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Spring is here! That makes me so incredibly happy. I adore the time outdoors… the sunshine… the deep breaths. They all make me happy.

I thought it might be fun to share a other things that make me happy right now – many of which include some great deals. (Who doesn’t love a good deal?!) I have seen lifestyle bloggers do this and I always find it helpful. (I have done it in the past but thought I would do it again and see if you all like it…)

Here are links to the products featured above. Affiliate links are used in some cases – – all products are truly things I enjoy.

(1.) HUGE Die Cutting Sale – Head over to Simon Says Stamp for a big big big deep discount sale on dies. No code needed. (If this link doesn’t work, do a search on “sale” HERE.)

(2.) Loft Necklace – I wear a fun, inexpensive necklace almost every single day. They make me smile and find it is an easy way to spice up cozy clothes. 🙂 This is one of my favorites and it is on big-time sale – less than $20.

(3.) From Me To You Stamps – I send *a lot* of cards to friends and family. These postage stamps are perfect for cardmakers.

(4.) The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – I just started this book but I can already tell it is going to be a game changer for me. I will keep you posted on how it ends. 🙂

(5.) Hedgehog Planter – I enjoy having succulents in my house and craft room. I got this adorable planter from a friend and he is now on sale. (“He” as in the hedgehog – not my friend. lol)

(6.) Samaritan’s Purse – Nepal needs our help right now. Thoughts and/or prayers are awesome, and if you have some extra funds to share, I know this group is fantastic.

(7.) Copic Sale – Copic Markers are 25% off with the code “COPIC” – what a great deal! Time for me to stock up on refills.

(8.) Tim Holtz Apple Stamp – “Teacher Appreciation Week” is happening soon at my kids’ school… and the end-of-school-year is coming fast. I plan to use this stamp for teacher cards.

I would love to hear anything you have seen out there that you think is awesome. Enjoy!

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  1. I love this idea and I appreciate you sharing it. I figured you left #8 off because everyone knows Tim’s stamps! 🙂 I’m always happy to see what people I admire like. It gives me some great ideas. I’m deep in teacher appreciation this week because my sis is the chair for my nephew’s school. I’m seeing apples everywhere! This year she is creating a recipe book of the various items that are donated for the 3 teacher meals for the year. Have a great weekend!

  2. Yes! This is fabulous. I need those stamps – too cute! And a hedgehog planter? How did you know I have an obsession with hedgehogs! Dates back to the early nineties! 🙂

      1. Thanks for the help, but it just does not work. If you read through other comments, other people are having problems. I tried going to their website and still no products shown on sale.

  3. Hi Jennifer, great idea. #8 is a Tim Holtz apple stamp, yes? I guess some may not know – maybe I’m wrong too. I love little gifts for teachers. They go so all out for our children and grandchildren. And yes, NEPAL!!!!! Heavy on everyone’s hearts.

  4. I see Tim Holtz’ name for the apple stamp. Maybe it was missing earlier and you fixed it. Anyhow, SSS is out of stock on lots of what’s on sale – as usual.

  5. I just tried the link through Jennifer’s post for the dies and it says no products still.

  6. Fun Post! I am also trying to get to the dies on sales at SSS and it get ‘No Products Found”

  7. Me too — “No Products Found” — regardless of whether I use the link above or go directly to SSS. I’ve been waiting for a die sale and hope it is happening!

      1. Thanks, Jennifer, but that doesn’t work either. Is this a special sale for your followers, or should I e-mail SSS and let them know there’s a glitch?

      2. It seems to be a browser issue. I was able to pull it up on my Kindle and also my phone, but as of Saturday morning, still not on my laptop which uses Chrome. Weird, huh?

        Happy National Scrapbook Day, everyone!

  8. I’m reading the book on your list and I love it. It really makes sense. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I like the author’s views will make a lot of sense to you because of your organization principles. The one thing I learned is to pare down and only keep the things that make you happy and have a specific place in your home.

  9. I didn’t know about the stamps until I saw your post on Instagram last week. Thanks for the heads up, I went and picked some up for myself. I love the extra little stickers they included. =)

  10. Just did the clothes in the house with The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up! Going to change my life!!!

  11. Well I saw the apple and the link worked for the die sale as well but what I had to have was the stamps so I now have a USPS account with complicated password but hopefully I will get those adorable stamps. Thanks for the links. Just wish Simon had the new copic metallics in stock.

  12. Love this idea, Jennifer! And the apple stamp image does show up for me. But like some of the others, when I clicked the link to SSS, it says no products found. I even did a search on the term “sale” at their website, and got the same results. I get to a sale page; just no products listed. Not sure what’s going on…? Anyway, thanks for doing this, & I hope you have a wonderful day! ~ Andrea

  13. Hi Jennifer, I finally have something fabulous to share with you! My new favorite tool by We R Memory keepers. It is the Photo fuse tool. I know you will love this one! It is a great one for shaker cards, project life or any little ol thing your heart wants to make a plastic pocket with. Here is a link to a couple of videos and there are more on You Tube I got mine at (no relation and not paid to share) and I think it is the best tool ever!! Check it out! I know you will love it. Hugs Lori

  14. I am so glad you mentioned the COPIC marker Sale. I really had to stock up on some colours and since I have that Hex Chart now that is so easy to do!!! Thank you

  15. Hi, Jennifer!

    Found the postage stamp a couple of weeks ago and loved them! I agree with you…they are perfect for card makers! SSS is all sold out of the dies, 🙁 but they were great ones at a great price. Already gave to Nepal…Samaritan’s Purse is wonderful! You have good taste in everything.
    My new favorite…the ombre ink pads! You got me hooked and I love them! They are sooooo much fun!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. (I don’t know what happened to the rest of my post!)


      I just bought those fun stamps at the P.O. yesterday. I just made several thank you cards for my birthday (my husband surprised me by having several of my good friends and family members over for a party to help me celebrate that special birthday when I’m no longer in my forties

      1. (I figured it out…I used an emoticon and none of my message after that shows up.)

        The rest of my message was just saying I think it would have been fun to have the new stamps to send all of the thank you cards I had made.

  16. Did anyone have any luck getting any dies over at Simon? I went on as son as Jennifer posted and there was no products listed under dies for sale. I tried a few times last night and then first thing this a.m. and still nothing:(

  17. The Children’s Hunger Fund is another “awesome” ministry who is helping
    the people of Nepal.

  18. Thanks Jen! Knew about the copics, didn’t know about the dies…off to Simon as I type…your comment about your friend not being on sale made me giggle out loud. 🙂

  19. I’m so tired of going to this website SSS only to find that most of the items are out of stock. I know you’ll say because it’s on sale but it happens all the time. The same things happen when I take your classes. They should be prepared for increased sales during class times. I really wouldn’t recommend this website to friends because of this. Now I see stuff here and try to find it on another site.

    1. There is much more to it than being prepared for an order. They often order high quantities but the stamp companies can’t fulfill the big orders because they don’t get that many stamps in stock. So they have to get more made just to fill SSS orders. So a majority of time, SSS is waiting on more to come in stock – they place large orders right away. 🙂 As for this sale? It is a clearance sale so they will run out. 🙂

  20. Duh! Showing my age there Jennifer! LOL! You are where I found out about the Fuse, from your video, but did not remember! Just went and watched it AGAIN and realized that your video is what sold me on the Fuse. Thank you again sweetheart. You don’t know how much you have enabled, uh Inspired me and save me so much time and effort with your great videos. Hugs Lori

  21. My most favorite thing is Mondo Magnolia by Ellen’s Essentials. I got my order Thurs. and can’t wait to use the stamps and dies. My sister and I were at West Elm the other day and couldn’t figure out what kind of animal that planter was supposed to be! Thanks for clearing it up.

  22. I really enjoy getting other’s suggestions or current favorites. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  23. I can see the Tim Holtz apple, no problem, but when I link to SSS, even through Jennifer’s link that she added, I see NO information about sale on dies? No sure why? Maybe the sale price shows at check out….will try and see what happens.

  24. Like so many others, I was pleased to read about your favorites and appreciate your including the connecting links. Because of your gentle nudge, I just donated to the Napal relief via Samaritan’s Purse, a fine organization that my late beloved mother supported. Unfortunately, it had drifted out of mind in the fray of my everyday life. I very much appreciate your reminder, and I intend to be a regular supporter of Samaritan’s Purse from now on. Thank you for the many ways you enrich my life.

  25. I love my distress inks but have yet to put together a collection of dye inks that I’m happy with
    (color and quality), I have really studied your posts starting with your favorite things inks and comparisons of inks really helped, You more recent post combining more than one ink brand to create monochromatic/ombre families of ink was an ahh haha experience for me. I’m slowly rebuilding my dye ink collection in an entirely new way. I hope you will continue to point out dye inks (light, medium, dark) that give a great ombre effect even though they are not from the same company.

  26. Still no PRODUCT when I try to go the SSS sale!! But, the good news is that I did shop in a new store….and bought that adorable Hedgehog planter and a new kindle book!

    Thanks for those great tips!!!

  27. Love your list of faves. I rarely buy self help books, and I’m fairly organized already, but for some reason I’m inspired to buy it. I can always use new ideas and it sounds like a great book to pass along to a friend once I’ve finished.

  28. What I think is awesome? YOU!!!! 🙂 Actually, thanks for the book idea – I read some of the Amazon reviews and have wish-listed it! I’m really loving Stella and Dot right now, as well as a cookbook called Against All Grain (mostly for the meal planning section in the back, not because we follow a special diet). HUGS!

  29. Thanks for the link to the stamps! This will encourage me to send more cards every day, not just on holidays!

  30. I could’ve purchased everything you shared with us but I HAD to purchase the stamps. Why not let the recipient of our cards know this really is meant just for them? Thank you for all the ideas….I’m still eyeing the necklace!

  31. I’m going to pick up my reserved book –The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up — tomorrow. And I’m going to use my gift card, from one of my students, to pay for it! Thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like a great book that I need.

  32. I purchased a Dash egg cooker after your recommendation. That thing is great!! It’s always been a struggle to peel the shell off cleanly after hard boiling. I don’t know what make this machine different, but 95% of the time the shells “peel” right off!! Great investment considering the amount of egg whites I’ve tossed out because it stuck to the shell. Thank you!!

  33. Hi, Ms. Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for listing ” the life changing magic of tidying up”! as one of the things that make you happy! I am really happy now, too! The title caught my attention! I searched for reviews, read a sample and I was hooked. I ordered the book on a Monday and I completed by Thursday!.. I have started my journey, my ” Special -Event ”
    Thank you for sharing.. How is your ” Special Event ” going? :)!
    By the way I really enjoy your site. SaBrina

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