi for having the love & courage to care enough to share your very personal story. This post will help many people in the future who may have to face an event such as this in their life. <3 <3

  5. Jennifer, thanks for the post and the link over to Heidi’s blog. She is an amazingly strong woman of faith. I can say this because it is the ONLY WAY we can cope the loss of our children from this terrible way of losing them. I will be sending the family a card.

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