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A few weeks ago, I did a quick post sharing some of my favorite things. I got lots of emails asking for more posts like this, so I am back with another! (Don’t worry – this isn’t taking the place of a card/video post. Just an occasional bonus. 🙂 )

I really should come up with a better word than “things” since some of the “things” mentioned aren’t “things.” LOL. Sometimes it will be a video, blog, charity, sale, or site worth visiting. Some are crafty. Some aren’t. Just a fun mix.

Here are links to the products featured above. Affiliate links are used in some cases.

(1) New Mini Distress Ink Colors – Finally! Yay! The four newest colors of Distress Ink are now available for pre-order in mini size. I personally like the size and am thankful for the lower price point. These colors are divine.

(2) Instagram – If you aren’t on Instagram, I highly recommend it. Unlike some other social media, it is a happy place. No drama. No negativity. Just people sharing happiness. (Doesn’t the world need a little more of that?!) I have met some awesome crafty folks over there.

Are you looking for some new folks to follow? Try these:

  • mintarrow – deal-sharer.
  • dallasclayton – a happy illustrator.
  • starofmay – my dear friend – she shares awesome handwriting pieces.
  • hiitmax – great exercise moves. (Warning – he posts a lot.)
  • harlowandsage – dogs that will make you smile big time.
  • By the way, you can find me there, too – just head HERE.

(3) Food Rules – I am a big believer that it is incredibly important to eat the right foods and to take care of your body. But – like you – I don’t have time to keep up with all the “rules” for eating healthy. This book? This was what changed my life several years ago. It is super short and to the point. It literally is not filled with tons of words but rather simple sentences that are easy to understand and remember. It is a life-changer. Everyone has time for this book.

(4) Kelly Latevola’s Blog – I have always said that this industry is filled with great people. Well, Kelly Latevola is one of those people… and her blog focuses on sharing the work of other great crafters. It is very inspiring, happy and giving. Check it out.

(5) Mask-erade Online Card Class – Our newest Online Card Class is coming up and it is all about masking. I will share more about it soon. Hope to see you there!

(6) Mama Elephant Doggy Stamps – I know lots of you are cat lovers and there are many great stamps out there for you. But those of us who are dog people? We are always looking for more doggy stamps. This new set from Mama Elephant has won my heart.

I would love to hear of any of your favorites – crafty or non-crafty. Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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67 thoughts on “More Favorites”

  1. My favorite craft tool right now is my new Misti stamping tool.
    I love Online Card Classes because I can always and go back
    and view the lessons again. And of course for all the great techniques.

    Great list of favorites. I have an instagram account but don’t really use it.
    Maybe it’s time I started.

  2. I love this “bonus”! Thanks for suggesting some favs….that doggie stamp is too cute for words!

  3. Thanks for the links Jennifer. I love the harlowandsage feed: that speckled dachshund is the cutest thing ever.

    If we’re talking current fave product though, my vote goes to the new, softer Gelatos colours. I recently purchased the Macarons and Metallics sets and I love them. I’m not really in to the bright colour palette but I like a bit of pastel at this time of year so the new shades are perfect for me.

    BTW, I just signed up for Mask-erade yesterday and was pleased to see that the supplies list is sensibly short and — bonus — I don’t need to shop for any of it because I purchased the basics during last year’s Watercolour class. I do need to get some freezer paper but putting something on the grocery list doesn’t count 😉

  4. Favorite powder sunscreen…..Sunforgettable Powder Minerals by Colorscience. Stays on when you swim. I am bi-racial and need a bit of color when applying powders. They have light to dark powders. I like the powder with a bit of sparkle!!! I am fully protected from the sun and I feel like my skin can breathe!!

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