Worth Checking Out: Summer Favorites

Hello! Just popping in to share a few summer favorites. A few weeks ago, I shared two favorites posts (here and here) and enjoyed hearing the ideas you all shared in the comments, too.

Here are links to the products featured above. Affiliate links are used in some cases.

(1) Target Flip Flops – These light-weight and inexpensive flip flops have won my heart. I have several pairs in a variety of colors from last year… and got all the colors this year. They can be dressed up or down and hold up well. What a bargain!

(2) Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens – Simon Says Stamp has lots more of the sweet babies in stock. (Individual colors are the way to go!) I take these markers to the pool with me… on vacation… to baseball games… they are a summer treat.

(3) New Erin Condren Life Planner – I live and breath by my planner. I don’t decorate it or spend time making it look fancy, but rather use it to make my life easier – especially during busy summers.. (You can see a video on how I use mine HERE.) Erin Condren just released their newest planner designs and they are gorgeous! They also have a new horizontal layout and I will be making a switch to it. Stay tuned!

(4) Go Pro Camera – This camera is SO MUCH FUN. We took it on vacation last year and LOVED all the footage we got. It is easy to use and super tiny and you can take it in the water. Can’t recommend it enough. Click HERE to see a fun video of Lila using it!

(5) WPlus9 Doodle Buds Stamps – Simply a fun and summer-y stamp set.

(6) The 30 Day Coloring Challenge 2 – My bestie Kathy Racoosin over at the Daily Marker is doing a 30 day color challenge with incredible inspiration and prizes. Be sure to share your creations too!

(7) Sanuk Flip Flops – (Yes, I love flip flops.) These are without a doubt the most comfortable shoes of all time. The soles are made of yoga mats and they hold up well. They come in many colors and are a must-have for me… and the kids. Very casual. Can’t recommend enough.

Would love to hear about your summer favorites. Feel free to share with everyone in the comments below.


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55 thoughts on “Worth Checking Out: Summer Favorites”

  1. I have always wanted a Go Pro Camera! Yet another thing to save up for on top of all the crafty things I want! Man I wish someone would just give me a million dollars! 😉

  2. Well 2 of things are my favorite too!! My Erin Condren Planner helps keep me on the ball and I got some of the Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers – I adore them!! They are so fun to use – they are awesome!!! Thanks for all you do – I really think you are my favorite!!! =]

  3. I love my flip flops. I bought mine on sale years ago and they are Sketchers. I have size 3 feet so I am child sized even though I haven’t bee a child in years! LOL They are so comfy! I love my clip board! I know, that’s not a summer thing but I can take it outside and color on the really cool rocking chair on our porch! It’s a summer chair that is totally made in the US of A by some crafters we know. Its like a lounge chair that rocks! It even has a drink holder on it! If I told you how much it cost you wouldn’t believe me and everyone would want one. I love my paper punches! I have plenty of summer ones and I have one that makes tiny crabs for a beach scene. Add some stickles for beach sand, some sun brads, some pail and shovel brads, a pinwheel and sunglasses brad, some summer washi tape and you have a cool card! Can you tell all of those are faves of mine too? Oh yeah, my box of fabric flowers that I put on cards and glitter, glitter and more glitter! Did I mention glitter? LOL

    1. Yes I’d love a link to the chair too…sounds amazing to just sit in it and relax. jeandonny2000 at hotmail dot com

  4. Flip flop… !!!!!! Wish I could use them all year round. Next to bare feets they are my fave shoes as well.
    Hugs Monica

  5. Summer in Mumbai means mangoes! We end up eating them for almost every meal. Also, the kids have vacations and are home the whole day.Which also means I don’t have to get up early to pack their lunches!

    I got the Altenew Striped Florals set recently and absolutely love it! The Wplus9 Doodle Buds set is at the top of my wish list! I love the 30 day coloring challenge! Such a fun way of getting crafty every day!

  6. Well I’m going to love the zig pens when I get them.
    But I love going on rides with my husband on his motorcycle. We always have a great time, anywhere is good. I live in California there really isn’t a bad place to ride to.
    Thanks for asking. How your summer goes well.B-)

  7. I could use that vacation! lol after all I like to travel and really ‘need’ to get my rear-in-gear and get down to CA to see my grandbabies [how dare my daughter move from WA]! My favs are kayaking on the sea, lakes and rivers…I guess I might have to break down and join the go pro camera nation…I’ll put it on my hubs head on our adventures! lol I like hiking, too…I find I can bring my crochet and idea book sitting next to the river or over gazing at the majesty of a waterfall…gets my brain in a creative whir!. I’d love to try out some Zig pens and maybe then I could bring them with me and see what happens! Enjoy your summer!

  8. Thanks for sharing your Summer Favorites. Fun to see what others hold dear to their hearts.
    I agree with everything you have on your list.
    I live in SoCal so I can wear flip flops all year long and do. The brand I have found to be the most comfortable if you have to be walking for hours is “Clarks”. I get the thicker soled ones for walking.

  9. OOooooo Go Pro! Some day, some day! Hey, if you ever get the chance, try on a pair of Reef’s thicker cushioned flip flops or as we say here, “slippahs!” and let me know what you think. I also love Clark’s “Breeze” Sea Sandal. Yummy good!

  10. Well it is summer all year long here in Guyana (South America)….so its hard to think of what are favourites! Flip flops are a staple I live in them especially now that I don’t work in a formal place, pumps are the recommended shoe for work! I have bought watercolor pencils, crayons, tubes and now these goodies surface I am trying my best to resist. I am participating in the color challenge i am happy i am trying new things, its great way to use what I already have!!! Since I live in the tropics its awesome , always have mangoes, cherries (different from the ones in the US) and a wonderful fruit called sapodila , love them. To all that have summer for a little while, enjoy it all!

  11. What a fun list of summer goodies. I would LOVE to get a new camera…that looks like an awesome one!!!

  12. The top things I use or do each summer
    a.) Nike Running Shoes (finding a pair that fits well is the difficult part)
    b.) Erin Condren Life planner
    c.) A short vacation
    d.) Computer
    e.) Music
    f.) Some thing colorful or crafty (card making is this summers obsession)

  13. Thanks for sharing your favourites…mine include kids being home, sleeping in with no time commitments, cute stamps like Paper Smooches, summer sunsets, riding bikes, annual visits to family and friends in Canada and BBQ season.

  14. Summer favs:
    walking my dog Daisy as it comes up on 1 yr of her adoption 8/6/14,
    my Canon (I’m a Canon gal true & true) cameras that take awesome photos,
    ice cream (come on BlueBell get back in the game!)
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  15. TFS your summer favourites, it is fun to see what others are saying. We have very little money, haven’t been on a holiday for 12years and crafty purchases are for Birthday and Christmas, with occasional wins on a blog hop or giveaway. But you know what? Nothing beats the summer for blue skies, makes one feel soooo good! Sunshine, paddling pool or trip to the seaside with our 9 year old son, picking sun warmed strawberries from the garden, veg and salad from our garden just before we need it, and watching all the different bees and butterflies and birds who are just summer visitors. Who can beat the blessings of God? :O)

  16. I just splurged on a pair of Sperry Flip Flops….so comfy and very cute! Some other favorites are Boating and Fishing or just hanging out on a island on the Mississippi River, crafting with my sister and nieces, enjoying my landlords amazing colorful flower garden, walks around the lake with my little buddy (shitzu), Bear, crocheting around fleece for baby blankets (so soft and cuddly), hopefully make it to the MN State Fair this year, and warm sunny days!

  17. Summer is probably the busiest season for me work-wise, so my summer favorites are things that keep me organized – my Erin Condren planner, a new Action Plan business notebook I just bought and good ball-point pens (so I can use my highlighter to mark off when things are done).

    Other things that are awesome in the summer:
    – Grilling food, which means an abundance of quick-to-make dinners that are tasty.
    – Fruits and veggies being cheap and plentiful, especially at farmers’ markets (big yes to making it easy to eat healthier).
    – Longer days – meaning more sunlight to take pictures, do fun activities or even get crafty with some natural light.

  18. I have wierd feet issues, so live in flip flops. Years ago–many–I bought a pair of Ocean Minded made from reprocessed rubber and they were the most comfortable ever. They don’t make them anymore in the quality they once were, so have been looking for another good purchase. Will try these you recommended. They appear to fill the bill! Thanks.
    My favorite summer thing is fresh veggie salad meals. Been told I am the queen of original salads. I love driving, the ocean and nature; so living on the CA coast, I take lots of little trips North …highway 1 all the way up through Oregon and Washington. Never get tired of it and the many fun stops along the way and visiting friends. Been all over Europe and I don’t like cruises and crowds of people, so this is my thing. I see so much art and meet such interesting people when I travel alone. I may be nuts but fearlessly, I venturing into roads less traveled. Last, I love my never-ending card making when home and annual block parties, movies and good books. What a retired senior life, eh?

  19. Thanks for sharing your summer favs. The Doodle Buds stamp set and Zig markers are on my “want” list. I love flip flops too…can never have too many pairs! Summer to me brings my favorite activity…backpacking. I’ll be doing the John Muir Trail in August and can’t wait.

  20. Jennifer, I’m glad that you love your flip-flops but I’m worried about your feet. It’s probably not my place to nag you but you and your blog followers should know that too many days in flip flops can result in a painful and debilitating condition called plantar faciitis. Please take care to enjoy your fun summer footwear in moderation.

  21. My top 5 Summer Things 🙂
    1. Erin Condren Planner (This is my very first Erin Condren planner!!)
    2. MFT You Gnome Me Stamp Set (I use these little guys on EVERYTHING)
    3. My Fitness Pal App (A must have to try and keep my summer shape)
    4. Maddy (My 12 year old Black Lab)
    5. Flip Flops from Old Navy (SO MANY COLORS!)
    Thanks for sharing your favorites! I loook forward to your posts!

  22. My summer favorite is my fishing rod, especially my new stronger rod for bigger fish. 🙂 I’m a bit of Tom-boy I must admit but yet loving my recent love of card making thanks to inspirational videos like yours Jennifer. Please don’t stop making them!

  23. I just got my Zig pens so I cannot wait to use them! I am feeling a bit like a fish out of water with the planner craze…I have no small children, I am not working….do I need one to plan my crafts? Does it help? My favorite thing for summer is a new book. In print. I just got the newly released Stephen King novel. And iced coffee I brew myself. Enjoy your vacation!

  24. I am loving the Inkwell Press Planner better than the Erin Condren. Can’t wait to try the Zig Real Brush Pens. I have a feeling they will be a summer favorite, too.

  25. A summer fave is a my watering wand. Nothing special – just a run of the mill hardware store find…but I can stand for hours (and sometimes do!) and water my perennial beds. You learn so much about a plants water needs by watching how the water runs off the leaves…and oh the aroma of blooms mixed with freshly moistened soil – simply heaven on earth!

  26. Just got some Tony Little Cheeks flip flops from HSN – two pairs – and they are wonderfully comfy to run around in. One pair has some bling, one pair has some studs.

  27. Oh Jennifer, you are a hazard to my budget! I dread/ADORE your favorites posts because I invariably buy half the things you recommend. I LOVE the new planner – getting one for my daughter and myself to organize our busy lives along with all your suggested accessories. My 48 pack Zigs just came in from Japan and I’m soooo excited to try them.Thanks so much for all the spectacularly creative videos you post and for making your projects so beautiful yet so attainable to the occasional stamper.

    God Bless!

  28. Some of my summer favorites are eating dinner alfresco, wearing my reef sandals if any thing on my feet, reading at the pool, taking things I’ve stamped, going outside and coloring with my copics and whatever else strikes me and usually cutting them out for a stash when I’m in a hurry for a card. I haven’t gotten the zig pens yet although they look like they may be going on a wish list. Fresh mojitos are also a favorite of mine in the summer.

  29. Clarks’ Seabreeze flip flops are my mainstays in the summer. I have nearly every color they make now. Been wearing them for nearly 8 years now, and they really hold up! They have other styles made just like these that are just as comfy. The footbeds have memory foam, I believe, because they are the only shoes I can wear that don’t hurt the sensitive balls of my feet! That is my summer fave for the past 8 years!

  30. SANUKS! The only flip flops I wear and I can’t say enough good things about them. They are so comfy, lots of colors too! My hubby loves them too. The guys are made out of beer koozies! Love your favorites list. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  31. I apologize if this has been mentioned before … My absolute favorite flip flops are Yellow Box. I have a lot of foot problems & can’t wear most flip flops, which I love and live in during the summer. I was so happy when I found Yellow Box brand! They are the most comfy ones for me, I wear them pretty much all the time!

    Also, I’ve had my eye on a few things on your list, specifically the GoPro and the stamp set!

    Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  32. What a great list! I sure wish I could wear flip-flops – they seem so comfy and fun! I have tried them but can’t stand the piece between my toes. I also have high arches and they just don’t seem to work. Barefoot is what I like best although here in NH, that isn’t all year! I have the watercolor pens coming from Japan – can’t wait to get them and start playing! Enjoy your summer and I love your blog and always learn something new! XO

  33. Planners are making a come back. I used one 10 years ago, but since cell phones and tablets and computers I use an electronic calendar and to do list, but I always loved writing everything in my paper planner. Satisfaction of checking off finished tasks.

    I love summer, light meals, longer days and more me time.

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